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I am my own spirit animal.

Be warned- I don't tend to bother reading any messages. You can send them, but don't actually expect me to read or respond to them, unless it's in relation to something that already concerns me.

I do not care for your forums/competitions. Please don't waste my time and yours by asking me if I would like to join one. The answer will always be no.

I live in Australia, and I am of legal drinking age. This is more likely than not going to be a factor whenever I publish work.

Melting Hours


Your last hope of salvation from a world that despises you lies dead at your feet. And even if you have to drag him, kicking and screaming, his reluctant best friend is going to rectify that. Time Travel fic, with a twist. Gen fic, for the most part.

Gray lost everything, only to gain it back within two minutes. An enemy wishing to die and desperate enough to cast the spell sends him back to the night Ur died, an act that leads to his teacher's life being saved. Now he's got no choice but to live a lie, with a younger version of himself to call brother and a Guild to save from destruction at the hands of Tartarus. At least he got some sweet Devil Slayer skills and a second shot at a family out of the abrupt deal.

Huge thanks for everybody who has so far contributed to the TV Tropes page. It's incredible that one was even started, and even now I still cannot find the right words to describe how strongly I feel about it. I suppose I'll just leave this statement with; hopefully the first of many!

https (colon forward slashx2) forums (dot) spacebattles (dot) com/threads/melting-hours-fairy-tail-peggy-sue-fic.409403/ -- Here I am, branching out into other websites for this. You have any question you wanna ask or jokes you wanna make? Head on over there! I'm lookin' forward to seeing you!

Ode To The Review Begger

Perhaps I simply don’t,
Understand your plight.
Would you grant me a moment,
Some time within your sight?

You’ve constructed a story,
Written through end to end,
You’ve been through to edit,
Why don’t you click send?

Perhaps you must search,
For meaning in life.
Perhaps you are bored,
And seek to form strife.

Ten more reviews,
I hear you discern.
But I’m sorry to say,
Reviews are what you must earn.

It matters not,
That you’re hungry for praise.
If you are so confident,
Our expectations we must raise.

The words that we offer,
They are void of all meaning.
All that we want,
Is additional screening.

Wouldn’t you rather,
Have feedback you deserve?
Demanding special treatment?
My interest just swerved.

Still, if you’re really,
That open to conversation,
Then please, by all means,
Allow me to be your salvation.

I regret to inform you,
Your prose is utter shit.
The way your characters talk,
Makes me want to slit my wrists.

I feel like I’m reading a cardboard cut-out,
Attempt to drink a cup of tea.
My immersion is naught;
My annoyance is free.

You can’t write worth a damn,
The story is bland.
In one more sentence,
I will stab myself in the hand.

You should devote your time elsewhere,
Perhaps accounting or the stage.
Or maybe not, seeing as with nine more reviews,
All of us will get a new page.

Your attitude is tacky,
Your uploads no fun.
Say goodbye to my follow and favourite,
With your story I am done.

Don’t beg for reviews. Let your writing attract those who will help construct and attempt to detract. Only then can you grow and develop.

If you want feedback on your writing, earn it.


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