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Haha, funny thing is, this profile has been underconstruction ever since I joined , which was like, 3 years ago. -_-'. Anyway, now that I actually see a use for this page, allow me to inform the incredibly limited amount of fans I have that theres been a lil change in "But I thought that was Dad's Job," besides the fact that stupid wont let the title fit anymore. Anyway, that story is being re-written, because the main plot wasn't properly set, so I've started another story, the re-write of "But I thought that was Dad's Job," to try and make everything go right this time. The good news is the chapters are a hell lot longer. The bad news is, I haven't written in a while, so expect some crud every one in a while. Don't worry though! I've gained an extremely useful skill in my period of hibernation, and that is the abilty to Edit! Yes, thats right, now whenever I write crap, I can fix it!

Anyway, a little detail on the story itself, it focuses on a certain protagonist, and around mid-way in his journey to become the Link. It invovles dimensional travel, space travel, time travel, various series, be they video-game, anime/manga, or even books n movies. Currently, chapter 2 is up, and I've more or less forgotten about chapter 3 because a year has gone by and now I'm focusing more on another story. I've been working on DBZ too much, I wanna try something new. So, I'm switching to Warcraft for a little while.

Also, for those of you who have been waiting on "The Better of the Two," I've gone and frozen the project altogether, so don't expect to see that up anytime soon,. I'm not exactly ready tomake the Sons and the Briefs launch a full-fledged war against one another. I'm working on Wolven right now, and I might work a little on everything else as I go along with that. I'm pretty spontaneous when it comes to writing, so I can't really say when anything will be done. Well, that's all.

Thats all for now, I guess. I hope you weren't expecting anything about me in this profile. Nope, that would be pointless, and a waste of webspace, mind you.

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