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Alrighty, let's get started here.

Name: Manu, MyWay, Ironliver or God (Also Recently known as J.C. Ronin!)

Appearance: My Hair is kinda brown... used to be blond though when I was younger... I am six foot one (187 cm)... hmmm, male I am... I got lady-killer blue eyes and a smile, which really makes girls weak (I got that from my dad, he used to be a real chicks terminator)

About my life: Yep, all ladies who read above and now want me, I am taken already... Maintenance Supervisor and Goon for special Projects, that I am... I am a funny guy who knows how to brighten your mood... what else... oh yeah, me is 2X years old right now... and married! With awesome Kid!

My Pros and Cons: My natural charm and humor are legendary around here, as well as my ability to changes someone's mood for the better. I am also known to be a party lion... with me, the party is a success! Also, I am a handy man and good with nearly anything, except for dancing and singing (unless I have a good buzz going)

I tend to become REAL cranky when I get hungry. All the good genes, as like creativity, good looks, intelligence, musical abilities, were meant for my older sister... I got the rest of the genes... I'm lazy at times and I do overdo the alcohohohohol once in a while...

What I like: Women... the less clothes, the better. Honestly, women are nice to look at. Subway sandwiches and German foods are my favorite foods, but I like eating anyway. Riding motorcycle and playing on my comp are what I like too...

I like people who are honest and not in a hurry all the time. Especially in traffic, I hate those rushers... People who thank you when you do them a favor.

What I dislike: I hate... I really HATE ungrateful people... you tear yourself a new one for someone and he/she doesn't even say "Thank you"... also people who treat overs like 'lower lifeforms' only because THEY wear a suit... all those people are my special "Bavarian kitchen ex lax" candidates.

I hate it that mankind is sitting in a boat called "modern civilization" and rushing towards an Iceberg named "global warming" without seeing it coming... honestly, the weather all across the globe is getting weirder and weirder and people don't see it...

Anime I like: Naruto, NGE, Samurai Champloo, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist (both), Excel Saga, Hellsing (Ultimate) ... actually its long list of Anime that does not come to my mind at this point...

Anime I don't like: hmmm... I personally can't get into the Gundam stuff, as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! (just had to look up how to spell that) ... but who cares what I don't like...

Favorite Quotes:

"Why worry about your life so much... You're not gonna survive it anyway!" Me

"Wenn schon Scheisse, dann mit Schwung / If you do something, do it with a kick!" My Dad

"The biggest distrust in god is a lightning rod on the church's tower!" Dunno

"Saving the planet is not a spectator sport!" Lester R. Brown

Current Projects:

Shinji's bad day in life
15th Chapter up... working on 16. At night when I try to sleep the ideas haunt me... at day when I try typing my story sleep haunts me... a real drag...

Gundam Death (Co-authoring/Prereading for Shinji Shinigami)
I got his fourth chapter done. Its up. Better check it out while it's still hot!

Unknown title
I am a big Maximum Ride fan and kinda feel obliged to write a fic about that. Let's see if I find any time..

I have a total of 19-20 Fanfictions on my thumb drive... I start them and then run out of fuel, another real drag... anywho, one of these days, you all can go ahead and read my stuff (I put it down in my last will: Publish all my fanfictions!)

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