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Hi HI HI HI HI!!!!!!

ok, I'm just a random girl that thinks nail polish smells good. yay!

Name: Mia


interests: Drawing, writing, randomness (including random animals i have temporary obsessions with... Go ring tailed lemurs!!!), HP, internet, sports, animals, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, being high off of suger, sugar...

se- i mean, gender- Gum, look at my pen name. I'm not a gay guy, which leaves me to be a... girl? good job!

And about that penname... inside joke... hehehe *chants theme song to pretty pink cereal*

dobby, put the lamp, DOWN (sry, i couldn't resist)

ok, I'll give you some favorites now. yippy!

Books Harry Potter
Face one the milk carton
Series of Unfortuanet Events
Song of the Lioness Quartet
True confessions of a Teenage Drama Queeen
Princess Diaries series
Ella Enchanted
This Lullaby
a bunch more...
((these are in no particular order))

HP Relationships I'm pretty leneant ((darn spelling!)) about this ships. As long as its not slash or totally stupid. An example of totally stupid would be Dumbledore/Ginny. I mean, C'mon people, that stuff's for joking about, and just... isn't right! lol

Movies/TV I don't watch movies or TV much, but I find it important to point out that I'm going through a Pirates of the Carrabean obsession now. POTC!!! YAY!!!and some others...
Duplex ((bang bang bangaty baaaang... baaaaang...))
50 fist dates ((IS she a woman??))
Family Guy
Bruce Almighty
Liar Liar
American Idol

Characters Captain Jack Sparrow((, Savvy? ))
Draco ((sigh)) lol
Fred/Goerge ((lol, depends on the day Jess))
Sunny... yay! ((chop))
And so on and so forth...

I find it neccisary to give you the pennames of three of my best friends...
feel free to check them out!

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