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name: Chibi_dragon_mage
nick name: Chibi
occupation: babby sitting
hobbies: writing fan fics
fav yoai pairings: kurama/hiei kai/rei (those are the only ones i've read)
music: rock, punk, some pop, basicaly sumin wit a good beat or sumin u can dance to.
manga: shonen jump, cursed moons, bitch slaped, i cant think of any others...i have been trying to get a fushigi yuugi one though.
anime: too many to remember

well i write a bunch of humor and drama stuff. my charicters are always longing for some thing or some one...umm...that should cover everything...

tommiG: *ahem*...
Chibi-dragon-mage: Oh right! i almost forgot!
tommiG: I'm hurt! you forgot about me?
Chibi-dragon-mage:...not exactly... okay so i did...DONT HIT ME!!!*cowers*
tommiG: baka...i'm not gonna hit you
Chibi-dragon-mage: WOO-HOO!! ^_^
tommiG: -_-' my brother every one.
Chibi-dragon-mage: not really but we've known each other for about... well like forever.
tommiG: three years :P
Chibi-dragon-mage: yea! anyways me and tommiG work on fic's together. she's gonna create the charicters in one story (i cant say yet. it hush hush till she rites it) and im gonna do some fics about the characters.
tommiG: if you do a fic with my future characters plz let me or Chibi know. i like to know who's using my work.
Chibi-dragon-mage: well thats about till next time, asta! I'm goin' to bed!
tommiG: '_' its only 2:35! the sun's still out!
Chibi-dragon-mage: so? its 9:35 on the east coast. :D *thinks:victory!*
tommiG: -_-''s 5:35 on the east coast bro.
Chibi-dragon-mage: ?'_'? how do you know that smarty skirt?
tommiG: *points at map behind chibi* well 1, the time difs and everything is on that map and 2, i have a friend on the east coast.
Chibi-dragon-mage: -_-zzzZZZzzz...
tommiG: CHIBI!!!! *pulls out a giant malet*
Chibi-dragon-mage: 0_0 gotta go now, asta!
tommiG: GET BACK HERE YOU PUNK!! *chases Chibi*

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