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Hello my name is Relm Wanderer. For years I’ve been known as a Slayers fanfiction writer and the web master of my personal Slayers site, RSBI. A few years back I lost a lot of my backed up files on my computer. Then I lost my website, it was erased suddenly from the net without warning. This is the reason for my absence from the fanfic world.

About RSBI: I am not making a new website, but instead I plan on housing some of my fics here. Not all will be going up and I may edit or re-write the ones that I do. (Though this will be stated in the beginning notes of any story or chapter of the ones that have been re-written)

About my Slayers fanfics that I’m working on: Since losing RSBI, I’ve had to go looking in many places to try and find what I lost. I have most of what I’ve lost however not in formats that I can easily just post (some of them have punctuation that was replaced by question marks). So I’ve been taking this as a chance to edit and re-write some of my stories. Since it’s too easy to start new fanfics rather than finish my old ones so I’ve been trying to force myself to finish what I’ve started.

My current writing/updating schedule:

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Nothing
1st Wednesday of the month: Ghost Slayers - Primary couple Lina/Zel, secondary couples Gourry/Sylphiel, Xellos/Filia and Valgaav/Naga - Completed - Fics from my Gourry/Sylphiel shrine or things not published on will temporary fill this spot
2nd Wednesday of the month: Pokota's Plight - Amelia/Pokota fic- Completed - Fics from my Gourry/Sylphiel shrine or things not published on will temporary fill this spot
3rd Wednesday of the month: Ruins Raiders Book Two - Primary couple Lina/Zel, secondary couples Gourry/Sylphiel
4th Wednesday of the month: Half Innocent Half Evil - Filia/Xellos fic
5th Wednesday of the month (if there is one): Nothing
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Just Waiting – Luna/De Tanga fic - Completed
Sunday or Monday: Something for my Gourry/Sylphiel shrine. That may end up being a G/S fanfic or a fanart. Most of my G/S fics are up here on fanfiction . net but I have a couple that are only on my shrine that if I update it you won't see it here. So if you are curious as what I did for the weekend check out my shrine http:///gs
Sunday: Update for the Lina/Zel writer's guild http:// if Lina Greywars hasn't updated for the weekend already. (Currently on Hiatus)

My updating schedule is going to have to be revised as 'Just Waiting' is finished. I haven't decided what I want to do yet. Mainly I can't decide if I should shift things around or if I should make fridays my online novel day. (because I want to start writing some non-fanfiction stories that are purely my own) So for the time being I'll leave my fridays open until I make my decision (though I will probably work on those novels anyway so I'll have something to post when I do get that site up and ready)

NOTICE SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 - Due to various things beyond my control (work related mostly) I haven't been able to keep up with my writing. I haven't been feeling too well or too motivated. I've decided to cut my losses and take a break. So from now until probably early November I'm going to put my fanfiction writing on hold. Sorry but if I try to force myself to write things when I'm feeling this drained I'll just end up writing crap. I just don't have the energy at the moment guys I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll get back into the groove sooner so just be patient with me. Thanks!

What I've done for my Gourry/Sylphiel shrine http:///gs/ for the December 22 update: Christmas update. I posted a new Christmas fanfic 'The Ice Kingom' chapter one.

What I'm working on for the Gourry/Sylphiel shrine for December 29 update: Next update is going to be my New Years update. Probably a fanart.

Fanfics I'm working on...

Slayers Beyond REWRITE – a rewrite of one of my oldest fics. The original can be found on Darkness Rising and the Lina/Zelgadis guild: http:/// GUILD IS REOPENED!! COME VISIT!!!

Relm’s Demented Fairy Tales – trying to work on it, but struggling

The Rainstorm Triumphant – the story version of my poem. Also struggling with that one.

Projects I'm working on the side:

-Crimson Flames and Sapphire Ice: A Lina/Zelgadis Writer's Guild http:// I'm one of the webmaster/caretakers of the guild, and since it's reopened either myself or Lina Greywars are committed to doing an update a week. Unless otherwise stated, the guild will be updated either friday, saturday, or sunday

-Swords and Magic: A Gourry/Sylphiel Shrine http:///gs It's the little G/S shrine that could. Yeah it's my shrine that I update on the weekend. I want there to be something out there for any G/S fans out there (assuming they exist). So I'm trying to do one G/S thing a week hopefully to encourage more traffic. Updates for the shrine are either saturday or sunday (or monday if I really don't have time) unless otherwise stated. Updates consist of G/S content: G/S or G or S links, pics, fics, cosplay, or fanart. For the most part I'll post a fic or a fanart that I've done each week plus any submissions I get. Which I don't really get submissions. I end up having to barter, beg or buy stuff. *sigh* I'd love people to submit things but I know that's probably not going to happen. So I'll suggest this here, if you are willing to do a trade I'm up for it. That means if you want me to draw a certain picture or write a certain fic I'll do it for a G/S fic or fanart. (or cosplay). Bare in mind I am more comfortable with writing than I am with art (so don't expect too much of me). And if you would like to do a trade I will only do it for couples I support. Those are Lina/Zelgadis, Gourry/Sylphiel, Xellos/Filia, Amelia/Pokota, Xellos/Anyone (except Lina, Sylphiel or Zelgadis), Val/Anyone (except Lina, Sylphiel or Zelgadis), Amelia/OC, Luna/OC, Naga/OC. I do not do cannon (and yes I don't consider X/F cannon so yeah they are fair game to me!). Depending on the couple you want I may be swayed as long as it's not Lina/Gourry or Amelia/Zelgadis. Lina/Gourry bores me to tears and Zelgadis/Amelia creeps me out! Contact me relm_wanderer@ if you're interested and we'll talk. For the trade I will take fanart of just Gourry, just Sylphiel or Gourry/Sylphiel and fanfics that have Gourry/Sylphiel as the central and main couple. I don't want fics that have them featured on the sidelines. It doesn't have to start out G/S, but G/S has to be the main focus.

- http:// My DA account. I've been throwing any random artwork I've doing there. Plus I have a G/S group there too.

-Zodiac Lore Not a fanfic but an actual series I'm going to write. It's going to be like a light novel (what mangas are often based on) and it's going to be online with its' own website. Still in the planning phase, so I haven't written anything yet. I'm working on the characters. I like to be able to visualize my characters and 'see' the story as I write it. ZL has 12 - 24 characters (12 main 12 supportive) so you can see why I'm taking a while before I get started on it. Genrewise it's going to be cross between science fiction and fantasy. But it's more fantasy than anything. I need to buy a domain and a webhosting account before I post anything. I want ZL to be completely my own and separate from fanfiction. I love fanfiction and all be really it's too comfortable and addicting. I wanted to do fanfiction as a means to get me back into regular writing. But I've gotten so caught up in it that I haven't been focusing on doing my own stuff. My life long dream is to be a published writer. So I figure that ZL will be a good transition between fanfiction and regular writing.

-'LaBelle Marionette' and 'Survival of the Everyman' Like Zodiac Lore, these two are not fanfics, but original stories of mine. 'LaBelle Marionette' is a fantasy story while 'Survival of the Everyman' is a survival horror story. I'm so strange, I just don't seem to have a preferred writing genre, I'm all over the place.

Slayers Fanfics on hiatus:

Gourry and the Talking Stone – Thinking about this one. Need more time to stew.

Cluedo S – I need to devote some time to re-reading this fic again before I attempt to write a new part.

Slayers Task Force – I know I have continuity errors in this story and it will be a daunting task to sift through the mess I made and try and start a new part. I don’t have the energy at the moment. And chances are I’ll want to re-write things, so I may end up doing that.

Anything else unfinished not up here – I’d really like to get back into ‘Dimension Jumping’, ‘An Unforgettable Feeling’ and ‘The Legend of Sylphiel’, but at the moment I want to focus on what I’ve got going on this site.

In regards to my Slayers fanfiction, I first watched the series in English not subtitled. And being a white Canadian girl I didn’t use Japanese honorific suffixes such as –chan, -san, -sama etc in my writing. I am not Asian, and though I could probably use japanese honorific suffixes properly now I am not going to bother. It would mean changing way too much and to be honest I don’t like to pretend to be something I’m not. So for consistency sake I will keep things as they are as well as the spellings of names and places. If this hinders your reading enjoyment then I apologize.

Slayers pairings: As far as coupling goes, I primarily write Lina/Zelgadis or Gourry/Sylphiel fics. Other pairings I support and/or don't mind: Xellos/Filia, Amelia/Pokota, Valgaav/Naga, Xellos/Amelia, Xellos/Naga, Xellos/Luna, Xellos/with anyone that isn't Zelgadis, Lina, Gourry or Sylphiel. My original character (aka Mary Sue) pairings are: Amelia/Gavin, Luna/De Tanga, Filia/De Tanga, Naga/Leviathan and Sylphiel/Leviathan. In the case of the love triangles for the OC pairings Luna will always end up with De Tanga and Naga with Leviathan.

If you click on my homepage link you will notice it is a Gourry/Sylphiel shrine, titled 'Swords and Magic'. I put it up a long time ago and even though I went 5 years without updating or logging into my account it still lives. In fact it's the only one still standing. Find it funny really. I have my G/S fanficion and fanart there, as well as other people's G/S fanfiction and fanart. I would love love love love new stuff to post. So if anyone has a Gourry/Sylphiel fic, or a fanart that is either Gourry/Sylphiel, just Gourry or just Sylphiel please email me. And if you don't and you'd like to support my delusions, visit the site. It validates my existance. (I'm aware I'm being pathetic I do not need to be reminded) And please sign my guestbook? Pretty PLEASE???

On regards to my other fandoms… they will be random at best. No series I write will have anything close to the number of Slayers fics of mine. But I do plan on writing more Star Ocean 2/EX fics (particularly with a Celine/Ashton pairing _)

Zelgadis' Gambit by Findel reviews
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