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Ahhh, OKAY.

I have put off writing a profile for as long as possible... but as I seem to be writing more and more, the time is nigh.

Hello, all!

I am Amie... I have NO idea why I chose the penname CyrusLestrange, I think it was just literally the first two words that popped into my mind (some sort of terrible hybrid of Miley Cyrus and Bellatrix Lestrange, I shudder to say). But I am Amie, really. :)

I am 22 years of age, female, and I live in California. I love The Office and Decaf Coffee, and Flowers and Ricky Gervais. Gourmet food, Coldplay, being generally lazy, all the lovely people I am lucky enough to have in my life, and cheap costume jewelry. That's a list of fairly cliche and shallow things, I know, but I also love to feel passion, feel heartbroken and feel pretty much anything I can that is more meaningful than the list above. That is all that matters in life!

I LOVE Harry Potter. Like a lot of you here, it was my childhood! The characters and world is so rich and real to me because I entered it as a kid. It is the most beautiful story ever written.

I am a musician for my profession (you can laugh, it's alright), and I decided to revisit this site, because I thought that writing would be a good tool to improve my lyric writing as well. And now I am hooked! I love to write and to read what you lovely folks write.

So, on to the writing!

I seem to not be able to stray from writing anything without either Ginny or Lily in it- I think this is because what I love more than anything is a strong female lead.

I also have a weakness for Sirius Black.

There was a time when I was a Canon Girl, but now, I am more on the side of, if the characters are still the CHARACTERS- if they themselves are in Canon- and a writer can make it BELIEVABLE, anything goes!

My stories so far are as follows:

Witch Weekly, Which Wizard?- This is my special pet. It is a Ginny/Draco story, and it is also a Ginny/Harry story. Set six years after the end of the war, Ginny and Harry never quite made it back together, but all that lingering tension and angst and good stuff is still very much there between them. Ginny is the star of the Holyhead Harpies, and her and Hermione have developed a major charity project that is promising to be the thing that will be the final key in rebuilding and stamping out the remaining Death Eaters.

Draco Malfoy, is rumored to be the most dangerous Death Eater still alive, though no one can quite catch him at it. When Ginny is denied investment from the Ministry, he steps up, and an unlikely and begrudging working relationship starts.

Now, my goal in this story is to make it as realistic as I can. I cannot bear to stray too far from who I think the characters are, so I am exploring how Ginny and Draco might ACTUALLY fall for each other. It would not happen overnight.

Everything happens for Ginny in a chaotic parallell- Harry makes it known that he can't let her go, just as she starts to work with Malfoy. These two paths are so different, but they lead her to the same place; leaving her heart completely torn between the two opposite sides of the spectrum-of-man.

The Element of Surprise- This is a collection of 'drabbles'- the moments in Lily's Seventh Year that lead to her actually getting together with James Potter. It's sweet and each chapter is short, and it explores the different colors of emotion she goes through, before laying aside her pride and following her heart.

Merlin's Great Trick Of Irony-This is a story about the f*ed mind of Sirius Black. I have a weakness for him, as I say, and I can't help but wanting to write him as messed up as possible. VeniaAmuletum got her version of Sirius stuck in my mind, and I couldn't let it go, so she let me borrow him.

The Sirius in this story has been in love with Lily, uncontrollably, and to his disgust, for years. I love to imagine Sirius in this situation, because the traits that make him so interesting are how stubborn, strong, and loyal he is. As well as how kind of tarnished he is because of the family he was born into. I like the idea of a Sirius whose heart is captured in a way that no one would ever expect from the womanizing, roguish man he is- but who can never admit his deepest feelings out of loyalty to James. This story is also done in drabbles.

Malfoy and Muggles- This is just a fun oneshot. I was getting into the characters of Malfoy and Ginny, and wrote this for fun to test out their chemistry as unlikely friends. It is set after they have just started getting along, and Ginny offhandedly invites him to a Muggle Convention her father is putting on, not for a moment expecting he will actually come. Give it a read if you are curious about Witch Weekly, Which Wizard? - but don't want to dive into a chaptered story right away.

Terror- This is another oneshot, that I may take down. It is a character study, and practice writing in first person, also of Ginny and Draco.

That's it so far! Read if you are interested, and Review, if you are moved!

xx- Amie

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Witch Weekly, Which Wizard? reviews
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