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Dear world,

I admit i'm a tad bit sinister but I enjoy a good laugh. I'm 13.6 at the moment and I have been reading Fan fics for like... two years. I'm a girl to all extents but that isn't really important all the matters is reproduing off spring... anyways back on topic i've won 5 literary awards that offer scholerships (and if your being a dirk bag and noticing my punctuation and spelling mistakes, let me tell you, I love spell check.). I am in ownership ofthree cats (A fat one, a skinny one, and a baby) and one dog (the dumbest creature i've evey had the misfortune to meet let alone live with).

I love to write! I'm debating whether to post my ideas about barney on the site. Secretly, i'm worried the the fics under barney are meant for small children. I don't think they would appreciate my opinion on his mind control.

Anyways... I've got to run, I have about eighty things i'm supposed to be doing right now.

Here's my list: (Which i'm only writing down to aviod doing the tasks)

1. Prepare my guitar and what not because I have a gig in a hour or two

2. Feed all annoying, begging, stupid, pets

3. figure out a father's day present (A holiday I don't understand because "hey" where's daughter's day when you need it!)

4. Figure out birthday presents for all the stupid people that are expecting presents from me

5. Realize an unfound dream

6. Rescue all family members from my grandmother

7. Buy a bathing suit that isn't prudish that my parents won't burn because they think it's to sexy (For peeves sake they watch "the simple life")

8. Make 5 hundred bracelets to sell for people who have cancer

9. Deep fry brains in a vat of orange juice

10. Be depressed because they didn't put wacko jacko in the can

11. Burn this list (Which would include burning fanfiction because that happens to be where this list is

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god I hate you so much reviews
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