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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, and Incredible Hulk.

Not much to say about myself, but if you like my stories I can list the other ideas which I strongly wishes to write.

Naruto: The Genius:

Inspired by the "One Outs" baseball manga, it was about a guy that can literary control the baseball world using his exceptional skills in gambling. Well the story not be about baseball but the concept is borrow from the manga where Naruto can predict people's actions by information he have. This idea greatly interests me thus I wished I had time to write it up.

Naruto of Kuroko Clan:

Inspired by "Kuroko's Basketball" I am borrowing Kuroko's natural lack of presence in Naruto himself. Basically he has a very weak presence so people don't know he is around. Like a blind-spot in the eye, they often ended up skipping over him. Like Kuroko in the Manga Naruto is used to it and it doesn't bother him to be invisible to the general population. It is another one of my ideas, so it greatly interest me to have written up.

Naruto: Konoha in Soul Society (maybe better named "Konoha in Rukongai"):

I would say this would be closest to my alternative Guild Master fic. In this idea, Naruto dies in the final battle against Madara Uchiha and ended up in Soul Society. Seeing the injustice state of the soul reaper world Naruto decides to make his own Konoha without the shinigami's knowledge. Thus he spent hundreds if not thousand of years building and protecting the souls without the reaper knowing about him.

Unfortunately I have no idea where to insert this in the Bleach world. I know the main story will merge to when Ichigo appears. But lack of inspiration made it difficult for me to write it up.

Naruto: Hunter Predator Ninja:

I love the Predator Ninja stories in Naruto, in this case I wanted to have Naruto's dream to become the best Hunternin instead of the Hokage. He would be slowly turning to "Predator" from the movie but only with advance seals. Again it is an idea with merit that catches my interest. Unfortunately I did not know where to go with it, hence it is stuck in development.

Naruto: Mizukage's Uzumaki Royal Guard:

Another Naruto out of Konoha story and naturally ended up in Mizugakure. This was one of my earlier ideas too that sees Naruto successfully becoming both a personal guard and ambassador for Kiri. It is a bit of Konoha and Team 7 bashing in the mix because Naruto does not like them. Again with no goal in the story I have stopped it's development.

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Naruto Konoha's Incredible Hulk SS reviews
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