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Author has written 1 story for Fallout, and Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス>.

Hello! Welcome to my profile! there isn't much to see other than on-going stories and future stories if possible.


The following series/games are the current ones that I can take:

Monster Musume

Yandere Simulator

Fallout New Vegas

Date A Live

Devil May Cry


'Walker Of the I.S' a Fallout x Infinite Stratos crossover

Summary: Ulysses was mysteriously transported to Japan in an alternate dimension by a unknown source, he quickly finds out that he is able to wield a weapon called 'Infinite Stratos' that is only operateable by women, the fragile scale of power seemed to be balanced but to Ulysses, this was just a obstacle, he needed to go home to his world, even if his 'friends' doesn't like the idea of it

"Our roads crossed. Five roads to go. All goes to the same destiny. I choose none of it because I make my own. And none of you will stop me from making it. Not even Chifuyu."


'Nero's Second Chance Of Love!' A Devil May Cry x Monster Musume Crossover

Summary: Months after the ordeal in Fortuna, Nero tries to move on from Kyrie's death by working with Dante in Devil May Cry, but when Nero takes a cross-country job, it all ended up him being a host for extraspecies! Can Nero handle these rowdy monsters? Is Vergil hiding something? Will Dante ever pay his pizza debt? Find out here!

"Yeah that's nice- MARRIAGE?!"

'No Devils No Angels' a Devil May Cry x No Game No Life crossover

Summary: Dante, Vergil and Nero weren't demonic hybrids but simple human beings with a knack for all things gaming, the three spent their entire childhood in front of a screen playing games, as they grow up their nature never changed, they ditched school once they were old enough to stand up on their own two feets, locked themselves up in a room, the only time they ever walk out is either they go to a competition or buy a new game.

Suddenly a mysterious e-mail appeared that challenged them in a game of chess, they quickly realized that their opponent is no A.I, despite the level of skill, they managed to beat the supposed A.I, suddenly the three were pulled in a different world where everything is decided through a game, they meet a God named Tet who was impressed that the three beat him fair and square, they quickly adapt to the alien world with one mission in mind, to defeat Tet in a rematch!

"Hey Nero, Dante, do you remember what we used to say?"

"You think I'd forget about it?"

"Just like old times..."

"""Game Over!"""

'Lessons from the Burned Man' A Fallout x Infinite Stratos crossover

Summary: Joshua thought he seen it all but looks like his God has something else in mind, being stuck in a new world simliar yet so different from his own, he learns that he can use this 'Infinite Stratos' which is supposed to be pilotable by women only, because of his age, rather a student he is a teacher in I.S Academy in History, but instead of teaching the world history, he shares a grain of wisdom to his students.

"Class, do not try to think that'd you are on top of the world, do not think that you are number one even by your own opinion but think that someone out there is a worthy opponent who will challenge your place in this school, in society, and trust me on this, you will thank your opponent, why do you ask? Because fear is a factor in life along with its equal opposite bravery."

"Bravery and Fear are two sides of a coin, the question is, will you turn your Fear into Bravery? Or will you let your Bravery turn into Fear?"

"Why do I sound like a player from Undertale? Seriously that game is just filled with theories that even the wackiest of people can come up and make it sensible."

'Trinity Devils' A Devil May Cry x Trinity Seven crossover

Summary: Three months after Sanctus and the Savior was destroyed, Nero Sparda thought that his work was over but when he finds out that the Fortuna he lived in was a simple mirage that he unconsciously created and Kyrie dissappeared completely, Nero finds his answer in a form of a magic school where he is known as a 'Demon Lord' candidate, now he pushes himself to his limit to find answers and bring Kyrie back, no matter what the cost.

Nero suddenly turned around and pulled out Blue Rose and aimed it at Mira's forehead, the specter of Yamato appeared behind him. "Listen up you little twerp, you maybe be a part of the Trinity Seven and you might be the powerful magician, wizard, whatever the fuck you all call it but the point is..." His eyes turned bloody red, "If you shit talk about Kyrie again and I swear I will paint the whole school with your blood and your soul will be a mere pawn for my arm here, got it you little bitch?!"


Summary: It has been a decade since the release of the Infinite Stratos as the Philippines struggles to keep up, Angelo was merely minding his business in his school when he stumbles upon a I.S, his mistake was touching it as it reacted, teachers and students were shocked to hear there was a man that can wield the I.S and that pilot came from a poor nation! Now Angelo struggles to survive in Infinite Stratos Academy as tensions rise and girls...falling for him?!

"There's one thing that you shouldn't say to a Pilipino and that is to tell them that their weak! My people's hearts are strong! Their wills are unbreakable and above all. We rise from the ashes and claim victory! And I will make my country proud!"

"And is there any bulalo here? I crave those!"

'Mister Kobayshi's Dragon Butler!' A Miss Kobayshi's Dragon Maid fic

Summary: Kobayshi thought that his drinking habit would lead him to trouble but one drinking night led him to meet a dragon named Taro, now he has a love-stuck dragon butler with him!

"That's it. No more alcohol for me."

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