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i'm unique like everyone else. if you didn't get that, not my problem. it's pretty straight forward.

Other stuff about me

i have:
-a strange cat.
-more dreams than i can count.
-a friend named Tala (freaky coinkinky dink)
-a thing with meditation. (i do it every day)
-an obsession with the colors Silver and Green
-too many voices in my head.
-NEXT TO NO PATIENCE WITH IDIOTS!(this is the warning ppl.)

i like:
-no word music.
-alternative rock.
-argueing with my voices.

i hate:
-Writers who try to play in someone else's backyard and end up tearing down the fences and blowing up the world.
-rap music.
-my key board, it jams up too often for me to like it.

i love:
-flamers. they're amusing to diss, and their flames are fun to disect and prove them wrong and shoving it down their throats . . .heh
-my stories.
-arguing with my voices.
-driving my friends nuts.
-reading(i'm addicted).
-writing(to that too).
-going to camp.
-pounding the crap out of my little brother.
-getting paid.
-my violent side.
-my voices.
-my friends (not that way, perverts)

My nasty habits are(you don't like, skip it.):
-cracking my knuckles.
-cracking my back.
-cracking my neck.
-cracking my toes.
-cracking my ear.
-carcking my wrists.
-cracking my ankles.
-cracking my elbows.
-cracking my knees.
-cracking my nose. (yes you can really do that, though i wouldn't recommend it, it hurt like hell, and i've only done it once. so i guess it's not a habit. oh well, i put it up neway.)
-sticking my fist in my mouth.
-talking to myself.
-naming my voices.

My simple joys are:
-tapping out rythms on my desk.
-watching my cat.
-watching my fish.
-watching and listening to the rain.
-staring in to space and seeing patterns move and twist in the brick walls
-talking to firends i never see

My favorite bands/singers are:
-Bare Naked Ladies
-Cherry Popin' Daddies
-the Trans-Syberian Orchestra
-Led Zeplin
-Rolling stones
-The Moody Blues
-Three Dawg Night
-Dire Straits
-Big Bad Voodoo Daddies
(those aren't in oder, and i'm too lazy to change it)

My Favorite Writers are:
-L.E.Modesitt Jr.
-Tamora Pierce
-David Eddings
-Irene Radford
-Mercedes Lackey
-Holly Lisle
-Diane Duane

I am:
- a romantic.
-extremely violent.
-in need of more sleep and hours in the day
-obsessed with dragons
-possessed(not in the way you think)
-hopelessly inept at social skills.
-and -- the grand finally--female(last time i checked anywho).

My nick names/voices' names are:
-Idris Manjitt
-George(NOT HP)
-Fred(NOT HP)
-Ron(NOT HP)
-Rap(name, not music)

sometimes a new voice will come along, and the crowd needs to make room for the new guy.

(my real name has not been stated, nor will i tell you)

-Anna-re Zaranii
-Anna-re Dalaana
-Blue Spike
-Midnight Shadow
-White Fang
-Dark Wind
-Sky Writer
-Thunder Wing
-Silver Talons
-Light Heart
-Glass Dragon

some of my favorite quotes:
-Remember, you're unique--just like everybody else.(unknown)
-BE A TURKEY! (me)
-May you live in interesting times (Chinese Curse)
-I have a dream, one day monkeys will rule the world and i will be but a bannan peel in the Great Bannana Mountain.(Tala's friend and my selective hearing)
-BROIL THE FLAMERS! it doesn't mean what you think it does(me)
-Begining is easy--continuing is hard. (Japanese Proverb)
-I DO, in fact, know everything--just not all at once(me and my dad)
-My brother always wins. My father always wins. unless my father is arguing with my brother, then my father always wins. and if my brother argues with me, i always win. i always win anyway. even against dad. I WIN! (me and my dad)
-My brain is full, don't tell me any more. (Great-Grandma Mimi)
-My mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts.(Great Grandma Mimi)
-My mind is like a lightening bolt--one minute it's there then it's gone forever. (Tala)
-When Life gives you lemons, put them in a squirt gun and hit Life in the eyes.(Shannon)
-Whatever can be written down can be (and most likely WILL be)read.(Me)
-Don't make me get my flying monkeys.(Wicked Witch of the West aka me)
-People who think they know everything annoy those of us who really do.(My Dad)
-It's people like you that have people like me on medication.(My Dad)
-sigh They know the sun will rise every morning; they're not sure from what direction.(Goddess Aphreal)
-Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil. (Tala)
-Don't count your chickens until they're chicken nuggets, yo (Tala)
-Meaning is meaning less unless it actually means something (unknown)
-I've never been lost, but i will admit to being quite confused for several weeks. (Daniel Boon)
-Everyone is entitled to my opinion (unknown)

signing off

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