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Bios Updates, March 2009 (and likely to stay a while)

For anyone who cares, which probably is not many, I'm a CBP Agricultural Specialist with a background in Entomology living in the cold flat middle of the US. I write a lot, and though in all honesty I should probably try to work in original pieces, that doesn't seem to happen with the frequency I desire. So you all get to stare at the fanfiction instead. I'm not much for the usual conventions of fanfiction and my stories tend to feature world-expansion and original characters, with the intent of telling a story within a world that is a worthy story in its own right, not just a parasite on someone else's work.

Presently my chief interest is in Claymore, which has really captured my attention since the anime version started airing earlier this year. So I'm putting a lot of effort into the story I've made for that world. I'm interested chiefly in exploring a broader range of topics that can be seen on the edges of the principle story but there's no time for Clare to handle. I also hope to eventually be able to take a sort of 'long-view' of the world by passing a glance over a broader portion of Claymore's history.

I've been on something of a Star Wars kick of late, churning out a few small pieces and working on a bigger one, my Imperial Preceptor project. It's a story about the early years of the Empire operating in the Unknown Regions, so if you're at all interested in seeing a side of Star Wars that rarely gets looked at, I recomend it. People who liked Silver Gray ought to take a look too, I think I've managed to pull along some of the good characterization things I did there.

I've written a lot of Naruto fanfiction, which I suppose I can recommend, but generally I feel that series has degraded so far from what it once was I'm almost ashamed to be associated with it any more. My Naruto fanfiction is meant to explore a complex world from additional prospective besides the rather narrow one shown in the series (the Leaf ninja only) and explore the lesser mentioned shinobi countries. Also, it's meant to show a more mature, realized version of ninja than the rather super nice one in the series, ninja who actually have to kill and do other horrid things regularly, and what that means to them.

I have four major completed pieces:

Silver Gray Book I, Sylvia Short Sword (finished): this is the first chapter of the story of the claymore Sylvia, and is set several decades prior to the events of the Claymore manga. I'm very proud of this story, it's probably the best thing I've ever done, I encourage anyone who likes Claymore to read it (and yes, I'm still working on part II, just very slowly and carefully).

Behind Killer's Eyes (finished): A story about Neji, that's based on a single historical event mentioned in the series, the war with Lightning when he was four, and what happened resulting from that, and how Neji is chosen to carry on an ancient and deadly path, the Dragon Ninja way.

Forged in Water (finished): This story is about the ninja of Hidden Mist, a country shaped by the bloodline purges mentioned in the Haku/Zabuza section of the series, and what the Mist do in reaction to current events in the Leaf. It focused on how Bloodline bearing ninja are different from others, and what their troubles are.

Sky's Arrows (finished): A story about the ninja of Hidden Cloud, this is a story that explores a hypothetical set of actions that village might take in reaction to the kidnapping of Nii Yugito. It is a big, epic story that rips through the major struggles of the series and offers a very different kind of conclusion to the current storylines.

Oh, I have a forum here now, if anyone really cares:

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