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... looks around I have nothing of interest to say...

AGE: 15
GENDER: Female? Heh...
REALLY, WHERE DO YOU LIVE: In my room, duh
I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP: Ya, hmmm, in my bed?
LIKES: Anything chocolaty and silly. You should hear my sister and I when we laugh-we scream
HATES: Anything spiky, slimy, or smelly; extremely long bios, TeXt LiKe ThIs, and pain
WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE: Like everyone else
FEARS: the dark, guys, deep water with rocks and logs and trashcans

MOVIES: Star Wars (all), Master and Commander, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice
CARTOONS: Treasure Planet, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast
GAMES: Any Mario game accept tennis or golf, Sonic games, Bomberman
WHERE DO YOU LIVE, GOSH: None of your business
MUSIC: Christian: gospel, pop, urban, etc
BANDS: Jump5, True Vibe, Jake, ZoeGirl, VEnna, etc
MUSICIANS: MWS, Michelle Tumes, Toby Mac, etc
FAV SONG: For the moment? Jump5 - Just a Dream and One and Only
FAULTS: I need glasses to see far off objects, I'm demanding, defensive, and loud
GOOD POINTS: Are there any?
RELIGION: Yeea, Christianity, mwuhahah! Have some religious tolerance
HOBBIES: Music/choir/singing, video games, drawing, day dreaming
SKILLS: Writing, web graphics
FRIENDS: What's that mean?

WEBSITE: Check the URL, eh..
WHAT DO YOU DO ONLINE: Check my email, open MS Word to write, check on my website, sometimes browse freeware websites, make graphics, be bored
REAL-LIFE FRIENDS: Yeea, like 6 or 7 but i'm no socialite. I hate being away from home and the slobbish comforts of my bedroom for too long
ANY COMMENTS: Yeea, this profile is nuts, I'm going to write some more of my story...
MSN, ICQ, YIM, AIM: msn, yim
IM NAMES: Why? I don't want to be bombarded
COMPUTER: Dell Dimension, WIN 98 SE
SOFTWARE: FileZilla (FTP), GIMP (graphics), Microsoft Frontpage (HTML), Notepad (HTML), Splits, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, MS Word

YOU LIKE MAKEUP: Are you joking? Next question
YOU KEEP UP WITH FASHION: No, I don't care about fashion, I wear what I like, what keeps me warm, and what's comfortable. Scrap fashion nonsense
WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW: Typing this profile, reading chapter four of "Just A Shadow", and listening to Jump5 - One and Only
WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING: Writing the rest of chap. 4, listening to music, and wishing I didn't have to go to writing class later today
WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO COLLEGE: Is this really important? Next autumn
CAN I ASK ANYMORE QUESTIONS: No, unless you wanna feel pain.

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