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March 18, 2022

Whee! I got back into my account!

My latest fandom is Miraculous Ladybug, which I have written for on AO3. However, I've considered revisiting some of these older stories in the future. We'll see.

March 14, 2010

Now that new episodes of Inuyasha are on (whee!) my muse seems to have peeked around the corner. "Hello, remember me?" she timidly squeaks. I still can't remember the original plotline for Aida but I think I have a handle on the new direction it's going to take. That said, it requires a rewrite to change the setup slightly. I'll do my best to stay on track, because I, too, hate reading a story and then realizing it's been abandoned. I never intended to abandon it in the first place.

Still, I am now a married woman. With two dogs. And a full-time, stressful job. I have a house to keep in order (yeah, like that's ever happened!) and I've let myself go terribly so I need to make time for exercise on top of everything else. On the plus side, I can probably use my treadmill time to plot out the stories further and play out dialog in my head. That's always helped get me going.

So, in short: Makai to Jigoku no Aida -- I still want to finish it. Memoirs of Rain -- ditto. For the First Time.. will probably not be completed. We'll see, but it's doubtful. And the last one, Voice in My Mind, I actually have more motivation to start than any of the others but I feel kinda wrong starting a third without finishing at least one of the incomplete fics.

Status Updates

Makai to Jigoku no Aida: Chapter one has been revised and posted. Chapter two will probably be a couple of weeks. I lost the original plot notes for this a long time ago and have had to reconstruct a new plot that doesn't completely change the nature of the story. That said, reconstructing requires me to change a few details so I'm rewriting what I have and then I will begin finishing it up with the new chapters.

Stress Relief mini-saga: Probably will not add any more sequels. Then again, you never know.

For the First Time: Not sure if I will continue it. I still like the original idea but I am stuck on how, exactly, to get from point A to point B. We'll see if I'm struck by inspiration.

Memoirs of Rain: Like Makai... no Aida, I have altered the plot line here as well. I have more interest in this story than the other, to be honest, but I started Makai first so I will push to get that one completed before this one.

Future Project: Voice In My Mind (working title) - A potential idea inspired by a Star Trek: the Next Generation Episode. No, it wouldn't be a sci-fi AU. Here's a little smidgen from what I've got in my rough draft:

Kagome flinched, and tried to blank her mind to prevent further embarrassment. "Isn't it obvious?"

"I knew you cared about me. Thought you were interested because I was different. I didn't realize... that you loved me."

She looked away from the campfire, desperate to hide her blushing cheeks."Yeah, well..."

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