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Hello everyone, I'm Ed Edd n Eddy in MINECRAFT and I'm here to bring you awesome Ed Edd n Eddy story's, but don't worry i'm not typing Edd/Kevin story's. But i will also put up storys for minecraft.

Countries: The United States

Gender: Male

Things I like: Minecraft, Ed Edd n Eddy, prehistoric animals, werewolfs that change under full moons, vampires that die in sunlight. and The Beatles, evolution.

Thing I hate: Justin beiber, twilight, people who only play video games for their graphics, YouTube comments that are completely out of the topic of the video or saying really rude things and Edd/ Kevin story's animal abuse cartoon conspiracy theory's, animal planet putting on more human shows (it's called animal planet not human planet).

Future stories

Loud House/Star Wars: Rise Of The Empire

Nicktoons And Cartoon Cartoons In Dimensional Rift: (Tears in the very fabric of the universe has set various dimensions into turmoil. People, buildings, and random items are sent into entirely different worlds. Villains are at war with each other. And the whole universe is in danger of imploding in on itself. Only our Nicktoons heroes, (still settling themselves from the Airship Of Doom's destruction), can stop it before it's too late with the help from allies from a much more Cartoon Network universe.

Lana Loud The Prehistoric Adventurer: (Travel back a million years of Earth's history with wildlife expert Lana Loud.)

Loud House Meets Scooby Doo

City On Fire: An Empty World Part 2: (Forced out of their home with a severely injured Charles on their paws. The Loud pets find themselves facing the hardships of the outdoors with in-between watching out for predators and caring for their friend. They all have to fight hard in order to survive in the new world without humans. Meanwhile as a fire grows in Great Lake City, a new leader of the cat gang spells trouble for Lalo, Sergio, and Nelson.)

Lisa Loud The Spider Girl: (Lisa Loud of the Loud House has finally done it. She has created the first ever teleporter in the entire history of mankind. Her testing of it goes horribly wrong however when a spider ends up in the teleported and mixes with her DNA. One things for sure though is that she isn't no Spiderman.)

Loud House Monster Stories: Wrath Of The Wolfman, Madness Of Frankenstein, Shadow Of Dracula, Curse Of The Mummy.

Story Information:

The Loud House/Five Nights at Freddy's series: It began as a simple, innocent birthday party, but then it turns into a mix of terror and loss. From Birthday At Freddy's to Eternal Revenge the series fallows the Loud family being thrown into the twisted world of Five Nights at Freddy's: facing aggressive animatronics with the loss souls of children inside them, a killer, and the loss of a sister.

Note: other FNAF and Loud House stories are set in different continuities.

My version of the minecraft planet history

the planet was created by the notch bang.

when it begins it is a cube of lava and soon it spit's out some of it's lava and it form's the moon.

soon the planet forms bedrock and the bedrock make's the lava goes down into the center where it forms the nether.

Then water appears and cover's the planet but leave's cobble stone up.

Soon the first creature's appeared in the life update and life appears as tiny germs.

Then more update's later the first squids appear in the squid update.

Soon some squids started to walk on land by growing legs and soon squids started living on land and the planet was now dominated by squids.

Then around update land cobble stone turn's into stone and goes underground and replaced by dirt blocks and tree's appear.

Then land squid's finally leave their sea heritage and lay the first land egg's and also during this update more mobs start to appear.

Then during the update before indev a mass extinction occur from a series of volcanic eruptions killing the land squids and some early mob but during this extinction the modern hostile mobs appear including the creeper.

Then in the indev period the minecraftians appear and ruled the planet and become the best specie's to live on the planet.

But then shortly after the biome update at 1.8 a giant asteroid smashed into the planet and killed off the minecraftians leaving silverfish to rule the planet.

Then on 1.20 minecraftians return in an ice age and slowly start's to take over again.


Top eleven animals I like

11. rats

10. Lions

9. bears



6. hippos

5. rhinos




1. Tyrannosaurs rex hey i know it's extinct but it's an awesome animal

top twelve prehistoric animals

12. liopleurodon (a giant sea monster that could kick jaws out of the set)

11.deinonychus (a raptor and a very dangerous animal because of its claws on it's foot)

10. the terror bird (a big flightless bird that could eat a horse)

9.smilodon (the saber tooth cat)

8.mastodon (a cousin to the mammoth)

7.megalodon (a giant shark)

6.megalania (a giant Australian lizard that killed large mammals)

5. deinosuchus (a giant crocodile that ate dinosaurs)

4.wolly mammoths (the famous hairy elephants)

3.ankylosaurs (a walking tank with a club that can break you to pieces

2.triceratops (the famous horn dinosaur that will fight a t rex)

1. tyrannosaurs rex ( the king of the dinosaurs himself and most famous for good reason)

top ten things that would suck while your walking.

10. getting ropped.

9. getting run over by a car.

8. falling into cement.

7. attacked by murders.

6.getting muged.

5.some persion following you.

4.a building falling on you.

3.getting arrested.

2.get beat up by some random guy.

1.getting hit by a asteroid.

Character profile: Robo-Eddy

Robo-Eddy is a robot version of Eddy, that was created by Double Dee to be sub for Eddy after he got in an accident on a scam. Eddy's DNA was placed in Robo-Eddy so he could have Eddy personality. But things didn't go so well only a few seconds after Robo-Eddy was created, Robo-Eddy stole the kids money and stole jawbreakers, worse Robo-Eddy was planning to rule the cul-da-sac with a metal fist, Luckily the eds stopped him. But now Robo-Eddy wishes to destroy his copy to prove he's the better scammer.


Robo-Eddy has unique abilities, since he is a robot Robo-Eddy can fight hard and strong. Robo-Eddy's also armed with a jet pack to go really fast. And since it has Eddy's personality it can trick people into it's traps.


However since he has Eddy's personality Robo-Eddy can look over his plans and always assumes he can win.

my top 3 ed edd n eddy story's (you can skip if you like)

3.ed edd n eddy meets the chipmunks.

2.ed edd n eddy grand adventure

1.ed edd n eddy power of friendship

Story information, Freddy Fazbear emporium.

Thirty two years after Freddy Fazbears pizza closed down, a new Fazbear attraction open's up. The attraction is a great a success and run's smoothly until a deadly force comes in. Follow Fred Schmidt and his fellow coworker's as they try to defeat and survive Larry the lion.


Carl Goodman: Fred's good friend, who like's to play jokes on him, Carl works as the leader for the delivery room.

Fred Schmidt: The son of the famous night guard Mike Schmidt, who works as a tour guide at the Fazbear museum.

Larry the lion: A newly made animatronic that's really intelligent. Larry's ways of killing his victims consists of his four sharp claws, Larry's main goal is to get out of the emporium so he can kill more humans.

Logan Woothan: The main engineer of the emporium, Logan loves to build stuff.

Matthew Grady: The founder/manager of the emporium, Matthew loved Freddy Fazbears pizza when he was kid.

Two Sentence Loud House Horror Stories

1. Leni was always afraid of spiders. She felt like her heart would explode as the giant mutated spider clung to a web in Lisa's room.

2. Making a machine that could bring cartoons to life was pure brilliance. That is until Lisa brought to live a cartoon cat that loved to eat humans.

3. Lana should've been more careful when meeting a new animal friend. Especially when one with rabies bit her hand when she tried to pet it.

4. Lincoln screamed in anguish as the fires of hell burned the two wooden stakes lounged in his eyes. This was the enteral punishment he got for murdering that kid, his friends, and family members.

5. David Talbot prowled through the forest on the night of the full moon. He then began to stalk a boy with white hair who is carrying firewood.

(Idea by Rainforest Tiger) 6. One day Ronnie Anne thought that her best friend Sid was an alien planning to invade Earth. It was confirmed when she saw her with four arms while watching her on a secret camera she put in her room.

7. Clyde got freaked out when he heard someone say gesundheit after he sneezed. Despite the fact he was home alone.

8. Lynn Sr. loved to cook his famous lasagna. Now if only it was more easy to get the main ingredient as the police were on to him now.

9. Lola had to win her beauty pageants no matter what. Even it means getting rid of the competition the hard way.

10. Lucy hated how her family walked all over her. It wasn't until she saw her gravestone that she understood why.

(The four ideas in this segment are from Geo Soul.)

11. All Clyde wanted was Lincoln's Perfect Life so he sold his best friend to a demon. But he didn't think that upon doing so the demon would drive the Loud sisters crazy enough to try and kill their new brother.

12. Ever since Lincoln was killed by Lynn for being Bad Luck, the Sporty Loud Girl has had crazy success. But for Some reason every night she see's Lucy holding hands with a Bloody Lincoln as they both stare her down.

13. Luan just wanted to have fun on April fools day. She didn't want to see Lisa melt into a Puddle of Blood after she had pulled a prank on her.

14. Lynn Sr was always confused as to why his only son was such a Mama's boy. He got his answer when he woke up tied up in a ditch as Lincoln and Rita wearing bride and groom clothes began to bury him alive.

15. Luna played as best as she can in front of her biggest fan. For she knew that if she missed a note, he will gut another one of her band members who were chained up on the wall behind him.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 16. Lilly cried for someone to bring her downstairs as she stood up in her crib. Little did she know, her entire family was lying in the living room floor dead, in a large pool formed by their blood.

(Idea by guest) 17. Ronnie Anne and Sid knew they were going to be fast friends when they first met. Being a vampire can be lonely, especially when you're feasting on a fresh meal.

(Idea by The Great Fossil King) 18. Lori became jealous of Carol who is better than her at everything. So she came up with a idea to get her out of the picture permanently.

(Idea by DragonEmperor999) 19. Lilly loved playing with her family. Even though her family are all zombies.

20. For some time in the past several weeks something has been killing the animals in Liam's families farm. Liam decided to see what it is, he quickly regrets it as reptilian creatures appeared in the barn after a bright light lit up the area.

21. Bobby loved his new security guard job at the museum. Now if only he knew where that creaking noise in the Egyptian exhibit is coming from.

22. The Louds thought that the zombies were bad. That was until something started to eat the zombies.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 23. Lincoln Loud was always pushed around by his sisters and he was getting tired of it. But when he found himself in a police interview room covered in his sister's blood, he knew that he had gone too far.

(Idea by DragonEmperor999) 24. Luna loved playing for the crowd. Even if most of them are undead.

25. Mr. Grouse missed his wife dearly and wished she was still here. If only she wasn't the chosen sacrifice to keep the unspoken horror that dwells in the well on the outskirts of town at bay for the next twenty seven years.

(Idea by Guest) 26. Arturo Santiago never believed in curses during his stay in Peru, always figured that they were a bunch hooey. He should have listened, as now every night he changes into the dreadful werebat after trespassing in a ancient tomb.

27. Flip scamming ways would come back to bite him in the ass one day. He never knew that it would've been today as he placed trash in the dumpster, unaware of the man with an axe raised behind him.

(Idea by guest) 28. Lisa blamed herself for leaving that mutagen in the fridge. As it had turned Luna into a giant monster after she mistook it for orange soda.

(Idea by DragonEmperor999) 29. Rusty always considered himself as a ladies man. But he soon regrets it as these ladies were vampires, zombies, and monsters.

(Idea by The Great Fossil King) 30. Lana was heartbroken when Charles passed away from sickness. But after visiting Charlie's doghouse, she found him inside alive, as a ghoul craving for flesh.

(Idea by GennalArakida-XIV) 31. Maggie should have listened to the warnings. The Mini Maggie should have listened to the warning about her getting wet, otherwise the town wouldn't have been overrun by her namesakes.

(Idea by Q. J. Randl) 32. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne fight for their lives. From a blood thirsty AI 18-wheeler and its army of vehicles.

(Idea by Ckelly2430) 33. Clyde wanted to see what it would be like if he had two moms. He should have wished for moms who didn't have a taste for flesh

(Idea by Thefoxmage) 34. Lola smiled nervously, sweating as the announcer opened the envelope to reveal the pageant winner. If her name was called, the bad man holding the gun to her mother's head would pull the trigger.

(Idea by Omni Spectator) 35. Carlota read the nice comment about her new dress on Instagram. But she didn't post anything yet.

36. The twins birthday party is a smash hit. It was going to get more better as the man in the yellow rabbit suit promise them a great surprise, while they followed him to a backroom.

37. Lynn loved extreme sports, but perhaps skydiving is a bit much. Especially since both her parachutes failed.

38. Carlino snuck out of his room to see Santa. He didn't expect to find a creature with goat legs, and horns waiting for him with a open shack.

39. Lana heard her mother's voice calling for her from the kitchen. But that was impossible, as her mother is sitting next to her on the couch.

(Idea by guest) 40. For her latest novel, Rita Loud decided to kill off the main character's entire family in a surprise twist. If she had known writing her autobiography would be this easy, she would've done it years ago!

(Idea by PLC The CD) 41. The Louds got lost during their hike in the woods with their phones dead, and to make matters worse, hunger strikes all of them. Months later, the police found their skeletons with bite marks...human bite marks.

(Idea by DragonEmperor999) 42. Zack's friends always thought he was strange at times. Then again that's what Zack gets for being the only human on a station filled with aliens.

(Idea by Halloween 606) 43. Lincoln and his friends visit the woods at night for a test of courage. In the morning Lincoln comes out the winner, also because his friends have disappeared out of nowhere.

(Idea by Halloween 606) 44. On Valentine's Day there is love of all kinds. So pure that a girl named Luna who on that day kidnaps her crush Sam.

(Idea by Omni Spectator, sorry accidentally typed in the wrong name.) 45. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne had both secretly loved each other for a long time. But neither expected to admit their feelings while hiding from a killer in the woods.

(Idea by Geo Soul) 45. Luna sat in the electric chair crying her eyes out in regret as her last words were, "I'm sorry," for killing Lincoln. All because she got Jealous of Lincoln and Sam hanging out when they were Simply planning a surprise party for her.

(Idea by Geo Soul) 46. If Lori had any regrets it was forcing Lincoln to date Ronnie Anne who invited the boy over for dinner. Unaware that he was the main course.

(Idea by MarioFan88 ) 47. Ronnie Anne was playing video games in her room when someone knocked on her door. She refused to answer it, because for all she knew, the rest of her family had been killed.

(Idea by DragonEmperor999) 48. Lucy was never one for the day, especially beach days. But that's what being a vampire gets ya.

50. Albert hid behind a desk, as the room got dark and inky. He hopes that the Ink Demon wouldn't find him as it prowled through the room.

(Idea by Geo Soul) 51. Lilly was happy to celebrate her 2nd birthday. Especially since the nice clown wanted to give her a special gift by teaching her how to Float.

52. Leni stood at the border of Royal Woods completely devastated. For she was the only survivor of the superflu pandemic that killed her family, friends, and everyone in town.

(Idea by MarioFan88 ) 53. Lincoln got excited when Lisa told him that she could bring his favorite video games characters to life. That quickly change when she accidentally bought horror game villains to life.

54. Lana found a new friend when her family had to stop at a barn with a make shift mechanical inside, in Castle Rock Maine. Her new friend is a saint bernard named Cujo, who had a bite mark on his nose.

55. Rita didn't like her husband's new car: Christine. She really didn't like it when the car's headlights turned on with its engines, with no driver in it.

(Idea by PLC The CD) 56. April Fool's Day is another day of fear for the Loud Family from Luan's pranks. However, Luan pranked the wrong person when that man pulled a gun and aimed at her.

(Idea by GeneralArakida-XIV) 57. Sid didn't think too much about the alien sky she was looking at. One thing for sure, she was so far from home than she wanted to be.

(Idea by MarioFan88 ) 58. While taking a walk in the night, Lincoln encountered a strange man who offered to drive him home, but he politely denied and walked all the way home. The next day, Lincoln was shocked to find out on the news that the same man he had met last night had been arrested for killing several children.

(Idea by timgragon191) 59. Lynn's trash talking causes a member of her rival team to commit suicide. One day she found herself running for her life when 3 Imps claims that a client from hell wants her dead.

60. Clyde and Lincoln heard something in the bushes after they finished a Easter egg hunt. They now know where the eggs and candies came from as they saw the Easter Bunny squatting next to a tree, while looking at them in the eyes.

(Idea by guest) 61. The UFO beamed Christina up. Inside she took off her human mask in front of her general, "Everything set for the invasion."

(Idea by DragonEmperor999, PS check out the two sentence horror stories on their profile) 62. Sid hated filling the RatBeast's orders. For if she didn't then her friend would be eaten

(Idea by MarioFan88 ) 63. Leni was a cute, kind girl who was never smart to begin with. At least, that's what everyone thought until her family took noticed of her weird behavior at night, along with random people in Royal Woods disappearing.

(Idea by Q. J. Randl) 64. Ronnie Anne and Lincoln must stop THE CAR from terrorizing the town. Where it came from and what drives THE CAR?

65. For weeks Lincoln had been unknowingly stalked by a mysterious figure. It wasn't until Lincoln ran into SpongeBob pointing a hunting rifle at him, that he found out to late.

66. Creating a hybrid dinosaur was Lisa's worst mistake. She now knows as the indoraptor's head hung above her mangled body.

(Idea by The Great Fossil King) 67. Clyde has always love Lori so much. So he made a realistic doll of her which is stained with blood.

68. Everyone gather around for Thanksgiving dinner. The turkeys couldn't wait to feast on the Casagrande family.

(Idea by Geo Soul) 69. Lana wished she was sleeping in Lori and Leni's room. Because then they could protect her from the Monstrous animatronic bear that lives under her bed.

70. Winning free tickets to Jurassic World has been Lana's dreams. Though Lana didn't know what dinosaur the white one that is looking down at her was.

71. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Lincoln got excited as he would become spiderman. Unfortunately things didn't turn out like that, as instead of turning into a superhero, he turned into a hideous spider monster.

(Idea by Halloween 606) 72. Lisa is running away in the middle of the night. She hopes the police don't take her for the human experiment that killed her younger sister.

(Idea by midnightvone5) 73. Lincoln always wanted to know what Lucy's eyes looked like and so he ask Lucy to show them to him. Then one day the Loud Sisters began to wonder why Lincoln follows Lucy every time she gives an order.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 74. Lori was feeling very lonely ever since she left her home and family for college. And it didn't help that her family died in a horrific car explosion the previous week.

75. For weeks Rusty had been growing more paranoid as he felt someone watching him. He jumped in fright as the tall, faceless man stood at his window.

I don't own any of this Loud House belongs to Nickelodeon.

76. The skies above Royal Woods is bright and cheery. Although it's midnight and the sun seems to be a lot more closer and getting more bigger every second.

(Idea by guest) 77. Paige stepped out of the arcade with glee. Before leaving she looked back to the arcade cabinet where she escaped from, and waved goodbye to the shocked game character who banged on the screen desperately.

(Idea by midnightvone5) 78. Lucy kills herself so that she could see what hell looks likes. She immediately regrets it when a group of horned black figures surround her and pierce her with their spears.

(Idea by GrandPhoenixSpirt) 79. Lola and Lana were lucky to find new friends who were also twins. The only set back was they had to become ghosts in order to play with them forever.

(Idea by PLC The CD) 80. Lori vented her anger towards Lincoln online and her sisters added their grievances as well. One day she gets an email response that her request was granted, Lori ponders what she meant until she heard her mother screaming that Lincoln was shot in a drive-by.

81. Lola loved her new doll Robert, he's great at tea parties, a good listener, and stood by her side. The only bad part about him is that he moves on his own and caused many misfortunes through out the house.

82. Cyberbulling can cause a lot of trouble. Chandler learned the hard way when he cyberbullied Number 4, which resulted in the great war between Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon Land.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 83. Lincoln's sisters were obviously not happy when they found out that Chandler was bullying him at school. But later, they were all sent to jail, after beating up Chandler so hard that he died in the hospital.

84. Lynn and Rita were experts when the kids started to teeth. Though they were caught off by surprise as Lilly grew sharp, pointy teeth.

85. Becky cringed away as the killer in the pumpkin mask, rose his knife up. Though she is more afraid of the thing with soulless black eyes, and long sharp claws, rising up behind him.

(Idea by guest) 86. Haiku and Lucy with the help of Maggie had manage to make a deal with a triangular demon with one eye, top hat, and bowtie. But he bested them and made weirdmageddon.

(Idea by Halloween 606) 87. Lincoln had found a neat board game called Jumanji in the basement. After taking a turn he got sucked into the game, leaving him to die in the unspeakable horrors in jumanji's jungles.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 88. Luna bought several speakers for her new concert, and turned all of them up to the max so that everyone in Royal Woods could hear it. But she didn't anticipate everyone's heads including her own exploding from the intensity of the sound waves coming from the speakers.

(Idea by Geo Soul) 89. Ronnie Anne hid in her room with her cousin Carlotta terrified as the rest of their family were killed by the vengeful spirit of Lincoln Loud. The boy who was once their main course.

90. Lincoln felt explosions rock his star cruiser, outside the alien starfighters flew away towards their planet. Lincoln felt angry as he was suppose to lead the invasion on the alien planet, but not only have those aliens drew back his ground forces, they now took out his ship's reactor, Lincoln lets out a scream as the bridge got engulfed in flames.

(Idea by timgragon191) 91. Pop-pop and Rita come from a long line of vampire hunters and the two are experts when it comes to that job. The two love their jobs so much but can they bear to kill Lucy who just turned into one of the monsters they hunt.

(Idea by timgragon191) 92. Leni was scared and alone when Lucy accidentally sends her to hell. One day a moth demon who dress is filled with hearts offered Leny shelter and join his "Family" which Leni happily accepts

(Idea by MarioFan88) 93. Screams of pain and agony could be heard from the Loud House as the family was brutalized by Luan's dangerous pranks. This was karma for the entire family for accidentally killing Luan in a revenge prank, which involved one of Lisa's chemicals being mixed with a Kool-Aid, only for Luan to return as a vengeful ghost.

(Idea by The Great Fozzil King) 94. Lisa's new serum was suppose to make only food grow to help feed people. She never thought it would turn spiders into giant man-eaters which infested Royal Woods.

95. For years ever since that dreadful night; Hawk and Hank have grown more paranoid with each town they left. If the cops found they were the ones responsible for the high school fire at prom night, they were done for.

96. The noise, Mr. Grouse couldn't take the noise from the Loud House anymore, it drove him mad. So mad he came to the window with a sniper rifle and aimed it towards the front yard.

97. Clyde and his dads looked up at the moon in the sky confused. It was strange as Alderaan didn't have a visible day time moon, especially one with a green laser coming out of it.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 98. For 7 years, Lynn lived with extreme paranoia after she accidentally broke the bathroom mirror. When nothing bad happened to her for 7 years, she ran out of the house to embrace the world only to get hit by a speeding truck.

(Idea by PLC The CD ) 99. Lincoln survives getting shot in the drive-by but is now in a coma, and to make matters worse, someone knew what the Loud Sisters did, and hired their own hitman to go after them. None of the sisters knew at first, until someone shot their windows.

100. Lord Tetherbee got thrown into the ground, he screamed in pain as searing teeth tore into his back. The male predator Z pinned him down, he is soon joined by his newly freed sister who helped tear the rich man in half.

101. The Louds wondered why Charles had been growling up at the stairs for the past hour. Through his eyes Charles saw the man with the long, twisted neck standing on top of the stairs.

(Idea by timgragon 191) 102. Luna and Lincoln was currently hiding somewhere in the great lakes. After they killed a persistent writer who wants to write disturbing stories about them.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 103. When the police questioned Lucy Loud on why she murdered her entire family, all she could say was "The demons told me to." It was only when the police discovered those black, soulless monsters hiding in the Louds' attic and basement that they knew what the girl was talking about.

(Idea by timgragon 191 ) 104. Lincoln and Clyde decide to go to a Mansion to hunt some ghost. The two immediately regret their decision when the ghost proceeds to tear them limb from limb.

105. Lori was amazed by the 3d movie she was watching. It really looked like the creepy girl with the long black hair was crawling out of the TV.

106. Gaining superpowers is a dream come true for Lincoln. Now he can do all shorts of evil things with them.

(Idea by timgragon 191) 107. Hank and Hawk keeps insulting every weakling that they meet and shows no regret on doing it. One day their stupidity got the best of them when they insult the mother of a man wearing a red suit which turns out to be a smiling deer demon who immediately devours them.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 108. Lola and Lana were both sure to never be separated from each other as they grew up. It wasn't that hard, considering how the two had been fused together into one body ever since that incident involving Lisa's teleportation machine.

(Idea by FanBOI's Ghost) 109. Lincoln and Clyde sat in corner of the basement with a blanket over them as the two shivered in fear. Meanwhile, everyone in Royal Woods screamed as they melted to their skeletons, all while the moon shined bright.

(Idea by guest) 110. Lynn Jr. was excited to make a new friend who promised to make her better at sports and get rid of her brother for being "bad luck". All he asked for in return was to allow him to host her and to call him "Carnage".

111. Taking a trip to Florida is a dream vacation for the Louds. The dream quickly turned into a nightmare as Godzilla rose from the sea, and went on a rampage through the city.

(Idea by timgragon 191) 112. Lincoln was so happy that he got to meet every hero from other franchises and together they effortlessly destroyed so many villains. Too bad that a certain entity who wears a black hat decides to eradicate them all.

(Idea by Halloween 606 ) 113. People wondered why Leni Loud was so much happier than usual. Only later it was discovered that she had buried her family alive to see if they come back to life.

(Idea by FanBOI's Ghost) 114. Lynn Sr. drove as fast as he can to evade the bipedal creature chasing him as Lynn Sr. panicked. This was because he followed his GPS which then told him he was on the "fastest route available", only for him to end up in a dark forest.

(Idea by guest) 115. Lynn Jr. laid beaten on the street after using her new friend "Carnage" to try to get rid of Lincoln. She didn't expect Lincoln to use another friend of his named "Venom."

116. While working late at his restaurant one Tuesday night. Lynn never expected to come face to face with the Hash Slinging Slasher who used his spatula hand to flip him onto the burning grill.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 117. Lisa's new experiment spread a strange gas throughout the house. But what she didn't expect to happen was for all of her siblings including herself to turn into mutilated, hideous monsters who would later terrorize all of Royal Woods and Great Lakes City.

(Idea by guest ) 118. Lincoln loved video games so much, he wished his life could be a real-life video game. But now as his health meter was on 1% and he was about to be defeated by Muscle Fish, he regretted ever wishing on that shooting star.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 119. Lily Loud was an innocent two year old girl. But who knew that she would grow up to become one of the world's most dangerous serial killers, after she murdered her entire family of 12.

(Idea by guest) 120. Lisa didn't think it could get any worse after finding out that three of her symbiotes had escaped confinement, with two of them already getting to Lynn and Lincoln and turning them into monsters. If she hadn't left the room a minute early, she would've noticed Lily happily babbling to her new friend, "Riot."

121. Being trapped on an island is the worst thing that happened to the Loud family. It got worse when they found out they were on Isla Sorna; the island full of dinosaurs created by Ingen.

(Idea by Geo Soul) 122. Luan was so desperate to prove to her siblings that she was funny. She didn't think twice when she made a deal with the Joker to make her family die with laughter.

(Idea by guest ) 123. Chunk wasn't sure what drove him into Tall Timbers Park. Especially since he wasn't even driving.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 124. The Louds went on a camping trip to the woods for a weekend of outdoor fun. But all of them getting eaten by a tall, scary creature with two sirens for its head was not part of the plan.

(Idea by Ethanomega52 ) 125. Young Lilly Loud slept peacefully in the smiling man's arm as he hum a merry song. All while her home was burning to the ground along with the dead bodies of her family.

(Warning this one takes on a serious problem that real people face) 126. Harrold and Howard McBride were lucky that they lived in a nice town that accepts them. But it still hurts when some people both physical and internet say or do awful things to them, all because of their sexuality.

(Idea by Geo Soul) 127. Rita screamed in pain as she felt her soul being ripped out her body by Lucy. All because Great Grandma Harriet wanted a new Mortal Body.

(Idea by jiggylagos) 128. Lincoln and his friends vow to never take the bus ever again. Besides, if you found out where they went, you'd at least be a little wary to.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 129. The Louds went to Freddy's Fazbear's Pizzeria for Lincoln's birthday, only for some of them to experience weird hallucinations and other strange occurrences, including the pizzeria's animatronics staring at them. When they finally went home, nobody ever expected the robots to escape the pizzeria when midnight struck, and break into the Loud House in a attempt to kill Luna, who they mistook for the murderer who killed them then stuffed them inside the animatronics.

(Idea by Ethanomega52 ) 130. Lilly Ledger hum the song that her adopted father Mal Ledger always sung or hum whenever he had his fun. After all, being the apprentice of the Grinning Slasher and helping him in his killing was always a fun time to sing it.

131. Lincoln wanted some alone time from his family. But being the last human alive on a smoke and dust covered Earth is to much for the poor boy.

(Idea by guest) 132. To say Lynn Sr was surprised to learn he wasn't Lily's father was an understatement. It didn't help that her real father was some sort of squid alien named "Kang."

(Idea by Halloween 606) 133. Leni was stung by a carnivorous plant and thus gains the powers. Too bad she becomes carnivorous and the food is her family.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 134. Clyde would always be by Lincoln's side for anything. Even as a ghost, after he had been killed in a car accident.

135. Traveling to the island of Sodor for a conference meeting was a weird experience for Rita. It got horrifying when she found out how they got the faces on the trains.

136. Lynn shivered on her way home, she is very nervous on how her parents are going to react. As in her hand is her terrible report card.

(Idea by guest) 137. Leni was so thirsty, she didn't think twice before gulping down the big cup of what looked like water sitting on Lisa's desk. As she quickly realized her mistake, it was too late to warn anyone as the clear acid had already dissolved her vocal cords and was making it's way to her internal organs.

(Idea by The Great Fossil King) 138. Lynn always believe that Lincoln was Bad Luck. But now Lincoln undead corpse came back for vengeance.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 139. Rita and Lynn Sr. hated having to lie to Lincoln that he was delivered by the first lady. But it was better than telling him the truth about that cursed village in the woods, where they were forced to raise the boy as their own or else they would be the village's dinner.

(Idea by ethan omega 52) 140. Mal Ledger couldn't been more proud of his adopted daughter. After all, Lilly was finally taking over his legacy as she plunged the knife straight into his heart all while he smile happily saying one last thing before dying; "That's my girl!"

141. Normally Lincoln loved to celebrate Halloween. But with a full moon on that night, it was bad news especially since he was a werewolf.

142. Lisa's time machine worked, and her siblings were excited to use it. Unfortunately they ended up in the greatest mass extinction in earth's history; the Permian extinction.

143. Lincoln and his family were beamed up into the alien ship. Below them mushroom clouds rose in the distance.

144. During his time at war Mr. Grouse saw strange things. The strangest and the most horrifying was the dark shadow that took his squad.

145. It was a normal day in Royal Woods, but then the black fog rolled in. Then things went to hell as many dropped dead or the unknown figures grabbing people and dragging them away.

146. Leni is glad that her family decided to go to the beach for the day. Though she is confused on why the water is receding back.

147. The door of Aunt Ruth's knocked several times, from the other side Rita called her name. She opened the door and couldn't hold in a scream as Ruth's dead body sat on her chair with her cats feasting on it.

148. Yanderes were scary enough, but them being your own five older sisters were really scary. Lincoln knows this as they had taken him to a isolated place in the forest, so that they can protect him.

149. Luan loved puppet shows. So did her puppets who put her up for a show.

150. The fourth of July fireworks banged into the night, they were marvelous to see. They were also loud enough for the killer who stabbed his knife repeatedly into Flip's stomach.

151. The Loud pets greeted other pets down the street with happy sounds. It been one day after all the animals in Royal Woods turn and killed their owners.

152. The Louds could feel their eyes burning, it felt like they're going blind. You would be to if you saw Mr. Grouse accidentally step out of his house naked.

153. Lori, Becky, Carol, and Dana were the last of their group who came to the abandon campgrounds. The rest were killed by the hulking killer in the hockey mask.

154. Lana let tears go down her cheeks as she stared at herself in the reflection of water. She is the last of the dragons, her kind has been hunted down by the monsters on two legs.

155. Lola and Lana were really close as twins. They couldn't be broken apart, especially since they were connected to one another.

156. You ever wonder why Carlitos mimicked everyone? It was because as a shape shifter, he needed to know how they acted so he could become a great copy.

157. Lucy's seance had worked perhaps to well. As now her house is filled with evil spirits.

158. Stella regretted what she had done, she couldn't help it, they've been lost in the wilderness for weeks, and she was so hungry. She hated that she had to eat her friends, it's worse because she was loosing her sanity as the spirit of the Wendigo took control.

159. Don't you hate it when your life is controlled. Well that's how the Louds and everyone in their world felt when they learned that they were stuck in a cartoon and fanfictions.

(Idea by guest) 160. Lynn ran through the woods until her legs couldn't carry her no more, collapsing on the ground she looked up to the one giving chase. It approached with one thing on its mind; to tell her they've been trying to reach her about her cars extended warranty.

(Idea by Ethanomega52) 161. The Loud Family should have paid a close attention to news this week about the serial killer that was on the loose. However it was to late now as the Grinning Slasher, Mal Ledger, stood at the front door with a fireman's axe in hand while he whistling his merry tune.

(Idea by GennaiArakida-XIV) 162. Fiona should have been better at trusting the Ace Savvy cosplayers, otherwise she wouldn't be face to face with the most notorious killer in the Lower 48: Luna Loud.

(Idea by GennaiArakida-XIV) 163. Lana Loud was the best at what she did in the airship yards, it wasn't enough to save all her animal friends from the Dark Smog Empire from crushing the forest underneath their heel.

(Idea by timgragon191) 164. Leni is crying on a room with her clothes damaged and tattered. If only she didn't accept the "help" of that moth demon because as it turns out he was nothing but a pimp.

(Idea by timgragon191) 165. Luna has finally becomes aware of the fourth wall and manage to break it with the help of Lisa's gadgets. Unfortunately it has a dreadful side effect which cause Luna to see love as hate and hate as love and so she goes on a killing spree killing anyone whom she thinks that is writing a horrible story about her and her relationship with her family especially Lincoln.

(Idea by timgragon191) 166. Great Grandma Harriet is sent to hell because of her use of dark magic but with the help of her dark magic she became a powerful demon. Unfortunately for her power alone is not enough to defeat a certain demon who just destroyed other demon lords.

(Idea by MarioFan88) 167. When Lincoln was badly injured in a deadly accident, Lisa performed surgery on him and replaced his most mutilated body parts with robot ones, complete with weapons, thus turning Lincoln into a cyborg. Too bad that Lincoln decided to obliterate Royal Woods after he was shunned by everyone except for his family and friends for his new powers.

(7 Ideas by Geo Soul)

168. Lincoln's Sisters are suspicious of his new girlfriend. They learn to late that she's a Rogue bodyjacking Computer Virus named GIFany.

169. Lincoln loves his new girlfriend but he wonders why his sisters are acting possessive of him? and why the girls are getting along too well with Tifany?

170. In Medieval times the Loud sisters mocked their brother for wanting be an Adventurer. But soon regretted it when they learn from the Goblin slayer that Goblins killed Lincoln.

171. All Lisa wanted was the Greatest Scientific Discovery Ever. She just didn't expect to be turned into the Greatest Scientific Discovery Ever.

172. 15 years later realizing where she really came from Lily Ledger takes her knife and kills herself ready to face devine punishment. Only to be met with the spirits of her real family as they join her in afterlife to finally be a complete family.

173. Lori cried tears of remorse as she jumped off a bridge after telling Bobby what Lincoln posted on the internet about her and her sisters. she didn't think her precious Boo-Boo Bear would kill her only brother in Revenge.

174. Rita and Lynn Sr wanted their kids to be like The Yates family. They got their wish when the Yates turned out to be an Alien hivemind in need of some new hosts.

175. Pop pop and the other seniors at the home watched Sue get taken away by the police. They were chilled to the bone as she had been the senior killer.

176. Lynn and Rita felt proud of their kids for what they accomplished that night. As a family of flesh eating monsters they gave their kids a competition to see how many humans they can kill.

177. The toxic fumes of death covered Vanzilla, the siblings felt like they're dieing. You would feel like that to if you were in there after Lynn farted.

178. The exterminator loved to kill bugs, he killed them even when they weren't even in people's houses. One day the bugs fought back, safe to say that his insides were a tasty meal.

179. Clyde's dad's loved their son, and would do anything for him. They hope that he will never find out about his birth parents, the infamous home invasion killers.

180. Lynn looked down at the text from Lori on his phone, "I'm almost home dad." It was the last thing he ever heard of her before she got in a lethal car crash.

181. Lisa never believed in cryptids as she viewed them as a bunch of phooey. That changed when she was being chased by the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens.

182. The manager of the grocery store hated hooligans in his store, they always caused trouble. Though ones who stood by the front doors wanting to be let in after hours freaked him out, especially with their dark, black eyes.

183. Lori had babysitted her siblings for years with no problem. But with a masked killer named Michael Myers in the house, the night officially got worse.

184. None of the Loud siblings could sleep a wink that night. It's what they get for allowing Lucy to tell Lilly a bedtime story.

185. Hank and Hawk made the fatal mistake of smashing the pumpkins at one house they visited at Franklin Ave. Because now they were being hunted down by a crazed man with a shotgun.

186. It was usual for the Loud House to live up to it's name. Mr. Grouse hated it, especially now since no one can hear him call out for help, after falling down his basement stairs.

187. The sister fight protocol was a complete disaster. It turned tragic after Lori in a fit rage killed Leni.

188. Lincoln and Clyde felt silly after they thought that their town fell into a zombie apocalypse. Turns out they were right all along.

189. Returning to Joey Drew Studios felt weird for Pop Pop. That changed when his character Bendy smothered him in ink.

190. Lilly laughed as one of Lana's snakes hugged her. She laughed even more as the snake opened up his jaws above her head.

191. Maria Santiago may not know a lot about animals health like her upstairs neighbor. She however did know that it wasn't normal for Lalo to growl aggressively at her while foam came out of his mouth.

192. Bobby and his grandpa felt scared for their lives. Masked men with guns stormed into the store demanding all of their money.

193. Luna recently became a expert at playing sad music. Of course being a restless soul with a tragic past helps with that.

194. Lori was relieved that the ghost in her campus was harmless and helpful. Though now she wondered who was the one who gave her scratch marks.

195. Scoots was known for being the wild one around town. They had no idea about her secret past when she was more wild and deadly.

196. It was complete chaos through out the world, cities and towns were collapsing, riots were everywhere, people murdered each other. All this happened after a massive solor storm knocked out the power.

197. After witnessing a meteor crashing to the ground nearby; Lori and Bobby went to investigate it. They were only there a few minutes when a scaly creature with long arms broke through the meteor and viciously attack them.

198. The Great Pirate War devastated the world, many homes were destroyed, and families suffered with lost love ones. The Louds were hit hard when they lost Lincoln during the Battle of the Pirate Island.

199. Chandler's birthday party at sewage plant is a great success. It quickly turned into a disaster as a wave of toxic waste washed away the party goers.

200. Nightmare Entity laughed as he watched the horrors committed through each portal. He is extra excited for this year's Halloween as he had a fun plan for everyone.

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Loud House - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 12 - Words: 27,002 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 11/25/2020 - Published: 3/26/2020 - Lincoln L., Lynn L., Lynn L. Sr., Rita L.
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Loud House - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Crime - Chapters: 10 - Words: 8,722 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 3/25/2020 - Published: 11/24/2019 - Lincoln L., OC - Complete
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minecraft 1.7.4 or 1.8 of today it is ruled by minecraftians and other mobs. Then a killer from deep space threatens the future of life for every living creature on the planet. including the minecraftians who ruled minecraft since the beginning. now read the catastrophe and disaster's that will unfold that cause everything on the planet to survive on their own.
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