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April 28, 2005

I know that it has been a long while since I last posted anything, which is why I am leaving this message here, for those who check my profile in order to get to my stories.

If any have feared that I have stopped posting, worry not: I am still going to continue the stories that I have put here, but there will be some very long delays. While delays may be caused by a variety of phenomena, the chief reason for the delays in my case is school. I am currently in the process of writing and researching for my thesis, which, as many may already know and others will come to understand, is no laughing matter and is not to be taken lightly. It simply means that I will have to put off writing fan fiction for a while until I am able to write again.

For those who have been following More Things in Heaven and Earth, The Two Faces of Hathor, The Forgotten Lands of Arda, and the other stories that I have put up, please, do not think that I have abandoned them. I am writing them when I can, but at the moment, updates will be extremely random and sporadic owing to my thesis and other such academic matters.

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If thou dislik'st the piece thou light'st on first,
Think that of all that I have writ the worst;
But if thou read'st my book unto the end,
And still dost this and that verse reprehend,
O perverse man! If all disgustful be,
The extreme scab take thee and thine, for me.

-- "To the Sour Reader;" Robert Herrick

See and not see, and if thou chance t'espy
Some aberrations in my poetry,
Wink at small faults; the greater, ne'ertheless,
Hide, and with them their father's nakedness.
Let's do our best, our watch and ward to keep;
Homer himself in a long work, may sleep.

-- "To the Generous Reader;" Robert Herrick

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