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My name? My name is Emmy S.

I am a high school student and an aspiring author. I speak English and French fluently, with little pieces of Kitchen Spanish and German thrown in for fun. I've been writing since before I could hold a pencil, as I would dictate strange stories to my mother and she would type them into her computer for me. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and singing since I learned to talk. I spend my time reading Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and, of all things, Shakespeare.

My recent obsession, however, has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as I'm sure every other Superheroes nerd out there can agree with. (I'm confused by the whole X-Men crossover-backwards-rewriting-undoing-going-back-in-time shit, so if somebody could explain that to me, that'd be great. Reason #1: Xavier. Walking? O.O)

As many who have spoken to me already know, I hear the voices of my characters in my mind. I'm fairly sure I have some sort of mild Schizophrenia, since I have a fair amount of the teenage symptoms: if you would like to see what they are or do not know what Schizophrenia is: click here. The other option would be Dissociative Disorder, but that's far more unlikely.

Be forewarned: I do not censor my stories. If you wish to read a story that is clean and includes no expletives of any kind, go to someone else. My characters speak as they speak - they are human (and generally mature) and therefore do not speak like they're children on a regular basis.

If you are new to my craziness, just understand that you cannot blame me for the happenings in my stories or the idiotic actions of my characters, as they speak and act for themselves - I am not a part of it, as things happen that I do not condone and would never have planned, yet they happened anyway, outside of my control.

As such, if you wish to berate a character for being stupid, feel free to message me or review the story with your thoughts. I will pass the message on to them and they will likely respond to you with a bullshit excuse for their actions, which you are welcome to call them out on.

Current Phrase for My Thinking: I have been attempting not to lose myself in the abyss of pestilence that I have been cast into by some dark force I shall have to return the favor to once I am well.

Possible Subjects of Writing:

Phantom of the Opera - already covered in the In My Darkness series Avengers/Marvel - currently covered in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tails series Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit Doctor Who - unlikely because of complexity, but possible Harry Potter Pirates of the Caribbean Sherlock

Current Book Statuses:

La Chatte Noire - Finished, will be edited eventually In My Darkness: Le Poignard Cramoisi - On hold, will be continued once I've finished editing S.H.I.E.L.D. Tails S.H.I.E.L.D. Tails: Iron Claws - Finished and currently under MAJOR editing S.H.I.E.L.D. Tails: Claws of Gold - On hold for the moment, will be rewritten after editing of Iron Claws

Future Books in the Works:

LOTR - Manadh Cyll may at some point join FanFic X-Men - there is a story beginning, unnamed and sans plot there is another one... but I'm not sure it will ever see the light of day. If all goes according to plan, it will not.

Important Note(s):

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tails: Claws of Gold is no longer on the Scrapping Pile, as an Avengers Marvel marathon has sparked my interest and renewed my inspiration. So I shall be continuing COG, once Iron Claws has been edited all the way through. Can I hear a "yay" from you?

Scrapping - my term for getting rid of a story. There are two forms of scrapping.

  1. Form One - the Permanent Scrap. This is where I completely delete the story -- off of sites, off of my computer. It leaves, permanently, never coming back.
  2. Form Two - the Merciful Scrap. This is my term for where I believe I had a good idea or I worked way too hard on something to just let it go. So I store it in this funny file on my computer called 'Scrapped Works' and there it earns a revered place among those I loved too much to just get rid of. (These are also deleted off of sites.)

In other words, if I ever talk about scrapping a story that is on here -- get worried. Because that's what it means.

Other Profiles:

Wattpad - if you want to read these same stories somewhere else.

DeviantArt - I'll be posting them here too, eventually. As of now, all my poetry and some original prose are up here.

I will add others as I find the time.

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