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Author has written 1 story for Devil May Cry, and Daily Life with a Monster Girl/モンスター娘のいる日常.

Hello! Welcome to my profile! there isn't much to see other than on-going stories and future stories if possible.


The following series/games are the current ones that I can take:

Monster Musume

Yandere Simulator

Fallout New Vegas

Date A Live

Devil May Cry


'This isn't what I expected!' a Yandere Simulator X Fallout New Vegas crossover (DELETED AND REMAKING)

'Team CUSG,Remnants Most Dangerous Team' a RWBY X Fallout New Vegas X Skyrim crossover (DELETED AND REMAKING)

'A Daily Life with a Demonic Courier and Monster Girls' a Devil May Cry X Monster Musume crossover (DELETED AND REMAKING)

'Nero's Second Chance Of Love!'a Devil May Cry X Monster Musume crossover


'Repentace' a Grand Chase X Devil May Cry crossover

'Revelations' a Fallout 3 X Devil May Cry crossover

'A Courier,A Dragon and A Zero'a Fallout New Vegas X Skyrim X Familiar Of Zero

'Date A DarkSlayer'a Devil May Cry X Date A Live

'Date A Heart-broken Demon'a Devil May Cry X Date A Live

'A Courier's Second Chance'a Fallout New Vegas X Monster Musume

'Vergil-sensei!'a Monster Musume X Devil May Cry

OC Courier File:

Name:Courier Six Sparda(A real name wasn't given for some reason)


Description: The legend of Sparda states that he had two sons but actually they had three,he was the youngest yet in an accident he was sent into the radioactive wasteland that is the Mojave,he grew up with his adopted parents until the age of 9 he left since he thought that he's ready to take the wasteland himself.

Though young and foolish he went to many hardships and near-death experiences,losing his sanity very slowly until the age of 14 he finally killed a Power Ganger,he didn't liked it at first but the lessons that he learned throughout his childhood made him realize that War never changes and it probably will never change.

Then at the age of 18,he went through the dead city that is the Sierra Madre,The old world city that is Big Mountain,The beautiful yet dangerous Zion and the treacherous roads of The Divide.

And you know the rest.


Sword Illusionist LV3

Devil Arms:

Force Edge



Ranger Seqioua (Demon-infused)

Maria (Customized and Demon Infused)

Sword Illusionist Profile:

With the unmatched magical power that Courier holds,his Summoned Swords is significantly stronger as well unlocking various skills,making this style a dangerous one,though if Courier is weak so his Style moves and Summoned Swords

LV1 Move Sets:

Rapid Fire:Courier can rapidly fire Summoned Swords,this move is passive and fills the Willpower bar.

Heavy Blistering Sword:Summon 50 Summoned Swords and impale the enemy with it,the swords then will explode dealing additional damage,drains the Willpower bar

Evasive Swords:Shoot a Summoned Sword in a short distance to teleport out of danger,drains the Willpower bar

Impaling:Summon a large Summoned Sword to impale a single or group of enemies,only to burst into 20 normal-sized Summoned Swords and impale the remaining enemies,empties the Willpower Bar.

LV2 Move Sets

Heavy Spiral Swords:If allies are near Courier,this move will give them their own Spiral Sword protecting them from harm,if alone the Spiral Swords will last significantly longer,drains the Willpower Bar

Heavy Storm Swords:8 Summoned Swords circles the enemy before rapidly impaling,going through the poor target until the Summoned Swords break,drains the Willpower Bar

Impaling LV2:A even more wider ranger version of the Impaling,empties the Willpower Bar.

LV3 Move Sets:

Disaster:Uses the Devil Trigger by a quarter,channels the sky with demonic energy and rains swords in a long area,empties the Willpower bar

Last Dance:A hail of Summoned Swords throws the target around the area before exploding,uses the Devil Trigger and empties the Willpower bar

Absolution:Empties both the Devil Trigger and Willpower,severely impales the target with thousands upon thousands of Summoned Swords before each sword explodes.

And now I have a discord server! talk to me when I'm online or ask me some questions! I love to interact with my readers!

Nero's Second Chance Of Love! reviews
Kyrie died when demons attacked Fortuna,keeping her promise Nero goes to Japan for a simple job that turns out to be more than a simple extermination,he finds himself as a host of monsters girls! Can he find love from the beautiful yet beastly monster girls or will he put them aside because of his fears? (Nero X Harem)
Crossover - Devil May Cry & Daily Life with a Monster Girl/モンスター娘のいる日常 - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 27,947 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 91 - Updated: 3/17 - Published: 1/1 - [Nero, Doppel, Tionishia] OC