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I will either work on these stories on a very later date or someone can adopt them. If you want to adopt one of these stories, please PM me!

Two, Harry Potter

No one saw it. No one expected it. Not even the great Albus Dumbledore. It woke no one. Not even Little Harry. But when Petunia opened the door to put the milk bottles out the next morning, there was not one little baby boy on her doorstep- there were two. (AU where a part of Voldemort ends up splitting from Harry as his 'twin.')

Rewind Button, Harry Potter

It was supposed to be a simple mission. Not even a dangerous one. They were just to go down into the Chamber of Secrets and see if anything else was down there besides the Basilisk bones. Who knew they would activate an ancient magic and wake up in their twelve- nearly thirteen- year old bodies? Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville are in for some adventure.

Worthy Soldiers, Harry Potter

When Harry was little, he met a Ninjitsu Master and a boy called Troy. The two boys quickly became friends as the Ninja Master teaches them to defend themselves, while the Dursleys think that Harry's only cleaning his dojo. Summer before fifth year, the Ninja Master wants to take both Harry and Troy with him to Japan. No one, not even Mrs. Figg, knows about the Master or Troy.

Simply Sleeping, Star Wars

Anikan didn't turn to the Dark Side. Instead, Palpatine cloned him and put him in some sort of hyper sleep. Now, sixteen years later, Anikan Skywalker has awoken. With amnesia.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Harry Potter and Maximum Ride (Crossover)

They strapped him down onto the cold table. They cut him open, they changed him, they ripped him apart and put him back together over and over again. He may have escaped; but he still carry's the scars. It's a little hard to keep it all a secret too, especially since no one had even realized he was gone. Ouch. Mute!Mutant!Harry

Anthony, Harry Potter

"Well, well, well. I must admit, I never thought I'd see you again, Anthony." "It's Harry now." "Hmm. We did warn you, you know. If you were to ever escape, we'd find you." "You haven't found me." he could feel the others stares on his back, but he did not tear his gaze from the mans face. "You never lost me either."

Life of Lies, Harry Potter (maybe add crossover)

Harry's hands shook as he stared at the documents in his hands, his mouth hanging open in shock and his eyes wide. The goblin clasped his hands in his lap, looking at him in pity. But Harry didn't notice. Didn't care. All that mattered were the documents in his hands, the cursive words that filled the page. His word seemed to be crashing around him, but the only noise was of his own ragged breathing. He wasn't Harry Potter.

Thieving Scum, Harry Potter

He was abandoned when he was six years old. Don't feel sorry for him, though; lots of kids are abandoned every day. Besides, he liked this life better. No rules, no Dursleys, no cupboard, no slaps and punches. Just him, his unofficial little sister, the big city of London and the little trinkets that come alone with it for him to snatch while no one's watching. But then, of course, the bloody Ministry of Magic find him. Aw, well. Might as well have some fun along the way. He wasn't the hero they wanted, after all. That guy died a long time ago. He was just thieving scum, trying to protect his adopted sis. And that's the way he liked it.

Play, Play, Avengers

Okay, so MAYBE breaking into an abandoned underground Nazi hideout from the 40's wasn't such a bright idea. But, c'mon, it's not like any of them had expected to run into Bucky Barnes in the middle of a mental breakdown and for the exit to cave in. It's also not like they expected for there to be no phone signal and be forced to spend the night there. But all in all, Steve, Tony, Pietro, Wanda, Rhodey, Vision, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Sam, Natasha and Bucky did not at all see THIS coming. Who would expect this place to be HAUNTED, after all? Ghosts didn't exist. Probably.

Makeshift Home, Avengers

They were experiments. All twelve of them. It's as simple as that. They escaped and now they're running around the US in search of families they don't even remember; of homes they aren't even sure ever existed. But what ever is coming will come. And they'll do what they've always done; they'll just keep on running. Kid!Avengers. Includes Peter, Loki, the twins, Bucky and Sam. "What if I fall?" "Oh, but darling, what if you fly?"

It Takes A Hero, Avengers

"Hello, heroes." nine heads snapped towards the ceiling, looking around for a speaker. Steve spoke up. "Who are you? How did we get here?" "I'm afraid I can't answer that, Captain. But here's something I can tell you. I have forty-six prisoners exactly, not including yous. All nine of you will go through a series of obstacles and tests to gain one prisoner. Fail, and one of you will be taken." "Why?" The voice chuckled. "Because, Stark, those are the rules. Not even all of them. Welcome to the Hero Games."

Freaks, Harry Potter

Harry took a step back, eyes narrowing suspiciously on the bald man in front of him. "What do you want?" The man gave him a small, kind smile. But Harry knew not to trust anything by the cover. "To help you." "I don't need help." "There are many others like you. I am like you." "Who are you?" The man's kind smile widened. "My name is Professor Charles Xavier. I'm here to offer you a place at my school."

Mavericks, Avengers

*my own version of Young Avengers. Completely AU* We were chosen for a reason. It didn't matter how and it doesn't matter why, but we've had direct contact with a hero. Doesn't matter which hero, or if we haven't even spoken to them. Eye contact was enough for them. So they took us from our homes; they changed us. Some people call us the "Young Avengers." Personally, we prefer the Mavericks. Includes Harley (from Iron Man 3), Cassie (Ant-Man's daughter), Cooper (Hawkeye's oldest son), Ace (Peterson's son from Agents of SHIELD), the little boy in the Cap. America shirt (from Winter Soldier) and a reborn Loki (who, in this story, actually did die in Thor: The Dark World).

Mio Famiglio, Harry Potter

There have been many, many stories were Harry was abandoned by the Dursleys, whether on the streets or at an orphanage. But in this story, Petunia never knew that Harry was even left on their doorstep. She was sick that morning, you see. So Vernon was the one who opened the door. Vernon was the one who dropped the milk bottles. Vernon was the one who dropped the babe on an orphanage's doorstep. And Pietro and Maria Ciffani were the ones who named him Gabriele. In this story, the ''Boy Who Lived'' doesn't even speak English. He's Italian.

Brothers By Serum, Avengers

Tony didn't remember much from before he was six. All he knew was that he'd been in some sort of accident and had obtained a bit of amnesia. The memories never came back, not really, and the ones that did were fogged and unclear. But he made new memories, and nothing important happened before his amnesia, so he eventually got over it. But then it turns out there are three super soldiers out there, one being Steve, the other being Bucky and the last one unknown. Things only get more complicated when he finds a box of his dads old things in the attic. Who knew he'd have two half-brothers? And did something actually important happen before his amnesia?

Peggy's Boys, Avengers

It was an accident. Tony and Steve were exposed to a new chemical in the lab during a fight between them and then Steve went to visit Peggy in the retirement home, falling asleep halfway through. He didn't expect to wake up and find himself in a child's body, move in with an impossibly young adult Peggy Carter and have to share a room with an equally child-looking Tony while S.H.I.E.L.D. looked for a cure. Yeah, wasn't expecting that.

Mark Me, Avengers

Soulmate AU. A tattoo representing you and your soulmate appears on your body when you turn eighteen. But this is only when you are an alpha; you have to touch your omega and your tattoo will appear on them. Tony Stark, although secretly, is an omega. He has long since stopped looking for his soulmate. Steve and Bucky were both alphas with the same omega, and they both have to touch their omega at the same time for their mark to appear. During a fight between Tony and Steve, Steve and Bucky both touch Tony. A double-headed eagle clutching a wrench appears on his palm. Steve/Bucky/Tony, SpangledIronWinter, Stuckony, whatever you wanna call it (as if it wasn't obvious. Used to be called Polecyphaly Eagle With A Wrench)

Itsy Bitsy Facts, Avengers

"This is getting ridiculous." his friend shrugged. "What are you going to do about it?" Toni raised his head, looking at Rory but not really seeing him. Rory stopped chewing his chips. "Aw, shit." The Avengers aren't getting along as well as they'd hoped. So, to avoid Civil War, Toni (me) has locked the Avengers, Rhodey, Bucky, Coulson and Pepper in the Tower with a folder that will dish out a character-fact on one of them. They will not be released until everything is sorted out.

Rent A Hero, Harry Potter

"We're here for one Harry James Potter." the women raised an eyebrow at the old man before her. "What ever for?" the old man gave her a kind smile, eyes twinkling unnaturally. "I'm here to bring him home." The women's gaze hardened suspiciously, her hand tightening around the gun hidden under her desk. She put on a pleasant smile. "I'm sorry, sir, but this is Sandra's Society of Heroes and Heroines For Rent. For muggles. We don't play well with wizards." "But Harry's a-" "A wizard, I know. Doesn't mean he wants to be, though."

Tricks and Tasers, Avengers

When Loki faked his death, he didn't disguise himself as Odin. No, instead he went down to Midgard and pretended to be a human called Luke Lyson, fresh from college and in search of a job. He'd just been planning to lie low for a while; he hadn't expected to run into a certain taser-wielding intern. Let alone fall for her. Tasertricks, Loki/Darcy

An Avenging Family, Avengers

They were a rather odd family, living in New York in a skyscraper. And they all had their roles in this dysfunctional family. Surprisingly, Natasha was viewed as the mother and Bruce the father. Many would have expected Steve, but no. Thor would be the jolly uncle. Clint was the middle child, always getting into trouble and playing pranks. Steve was the oldest child, mature, caring and generally helpful to mum and dad. Tony was the youngest child, always getting himself hurt and wanting to help everyone whenever he can. So when this becomes a reality- like full blown reality, ages and everything- their all rather surprised about how quickly they settled into it. Deaged Tony, Clint and Steve and Bruce/Natasha. (I think, in later chapters, there might be some cousin!Bucky and cousin!Rhodey. Just because.)

Look Into My Eyes (It's Where My Demons Hide), Avengers

Every time they go to sleep, they witness another's memories, nightmares, their deepest and darkest demons. Every time they go to sleep, they wake up with screams ripping from their throats and hearts hammering against their ribs. Every time they go to sleep, they look into another's eyes. Every time they go to sleep, they see where their demons hide. (This connection is between Tony, Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint, Natasha, Loki, Bucky, Rhodey and Sam)

Let's Play, Avengers

The Avengers, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Scott Lang, Hank Pym, Hope van Dyne, Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, Erik Selvig, Loki, Bucky, Betty Ross, Rhodey, Sam Wilson, Pepper, the Maximoff twins and their past selves (along with a few (now un) dead), are transported to a strange room when a black hole is ripped into the universe. While "the Author" fixes it, these heroes only have one thing to entertain themselves other then tearing each others heads off. A gaming console. Although, this will probably only make things worse.

Lost Boys, Avengers

Anthony Stark, Steven Rogers and Clinton Barton disappeared, all in different time frames. Howard and Maria Stark waited for a ransom that would never come, Sarah Rogers and Bucky Barnes left the doors unlock in the vain hope Steve would come back on his own, Natasha Romanoff stole newspapers in hopes of getting some news of her lost friend. Then Maria and Sarah died, Bucky became a brainwashed assassin, and Natasha was taken by the Red Room. So imagine, years and years later, the Lost Boys return. Looking exactly like they did thirty-two, seventy-nine and forty-nine years ago. Looking like twelve year old children. Howards alive, Bucky recently escaped HYDRA, Natasha never became a SHIELD agent, Justin Hammer and Obadiah Stane's involved, Rhodey befriended Tony before he vanished, Bruce remembers things that never happened, Thor knows they actually did, and Loki knows who's behind this mess but is bound by promise. And our lost boys only remember a cold room and blinding pain.

Dysfunctional Family, Avengers

They were broken. Ripped apart, smashed to pieces, hidden behind a mask of lies. They were running bare foot on shattered glass, tiny sharp pieces of themselves, and they couldn't pick them up. Then they met each other. First it was just the six of them, then came the twins, Vision and War Machine, then finally a fallen Soldier. They began picking up each others glass shards, they began taking down the masks bit by bit, they became teammates, then friends and finally a family. A strange, scarred, dysfunctional family. But you know what? That's what brought them together. (Or: Tony, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Rhodey, Bruce, Thor, Wanda, Pietro, Vision, Loki, Sam and Bucky are forced to move into a large apartment take on secret identities and get certain jobs in certain companies that may or may not have associations with HYDRA) NOTES: Tony still has his Arc Reactor ('cause I ain't happy he got rid of it), Clint doesn't actually have a wife and kids, Pietro never died, Loki was being mind controlled, Bucky hasn't full recovered, Tony creates a gadget that will make Vision look like he has normal skin and has him wear a wig to hide the mind stone, Bruce was hunted down and dragged back home by Tony, and their fake names are (these might change) Tyler Spark, Stanly Ranger, Natalie Rushman, Clyde Brook, Jim Rides, Brock Flag, Theodore Orson, Wendy Maxine, Peter Maxine, Victor Jarvis, Luke Orson/Lofson, Seamus Williams, James Farm.

I'll Help You Stand (If You Hold My Hand), Harry Potter

Harry meets a new neighborhood boy, seventeen year old Peter Walker, who discovers he's being abused by his relatives. He's also a muggleborn, but had decided to stop going to Hogwarts after his first year so he could learn about robotics and muggle technology. They become close friends, and Harry tells him about his fourth year. Peter, horrified and angry that the wizarding world was so... corrupted, invites Harry to move in with him, so that the Ministry won't know his exact location and to get away from his relatives. He also convinces Harry to take therapy sessions with a friend of his, a witch. So basically, Harry gets a big brother who vows to give the wizarding world a run for its money.

Cold Blood, Avengers

A virus has spread, the infected becoming mindless monsters with a taste for human flesh. Tony's accidentally left behind when his father is sent to France to help find a cure, Steve became superhuman when a scientist cured him of the infection, Bruce was a failed attempt at the cure after Dr Erskine, along with his cure, was killed, Clint ran away when his brother tried to kill him for food, Natasha just wants to stay alive, Thor is a prince who has set out in search of his lost brother, Rhodey wants his friend back, Wanda and Pietro blame Howard Stark for their parents deaths and are experimented on to become a stronger version of humans that can survive the infection, Sam is a boy on the run, Bucky was thought dead but was instead experimented on by HYDRA in another attempt of a cure, Vision was created by Tony on accident. Loki's the one who created the virus. Nick Fury, a nineteen year old, brings these kids together in an attempt to be heroes, to become the Avengers. Because if they can't save the world, they sure as hell will avenge it. Even if it's in Cold Blood. ZOMBIE AU, KID!AVENGERS

Circus Act, Harry Potter

Harry ran away when he was seven and joined the circus, becoming a trapeze artist and befriending a monkey called Steve. Close to his eleventh birthday, he obtains his Hogwarts Letter, but decides to stay with the circus, writing back a thanks but no thanks. Of course, since he's the mighty "Boy Who Lived," they hunt him down. Harry ain't happy.

Hide and Go Hunt, Avengers

Spacey-Star-Wars-LikeAU. Bucky was able to break HYDRA's mind control long enough to steal valuable information and escape, in search of a small man with blond hair and blue eyes. With HYDRA on his heels, he steals a ship but crash lands it on the planet New York. He's directed to "The Mechanic," and Bucky suddenly finds himself forced to put his life in this man's hand as the HYDRA part of SHIELD send two assassins after him, who goes by Black Widow and Hawkeye; the best duo SHIELD has to offer. With assassins on his tail, a cocky inventor demanding answers he doesn't have, a God searching for his brother and a Captain that reminds him of the small man, Bucky finds himself in a fight for his life.

Hogwarts Heroes, Avengers

Tony, the genius at Potions, Ravenclaw prodigy. Bruce, caster of the troll Patronus, Tony's Potions Bro, Ravenclaw. Natasha, the mysterious Slytherin. Thor, the headstrong Gryffindor. Jane, Thor's Ravenclaw girlfriend. Steve, the weakling who sorted himself into Gryffindor and became a Metamophmagus, morphing himself into someone strong and healthy. Peggy, who sorted herself into Gryffindor after finding out that's what Steve did. Clint, the kid who turned his wand into a bow and the Hufflepuff who's best friends with a Slytherin. Loki, Slytheirn's little trickster and Peeve's natural alley. Sam, the Gryffindor with wings. And, of course, Bucky, Steve's muggle best friend, who keeps breaking into Hogwarts to be with him. Headmaster Fury finally stopped sending him home when he was spotted getting a lift to the castle by the Giant Squid. This is their first year. (inspired by a post on Tumblr called MCU Hogwarts AU)

No Hero, Harry Potter

They wanted Harry Potter to be a hero; they wanted him to be the saviour, the Boy Who Lived. To be willing to sacrifice himself for them. Then they shouldn't have left him in an abusive house; they shouldn't have tried to manipulate him, they shouldn't turn their backs on him and then expect him to forgive them with open arms afterwards. They shouldn't have expected him to not be human. To be a machine that doesn't feel, a machine that follows orders and doesn't question anything. No. Harry wasn't a hero. He wasn't Light and he wasn't Dark. He preferred a little in between; he preferred Grey. He was a killer, a hitman, an assassin. Ever since he left the Dursleys for good. He was the Grey Strike. And he wasn't about to change that for some bone-headed wizards. Assassin!Grey!Non-Canon!Harry, Manipulative!Dumbledore but Good/Helpful!Professors(eventually).

Avoiding War, Avengers

"Please," the Asset gasped. He didn't want to forget that tiny little boy, whoever he is, whatever his name is. There was an overwhelming urge to protect. It wasn't the same as the urge to protect his Handlers; that was part of his programming. He didn't want to forget him; he needed to find the skinny boy, needed to make sure he was alright, that he was alive. He needed to make sure the little punk wasn't getting beat up again. "Please, don't make me forget." (watching the movies story, mainly from Bucky's point of view. Canon pairings.)

Iron Fury, How to Train Your Dragon

Iron Man AU. Henry "Hiccup" Haddock is a genius. Even his enemies will admit to that. He was filthy rich, the CEO of the biggest weapons company in the entire world, Stoic Industries, and his best friend was an AI called Toothless. But when he's kidnapped by a group of terrorists calling themselves the Dragons Mountain, obtains a little blue Arc Reactor in his chest and he witnesses people die at the hands of his own weapons, Hiccup creates the Iron Fury to stop them and redeem himself for all the lives he's unknowingly killed. But he's about to discover the one that had been dealing under the table this whole time. (Part One in the Dreamworks&Disney Avengers Series)

Incredible Wreck, Wreck It Ralph

Incredible Hulk AU. "Wreck It" Ralph was your ordinary kind of guy. That is, until he's included in a project to recreate the Super Soldier Serum and now turns into a big green rage monster when he's mad. After accidentally hurting his friend Vanellope, he is threatened by her father General Turbo, who swears to hunt him down. Ralph goes on the run for five years, coming in contact with a man code named "Fix It" in hopes of him helping him find a cure. But when Turbo finds him, Ralph finds himself once again coming in contact with Vanellope and meeting Fix It, while General Turbo tries to recreate the Wreck. (Part Two in the D&D Avengers Series)

Iron Fury 2, How to Train Your Dragon

Iron Man AU. Six months after announcing to the world he was the Iron Fury, Hiccup is beginning to have problems with his Arc Reactor. Then some deranged guy called Dagur shows up with a version of his Suits, SHIELD won't leave him alone, Stoick's A plus Parenting comes up, and he's falling for the new secretary, Ashley Huffson who may or may not be working for SHIELD, actually be called Astrid Hofferson and be the extremely dangerous Deadly Nadder. And his idiot rival Snotlout Jorgenson being thrown in there is not helping. At all. (Part Three in the D&D Avengers Series)

Frost, Rise of the Guardians

Thor AU. Jackson Frost Northson is the Prince of Asgard, son of North Allfather and Toothiana, big brother of Pitch. But when Nightmares break into the castle on Jack's coronation day, he, Pitch and his friends go to the Nightmares Realm to vanquish them. However, things go wrong, and North saves them before banishing Jack to Midgard, also known as Earth, where he meets three mortals, one who he begins to fall for. Jack loses his staff, has to deal with something called SHIELD, while North falls into the Summers Rest and Pitch is forced to take the crown. But Pitch is having his own, more personal problems. Like discovering he's adopted and is actually from the Nightmare Realm. (Part Four in the D&D Avengers Series)

Captain Corona, Tangled

Captain America AU. Rapunzel is a weak girl with a strong spirit, living with her cousin and best friend Elsa in the 1940's. She wants to go to war, to fight for her kingdom, but is constantly rejected because of her poor health. But when she gets the chance to be a part of Project: Rebirth, Rapunzel seizes it. Now with human perfection and magic hair, Rapunzel takes on the task of being Captain Corona and leads the Glowing Commandos into battle against HYDRA, making friends with the inventor Stoick 'the Vast,' and gaining a crush on Flynn Rider. But this is a story that can only end in tragedy. (Part Five of the D&D Avengers Series)

Avengers, Dreamworks and Disney Crossover

Avengers AU. A group of people with amazing abilities are brought together to defeat Pitch, who has taken control of the archer Merida and Prof. Bunnymund in his quest to take control of the Earth. Problem? These people rub each other the wrong way. But with the death of a friend, can Hiccup, Astrid, Merida, Rapunzel, Ralph and Jack work together to become the Avengers to avenge their good friend Sandy? Even with Rapunzel only being two weeks out of ice, Astrid being forced to fight her best friend, Jack being forced to fight the brother he'd thought was lost, Ralph's anger issues and Hiccup's cocky, sarcastic mask? Maybe. But then again, maybe not. (Part Six in the D&D Avengers Series)

Iron Fury 3, How to Train Your Dragon

Iron Man AU. After the Battle of New York, Hiccup's facing Anxiety Attacks and PTSD. And when the Mundane shows up, along with some guy called Drago, problems with his relationship with Astrid and now he's stuck in Tennessee, in the middle of winter, in Malibu clothing, with one malfunctioning Suit and with no one to help him but some kid called Gustav. Let's just say this is one hell of a roller coaster. (Part Seven in the D&D Avengers Series)

Frost: The Dark World, Rise of the Guardians

Thor 2 AU. When Jane, Baby Tooth and Jamie discover something incredibly strange in London, Jane gets sucked through some sort of magic portal into a very different, very dangerous world, where she obtains some sort of power that's slowly killing her. Jack takes her back to Asgard to find some way to get the power out of her, while Pitch suffers in the dungeons. But with the death of their mother Tooth, Jack and Pitch band together to find a way to stop an ancient evil. (Part Eight in the D&D Avengers Series)

Captain Corona: The Winter Queen, Tangled

Captain America 2 AU. It's been two years since the Battle of New York. Rapunzel has been living in DC, doing missions with Astrid and the STRIKE team every now and then for SHIELD. She meets a girl called Anna, who had watched her best friend die in war and who also happens to be a great relative of her long gone best friend, Elsa. But then Director Calhoun discovers something strange in the SHIELD files, Rapunzel is introduced to Project: Insight, and it turns out HYDRA is not as dead as it seems. Rapunzel, Astrid and Anna team up to defeat HYDRA, which has infected the very heart of SHIELD, and they face on a new enemy that might as well tear Rapunzel apart: The Winter Queen. (Part Nine in the D&D Avengers Series)

Hero's of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6

GOTG AU. After Hiro's brother Tadashi dies, he's abducted by aliens and taken away from Earth. He grows up a Ravenger, traveling the Galaxy and breaking laws. But when he steals some sort of Orb, he becomes involved with some guy called Callaghan, a green girl that goes by GoGo, a big blue guy called Wasabi, some sort of tree-like girl that can only say "I am Honey Lemon," a tiny weird lizard-ie guy that goes by Fred and a robot his brother built him before he died. To say the least, things went crazy. (Part Ten in the D&D Avengers Series)

Avengers: Age of Ultro, Disney and Dreamworks Crossover

Avengers 2 AU. Hiccup, Astrid, Merida, Jack, Ralph and Rapunzel go to Haddock Tower for a little get together. Hiccup convinces Ralph to help him create the ultimate AI, Ultro, to help thousands of people. But when Ultro goes crazy and Toothless 'dies,' the Avengers have to face the remains of HYDRA, as well as two super-powered girls, one with super-speed called Tip and the other with mind powers called Riley, both of who wanted revenge of Hiccup for creating the weapon that had caused the death of their family. (Part Eleven in the D&D Avengers Series)

Vampire, Hotel Transylvania

Ant-Man AU. Mavis robbed a rich guy to get enough money so her dad could get the treatment he needed, but she was eventually caught and sent to jail. Three years later, she gets out and stays with her old cellmate, Luis. She has a son, Dennis, but her mother doesn't want her to be seeing him anymore because of what she did. Unable to hold a job due to her criminal record, Mavis robs a man known as Hank Pym but instead of finding cash, she finds some sort of strange suit that gives who ever wears the powers of a vampire. This gets her mixed up in with controlling bats, protecting Pym's sacred technology and falling for his son, Jonathan. (Part Twelve in the D&D Avengers Series)

Spidey, Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Sherman discovers who his biological parents are, and that they worked at the science facility Oscorp. When he goes to check it out, he gets bit by a radioactive spider and obtains strange new powers. Then his best friend gets shot because he didn't do anything about a robber and now he's swinging across the city in red and blue spandex. Then there's Penny Peterson and a one-armed scientist. (Part Thirteen in the D&D Avengers Series)

Captain Corona: Civil War, Tangled

Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. Rapunzel, Anna, Merida, Mavis, Riley and Elsa believe they should be free to defend humanity without government interference. Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, Rhodey (couldn't think of anyone to be him, so this might change), Queen M.K. and Sherman disagree and support oversight. With Rapunzel refusing to allow anyone to hurt Elsa, who's been framed, people fearing Riley's abilities and the government controlling half the team, they have gone down a path that only leads to Civil War. (Part Fourteen in the D&D Avengers Series)

A Child's Smile, Avengers

Tony has always been unnerved by the way small children draw smiles. The way it's always so bulky and messy, as if it was a bloody smear. He's especially wary of the ones done in red. When Fury decides they need more supery allies and Tony finds himself hosting some sort of slumber party, he knew it was going to be a long night. But he didn't expect for the Tower to shut down, almost all technology to stop working, their weapons to very slowly disappear one by one, the hallways to somehow start changing and for these creepy little kids to start scaring the shit out of them. He's always hated the way children drew smiles. (Canon pairings. The ones in the Tower are Tony, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Spidey, Scott Lang, Rhodey, Bucky, Wade, Matt, Logan, Sam, Rogue, Storm and Scott Summers. Set a couple months after CA:TWS and before AOU)

Night Light, Avengers

One by one, the Avengers disappear. It wasn't noticed at first, since many of them come and go as they please, but it soon became noticeable when Clint realizes he hasn't heard from Natasha in months, Jane calls asking for Thor, and Tony can't seem to get a trace on Bruce. Then Sam calls saying Steve just vanished during one of their searches for Bucky. Tony follows the next night, in bed with Pepper at one moment and gone the next. SHIELD's called in right before Sam vanishes, and Clint's taken to base and put under careful watch. It falters for a split second, and Clint's gone as well. Now they're all thrown into some sort of abandoned version of New York, including Bucky, who was the first one to be taken. During the day, they try to find food, water, each other and a way out. But during the night, they're hunted by monsters that are allergic to light.

To Be Young Again, Avengers

Steve, Bucky, Tony, Sam, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Loki, Natasha and Peter are deaged, but still have their adult minds. With no known way to turn them back, the government- after Justin Hammer, Brock Rumlow in disguise, Tiberius Stone and Thaddeus Ross convince them they have child-like minds- decide to put them up for adoption. After a custody battle with their still-adult friends against rich assholes, but the rich assholes win. Tony, to his great horror, is put into Hammer's custody. Bucky and Sam are taken in by Brian Rum, Steve goes to a Stone, Bruce goes to Ross under the lie that the General felt guilty about hunting him down because of the Hulk, Peter, Thor and Loki go to Lydia Julie, who sells them to be experimented on, Clint is given to George Delawny, who only got him to keep his old mother company, and Natasha is sent to the Roberts, a family working for AIM. And that's only the beginning.

On the Run, Avengers and X-Men Crossover

Nineteen kids, running for one reason or the other. Eighteen cities to hide and search in. Seventeen enemies, tracking them, hiding among the goodhearted. Sixteen friends, only seeking to help. Fifteen boys. Fourteen super-powered. Thirteen months. Twelve clocks, ticking away in unison. Eleven houses, the beds not slept in. Ten ready to avenge. Nine favouring the X. Eight neglected and abused. Seven with a bounty on their heads. Six no even over twelve. Five just scared to face their family. Four girls. Three black vans. Two run away gods, somehow hiding from Heimdall's watchful eye. One family, one the run with nothing but each other. Runawaykidsfic! Both the Avengers and X-Men.

Underage: Suit of Armour, Iron Man

Kid AU. Howard decides to bring his fifteen year old son with him to Afghanistan on a business trip, only for Tony to be kidnapped by the Ten Rings, a couple idiots having mistaken him for Howard himself. They try to use him for ransom, but Tony tells them that it was him that had created the Jerico, which isn't even a lie. But instead of making them weapons, he builds the very first Iron Man armour. (Part One of the Underage Series)

Underage: Hulking, The Incredible Hulk

Kid AU. Brian Banner uses his version of the super soldier serum on his ten year old son, but it doesn't work and Bruce ends up turning into a giant green rage monster and putting his best friend and love interest, Betty Ross, into the hospital. Ross and Brian try to take him into custody to continue experimentation, but Bruce runs away and begins searching for a cure. (Part Two in the Underage Series)

Underage: God of Thunder, Thor

Kid AU. On Thor's fourteenth birthday party, Frost Giants break in and, furious, Thor, nine year old Loki and his friends go to their world and attack them, only to have to be saved their father. Odin then banishes Thor to the mortal realm, Midgard, where he gets run over by thirteen year old Jane Foster and tasered by her best friend, eight year old Darcy Lewis. Then Loki discovers he's adopted and actually a Frost Giant, Odin falls into the Odinsleep, and everything just goes to hell. (Part Three in the Underage Series)

Underage: Stars and Stripes, Captain America

Kid AU. Thirteen year old Steve lives with his best friend, fourteen year old Bucky, the two lying about their age so they're not sent to the Orphanage. Bucky's departed for the war, and Steve's able to get himself into Project: Rebirth. Now under the name of Captain America- no one knowing that neither he or Bucky are over eighteen- Steve leads the Howling Commandos into battle against HYDRA, while also falling for Peggy Carter, who's also lying about her age. (Part Four in the Underage Series)

Underage: Web-Slinger, The Amazing Spiderman

Kid AU. When six year old Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider and watches his Uncle Ben die, he's overcome with guilt and the need for revenge. So he don's red and blue spandex, and finds himself hunting down his uncle's killer, while also gaining a chance with his crush. (Part Five in the Underage Series)

Underage: Assemble to Avenge, Avengers

Kid AU. Nick Fury brings Tony Stark (15), Bruce Banner (11), Steve Rogers (16), Natasha Romanoff (14) and Thor Odinson (14) together to defeat Loki, who has taken control of Selvig and Clint (12) and is planning on taking over Midgard. But can they put aside their differences and work together long enough to complete this task? (Part Six of the Underage Series)

Underage: Revealed, Avengers

Kid AU. A year after the Battle of New York, Steve has his best friend Bucky back, a new friend called Sam (14) and he's babysitting none other than Peter Parker himself, which, surprisingly, has seriously helped get him adjusted to the new era. He and the other Avengers are living together in the Tower, going to school and being both teenagers and superheroes. But then a man called Oliver Sanders reveals to the world that they're underage and, for some unknown reason, the Avengers start sharing each other's dreams. (Part Seven of the Underage Series)

Abnormal, Harry Potter

When Harry was three, he began growing dark blue scales and a spiked tail, as well as gaining the ability to teleport. Horrified and disgusted, the Dursleys chased him away and Harry teleported into the back of a trunk, which took him to an aeroplane and all the way to Poland. Two years of living on the streets and hiding, barely scraping by, Harry's found by two married women, Dyta and Zoja, who adopt him. Not only does Harry gain parents, but also a big brother, Aleksy. But when he gets his Hogwarts letter, the Wizarding World realise he's alive, and a small group- including Dumbledore, Fudge and Umbridge- go to Poland to have a little chat with the small family. They never realised just how abnormal Harry Potter- or should I say Hendryk Wyrick- really is. (Not an X-Men crossover, but Harry's basically like Nightcrawler)

His Little Widow, Avengers

The December air was cold and frigid, the snow getting into his boots and soaking his socks. She had a small finger hooked around one of his own, neither of them bothered by the cold, so used to it that they felt no difference. So the Soldier and the Widow walked on, the base burning to ashes behind them.

On the Big Screen, Zootopia

"Carrots," said Nick, "How did you do that?" Judy blinked, looking around the large room, just as astonished as everyone else. "I didn't do anything." "So... this isn't part of your hustle?" Judy shook her head slowly. "No. No, it is not." Just after Judy hustles Nick into helping her find Mr Otterton, they find themselves transported to a completely different place to watch a movie with a bunch of other mammals. For fun.

Come Find Me, Minecraft: Story Mode

He can't remember the beginning. He can't remember when his veins turned purple and stuck out against his pale skin. He can't remember when his memories started to fade, when they became fogged, as though he were peering through a thick mist. He can't remember how he ended up in this place, with its booby-trapped corridors, white-eyed paintings, and the same message on the walls, over and over again. He just has to find them. Find them, find them, find them. If only he remembered who he was supposed to find. (Not sure if this should be a horror or not.)

A Children's Story, Minecraft: Story Mode

No. No, this wasn't possible. He wasn't real. He was just a ghost story, a fairy tale to scare the gullible. And yet here he stood, surrounded by fire, and staring into the white eyes of what was supposed to be a children's story.

Wielders, Ninjago

Very few know about the facility. Even fewer know what they do to the children trapped inside. And even fewer still know why the scientists call these children 'Wielders.' Because, to them, they weren't human. They were experiments, perhaps even mutants, born with abilities beyond their comprehension, power no one has ever wielded before. So what if they have to fake a few deaths? So what if they have to snatch them from their sleeping parent's arms in the middle of the night? As long as their power belonged to them. Obviously, AU, and Zane is built differently so he grows like a proper child.

Silence (Screams), Ninja Turtles

"No!" Leo screamed, wiggling and pushing and struggling against his bonds, heart pounding in his chest and in his ears, terror clenching his throat shut and shoving all rational thought far into the depths of his brain, "N-No, please! Please, don-" The pliers forced his tongue out of his mouth, and the white hot blade rendered it useless in a spray of blood. [Leo becomes mute].

Darkness (Lightens), Ninja Turtles

"Ge'off!" Raph growled, fury and fear sending his heart thumping, rushing through his veins, the adrenaline increasing his struggles but making no difference to the chains holding him down, "Ge'away from-" His own scream cut the sentence short, as the needles went straight through his pupils. Sequel to Silence (Screams). [Raph becomes blind].

Inaudible (Noise), Ninja Turtles

"We'll find you!" Donnie declared, his shaking hands causing the shackles to rattle, his heart hammering and pounding and terror washing through his veins, clouding his thoughts, not bothering to hide to panic and horror and pure terror in his voice, "Y-You won't get-" The bang of a bomb went off, but the only explosion that followed was the one that tore from Donnie's throat. Sequel to Darkness (Lightens). [Donnie becomes deaf].

Inhale (Exhale), Ninja Turtles

"Why?!" Mikey screeched, tears leaking from his bloodshot eyes, sobs shaking his shoulders and his hands trembling violently as they weakly hit the glass, heart pounding and pumping and hammering against his plastron, "Why are you doing this?!" He received no verbal answer, instead only the hiss of gas entering the container, entering his lungs and leaving him coughing up blood. Sequel to Inaudible (Noise). [Mikey becomes asthmatic].

Muffled, Ninja Turtles

The blast sent him flying, the tank shattering and spraying mutagen every which way, and he felt glass break his unprotected skin as he went straight through the window and crashing into the alley across the street, smacking his head on the edge of a trashcan. Disoriented, his ears ringing, he looked at the star-speckled sky in a daze. But his view was soon blocked by a blob of green, splattering across his face, in his eyes and in his mouth, and he screamed as it burned his battered skin like acid. But the scream was muffled, as though someone had stuffed his ears with cotton, and his brain scrambled and turned with dazed confusion, but there was only the burning pain of the green glop, changing and twisting his body, and his mind soon gave way to the dark. Or: While fighting Shredder's goons, Leo loses his memory and 72% of his hearing, and is turned into a human, although he can also turn into his turtle form. Before he can be found by his friends and family, however, he's found by humans and taken to the hospital. Eventually, he's put in a foster home and befriends April and Casey at school, which starts bringing back glimpses of his memory, and, even more eventually, becomes a vigilante after discovering his 'turtle form.'

Omission, Steven Universe

Omission, noun: someone or something that has been left out or excluded, the action of excluding or leaving out something or someone. Other words: withholding, cutting out, missing, noninclusion, disregardence. Yes. That's that word Steven was looking for. The government has decided that Steven should be placed into a carefully watched foster home in Virginia after a mission gone wrong, and is forbidden from seeing or contacting any of his family. While the Gems and his dad go to court, Steven is dismayed to discover that his opinion on practically anything is brushed off by the adults around him, and that almost all information about what's going to happen is withheld. To make matters worse, Homeworld is on the move.

Dystopia, Ninjago

AU. Jay is a mechanic that's spat on by those in the higher circle. Cole ran away at a young age and was forced to join the Black Watch, the guards sworn to protect the city, the Lord, until death. Zane is a robotic servant who's seen as nothing but dirt, something that can be replaced, nothing but an emotionless machine that only obeys. Kai and Nya's parents were in the higher circle, and they live a life of luxury. Lloyd was sent to an Academy when he was a toddler, only to be kicked out onto the streets a few years later, his father unaware of his existence. Morro is an assassin living in the clock tower. The world is under the rule of Lord Garmadon- who is under the control of the Overlord.

Queer Club, Minecraft: Story Mode

Highschool AU. Jesse is a genderfluid orphan, which means sometimes he's a boy, while at other times she's a girl and, sometimes, they're neither. Olivia is a polysexual, so she's attracted to multiple genders. Axel is an aromantic, which means he doesn't want a romantic or sexual relationship. Petra is a transgender demisexual, so she can pee standing up and only wants any type of romantic relationship with someone she's known for a long while. Lukas is bisexual, leaving him attracted to both girls and boys. But people aren't always... accepting of their "special traits." Luckily, Queer Club has a nice ring to it. Genderfluid!Jesse, Trans!Petra. Jesskas/Lukesse?

Hard Knocks, Minecraft: Story Mode

Annie AU. Twins Jesse and Jessi were left at an orphanage when they were babies, run by an evil old hag called Miss Hannigan. When Jesse was eight, he was adopted by a couple, but they refused to adopt his sister as well. So he ran away and came back, and now lives in an alley outside the foster home, where they also keep their super secret pet pig, Reuben. Ivor and the rest of the Order are trying to win an election, and their chances go through the roof when he saves Jessi from being run over by a car. At the insistence of his friends, Ivor fosters Jessi, but just until the election is over. Thing is, there's just something about this girl. Something that'll melt even his heart.

Jesse, Minecraft: Story Mode

Matilda AU. Jesse has always been smarter beyond her years, but her crooks of a family have never acknowledged her for it, or anything else, really. But now she's finally being sent to school, even if it's run by a nasty man called Hadrian. But at least her teacher, Ivor, is nice, although she seems to be the only one that sees him that way. She befriends Olivia, Axel, Lukas and Petra, but finds a bully in a boy named Aiden. As time goes on, Jesse discovers just how unusual she really is.

Modify Mode, Minecraft: Story Mode

Sequel to Movie Mode. He had a dream, where he was surrounded by a swirling rainbow, where a hand had clasped his own tightly, as though afraid, as though bracing themselves. He had a dream, where the hand had slipped from his fingers, and he'd reached out, calling for a name he couldn't remember, couldn't recall. Then he woke up, in his little treehouse, in his little bed, with his little pig curled into his side. Perhaps it was just the dream, but in that moment he felt as though he were forgetting something. Something important

Since I am pretty much restarting almost my entire account, here are my non-finished stories that will be either deleted, rewritten or continued:

A Change of Fate- DISCONTINUED

Bloodshot Eyes- DISCONTINUED

Come Little Children- DISCONTINUED


Hiccup and the School of Dragons- DISCONTINUED

Quartet of Misfits- DISCONTINUED

Rebirth of the Three Brothers- DISCONTINUED

The Dragonborn Comes- DISCONTINUED


Watching 'How to Train Your Dragon: A Toothless Tale'- DISCONTINUE

Watching the Big Four Movie 3- DISCONTINUD

Your keyboard is your instrument,

Your words are your song,

A blank page sits before you,

Now write music

You write so beautifully- the inside of your mind must be a terrible place.

If you can't FLY, then RUN.

If you can't RUN, then WALK.

And if you can't WALK, then CRAWL.

But whatever you do, DON'T STOP.

101 Day Writing Challenge

Up for a little challenge, my dear friend?

Day One: Write about your favourite character(s). (complete)

Day Two: Write about your favourite villain(s). (complete)

Day Three: Write about your favourite ship. (complete)

Day Four: Put in a self-insert OC. (complete)

Day Five: Write about one or more characters getting sick.

Day Six: Write about your favourite AU.

Day Seven: Write about your favourite friendship.

Day Eight: Write about a character being kidnapped.

Day Nine: The characters are forced into an odd situation involving a prank. Bring in at least twelve characters and bring back the self-insert OC.

Day Ten: Write about Halloween.

Day Eleven: Write about a character losing their most valued sense (for example: becoming blind, mute or deaf).

Day Twelve: Write a song fic.

Day Thirteen: Write a death scene.

Day Fourteen: Write about a character having a panic attack.

Day Fifteen: Write about a deadly deal between a good guy and a bad guy.

Day Sixteen: Write about an injury.

Day Seventeen: Write about a regular day where every character cross paths or are mentioned at least once (the self-insert OC can be included).

Day Eighteen: Write about the rain.

Day Nineteen: Write about a character being trapped.

Day Twenty: Write about Thanksgiving.

Day Twenty-One: Write about an experiment.

Day Twenty-Two: Write about an escape.

Day Twenty-Three: Write about the future generation.

Day Twenty-Four: Write about the past generation.

Day Twenty-Five: Write about an accident.

Day Twenty-Six. Write a scene from three different perspectives (I, he/she/they and you).

Day Twenty-Seven: Write a fight scene.

Day Twenty-Eight: Write about each main character's biggest fear.

Day Twenty-Nine: Expand a scene.

Day Thirty: Write about Black Friday.

Day Thirty-One: Write about your favourite episode/chapter/etc.

Day Thirty-Two: Write a High School AU.

Day Thirty-Three: Write about the colours red and blue.

Day Thirty-Four: Write about the past, the present and the future.

Day Thirty-Five: Write about a character going into surgery.

Day Thirty-Six: Write about a monster.

Day Thirty-Seven: Write about the blood on a rose's petal.

Day Thirty-Eight: Write about a character killing for the first time.

Day Thirty-Nine: Write about the parent figure taking care of the characters.

Day Forty: Write about a birthday.

Day Forty-One: Write about an angel and a demon.

Day Forty-Two: Write about a broken clock.

Day Forty-Three: Write about a resurrection.

Day Forty-Four: Have a character go missing.

Day Forty-Five: Write about grief.

Day Forty-Six: Write about self-hatred.

Day Forty-Seven: Write about the stars.

Day Forty-Eight: Write a Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Day Forty-Nine: Describe three or more different colours of your choosing using different generals and character relationships.

Day Fifty: Write about Christmas.

Day Fifty-One: Write about a sleepless night.

Day Fifty-Two: Write about a character taking a bullet (or something similar) for a loved one.

Day Fifty-Three: Use a nursery rhyme for a dark/depressing short.

Day Fifty-Four: Write about the sea.

Day Fifty-Five: Write about a permanent injury (like a permanent limp you have to wear a brace for, or a lost limb).

Day Fifty-Six: In some way, have one or more character's only able to speak their first language for a short (or long) period of time (if they're English, maybe have their parents teach them their language first? And if it's something like Ninjago, give them a nationality you think best suits them).

Day Fifty-Seven: Write about a dare or a bet (or both).

Day Fifty-Eight: Write about a headcannon.

Day Fifty-Nine: Write about a double/triple/etc. date.

Day Sixty: Write about the New Years.

Day Sixty-One: Write about a character finding a stray animal.

Day Sixty-Two: Write about a character losing something important to them.

Day Sixty-Three: Write about a fire.

Day Sixty-Four: Write about the moon.

Day Sixty-Five: Two or more characters are kidnapped and tortured.

Day Sixty-Six: Write about scars.

Day Sixty-Seven: Write about a thunderstorm.

Day Sixty-Eight: Write about a road trip.

Day Sixty-Nine: Write about a trip to the supermarket.

Day Seventy: Write about Valentines Day.

Day Seventy-One: Write about a car accident.

Day Seventy-Two: Write about the characters meeting a racist/homophobic/etc.

Day Seventy-Three: Write about a flower crown.

Day Seventy-Four: Write about two characters that hate each other being forced to work together.

Day Seventy-Five: Write about a background character.

Day Seventy-Six: Write how one or more characters react to going to the doctors/dentist.

Day Seventy-Seven: Write about a snowball fight.

Day Seventy-Eight: Write about two or more characters going undercover.

Day Seventy-Nine: Write about the main characters being forced to attend a Gala.

Day Eighty: Write about Mothers Day.

Day Eighty-One: Write a polyamory ship (a pairing of three or more characters).

Day Eighty-Two: Write about two or more characters being locked in a small room.

Day Eighty-Three: Write about the sunrise.

Day Eighty-Four: Write about a nightmare.

Day Eighty-Five: Write about abuse.

Day Eighty-Six: Write about bullying.

Day Eighty-Seven: Write about sibling love.

Day Eighty-Eight: The characters watch a horror movie.

Day Eighty-Nine: Explore a relationship (friendships and rivalries count).

Day Ninety: Write about Fathers Day.

Day Ninety-One: Write a gene you've never done before.

Day Ninety-Two: Write about a theory.

Day Ninety-Three: Write about two characters being buried alive together.

Day Ninety-Four: Write about a game of chess.

Day Ninety-Five: Write about a runaway.

Day Ninety-Six: Write about being lost.

Day Ninety-Seven: Write about the snow.

Day Ninety-Eight: Write about the cracks in the ice.

Day Ninety-Nine: Write about regret.

Day One Hundred: Write about Easter.

Day One Hundred and One: Write about death.

Short Story

1,000-7,500 words

The 'regular' short story, usually found in periodicals or anthology collections. Most 'genre' zines will feature work at this length.


7,500-20,000 words

Often, a novelette-length work is difficult to sell ti a publisher. It is considered too long for most publishers to insert comfortably into a magazine, yet too short for a novel. Generally, authors will piece together three or four novelette-length works into a compilation novel.


20,000-50,000 words

Although most print publishers will baulk at publishing a novel this short, this is almost perfect for the electronic publishing market length. The online audience doesn't always have the time or the patience to sit through a 100,000 word novel. Alternatively, this is an acceptable length for a short work of non-fiction.


50,000-110,000 words

Most print publishers prefer a minimum word count of around 70,000 words for a first novel, and some even hesitate for any work shorter than 80,000. Yet any piece of fiction climbing 110,000 work mark also tends to give editors some pause. They need to be sure they can produce a product that won't overextend their budget, but will still be enticing enough to readers to be sellable. Imagine paying good money for a book less than a quarter-inch thick.

Epics and Sequels

Over 110,000 words

If your story extends too far over the 110,000 mark, perhaps consider where you could either condense the story to only include relevant details or lengthen it to span out into a sequel, or perhaps even a trilogy (unless, of course, you're Stephen King- then it doesn't matter what length your manuscript is- a publisher is a little more lenient with an established author who has a well-established readership).

Remember, these word counts are only estimated guides. Use your own common sense and,d where possible, check the guidelines of the publication you intend to submit your work to. Most publishers accepting shorter works will post their maximum preferred lengths, and novels are generally considered on the strength of the story itself, not on how many words you have squeezed into each chapter.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Dork Squad, Assemble by ShinyShiny9 reviews
Backstory for the characters from the Ninjago Movie, because nobody's gonna explain it if the fandom doesn't. Updates very infrequent; rating is high end of T for some heavier thematic content. Newest chapter: In-movie chapter, on anniversary of movie.
Ninjago - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Family - Chapters: 18 - Words: 86,174 - Reviews: 318 - Favs: 162 - Follows: 160 - Updated: 22h - Published: 12/4/2017 - Lloyd G., Sensei Wu, The Ninja, Koko
October Children by Ariza Luca reviews
Jesse wanted to make a wish. Getting sucked into a demon dimension to fulfill that wish and getting stuck there wasn't really their intention, but here they are. Now it's time to solve a small mystery... namely, who... or what... is taking the keys to unleash an entire world's worth of negative energy? (T for triggers and major character death. See MA version on AO3.)
Minecraft: Story Mode - Rated: T - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 81 - Words: 180,383 - Reviews: 467 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 9/22 - Published: 12/1/2018 - Jesse, Lukas, Ivor, Aiden
The Path We Take by KimiNinja03 reviews
Sequel to MY NEW LIFE! The summer after the events with Shredder, Leonardo and his brothers work hard to bring things back to a regular NORMAL routine. However, it seems that life just isn't meant to be that way for the Hamato family and their friends as they meet new foes and face new challenges, unlike normal families. Rated T for language, violent themes, and injuries!
Ninja Turtles - Rated: T - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 47,071 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 44 - Updated: 9/19 - Published: 11/15/2018 - Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo
Set in Stone by Lucinda Cottontale reviews
People, like stones, are all shades of gray. 'Heroes' and 'villains' are merely labels given to define them by their choices. Stones can be hewn, or trodden underfoot, and every person is the 'hero' in their own story. }§{ —A Minecraft: Story Mode Novelization— Male Jesse
Minecraft: Story Mode - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 17 - Words: 76,528 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 9/17 - Published: 4/15/2016 - Jesse, Axel, Olivia, Lukas
Hybrid by Ariza Luca reviews
Jesse and the gang are all getting flashes of things they don't remember happening. But maybe it has happened, and maybe it's happened to them. It's just a matter of figuring out what to do about the whole thing. (rated T due to paranoia)
Minecraft: Story Mode - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 178 - Words: 240,009 - Reviews: 1072 - Favs: 97 - Follows: 69 - Updated: 9/8 - Published: 9/3/2016 - Jesse, Petra, Lukas, Cassie R./White Pumpkin - Complete
A Beautiful Lie by RayRox360 reviews
Head Down. Mouth shut. Quiet. Survive. Peter knows the drill. Richard Parker has been carving it into him for years now. But things get complicated after Germany, after Tony Stark. With the Avengers scattered and the Accords in pieces, Tony's a wreck. Enter Spider-Kid, complete with bruises, excuses and a deep, dark secret. Still, who better to help a hero than another hero?
Avengers - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 24 - Words: 449,226 - Reviews: 832 - Favs: 935 - Follows: 1,142 - Updated: 9/4 - Published: 3/12/2018 - Captain America/Steve R., Iron Man/Tony S., Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Under Sunlight by quietpagan reviews
Jim Lake isn't sure what to do when he rescues a troll from being turned to stone in his own backyard, and is introduced to an entire world underneath his feet. He certainly didn't expect to find a family. Rated T for future violence and language. No ships.
Trollhunters - Rated: T - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 26,407 - Reviews: 69 - Favs: 188 - Follows: 191 - Updated: 9/2 - Published: 5/4/2017 - James Lake Jr./Jim, Blinky, Aaarrrgghh, Kanjigar
The Merging by Shaydrall reviews
To Harry Potter, Fifth Year seemed like the same as any other. Classmates, homework, new dangers, Voldemort risen in the shadows… the usual, even with a Dementor attack kicking things off. But how long can he maintain the illusion that everything is under control? As hope for a normal life slips away through his fingers, will Harry bear the weight of it all... or will it crush him?
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 29 - Words: 420,804 - Reviews: 4871 - Favs: 11,103 - Follows: 12,592 - Updated: 8/23 - Published: 9/27/2013 - Harry P. - Complete
Dead on Arrival by RainFlame reviews
It's not easy solving your own murder, even for a ghost. When Edward Elric is murdered, Truth offers him a deal: find his murderer in exchange for his life. Ed decides to take him up on his offer, but things are never simple. With Roy and Riza on the run and Al nowhere to be found, Ed has his work cut out for him. All in a day's work for a very dead Fullmetal Alchemist.
Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Angst - Chapters: 16 - Words: 45,223 - Reviews: 312 - Favs: 205 - Follows: 290 - Updated: 8/15 - Published: 4/2/2017
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Peter Parker is not your average teenager. He's a superhero with a billionaire mentor with a messy father/son complex. Life isn't so easy for him and he'll have to figure his way through it. Sorry for a bad summary, but this story will eventually expand from just IronDad. All other heroes will be implemented eventually but main focus is fluff of Tony and Peter!
Avengers - Rated: T - English - Family/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 15 - Words: 26,419 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 84 - Follows: 130 - Updated: 8/10 - Published: 5/26/2018 - Iron Man/Tony S., Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Dragon Child by Firenze Fox reviews
After being chosen by the village Elder to kill the Monstrous Nightmare, Hiccup decides to run. Except then the Fates decide to interfere, and they bring the gods with them. Secrets are revealed, friendships are forged, and families are formed. THIS IS A "WATCHING THE MOVIE" FIC. NO OC'S.
How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: T - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 8 - Words: 22,060 - Reviews: 719 - Favs: 1,392 - Follows: 1,576 - Updated: 8/5 - Published: 1/31/2014 - Gobber, Hiccup, Stoick, Toothless
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Draco Malfoy has been sorted into Gryffindor. It is up to Harry, Hermione, and Ron to help him discover that it's not so bad, whilst dealing with the endless shame of being the first Malfoy to ever be sorted into Gryffindor. Starts in first year. Rating may change as they get older. (TEMPORARY HIATUS)
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,879 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 92 - Follows: 119 - Updated: 8/2 - Published: 8/2/2015 - Harry P., Ron W., Hermione G., Draco M.
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It was a mission of revenge. There weren't supposed to be any survivors, but Chief Hakoda couldn't bring himself to kill the Fire Nation boy. Against his better judgment, he brought him home. A Zuko joins the Water Tribe story.
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Echo-Zane's fogged yellow eyes focused on the tiny creature, it's colorful wings flapping up and down as it flew away, deeper into the greenery of the forest, as light as air and as delicate as standing frost. He'd never seen anything so beautiful before, so enchanting, and for a moment he was near convinced it was some sort of magic. He ran after it.
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The bruises were fresh, already splotted with sickly yellows and gruesome purples, still red in some places and shaped unmistakably like fingers; as though someone had decided to fingerpaint all over his intern's neck. Jesse had suspected bullies. Now he kinda wished it had been. WARNING: DARK THEMES, VIOLENCE TOWARDS A MINOR.
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300 years have past since the second movie was watched. The dragons are exctinct. The kingdoms in ruins. I have summond the Seasons, the Guardians, Pitch Black and the Burgees children to watch 'The Big Four Movie 3: Rise of the Childhood Guardians.' And now, the third story has begun...
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What right do we have? To love? To kill? To create? What right do we have to do what we do, to say what we say, to live as we live? What point is there in making friends, in making family? What right do we have to tear others apart, to tear ourselves apart? We have no right. There is no point. But we do it anyway. (101 Day Writing Challenge. More information on my profile.)
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CIVIL WAR SPOILERS! "He stood on his doorstep, wet, bruised, one-armed and covered in pink sparkly glitter." Bucky and Tony team up and go on the run to find the scattered Avengers. It's time to do what's right. They're not bowing to the Accords anymore. No Slash, Canon Pairings. Bromance. I really need to stop making new stories.
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Shots about Marvel Characters, mostly those in the Avengers series, with a different song for each story. Always open for suggestions with both songs and shots. Most of these will ignore Civil War, but if I ever get in a twisted mood I might write something really angsty. But not usually. This will be updated at random. Shot One: Forgetting the Words, Part 1, Bucky Barnes.
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His luck was rotten. Just pure, utterly rotten. On top of a constantly burning scar, nightmares and visions filled with locked doors, there's also the fact that his uncle seems to be planning out his murder and he has to sneak off to the hospital once a week. And that he has to keep all of it a secret from his friends, godfather and just about everyone else. Just his rotten luck.
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Crossover - Elder Scroll series & How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,989 - Reviews: 51 - Favs: 95 - Follows: 122 - Updated: 9/20/2015 - Published: 7/17/2014
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We all know of the boy who trained the Fury of the Night, but, what if Toothless was killed in the arena and now Hiccup has chosen to leave and to never return. Second Poem! WARNING! Contains Suicide! NEW POEM ADDED! (THIS ONE HAS NO SUICIDE!) Title changed! was once 'A Poem to Hiccup Haddock'
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