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Okay, first thing's first... It has been years since I've done much of anything up here on FanFiction.net and now that I look back at all the stories that I've written up here, I'm rather embarrassed by them all despite some reviews saying otherwise... So, to any number of you that had the slightest interest in my InuYasha stories, I'm sorry to say that I will no longer continue them. They're too much OOC, have terrible format and grammatical errors, and frankly have no original story to them whatsoever. Granted however... I will keep them up. Mostly to show how much my writing style has changed over the past several years. The transition from middle school to high school, now to post-college can have a nice affect on literacy, no?

But in short...

All my InuYasha stories are dead to me.

I will however pick back up in updating my profile on here with stories that are actually worthy of reading. I won't be doing anymore InuYasha (unless by some shear miracle I regain interest in the anime series again) fanfics, but I will however look more into Hellsing, Durarara!!, or even ones like Tiger & Bunny. From Hellsing, I already have up to 17 Chapters completed and posted up on Quizilla that some of you might have already come across. Though that one's been going rather slow because I'm actually working on turning that one into a doujinshi.

Since one of my goals in life is to develop and publish original manga, I would like to be able to actually post decent/good stories out that would actually seem interesting or at least well-thought out. I've had several ideas for several stories for again several different anime series. Whether or not I'll be able to get to them and finish them is another thing. Of the stories I'm most likely to begin posting on here in hopes of redeeming some credibility to the writer in me are mostly AnimeCharacterxOC. I know a lot of people don't like that, but please just bare with me, I will try to make the series at least somewhat interesting and enjoyable.

Of the series I'm most likely to attempt new stories at (other than the one of Hellsing which I have already started), are Bleach, Durarara!!, Tiger & Bunny, Kuroshitsuji and possibly Final Fantasy VII.)

Here are the stories which I have either already started or are planning on posting up here one day.

.:Shatter Me:. Assassin's Creed

.:Attentive Vampire:. A Hellsing Story (17 Chapters, can be found on Quizilla. In Process of P.O.V change)

.:Blood Red Snow:. A Vincent Valentine Story (temporarily on hiatus)

.:Afterlife Conspiracy:. A Death Note and Bleach Crossover (2 Chapters published, 1 in development...)

.:Untitled Durarara!! Project:. (Pending...)

.:Untitled Tiger & Bunny Project:.

Also, if you want to look at some of my drawings I've done, then go to
or Ethereal Illustrations

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