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Hey folks!

Right, I'm Sweetdeath04, previously Sweetdeath02, but I lost my password and changed my email address so that sort of went down the drain... no-one knew me back then anyway so it hardly matters...

Well, my real name's Heather, I'm 17 and from Northern Ireland.

I write about almost everything that I love- you can guess that I'm a bit of a sci-fic geek and I love anime and manga, not to mention horror and crime novels. Speaking of which I also have 16 fics of my own with more on the way. My big project at the moment is to get three of the five that aren't finished, completed. The other two will take a bit longer so I intend to start a smaller fic or two to keep me going!

I'm terrible at updating, just so you know. And I generally start something and not look at it for a few years. So my current project is to finish everything that I've started, except In This Heart, for reasons mentioned in just a moment, then revamp them. The spelling, grammar and everything else is terrible in some of my previous works so I'm going to check all that then repost them.

I have a few other plans for fanfiction. A multi-chapter fic for Darker than BLACK will be hopefully started this summer, as will an action/adventure one for Star Wars. It's another Karrde/Shada one, base on Murphey's Law. I also want to start a fic called '100 Days', but that won't be 'til March '09. I've seen so many fics based on Touchstone's Royai 100, and I've go idea's for so many of the themes that haven't been done before, that I want to add my own contribution. A chapter a day until Royai Day... Though with my updating skill's it's not very likely. I also want to post a Xanth/Magda one-shot for the Edge Chronicles. I wasn't aware until recently that a catagory existed for them so I'm rather happy about it!

Other than that, there will probably be a few one-shot's lined up, just when they take my fancy.

Be prepared, there's more to come!



Hey people!

I'm 17, Female, and From N.Ireland and I'm OBSESSED with Lord Of The Rings... and I mean OBSESSED! LOVE Pippin and Merry! They so totaly rock!

But I also love Harry Potter (Fred and George are amazing!...Are we seeing a Patern here or is it just me?),Eragon, The Spiderwick Chronicles,Inkheart, Artemis Fowl and basicly anything with magic in it!

Crazy about Tamora Pierce, well Tortall anyway. I havn't really got round to reading the circle of magic yet. Neal is so cool! (OK I'm freaked out now.)

Movies, I love Pirates of the Carribean,Van Helsing, Xmen, and above all (exept LOTR),Star Wars, (I'm in love with Wedge Antilles) u get the idea, Fantasy/action or science fiction!

Adore animals! I have 2 guinea pigs (I did have 17!) 3 chickens and 2 dogs, and I go horse riding alot. My Non-Little sister, 'Everlasting Sparkles', has an acount too so check it out! and my brother is 'Xplosiv'.

I'm a total music nut as well, anything with guitars!

By the way 'I REALLY REALLY FRODO/SAM SLASH SO PREPARE TO BE FLAMED! (just kidding! Well, not about me hating slash, but i would never flame such 'wonderful' people)

I really hope you enjoy my fics and if you Read and Review ours we'll do our best to reply to you and review yours for you!

Happy Writing!


By the way niether of us can spell so this is full of mistakes!

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