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Hello,people! I'm Sonicgirl,but my best buds call me Sabrina! I'm so glad people love my fics! I have a huge thing for Shadow the Hedgehog! Sadly,I used to love Sonic,but over time,things have changed since Shadow was found alive. Sorry Sonic,I found someone else. But here,let me show you my many characters!

This is my first character,Sabrina Hedgehog!

Name: Sabrina Hedgehog

Species: hedgehog

Age: She is an Immortal

Gender: Female

Color: Yellow

Eyes: Deep Blue

Clothes: A white tanktop with a blue jean vest over it,blue jeans,purple running shoes.

Abilities: Punch(uses a standard punch)

Kick:(uses a powerful kick)

Dark Punch(uses elemental emerald powers to provoke a very powerful punch)

Supersonic Speed(uses elemental emerald powers to greatly increase running speed)

Vanish(uses supersonic speed combined with jumping to disappear in mid-air)

Chaos Control(uses elemental emerald to teleport)

Dark Shield(uses elemental emerald powers to create a shield of energy)

Dark Finish(most powerful attack,uses elemental emerald powers to shoot balls of paralyzing energy of any size,paralyzes enemies when hit)

Special Items or Powers: Black Elemental Emerald(A legendary gem that is more powerful than the seven chaos and the server combined.Created by an ancient guardian known as Obsidian. Sabrina is thefinal reincarnated form of Obsidian. Sabrina now holds the emerald,this is the causeof her immortality and powers.)

Love Interests: Shadow the Hedgehog

Known Family: Sapphire(Daughter)



History: Sabrina was born about 45years ago. Her parents, Angel and D.J., died before Sabrina turned one year old.Their death was caused by the evil genius,Dr. Eggman. Sabrina was left on the streets of Station Square for about 14 years without a family or friend. When Sabrina turned fourteen,she left Station Square toavenge her parent's death on Eggman.But during her journey,she was struck by a train in the Mystic Ruins. She survived,thanks toa blue hedgehog and atwo-tailed fox,Sonic and Tails. They all became fast friends.Sabrina soon met many other friends,including Amy,Knuckles,and Shadow. Sabrina soon found out that she had a twin brother named Sabre,he is wanting revenge on their parents. Thinking that Sabrina caused their death,heteamed up with Dr. Eggman to dominate the world using the chaos emerald and the master emerald,using them to power up the eclipse cannon. Sabrina,Sonic,and the others went after Eggman to stop theirplot. Egmman and Sabre unfortunately got the chaos emeralds and master emerald. They fired the eclipse cannon at Earth,but Super Sonic and Super Shadow helped stop the beam. Sabrina made a decision,she went to the impact area and used all of her powers to stop the cannon. Sadly,the attack was stopped,but Sabrina was also stopped,she was turned to stone. Sonic and friends cried and said their goodbyes,never forgetting the great things that Sabrina accomplished.

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