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Hey y'all,

The basics; Foulds, 22 years old, British, graduate, and writer of original fiction, and fanfic.

I write/read (ok, a lot more reading) in the fandoms Star Wars, Resident Evil, and Advance Wars, and would love to write in Skies of Arcadia, Firefly/Serenity, and Odyssey 5 at some point. I write big things. 100,000 words big. That's big. Don't be too surprised if I ever start randomly musing about life/death/fate/war/revenge/anger, and so on; I'm a classicist, sometimes I get influenced by Homeric epic.

Resident Evil Zero; The Insecurity of Evil

Or, as it later became, James Marcus' secret diaries. My first humour fanfic, this was a straight parody of Resident Evil Zero, but I'd like to think it was a little more intelligent than some parodies. I have updated not that long ago, and so it's hardly a dead fic. I concede, most of the original ideas I had for this fic have been used up, and so, unless inspiration strikes, this fic may never be finished. It could also use some editing really; it shows its age a little these days...

Status; writer's block

Hawke's Vengeance

One of my first proper fics, and certainly the first I ever put up, this is also my longest work so far, and the only fic that's been completely finished. Hawke's Vengeance was a deadly serious mystery story set in a warzone, with the odd scene of light comic relief from a few characters. I'm certainly very proud of it, and it continues to be the most reviewed story in the AW fandom to this day. The whole thing was an experiment in writing a modern epic in the style of the Iliad, and I think it was quite successful. The writing may be a little overblown (and the similes a bit out of place), but I think it had a good plot structure.

Status; completed

Soaring too close to the Sun

Hawke's Vengeance originally had a small spin off chapter in it, which was about the father of one of the characters, Eagle. In the end, I wanted to expand on Phoenix, as I named him, and as I plotted it, the lack of any canonical information forced me to make up many new characters to fill holes in the timeline. In the end, I ended up with so many potential stories, Phoenix got his own fic, which actually became the prequel to Hawke's Vengeance. Sadly, maybe because of the excessive number of original characters, or maybe because of the darker tone,it was a little loved fic, and had only a fraction of the support that Hawke's received. Though I knew exactly where it was going, and had an absolutely fantastic ending planned (which was important to me, as I disliked Hawke's Vengeance's ending really), I decided to focus elsewhere. I wrote 14 chapters, and reached what is probably the half way point in the story. If interest ever picks up, I will continue. If that seems unlikely, I will probably publish my notes somewhere, so that the loyal few can see where it was going.

Status; postponed due to lack of interest

Advance Peace

A light and unconsequential humour fic with some fluff in it. It was written as part of a dare, after somebody challenged me to write something with no similes, no foreboding, no deep plot, or anything. After a long time, the idea struck me for this fic. Technically, as there was no further plot and it did reach a conclusion of sorts within its first chapter, maybe it's completed? Either way, it's unlikely to be continued unless I think of something else to add to it.

Status; completed? Unlikely to be continued...

Always Emotion is the Future

Ah, my beloved Emotion fic. This was my first Star Wars fic, and one that was far too long coming, as I absolutely adore Star Wars. Though I had my reservations about writing a fic which was rather controversial, and would contain quite a lot of dark themes, I decided it just time to try to write something a little more weighty. The pitch is that Leia and Luke sleep together on Hoth (thus, pre-sibling revelation), and Leia becomes pregnant, and then looking at what would happen next. So far, both Luke and Leia remain unaware of their sibling relationship, but it will be revealed at some point in the future. I was thrilled at the very positive response to the fic, and it seems to have become rather popular. It is also an attempt to reimagine the Original Trilogy, with the Prequel Trilogy in mind (for example, looking at Darth Vader and Obi-Wan's motivation with the events of Episodes I, II and III in mind).

Status; work in progress

A Mirror Darkly;

This is possibly the most complicated fic I ever came up with. The plan is spread across eight different notepad documents, and it was set to become a ludicrously long fic. The plot followed Albert Wesker, the very cool ultimate evil of the Resident Evil universe, through his behind the scenes adventures, as well as bringing various other characters, whowere made canon later, into the earlier stories as well as I could. To be honest, I am reluctant to continue as, though I'm very proud of some of the writing, and especially Wesker's own bits, I'm not happy with the plot really, and I started it without thinking it through. Equally, the plot was so complicated, I wasn't sure how to write it exactly. Maybe I'll take the fic down and put it back up in another form at some point...

Status; writer's block

A Jedi Shall Not

A story that began a long time ago, influenced by the tone and style of favourite fic ('Living Like a Disaster' It's fantastic, look it up. Now. Everything else can wait). Unfortunately, this story was also started as a joint project between myself and my then-girlfriend, now-ex, which has, obviously, slowed down the writing just a spot. To be honest, I still love this fic, and I loved where it was going, and I enjoyed writing what's here, and I'd like to think it had a good style and pacing. However, I suspect if I ever were to continue, I would restart it, though definitely keep Wil and Kel in almost the same form; they're lovely.

Status; work in progress, likely to be restarted rather than continued in present form

Learning to Let Go

This came about from a challenge from a friend to write something of under 1000 words, which doesn't come easily to me. I had the idea for this while watching the scene with Anakin and Padmé on Tatooine in Episode II. It's a very dark and sinister vignette, but I'm rather proud of it. It's a piece of Vader introspective, that looks at his emotions post Epiosde III, and what he might havedone with his power and freedom in his grief. If nothing else, it proves I can write something other than 100,000 word epics.

Status; completed

Well, that's about it. Thanks to all my readers, and I hope you all keep on reading and reviewing.

All the best,


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