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Hello, I'm just a normal writer who loves Gravity Falls.

Here's how I got addicted with Gravity Falls.

My friend was talking about Gravity Falls, most likely the mid-season finale. I was curious, and I was shipping Dipper and Mabel on that time. (I found the shipping on Dorkly, and I gotta say, it's weird I knew the show by a shipping.) He wouldn't dare tell me and so I was left alone to find it out by myself.

On the 2nd or 3rd week of summer, I've done a marathon on Gravity Falls from the first to latest, and I was awestruck by the reveal. I will not dare spoil it to you, but if you knew, then I was feeling the same thing as you did.

So I was getting impatient, so I started reading stuff in Tumblr. Mostly Pinecest fanfiction, and so I wanted to find more of this stuff. And that's how I stumbled upon this site. To be honest, I actually visited this site 2 years ago, and I made an account of it. I didn't tend to use my account until now.

And here we are. My most successful fanfic I've ever made (in my opinion) is The Stars. Wow, I didn't expect a oneshot of mine became huge after I decided to expand it.

So that's how I got addicted with Gravity Falls, but I tend not to get too attached to it. I have school anyway. And If this series ends, I might be bawling my eyes out, lying on my makeshift bed.

I believe, even when Gravity Falls is down, it will still grow to become cool and amazing. Who knows? Maybe it will be long like The Simpsons or Friends or Adventure Time. I just hope Alex knows how to make it longer and longer and longer until I die. (Okay, Maybe before I die, but It's just a Hyperbole)

And that's what you need to know about me.

Let's sum it up shall we?

I am a Filipino I love Gravity Falls I used to have a Tumblr account I shipped Dipper and Mabel before watching the whole thing I love The Simpsons, Friends, Adventure Time and many more. (I haven't watched Over The Garden Wall. [Cartoon Network Philippines, Make it happen!] But I know it's good! [I read one fic of it]) I'm not that much of a grammar nazi, but hey, I learn.

My fave event, Christmas!

So there you go guys. Have a good day, evening, night wherever you are.

May the Dark

ink be at your side,

and Mysteries

shall be within it

4th UPDATE (Friday, June 19)

Life. Why you make school? [So you could talk like this.]

Wow. Didn't know life can answer me back.

So how'z it goin? Your summer good? Bad? Well planned? I hope you guys have a good summer, while I'm stuck in a cemented cell with a whiteboard.

[Shut up. At least you can get to do Math. That's your thing. And when you do good in school, Your parents might give you a PlayStation 4 and you can stream on Twitch for reals]

Okay life, you got me again.

The ongoing series "Gravity Falls, What's yours is mine." has numerical ciphers! Decipher them, and you would know what's next!

So that's it and...

[Dude, your teacher told you to memorize that poem]

SHUT UP! *Cough* *Cough* Oh God... I should take cough medicine.

Have a good life guys.

(Character dies. Screen goes black.)


5th UPDATE (Sunday, June 28)

[Kinky smut! Kinky smut! Kinky smut!]

Say that one more time, and I'll stop writing it.

[Just introduce me!]

Fine! Everyone, this is my second persona, Life. [Sup.]

And now he can shut up and I can update you guys with something.

First of all, My CanDip fanfic, Sweet Lips, I promised for a bonus chapter, but I am hesitated to post it or not.

But that was the time before I got an editor. So, I'm writing it down right now as we speak. I just hope it's kinky enough for you guys.

[He's bad at writing smutty scenes.]

I thought you're gonna shut up.

[I thought you're gonna upload Chapter four of Happy Bloody Birthday.]

Then that brings us to another topic.

If you guys remember xXxTotalGeekxXx, the writer of 13 Reasons Why (The fanfic, not the real book)

I asked her to edit Chapter 4! Now, let loose the amazing stuff!

So That's basically it for the update.

[He's a total Monstercat fan]

Life, shut up!

See ya guys!

6th UPDATE (Monday, June 6)

[Dude, you're down in the dumps.]

Shut up.

Anyway guys, I'm afraid I got some bad news.

xXxTotalGeekxXx or AKA Hallie, is too depressed to update her fanfiction, 13 Reasons Why.

She PM'd me one day about a court case that involves the custody of her son, Owen. The day after, she told me that she's not in the mood of updating, or writing.

Hallie, if you're reading this, keep yourself together, not for me, but for everyone else. Take a rest, Hallie as long as you like. Don't lose hope, dude.

Now, next subject. I'm writing a kinky smut between Candy and Dipper. I suck at making those, that's why I got someone to edit it, right?

And Happy Bloody Birthday, Chapter 4 will be edited by Alys, since Hallie is at a huge writers block. Hope you'll get back onto your feet, Hallie.

I guess that's it. And- [He has a twitter account!]

Ugh. I'm out. *Walks out of the room* *Slams door shut*

[I should really learn how to empathize human emotions. Anyway, His twitter account is @TDMAforReal. Follow him, and you'll get some few sneak peeks of his ongoing works.]

7th UPDATE (January 31st)

HAPPY NEW YEA- *gets bonked at the head*


[It's been 30 days, dummy. Get over with it.]


Anyway, how are you, guys? New episodes... new fandoms... new stuff to explore!

You might be wondering why I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

inhales* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo inactive.

Fear NOT! Here's things why.

Homework Trigonometry (Easy stuff) Drafting (Like Architects) Relationships (Yeah. I am in a relationship) Video games (Duh.) School (Obviously) New shows to be interested in Internet Etcetera... Wattpad (@gravityauthor) Instagram (@thegravityfestiveauthor)

So... yeah.

That's why.

And I got this sweet new desktop.

Anyway, if you don't have a WattPad, then It's okay. I'll integrate my stories in Wattpad here in .

Bye, for now. Summer is almost there, by the way! (For me and the students in this country anyway. Well, passing students.)

4/26/2016 UPDATE

Well... that took longer than expected.

I'm now into Regular Show and I just binge watched the whole series.


Anyway, I made a story called "A Nightmare is just A Nightmare"

It'll be up shortly.

Thanks to Alys for editing for me!

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