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Might be editing some stories...


Ok...I really don't know what happened but the stories I've upped...were gone @_@ wai!!!!! I put them on the documents so I could edit them with the reviews but when I look again...IT'S ALL GONE!!! ALL OF IT!!!!! o how can I get them back?! I don't have a back up or anything so I really need to get them back!!! wai


I want to thank each and everyone of you who have read, reviewed or even glanced at my stories. To all who reviewed the last chapter of 'AIL' I'm very thankful! Thank you so much! ;

I'm bored...that's why I'm updating my profile! grins Gomen...just bored...

So where to start? My name's Ac...weird ne? Uhm...I don't have much to say about myself other than I'm in college,a filipino, music lover (most of my fics are influenced by the music I'm currently listening)and a downright weird Otaku...


Anime, a lot of sleep, a good bookand good food.


I'm not too picky on the anime, I love all of them! Well, all if you won't count the creepy hentai anime's that doesn't havea plot. Please don't kill me!

On to the pairings...

I'm not that particular though I lean more on SetoJou since it's my current obsession. I'm not that big on incest though, please respect that. I respect your choices so don't go flaming me about the incest issue.

Real life...

Honestly? It sucks...but I think it'll pick up by next sem. By October, I'll be lucky to spare a few minutes on the net. I'll be starting on my community service, the teacher training and cheerleading. I just hope I'll make it alive and my sickness won't kick in.

Why don't we tackle about my insane fics?

(In alphabetical order)

Accidentally In Love- Complete. YGO fic. What can I say? Inspired by a song from the counting crows 'accidentally in love'. From a one-shot, it was now a multi-chapter fics...

Before I Forgot-YGO fic. My first ever Seto/Jou fic. I wrote an original fic like this in about fifteen minutes (in my native language) and when I read it, Seto/Jou just popped all over the place so instead of an original, I made it a fanfic thus the birth of my SJ obsession...

Daddy- YGO fic. Another original turned fanfic. Do you think I should stop doing that? Eneweiz, it was inspired by those abuse fics and well...I want to show another side of the story. Why does Jou's father do that...Most abuse fics I've read (not only in YGO) are done in POV of the victim or a friend of the victim. Some are made in the Abuser's POV but they're portrayed in a unhuman just want to write that Jou's dad's human too...everyone makes mistakes and I got to stop myself because I'm babbling. slaps herself Oh yeah...I LOVE MY DAD and I dedicate this fic to him.

Fall- Written for a friend. My first GB fic. Short and sweet...

He Doesn't See Me- A WK fic.A sequel to my first WK fic 'I don't like him'. Written on a very different style.

I Don't Like Him- A Wk fic that was spawned from one of my experience.

Me- I don't like him!

A classmate- yeah...but your other side do. You're a schizo right?

I'll Take The Tears- YGO fic. written for the saddest one-shot challenge on the puppyshippers group. Inspiration came from the song 'I'll take the tears' of a1. Besides, I want to see Kaiba breakdown once in a while to prove that he's human...I'm currently working on developing this plot. I'm taking my time on improving this plot and thinking of solid foundations for a multi-chapter story.I think it'll be my next multi-chapter fic but I think I have to make it less angsty but it'll have to wait for I have other fics to revised.

I'm Home-YYH fic.nostalgia...I wrote this back when I'm in 2nd year of HS. My first angst fic. beams

Ice Cream Musings- YGO fic. this came to me when I was enjoying my vanilla sundae. Also written in Filipino.

Illusions-YGO fic.a weird plot bunny attacked me while doing my Anotated bibliography project. Had to let it out or I won't get finished. Thus the birth of this weird fic.

Looking Through An Angel's Eyes- Naruto fic. I'm a Haku fan. And when he died, I had to vent out my frustration.

Looking Through YourEyes- GB fic. I was listening to the songwhen one of my classmates commented that maybe Juubei could get his eyesight back if he'll do an eye transplant.Playing with that plot...I let Kazuki suffer once again. sigh

My Valentine- YYH fic. One of my first fics and a song fic to boot! hides on her flame-proof cave hey! I was just fourteen back then! Give me a break!

One Hundred Years- Another WK fic. I was inspired to write a poem and with that poem, this fic was born.

Oyasumi Itomaki- Nothing much to say. Another GB fic which was inspired by Ban's ever famous line, "Did you have a nice dream?"

Promise- GB fic. BanKazu flocked this site. I don't have anything against since I'm not a picky person but I was in JuuKazu mode that time so to satisfy my hunger for JK, I had to write this fic.

Tears- YYH fic. Another of my old fics written when I'm still new at the fandom. I can't bear to delete it even if it's just taking up space on the site. This fic is dear to me...

The Heart's Melody: A Christmas Story- YGO fic.another one of my fluff/angst filled story. I wrote this for the holidays and I was really shocked to know someone who had a quite similar story of their life.

Tomorrow Perhaps- YGO fic. One of those torture-Seto-because-his-plans-didn't-go-as-planned fics (if there is one other than this). Actually, it's a non-planned fic. I just sat infront of my PC and began typing this weird fic. Actually, I'm currently thinking if I should make this a series of one-shots that can be read individually or I should make this a three or four chapter fics. What do you think?

Valentine Hearts- HP fic. Written just for the sake of irratating my twin sis. I love Draco!

The songs...

My readers would probably agree that music makemy fics go round. Without it, where would I get my inspiration? Like what I've said before I'm not a particular person and any type of music could influence me and the mood of the story/chapter I'm writing. (Blame it must've been love for the sad chapters in AIC).

As a writer...

I still got a long way to go before I can call my self a great writer. Everyone of us can be a good writer but only the best ones can be called agreat writer.(I heard this from somewhere...I forgot...Sorry!)For that, I still need to improve my skills. But I know someday I will get there and as long as there are readers who'll support me, I won't give up!

Well, that's about it...I hope my profile didn't bore you...

Till the next time I'm bored...



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pixiestickchild- thanks for the review:D

Assassin of the Shadow- poor cat. I love cats too! Thanks:D

mechante fille- yep! my favorite Kaiba. :grins: Thanks for the review:D

Frsutrated - sorry for the oocness,I'll try to keep them IC in future stories. Thanks for the review:D

Chiyoku Shibata- Don't worry about it as long as you're reading and enjoying it, I'm happy. About ahving a similar story about this, I haven't found one yet too. :D Thanks!

rubisora18117-you've seen the name connection too? I was suppose to name him Kato but Seya sounds way cooler ne? Thanks for the review:D

Trempush- don't worry! I do predict things too when I read a story. It makes me more excited to know the outcome if I'm right or wrong. Thanks:D

clarity- Not much of a juicy part but next chapter...Thanks for the review:D

Amy Hirosaki- Not really since it's been twenty years so Jou could only assume he looks like Seya from the past since he thinks that the Seya they've known had grown up too. Thanks for the review:D

yui- I hope this chapter answers your question. I actually deleted that part on chapter 16 but since you've asked I put it again on chapter 18 with minor editing to fit the scene. Thanks for the review:D

svakee2000- really? I'm glad to know you're enjoying this even though its not your cup of tea. Thank you for trying my story. Thanks for the review:D

mandapandabug- thanks friend! I need a beta for this new story of mine but I'm unsure because there might be plotholes. I'll start emailing you once AIL's done and my term papers finished. Thank you! I really appreaciate your help! My course is education, I'm going to be a teacher (bless the poor kids I'm gonna teach. They need all the luck they could get). right now, I'm majoring in literature since I'm not really good in grammar but I like english. I'm thinking on taking up history units because I love it too and it would help on my Literature studies but more units means more time on college and less time in fanfiction. But I'll survive! I won't give this up no matter what! summer vacation's actually finished (april-may) but I'm nearing my semestral break so I might finish it by then. Finals are just around the corner so I'm trying the best I can to squeeze some time into typing this bit by bit. again, thanks for the review and being a great friend also for offering to be my beta, Thank you:D

MAB LuvR- I'm flattered. Thank you. A shrine? I'm not that good yet but you've inspired me to get better. Actually, I'm having the worst day of my life today when I've read your review. Thank you, it really makes me happy that someone somewhere enjoys reading my works as much as I enjoy writing it. About Seto Kaiba and the mushy part, that's my OOCness syndrome kicking in. Actually, I don't know much about Kaiba since I've only watched season three of YGO and usually focuses more on Joey. I know that when I'll write something with him as a chara there'll be oocness. again, thank you very much for putting such faith in me. :D

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