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Author has written 23 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Ball Z, American McGee's Alice, Princess Mononoke, Final Fantasy X, Samurai Jack, and 9.

Update: 9/17/09:

Most of my newer material (that ff.n would remove because of TOS violations) can be found on my deviantart page: http:///

And for anyone following 9: The Feral Ones, here's your access to profiles, backgrounds, beasts and more: http:///journal/32204918/#comments

Update: 7/10/09:

I'm giving FF.N one last chance, and I'm going to play nice. My horribly out of date "Duel of the Fools", as well as other poor stories, will be removed... and I've updated with a General Grievous fanfic that took a very long time to think out and plan. My Cell fanfics as well as other past works are NOT GOING TO BE UPDATED because I don't even remember what I was going to do with them. I was thinking about posting one chapter that explains what happens afterward but it's apparently against the TOS. Send me a message or email if you want to know what happens in a certain fic.

FF.N, this is your last chance.

Update: 7/20/07:

Will probably never update again. I have a life of which I'm struggling to even survive and I just don't have time to write my fanfics anymore. I don't really like them anymore, but lots of people do so I'll keep them up. I'll probably just post one chapter on each of my stories that just explains everything that happened until the ending, and that's it. I just don't have the time, energy, or interest to write these fanfics anymore. I've moved on to larger projects that I want to get published. Go on, feel angry if you want. I'm sorry life's not fair. Thank you all, and goodbye.

Update: 7/15/06:

Stop mailing me and asking me to update my fanfics. Right now, I'm going through a large bout of depression over work, school, and family. So much has happened and I've changed so much, I just don't have the time to finish. All of my fanfics are on hiatus until further notice. My offer to co-author fanfics will still stand, if anyone is interested. I'm happy to see some of you are still taking interest in my old, old, old works, but please stop asking me to continue. In all aspects, I probably won't. Thank you.

Update: 7/9/05:

Many years have gone by. Graduations, traveling, making friends, losing loved ones... so much happens and even more things change with time. My love of writing and Cell remain... but I have little to no energy to work on my own stories. I also feel I no longer have the correct narritive for them. So, I'm proposing to all fanfiction writers in the field who would like to contribute to the Thorough Report fanfics by taking over the story of their choice. I'll email you with the details if you're interested. Thanks for sticking with the Report for all these years, everyone. It means a lot to me, someone trying to make it in this constantly changing world.

Update 11/11/04: This just in...

Title: "Singing Mountain"
Summary: "My responce to Biowolf's Cell romance challenge. What if there was a
society of wolves like Princess Mononoke in the DBZ world? What if Cell ran into
that world? And what if he ran into me? Please R&R! COMPLETE!"
Rating: "PG-13"

Title: "My Beloved Monster"
Summary: "COMPLETED!A Cell/18 romance story! Also an A/U. After Gero created
Cell, the android is abused because of his many flaws. Can 18 save the creature
named Android 21?"
Rating: "R"

Title: "Metal Wings"
Summary: "Title may change. 2,000 years after the Cell games, Cell comes back
but not as the guy we once knew. It'll start slow but it will be good."
Rating: "PG-13"

the above story has been removed because it violated the guideline detailed on
the upload page.

This infraction has been recorded and once you reach a certain limit, your
account be automatically banned. Moreover,
as a result of this infraction, you will not have upload access for a period of

Please excuse me for being rude, but I am very angry that my favorite and best stories were taken down because of spelling and grammar issues. Email here [email protected]. to complain. I can get the stories back, fully edited in the meantime. Meanwhile, I've been heavily discouraged from writing any further. Blaim the grammar nazis here at ff.n for taking down my biggest inspirations and the stories I put my sweat and blood into. And if you can direct me to a good site to host my fanfics, I would really appreciate it. Thank you, and appologies.

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Far from the Cathedral was another colony of survivors, and the story of one who after becoming outcasted by his own family is their only salvation against the machines... and the dead. OC story. AU.
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