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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

For some reason the universe of Harry Potter recently caught my attention. My daughter loved the series up until her favorite character died, then she stopped, so I've been familiar with Harry Potter since the first book was released.

The universe for Harry Potter is about the richest there is in FanFiction because the characters are open to so many interpretations based on the inconsistencies in the books. Molly at the train station doesn't know the platform number even though she's been there doing this at least twice a year for ten years (Bill and Charlie have graduated). Dumbledore seems so interested in Harry, yet woefully neglects him while he's at the Dursleys, then acts surprised to discover the Dursleys are abusive. He claims he's interested in the safety of the students and yet repeatedly ignores signs that something very dangerous is running through his school every year. Snape is clearly incompetent as a teacher, obviously dislikes Harry, yet repeatedly saves his life. Friends are transient with even his "best" friends at times abandoning him. Harry is clearly very wealthy, yet never once thinks to use that money to his advantage (i.e., buy the school new brooms for the First Years to practice with; getting a new wardrobe of decently fitting clothes; hiring a lawyer — Vernon's work-related experiences discussed at home about lawyers defending the company from bad press would be overheard) etc.). And so on and so forth.

I had two simple ideas at first, one is a Fem!Harry. History is ripe with cases where foster/step-children are not merely neglected but used as servants and virtual slaves by the very families that are supposed to protect them. Girls are especially prone to being used as "bribes" to bring the family advantages. In Old China it was not unusual for girls, especially step-children or illegitimate, to be sold to brothels, or used as sexual bribes to superiors.

"Harriet Potter" is based on my psychology studies and abused women I have known and their reactions when removed from those situations. Sometimes they live in complete denial, sometimes they appear very well-adjusted with only a few, if any, quirks. Some seem to consider their experiences as "normal" and are surprised when others react negatively. Still others develop fluid personalities that change to fit their current situations, one for their friends, one for their family, and another for strangers. A few even develop a multiple-personality disorder where the personalities are distinctly different, to the point where the original is unaware of the others, and the others may or may not know of their companions. And their families and friends never suspect the problem.

The other story is "Lucid Dreaming." Accidental magic is just that, it's an accident where the child's magic reacts to a situation based on vague desires. It isn't well thought out, it isn't planned, it just happens. Sometimes the results are benign, sometimes not. Lucid Dreaming is a story where Harry, age 9, in a fit of depression and anguish, demands help. He gets it, but vague demands get vague results.

A third idea I have is Draco comes up with a plot to ruin Harry's reputation and drive the "golden Trio" apart. It works, but doesn't go the way he expects.

Lucid Dreaming will probably be started after Harriet Potter finishes her first year, and I'll end up alternating the stories. If, that is, anyone is interested in them being continued past the first year.

Recently I had an idea for a quick one-shot, The Broom-closet, that seems to be getting nice reviews. I'm working on adding more as time goes by.

If you notice errors, please let me know. If you find Harriet Potter unbelievable, I'm sorry to hear that. Many of the inter-personal interactions I relate are based on things I've read in psychology, or people I've personally known. On the pairing that may happen, remember, it's magic!

Oh, and if you do like the stories, please tell you friends.

Now for a couple of rants on Fanfiction!

Harry "the billionaire" Potter!

I find that a common problem in HP fanfic is making Harry a bllionaire, or at least a 100 millionaire. Unfortunately, that's impossible. The Wizard economy in Britain is simply too small for any one person to be that rich in 1991/2, or even today! If you assume there are 100,000 adult wizards in Britain (most probably the number is closer to 85,000 -- those under 19 make up about 15,000) and the average wizard earns the same as the average muggle, then the total Wizarding economy has a Gross Domestic Product (population times yearly income of the population) of only 2 billion galleons. It is impossible for someone to accumulate half the money spent in an economy in a year.

As an example, the US has a GDP of 16 trillion dollars and the richest person in the US is Bill Gates at 89 billion or .0055% of the GDP. The top 10 richest in America combined only reach .025% of the GDP. Applying those numbers to the wizards in Britain means the richest wizard (probably Sirius) has only 1.2 million galleons. And the top ten would share 4.25 million galleons.

Great Britain has a quite a few billionaires, far more than the USA, but their riches, for the most part, come from OUTSIDE Great Britain because of the generous-to-foreigners tax code -- Russian oligarchs, and foreign energy and commodity magnates with incomes from outside Britain. And most are immigrants. The British GDP in 1992 was 1.58 trillion dollars with 58 million citizens, making the average yearly income ~£10,000 (check google) or ~2,000 galleons at an exchange of 5-1. Gerald Cavendish, the Duke of Westminster, was the the sixth richest U.K. citizen with an $11 billion fortune (£5.6 billion) or .0069% of the British economy (the five richer citizens were all immigrants with incomes from GLOBAL markets – the Dukes income is entirely based in England). The Queen of England had only £300 million, which would be 60 million galleons. In 2015, J.K Rowling hit £580 million with 90% of that coming from non-British book sales and Hollywood movie income.

You can't use the muggle numbers to justify the wizard fortunes because then all the businessman wizards would have to know that 99% of their income came from the muggle side of their economy, and they would value everything in pounds, not galleons. (Sheer volume would drive the galleons out of the market). Only a complete idiot would deliberately and knowingly plot to wipe out the source of 99% of his income, no matter how much he despised it! For example, both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington detested slavery, yet maintained large estates employing slaves — because they would go bankrupt if they tried to run their estates without slaves. The triumph of practicality over morality!

Next, Fanfiction Author Notes:

I ignore most pre- or post-Author Notes in Fanfiction because they are a waste of space. They:

A. repeatedly apologize for short posts (So what if it's short? I'm just glad you posted at all!),
B. repeatedly apologize because they haven't posted sooner (your schedule is your schedule, no need to say a word),
C. apologize for posting filler (If it's filler, it doesn't move the plot -- why the heck are you wasting your time, and mine, writing that crap? Delete it and write something that moves the plot!),
D. apologize for a boring post (So make it exciting! Blow something up!),
E. complain they aren't happy with the post, the post is crap (If it's crap FIX IT! Don't post crap!),
F. complain about how the post is crap because the French/Latin/other non-English is badly translated (See "E" above. Just say the translation is to the best of your ability and if anyone wants to improve it, to send you a message!),
G. complain about work/school/family/life (Poor baby . . . nobody cares unless you died and can't finish the story! I want to read the story, not your pathetic life),
H. beg for reviews (Stop that! It sounds like you're an attention whore . . . or pathetic . . . or both.),
I. complain about flames/anonymous reviews (Ignore the trolls! Don't waste your time, or mine, on those pathetic, lonely, attention whores),
J. respond to individual reviews instead of using P.M. (If the answer is important enough that you feel you have to publicly do it, then it should be in the story! Otherwise, Private Message.)
K. argue with or complement reviewers to no purpose (Every heard of Private Messaging? Use it! Stop wasting my time with things I don't care about!),
L. bragging about how fast or hard it was to write the post (nobody cares, stop being an attention whore!).

After-post Author Notes are just as bad, except you can add:

L. bragging about how brilliant/great/clever that post was, or how clever you were with that plot device, hiding the pop-culture reference, etc. (Stop being an Attention Whore!),
M. leaving spoilers about future posts with the solution to the problem(s) introduced in this post (Of course you're going to solve it in future post! Stop posting spoilers to your story! Twit).
N. Or worse, asking people if they liked your post! (Talk about being an attention whore, sheesh!)

About the only things you need to put in an author's note are:

A. acknowledgements to proof readers and people who provided important details/plot developments/translation assists,
B. details about the background story (i.e., how you figured the population numbers, why the class sizes are changed, size/location of the various places in your story if they differ markedly from other canon, etc.),
C. occasionally remarking on unusual responses, such as the 1,000th review or a sudden flood, or dirth, of reviews.
D. save Author Notes for unusual and important situations.

If you have grammar problems or prefer British/American spelling, state so at the beginning of the first chapter . . . and NOT every chapter thereafter (Most people are bright enough to remember this, the rest are trolls. Ignore them.)

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 20 - Words: 170,635 - Reviews: 103 - Favs: 178 - Follows: 260 - Updated: 7/1 - Published: 5/4/2014 - Harry P., Hermione G., Rubeus H., Neville L.
The Broom-closet reviews
Not long after Harry is revealed as a Parselmouth in 2nd year, a cynical girl drags the surprised boy into a closet. Hermione, fearing Harry has been cursed or poisoned, demands he tell her what happened. What she finds fundamentally changes their relationship. The people, scenes, and places are J.K. Rowling's, I own nothing. Non-consensual & consensual sex, not too graphic. H/Hr.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 22,943 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 48 - Updated: 5/19 - Published: 3/16
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