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Author has written 9 stories for ER, CSI: Miami, and Criminal Minds.

Well I guess it's about time I write a proper profile... I'm just the lazy type ;o)

So I'm French and I love writing in English. I'll try my best not to make too many mistakes, but sadly I'm not always successful. I'm working in finance and I must admit my fantasy world is much needed after a dull day at work. I haven't been writing much lately as real life has been very full. I have now two cats and the little ones take a lot of my free time. I hope to resume my writing soon. Don't hesitate to PM me if you think I take too long, it might help me along :D

I love TV shows and I give most of them a chance to win me over. Some fail to interest me (please never, ever talk to me about Grey's Anatomy), others make a hopeless addict. I never grow tired of talking about the series I like and believe me I can spend hours talking ;o)

I'm a natural shipper. It's simple when I watch a series I just can't help shipping people. I guess I read too many romance novel as a teen, call me a hopeless romantic. The only shows I didn't want to ship were the three CSI ones (despite one very obvious one for me). I kept that rule as long as I could and one day I decide it had to be the stupidest thing in the world to decide so I gave in. You can't fight your own nature.

TV Shows I love and I wouldn't miss:

CSI Miami
Criminal Minds
The Mentalist
Cold Case

Shows I used to love

Desperate Housewives (interesting at the beginning, pretty dull now)
ER (they should have stopped two years ago)
Star Trek (ok I still love but I need something fresh, I have seen them all way too often)
Stargate SG1 (what the hell happened in the last seasons? That's rhetorical, don't tell me!)
Farscape (damn you Sci-Fi channel!!)
Babylon 5 (what was the last season about? yeah exactly!!)
House (I'm tired of old House and the perpetual coming and going of actors... Just can'ttake it anymore)

I probably forgot some but those are the ones that make it so far to the lists ;o)

As I said I ship easily, so here are my favorite ones

HipHugger (that's Eric and Calleigh on CSI Miami, I guess my stories gave that away)
Tiva (Tony/Ziva on NCIS, I almost ship them as much as E/C; I've been thinking a lot about writing a story lately)
Bones/Booth (Bones, how the hell did I forget to put them here before? LOL)
Danny/Lindsay (CSI NY, even though so far I have never felt the urge to write anything about them and I'm not too happy with this ship lately)
Flack/Angell (CSI NY, their kiss made me add this ship to the list; those two are too hot for their own good)
Luby (Luka/Abby on ER, but I wrote on that so no surprise either)
Trip/T'Pol (ST Enterprise, my only ship on Trek ever... Weird I never shipped anyone before)
Buffy/Spike (Buffy, yeah I know pretty sick ship lol)
Morgan/Prentiss (Criminal Minds, they shouldn't have flirted, now I have this idea in my head)
Hodges/Wendy (CSI, they are just great)
I'm not going to mention my other CSI ships, they all pitifully sank...

That should be it for now. Is there some hope for my ships (yeah I know some happened already or never will as the show is over)? Well E/C better happen, I'm ready to forget all the others for this one ;o) Okay having House/Cuddy would be great too...

Update Feb-09: I officially don't ship House/Cuddy anymore. They are just getting on my nerves. I wonder why Danny/Lindsay is still up there... I don't think I still ship them. I guess they annoy me a little less than Huddy. Talk about a childish relationship in both cases.

There is one thing I haven't explained about my little self... I never ever read any EC Fics. So don't take it personally it's a basic rule I live by. I have my own little fantasy about them and reading fics from other writers never does it for me (yeah I'm weird, you should have gotten it by now LOL). So three years ago I officially gave up. I was making too many comparisons between my work and the fics by other writers and it was driving me nuts. For my own sanity I decided to stop and stick to my work. I write a lot about them but I don't publish much (I'd say one out of twenty). I'm pretty hard on myself unless it's comedy pure, I tend to be more lax with those. So of course I don't beta-read for EC either. I have made some exceptions for close friends but it's been ages... I'm now used not having a beta-reader. I have decided to stop asking for one. No one is interested so what's the point.

Update Oct-09: well Huddy and M&M are definitely not ships I like anymore. We finally got EC and I guess that with Adam's departure from the show I can forget about that one on screen. I'll stay in my fantasy world, it was way more satisfactory anyway LOL
I am trying to get back to writing. I might start again with some smut, it's been a while since I wrote some and it's high time to do it again. Conundrum is still on hold as is Girl Talk but I might resume after the porn. Who knows...

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