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Hey guys, LiamMorg here. Though I suppose you knew that, being on my profile and all right? Oh well, onto the details!

Important News: I'm a lazy bastard, so y'know... that's a thing.

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Nationality: Welsh

Random stuff nobody cares about:

Favorite TV series (as of now): The Flash

Favorite Film: Guardians of the Galaxy

Favorite Gaming Series: Mass Effect

Favorite Anime: Naruto

Japanese Name (apparently this is a craze?): Akimoto (True Autumn) Amon (Asian Gates)

Favorite Quote: "I don't see any God up here." - Yuri Gagarin, first human in space.

Currently - though through inadvertent means - I've created a few key aspects in my stories that you guys could consider themes. The first (and most obvious) theme is gender bending. My first story was always planned for FemHaku, but my seconds story started with me browsing deviantArt and thinking to myself "FemSasuke actually looks pretty hot"... some may consider it creepy that I consider a fictional anime gender-bend 'hot', but there we go. My second theme has become nature, or more accurately the connection between nature and Naruto. In Small Changes, Naruto is linked to nature through the Shōton, whereas in Senju and Uchiha: The Forest and the Fire, he is linked through... well, I'm sure you guys have guessed. The third theme - which was always planned to some degree - is giving Naruto a bloodline. I really adore Kekkei Genkai in the Narutoverse, and it is rather irritating just how few stories give attention to the more... subtle ones. Shōton is just awesome, plain and simple, which is why I made it my first story's focus. Mokuton is just popular and cool, so I couldn't resist doing it.

In-Progress Stories:

(From now on I will list statistics about my stories here, I will update them every time I upload a chapter. Views are times my story was clicked on, Visitors are unique views, so each person who clicks on my story is counted once and won't be recounted on extra clicks. C2s are Community archives.)

Small Changes:

This is a NaruHaku story where Haku survives but Zabuza doesn't. How much could that change things? What will happen when the last Yuki doesn't become the last ever? This story will follow canon for the most part, at least until Shippuden since everything beforehand (In my opinion) is essential. I have plans to completely remove the Eye of the Moon plan, since it's so damn ridiculous and unbelievable. (FemHaku) Bloodline Naruto. Stronger/Smarter Naruto.

Views: 410,173 (173,871 increase)

C2s: 30 (Increase of 9)

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All these stats are outdated.

Senju and Uchiha: The Forest and the Flame

What if the events of Naruto's birth were changed by a shift in fate? Kushina's seal was strangely unaffected by Naruto's birth and Obito was unable to release the Kyuubi... how could this affect not only the fate of Naruto but also of his Uchiha teammate? Can he protect her from hatred or will it fester and erupt? The answer... lies within. Narufem!Sasu. Bloodline Naruto.

Views: 20,458 (7,302 Increase)

C2s: 3 (Increase of 1)

Reviews, Follows and Favourites are listed on the story.

All these stats are outdated.

Remember when I updated stories? That was a nice time. It must have stopped when I stopped living a meaningful existence. Send help.

Ideas for future stories:

(Notice: these are very vague ideas. Don't look into them too much)

Idea #1:

Naruto is adopted by Yagura and taught how to use his Jinchuuriki abilities from a younger age/Naruto IS Yagura's son (Much less likely). Due to this, Yagura won't go crazy (probably) and the bloodline purges don't occur. Possibility for a Naru/Mei story or another Naru/Haku, though I'd like to branch out my pairings if possible. I thought of this 2 days after a story with the identical plot was posted, I was so disappointed. Least likely due to that.

Idea #2:

The Uzumaki clan were not destroyed, Kushina still marries Minato and is the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. She survives the sealing into Naruto and takes him to Uzushiogakure after Minato's death. Naruto will likely be skilled in Suiton and Fuinjutsu. Could be Naru/Karin or Naru/Tayu (if you assume she's an Uzumaki, which I do). Red haired Naruto, since it should be that way anyway. I mean seriously, the clan is said to ALWAYS have red hair... I know Minato was awesome, but overpowering such a defining genetic sequence? Not really all that believable unless all other Uzumaki had kids with Uzumaki... which Nagato's parents prove they didn't.

Idea #3:

A Shakuton (Scorch Release) Naruto, no specific setting. I always found this bloodline to be interesting, it was one of the three choices of the bloodlines I was going to give Naruto in Small Changes but I need some time to decide techniques for it, since only 2 have been recorded in the anime. Not to mention it seems a little overpowered in canon, so I'll need to find a way to... balance it.

Idea #4:

Something with Ryuuzetsu (main supporting character from Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison.). I found her to be a very interesting character, with her unique fire style ninjutsu and the fact that she is actually a good kunoichi made me appreciate her character... also there are barely any stories on this site that have a one-on-one pairing that includes her (e.g. non harem). The only noteworthy one I can find is 'Brightest Light in the Darkest Shadow', where the pairing hasn't even started yet and has a rather slow (read, once every 3 months) update schedule. This will probably be next, as I want to increase the frequency of the less common pairings if I can... they need more publicity. Also, she's pretty hot... not that it should be relevant.

Idea #5:

Naruto with Ranton (Storm Release). This will be a hard bloodline to do, however. In canon Darui (the only user it has) has only used one jutsu. ONE! Dammit Kishi, if you're going to make a bloody Kekkei Genkai don't just throw it in there and basically ignore it from then on! What's the point of making it only to forget it?! I Highly doubt it'll get more use before the story ends, unless he does decide to do Akkipuden or whatever. Little rants aside, the bloodline does sounds rather interesting (not to mention it's far easier to use pre-existing ones since I have no idea where Kishi does his Romaji Japanese translations to get the names of them. You try and find a translator where inserting 'Fire Release' will give you Katon, it's impossible!) so I wouldn't really mind doing a story with it included.

EDIT: Well, Kishi trolled me once more... he used another Ranton technique in recent chapters.

My Anime/Manga Interests:

I began with Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, along with the Naruto manga. Eventually, I started watching Bleach and subsequently started reading the manga after the anime was cancelled (which was fair, since the current arc kinda sucks). Lately I started watching Tokyo Ghoul (which I wouldn't recommend at all), but after finishing and starting to read the manga, I realized the anime is leaps and bounds worse. The anime is inconsistent and confusing, while the manga has a strong plot with good character development.

Stories I recommend:

Sage by Digitize27 - Amazing story with a completely rewritten Naruto. While it may be a Rinnegan story the premise is extremely original to the point where I'd say there are none like it (unless some copies have appeared since its launch of popularity) and the writing is superb. Has one of the best OC's I've ever seen with some great twists. Highly recommended. Naru/OC, followed by Naru/Fuu (not gonna say why I split the pairing).

Legacy by cr4zypt - Interesting story where Madara Uchiha was Minato's father and as such, Naruto's grandfather. Godlike Naruto, yet still highly enjoyable. A very interesting plot twist during the training trip. Naru/Hina. In this story Naruto actually makes uses of the powers he should too.

The Prodigal Namikaze by SoulReaperCrewe (no that isn't a typo) - One of those stories where Naruto is born a few years prior to the Kyuubi attack and his sibling get the beast instead. Naruto also has the Mokuton. If you can get past those two cliches this is a highly enjoyable story with one of the more uncommon pairings. Unique, but not stupid summoning contract (I'm looking at you, "Dragon Summoners"), it actually makes sense. Highly recommended. Naru/Kuro.

Shōton of Konoha by Arch-Daishou - Very interesting story where Naruto awakens the Shōton Kekkei Genkai while fighting Mizuki. Interesting twists, and it has Haku in it! There is also an... unusual twist in the more recent chapters that I can't tell if I like or not, but I can tell many will. Naru/Saku/(Fem)Haku.

The Red Tempest of Konoha Book One: Becoming Shinobi by StormyRebel - An interesting Naruko/Kiba story where she learns of her mother early in life and decides to become serious and focuses on her shinobi career while putting on a mask of cold indifference. She also has a very unique usage of Water Style.

Naruto: Jinchuuriki of the Six Paths by X009 - Another Rinnegan story, unlocked during the end of wave (that's where Small Changes starts!). Basically he awakens it, uses Shinra Tensei and Banshō Ten'in. Haku and Zabuza live, and he get's training from them. Haku is still male sadly. Pairing [will be] Naru/Yugi/Fuu. Smarter/Stronger Naruto.

Naruto: Legends of Two Jinchuuriki by X009 - Naruto meets Fuu in Taki during his training trip. See how that effects his growth. If you didn't guess, it's a Naruto/Fuu pairing which I actually rather enjoy. First story I ever read! Unfortunately X009 does not share my quick update schedule... along with having a weird name.

Red and Yellow makes by Digitize27 - A cool AU story where Naruto leaves the village at a young age. While this may not seem original, what happens later is. Naruto meets Tayuya and moves to Suna, befriends Gaara and prevents him becoming a crazed killer. Naru/Tayu. Highly recommended.

Madara's Student by juubiwriter99 - This is a story I didn't think I'd like, but ended up really enjoying. Naruto is killed during the Valley of the End fallout and taken by Zetsu to be revived by Madara - who is still alive, by the way. He receives training from Madara and takes up the mantle of the Eye of the Moon plan. 'Tobi' isn't acting on Madara's orders this time around and Naruto is tasked with killing him and achieving the plan. Note: Evil Naruto, he does something that will piss off MANY people. Naru/Konan... and Naru/Mei.

Grim Reaper of Iwa by Uzumaki Crossover - This is a weird one. Naruto leaves during the wave arc, finds a scythe that belonged to an Uzumaki grim reaper, which gives him Dark Release. He's accompanied by Haku and Zabuza and later finds Guren before moving Iwagakure. Yep, it's hard to sum up. Naru/Harem. Main pairing is Naru/Kuro... I think.

Naruto Senju: Hashirama's Heir by Hamp24 - A Mokuton Naruto fic. It may be an overused bloodline, but that doesn't mean I can ignore good writing. There isn't really much I can say since it (mostly) follows canon, like my story. Sasuke is a good guy, Naruto is awesome... yeah. Naru/Yugi. Naruto is in the ANBU, which may not be my favourite thing but it works. Hell, I've warmed up to the Mokuton bloodline considerably because of stories like this.

Most Overpowered things in Naruto:

Kamui: Let's be honest for a second, this is quite possibly the most overpowered thing ever. As long as you don't stay in constant contact with an object for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES you can be literally untouchable. Even the Rinnegan or Juubi couldn't touch you while using it. I fear the day when both abilities of the Kamui can be used by a single person. Oh and that 'one-touch and you lose' thing is the most ridiculous thing ever... seriously.

EDIT: Well, Obito has both eyes now... that's fun. I do like the way the long and short range abilities were merged to create sustained portals though, it's an interesting ability. I'll give credit where it's due, I'm not fully an asshole.

Rinnegan: This is an obvious one, when combined into one body the Rinnegan's paths can seriously wreck people. Don't want to die? Absorb every jutsu. Can't absorb physical attacks? Blow them away with GRAVITY ITSELF! Friends die? Lemme fix that with Rinne Rebirth. Not enough arms? Make more! Want some company? Summon an un-kill able dog which continues to multiply. Want to spruce up the surroundings a little? Make a small moon to look at. What am I missing... Oh yeah, Want to completely subjugate the Bijuu themselves? Summon the Gedo Mazou and reel em in! Want to learn new stuff without trying? Get someone else to learn it and STEAL THEIR SOUL! Right... I think that's all... so yeah, Rinnegan is OP.

EDIT: Sasuke's Rinnegan can transport himself and people of his choice to safety (basically teleportation), and Madara can project a 'Shadow' of himself that is invisible to anyone without a Rinnegan that is capable of enough force and speed that it could knock all nine Bijuu back in an instant. Not to mention it can't even be injured without sage techniques... talk about a gimmick. Seriously Kishi, are you just asking me to expand the list at this point?

Hiraishin no Jutsu: This isn't in the same league as Kamui or the Rinnegan but it's still pretty damn awesome. You could travel the world in a second or kill a thousand people in the blink of an eye just by placing some seal formula on random Kunai. Not to mention you can place these markers on the fly during battle, meaning you can adapt as you fight. Mix this with some killer close-up jutsu (Like the Rasengan, for example) and you have yourself a pretty annoying attack.

Eternal or regular Mangekyo Sharingan: This is a pretty obvious one too, The eternal varient gives you full access to the Mangekyo without any of the eyesight issues (which for some reason Obito and Kakashi never had) and can lead to some rather irritating issues. Massive Chakra constructs that can be used for offense and defense and can rival the Bijuu themselves? Check. Able to easily control anyone and anything (Even the Kyuubi itself)? Check. Amaterasu, possibly even Blaze Release if the eye is strong enough? Check. Kamui? Oh god, if someone has Kamui in both eyes, the Susanoo and the eternal mangekyo I would cry... it would probably beat the rinnegan on OP-ness then.

Being best buds with the Kyuubi: Let's be honest for a second, most of Naruto's power can be linked to the Kyuubi. It gives him more chakra, can open his Tenketsu, the Jinchuuriki transformations, the nine-tails chakra mode, Bijuu cloak. Without the Kyuubi's power Naruto would be running around with Sage mode (maybe not even that) and just spamming Rasenshurikens. Kurama also heals him from basically any wound and allowed him to give chakra to the ENTIRE shinobi alliance. This is pretty OP.

Kirin: I have NO IDEA why Sasuke stopped using this thing. It trumps Rasenshuriken (In my mind) anyday. It literally reaches the ground in a split second after being used. Sure, it requires a lot of setup and is rather flashy, but if not for Itachi's Susanoo Sasuke would've absolutely annihilated him. I guess it can't trump the OP Susanoo can it? Still, it managed to almost completely destroy Itachi's Susanoo - which is noted to be pretty damn strong.

Being Madara Uchiha: I don't even really need to specify this, but I will. Eternal Mangekyo? Check. Rinnegan? Check. Mokuton? Check. MANGA SPOILERS Juubi Jinchuuriki? Check. REALLY Powerful Katon Ninjutsu? Check. Susanoo the size of a mountain or maybe even two? Check. Hashirama's cells, and therefore his healing factor? Check. Sensory abilities? Give me an F-ing break. A god damn magic Gunbai? *Sigh* Check. Apparently greatly skilled at Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu and Barrier Ninjutsu? For the love of god Kishi is this a character or your wet dream?! So yeah... he's uh... pretty OP. Thank God he can't use Kamui... or is that TOO much for you Kishi? Is THAT where you draw the line?

EDIT: DAMN YOU KISHI! YOU GAVE MADARA GODDAMN KAMUI! Do you read this list just to annoy me!?

Having Hagoromo's Power: If you don't read the manga, stop reading. NOW. Naruto and Sasuke have received a portion/half of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's power in the manga, which has seriously buffed them. They are now capable of feats that seem insane in comparison to their old selves. Naruto has a sizable portion of each Bijuu, along with the ability to borrow their powers to mix with his Rasengan. He can also use the Gudōdama (Truth-Seeking Ball) and is just generally WAY stronger than before. Sasuke has gained a Rinnegan that resembles the Juubi eye, which is capable of teleportation and can see the 'Shadow' of Madara when he uses Rimbo: Hengoku, along with having a general buff as well, to the point where his speed is enough to surprise Madara with the full power of the Juubi at his disposal.

Sage Art: Lava Release Rasenshuriken: Again, Manga spoilers. Beware, ya heathens. Technically this falls under the above category, but it's so powerful that it gets its own listing. Naruto - with his newfound power - was able to create this thing with one hand, with general ease. He then threw it at Madara, it carried him for a little while, before bursting and SEVERING THE ENTIRE SHINJU in one go! If that doesn't give a ridiculous sense of scale and power to the technique, I don't know what will. I think Kirin just got knocked off its pedestal as best elemental technique (read, in my opinion). I shudder at the thought of a Sage Art: Big Ball Lava Release Rasenshuriken... or Ultra-Big Ball.

Sasuke's Mentality: Being as mentally screwed as Sasuke is dangerous stuff, man. Watch out for dem shadows.

Indra's Arrow: Big OP Lightning arrow of OPness. That's all there is to it. Fun fact, Indra didn't actually use it. Just a name. How quaint.

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Finding the truth about his parents from the Kyuubi on the Wave Mission brought about a whole new set of events for the ninja world. Naruto's path in life has changed. With new teammates and teachers, he will bring about a change to the lands. The Grim Reaper has returned and like so long ago, he is an Uzumaki. Rated M for lemons, maybe. Naru/Kuro small harem . Haku/Guren.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 30 - Words: 126,399 - Reviews: 1174 - Favs: 2,756 - Follows: 2,368 - Updated: 4/5/2014 - Published: 8/9/2012 - Naruto U., Kurotsuchi - Complete
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Small Changes reviews
They say small changes can make all the difference, so what if the Wave mission didn't end as it was supposed to? How much could that small alteration change the outcome of Naruto's legend? The results would surprise even the wisest. Stronger/Smarter Naruto. NarufemHaku. Shōton Naruto. Good Sasuke. Enjoy! M for language and possible lemons. Will be epic-length.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 27 - Words: 240,556 - Reviews: 975 - Favs: 2,110 - Follows: 2,114 - Updated: 6/23/2015 - Published: 1/16/2014 - [Naruto U., Haku] Sasuke U.
Senju and Uchiha: The Forest and the Flame reviews
What if the events of Naruto's birth were changed by a shift in fate? Kushina's seal was strangely unaffected by Naruto's birth and Obito was unable to release the Kyuubi. How could this affect not only the fate of Naruto but also of that of his Uchiha teammate? Can he protect her from her hatred or will it fester and erupt? The answer lies within. NaruFEM!Sasu. Bloodline Naruto.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 40,783 - Reviews: 294 - Favs: 1,053 - Follows: 1,132 - Updated: 7/3/2014 - Published: 4/16/2014 - [Naruto U., Sasuke U.]
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