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Hi. Errr I am finally changing the sucky bio I had before AND changed my stupid penname. Bah. I am formerly known as AddictedToWriting and my partner in crime is PerpetualHystaria. I wanted my penname to sound as cool as her's so... Poof! It's chaanged! A list of stuffz about me...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DUBBED WITH THE PRIVELAGE OF BEING TAKO HANA'S SEMI STALKER AND OWNER OF THE TAKO HANA SEAL OF APPROVAL

~Addicted to KH and playing FFX ONLY so I can play X-2 and not feel strange
~Also playing .hack that I totally suck at
~Sora-luver (It's hard to tell by some of my writing... *cough*UnansweredQuestionsOfKH*cough*)
~Formerly addictedto Mario Party 4 (still play it from time to time), Animal Crossing (still really like it, too tired to play it) and the sims (got it for gamecube, couldn't get me off it. Got busting out and it SUCKED! I stopped playing after that, I now play it more, Bwuha!)
~Writes sucky stories and stupid parodies and STILL puts them up here (I need to take down A fish down my pants, whatever lies beyond this morning, songfic bundle and my idiotic rewrite)
~Loves Chobits, FLCL, Teen Titans and any Mizaki flims (Spirited Away is my fave)
~Loves bubble tea and wishes to drink/eat it every day
~Thinks Kairi is cool
~Is addicted to cheese, ketchup and pickles (my favorite food is a grille cheese sandwich with pickle on it dipped in ketchup)
~Likes saying 'And eggs!' a lot (*cough*UnansweredQuestionsOfKH*cough*)
~Has an adorable Boston Terrier
~Is scared of putting her e-mail up here beuase her stories mostly suck and she hates flames
~Is scared to give out her age because then people won't want to read her stories
~Has a GBA, PS2, GC and a broken XBox
~Hates morings and school and nearly everything in school
~Loves Hot Topic
~Most unpopular person in my grade
~Loves art and reading
~Is lazy
~Has blonde streaks in my brown hair (NOT MY IDEA! It was all my mom's idea! WHAAAA!)
~Says beans too much example: 'Aww beans! The phone died out!' 'Beans! That stupid Gore killed Yuna!' 'Beans! AnsemReport is down!' '*gasp* Beans! *sniffle sniffle* WHAAAAA!!!! ' (watching the KH ending in that one)
~Crys every time she sees the ending of KH(It's so sad! He could have picked her up! She's not that heavy! He picked her up at Hollow Bastion... Sorta... And I cried in fead and scared-ness when I saw the full on makeout scene between Jasmine and Alladin! *shudder*
~Is a crybaby
~Has horrible allergies
~Loves cartoons
~Fave colors are red, blue, yellow, purple & orange
~Is very abstract (likes primary colors, primarilyabstract?)


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