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Decide that it's time to make a new Bio-ma-bob-thingy

Name: Lovely Lei (like i'm gonna say what my real name is)


Height: Just around five foot( I grew!)

Gender: Female (can you thing of anyone named lovely who is a guy?)

Hair: Black w/ nautral brown highlights

Skin: Dark tan. I' m bronze

Eye: There's two of them and they need glasses (I have contacts!)


My everything- 1st story. Finished.

Lovely is as Lovely does- On hold/work I'm getting there...

You jerk!- Done! Or maybe, I'm not completely sure, if fans still want it going tell me...

Snowflakes of love- Done! Christmas Story, I might re-write.

Luna of a Dream- I'm not sure if it's finished or not, up to the peoples.

Favorties Quotes

Me: We can drive to Hawaii.

Scar: You can’t drive to hawaii.

~ Trying to tell my mom we can be home before 12

Mom: You’re to close to the crub. outside car

Me: How can you tell? in the car

hits crub

Mom: That way.

~ trying not to hit the trash cans

Mom: My mother and I bonded when I learned to drive.

Me: I bonded with the mailbox.

Mom: Then go with your boyfriend.

Me: Okay Malik!

Mom: Stop playing and get in the car!

~ Learning to drive is fun

Me: holding a racket If you knew what I was thinking ,you’d be far far away.

~to the gym teacher

Scar: Get a grip of reality!

Me: If I could get a firm grip on reality I’d choke it!

Teacher: Love stop making up lines!

~We had to make a play

Me: Where you born stupid or did you have to work at it?

~ Talking to Joey on the t.v (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Even if the voice aren’t real, they have some good ideas.

~my shirt

Ha! Now you can’t see me!

~an army shirt I have

Me: .. And that’s why I need lots of help. looks at paper Scratch that. Lots and lots of help.

~after I read a poem for English

Me: I look like a black kuriboh by the head!

~bad hair day

Me: Mom! I have my Christmas list!

Mom: Isn’t it kind of early?

Me: goes shifty eyed Maybe.

~I always give her my Christmas list in sept.

Me: Mind translationing that?

~Class was tough that day

Me: We are trying to get your dog to bark. NOT to summon cows in Idaho!


Me: If you don’t shut up I will not be charged for what’s been thrown from my hand.

~Trent and Sno just won’t shut up

Me: Can you please shut up?

Scar: No I have a lot to say.

~She just kept going


~I scream that everytime a cd starts skipping.

Scar . Dagger and Me: Stacey and Ken damn all of them!

~was to be in Lovely is as Lovely does.

Mom: Love if you don’t keep ahead of music. I’m gonna have to take away your anime.

Me:Mom what are you going to do to my babies? Tsume Roy Hiei Sesshomaru And Malik. Oh sweet Malik. What will you do to them.

~Something about music

Me: stares at t.v Whoa he’s fine!

Dagger: Is that all you think about it? Whoa he is fine!

Scar: You two are hopeless. Whoa he is fine!

~We need so much help.

Me: And I don't know who you are but you may be an idiot too!

Sno: I'm SNO!

Me: I know who you are!

~That was just strange

Me: I can't believe someone would just go and do something so dumb. To knock out the leader of spirit world. Whoa

Scar: Get Help! NOW!


Me: When the people in the white coats come. Go with them! Don't fight them and don't struggle. Then they'll only just stab you with a needle the size of Japan! Okay? Okay.

~To Scar she was hypered up.

Me: It's my brithday! I got like 25 boxes of Dots. Ate about 15 andI'm hyper. LET'S DO SOMETHING! takes off down the drive way

Trent: Think we should tell her about the...

Me: slips and falls on ice

Sno: The black ice? Naw

Dagger: I think she found out first hand.

Scar: Love You okay? comes running down the driveway. slips on the same black ice

Trent: Both of them are down. We better help them out the drive way. Starts walking and slips

Dagger: Oh crap You all right there? walking up to Trent. falls over Trent

Sno: Oh what the heck. just falls to be falling

~That ice was tauting us.

Sno: I'm a creamy tan color

Trent: I'm like a creamy smooth tan color.

Dagger: I'm a pretty bronze.

Scar: I'm so golden I almost shine.

All but me: looks at me

Me: I'm Browine!

~Talking about skin color

Me: I don't have to be your momma as long as no one's looking!

Teacher: Everyone look out the window!

~the first hour teach is crazy

Me:talking out i'm every woman

Mom: is dying of laughter

~I believe it was funny

Dagger: standing before the choair class. Dressed very cute

Me & Scar: Holding the flag while waving it dressed like bodygaurds with sunglasses and everything

Dagger: looks like she's about to say something important. I have just ate a bag of marshmellow and now will throw up!

Class faint claps

Dagger: Thank you. bows

Me and Scar: And that is you president of choair for the year 2006. Folds the flag and walks out the room with Dagger

Class: Wtf?


Dagger, Scar, Trent, Sno and Me: panting while walking after Mrs.W with a box of heavy stuff

Mrs. W : Come on it's just a little longer.

Me: You ain't form Russia. Why ya rushing?

Mrs. W: What?

~yep I got it like that

Me: I swear these kids must be murders!

Scar: Why do you say that Love?

Me: Watch Nartuo those kids are like 10 or 11 something like that and they're killing each other with out showing a sign of being like, 'Whoa I just killed him, That's gonna scar me for life."

~For real look

Scar & Me carrying a large heavy box to the stage, both loses grip and drops the box, landing it on Scar's hand and my foot.

Scar: Looks at me

Me. Looks at Scar

Both of us try to move,get out from underneath it and hears two loud cracks.

Scar and Me: Hits the ground and starts crying like babies.

~We both ended up sprining something, Scar's hand and my foot

Me: Shall, shall is a fun word. Shall shall shall...

Scar: I swear the next time we think about going to Starbucks, she's staying in the car.

~This why I can't drink coffee. I swear, I was saying all kinds of stuff, and was scared to sit down for the longest.

Me: Jumping around like an idiot!

Dag: What's wrong with her?

Scar: Ask her.

Dag: What's wrong with you?

Me: I'm scared to stop moving or I just might die.

~Once again the coffee

Scar: You said you were okay!

Me: I lied!

~I fell down the stairs and hurted myself. T.T

Scar: Say sheep sheep

Me:Sheep go baa.

~The dog looked like a sheep

Nia: I can't read that fast!


~She was trying to read hand signs, and I just happened to be there

Ariel: How can you not like cows?

Brandon: I don't like towels!

Me: laughing

Brandon: Wait...

Me: I can see it now, you getting on you bike and riding down the street

Mekinze: Naked!

Everyone at the table: Laughing

~This is a normal conversation at our table

Brandon: You have Brain Age?

Me: Yeah, I'm too dumb not to have this game.

Brandon: Now listen to yourself did that have to make any sense?

Me: That's why I need this game...

~Our lunch table is on some type of drug

Announcer: ...and the final cosplay...Itachi of Naruto.

Store: CHEERS (he had the best costume in the store at the time)

Five seconds later


Me: I will bear your children!

Store: LOL

~This was a small convention at the mall and about ten people appeared in costume. Itachi was hot thought

Scar: I thought the Sasuke cosplayer had cool hair, but he didn't have the right outfit to be Sasuke.

Me: I thought he did; DRIVING

Scar: He was wearing a t-shirt with Sasuke and hot topic pants.

Me: I think Sasuke would be self centered enough to actually wear himself on a shirt.

~I really shouldn't have been driving...

Me: Screw Superman, I'm going to Anime that ho!

~Why I can't listen to Soulja Boy

Me: I so do not mean to laugh at your pain, but it's funny as hell.

~I am the bestest friend you will ever have.

Me: Do you want to make a fangirl happy?

Brandon: Can I keep my shirt on?

Me: It's up to you...

~I'm trying to get a Malik Isthar plushie.

Brandon: That went over my Milk Juice! I mean my Man Milk, I mean, you know what I'll just shut up.

Me: Yeah you do that...

~He had both juice and milk and had no clue what he was saying.

Meg: Why is your math book in my locker?

Me: I don't want it's evilness in mine. And I'm to lazy to go to my locker.

~I really hate math!

Me: It's not my fault I just can't have dariy products so I can't have a double cheese burger.

Anna: So you tell them, I want a double cheese burger with no cheese and one patty.

Sam: So you want a burger?

Anna: No! That's not what I said I said I want a double cheese burger with no cheese and one patty! And I want it now.

~Only good friends make fun of you

Me: I swear, I'm going to go into that store one more time and if they don't have my Urahara hat I'm going to kick someone in the face!

MLE: Why do you need that hat so much?

Me: I really don't need it I just want it. And I just want it just to say, I have this hat and I'm a BLEACH fan!

MLE: Yeah just ingore all of those bleach pictures and all of the games and fanfictions you have yet to be done, and those plushies and that...

Me: Shut up and help me find a place that sells the hat.

~I really WANT that hat.

Me: Wanna Fanta, don't ya wanna, wanna Fanta, Neasua, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, Diherra, yeah pepto bismol!

T-Will: You just combined two commericals into one.

Me: I was trying to do three.

~I don't have a fourth hour.

Me: So you're saying that I should go and have Malik's child form YuGiOh force him to marry me, and then tell him it's all a lie, but he can't divorce me cause it would be agaisnt Anicent Egyptain code, for a wife and husband to part?

Scar: No I said to give me the remote.

~I was thinking of story ideas, damn plot bunnies!

Me: sleep

Mom: Lovely!

Me: jumps awake BANKAI!

Mom: leaves the room

~I was sleepy and I guess having a Bleach dream

Me: as Ichigo Kuroisaki This is my Bankai! Hold up cell phone

Scar: Your Bankai is your cell phone.

Me: Yes, the best swoerd ever it has unlimited txt messages and free nights and weekends!

Scar: Really now?

Me: Yes, it's much better then my Shikai when the 2 didn't work.

~I have become a Bleach Fan! Well always been one.

Me: Well I guess we can leave and get back on the bus there's nothing in here...AGH! ZATCH!

Sam: What? Wow they have Zatch Spell books!

Me: I want the pink one with WonRei!

Sam: I'll take Brago!

~They sell them at the dollar store for a dollar

Me: After buying my own spell book and a pack of cards Hey I have 4000 hit ponits what about you?

Sam: I have 5000.

Me: Dammit! Hey, you have that hot guy. I'll tried you, you for him.

Sam: What?

Me: Give me that damn card for this card with Brago on it!

~Why we shouldn't get on the bus first.

Me: I don't like Sasuke he's a creepy snake emo child.

Sam: But he was mosleted in his childhood.

Me: What when?

Sam: When Itachi killed the family, then MOLSET!

~I swear this is why we can't watch t.v anymore.

T-Will: Sam..

Me: Whoa Sam...

T-Will: Love...

Me: Whoa Sam crap!

~We had to dance in front of the classand I wasn't prepared to dance.

Donjia (once Dagger): Aw how cute!

Me: You know maybe we should give it to someone who won't kill it with their breast.

~The puppy was cute but Donjia's breast are big

Megs: Oh no! His sword broke!

Me: Don't worry, his sword's held together by spiritual pressure!

Megs: Why do you know that?

Me: Why don't you?

~The Bleach movie is awsome

Me: The first time we see Kenny he's all well behaved and doing his job as a captain. The next time we see Kenny he's jumping off a cliff laughing like a crazy person, as everyone yells KENNY. Then the next time he's walking through the woods and someone yells Kenny's lost! Only with fan-people will you hear that.

~Once again the Bleach movie

Scarlit (formally known as Scarlett): Joshiro Ukitake is so adorable, I mean the fact that he's so strong and so caring though he's sick makes him amazing. Not to meantion he's hot!

Donjia: Zarkai Kenpachi, he's so smart and nice I mean he could have left Yachiru there, and he also refrained from calling Yumichika homosexual during that one part where Yumi fought Hisagi. I mean Kenny's just one huge crazy physco, teddy bear.

Me: I don't know who I love more Ichigo or Grimmjow. Ichigo every girl's dream but so is Grimmjow, I mean they're both so much a like! I don't know what to do, I don't know who to chose. Then not's let even add Toshi-boo or Hisagi-dear or...

Donjia and Scarlit- YOU HAVE BLEACH PROBELM.

Me: As long as I don't admit it, it's not really a problem.

Why we three can't talk on the phone ever.

Okay seriously, this time I'm back and I promise to update as soon as I update my stupid computer. I will finsih Lovely is as Lovely does, and I hope to get a second YYH stories up within the next few weeks of my job. We’ll now that you know more about Me.

At this moment, my internet at home is being very dumb and doesn't like me, I can get on for about half an hour, before it finally shuts down on me.

Thank ya!

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