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Hello, my name is a name of mystery itself, the deeds that come along with the responsibility of having such a name gives me chills on the inside. Fair and white, two words that describes all but one name. So, how can one hold so much responsibility? Like you and I we were both born human and we will both die human, however, i picture my death lonely and cold. I wish it to be different, quick, beautiful and wise so that ever one can remember me.

Children my age has the nerve to taunt me and pin their bad decisions on my back but little do they know, i am stronger than they think! I was the one to live through the pain, to shed tears when something goes wrong, when i'm bullied or if girls get jealous of me.

I hope i don't sound conceited? I am my own beacon of truth and through me will i see a light for a better future as in the will of God will help me through these times. He is my beacon, my hope, my inspiration but i am my beacon as well ...because without me i simply would not be me. I would be as a walking corpse going through the road sheep fully not knowing who i am or what i want to be.

Yes, this names hold many responsibilities and this name is Bianca.

Okay, so i have a few stories i haven't finished yet, and they WILL be finished, in fact, i'm working on about three more stories. (heehehe,i know! I know, why am i working on so many?) I'm actually almost done with one of them, but its so frustrating right now because of stupid school! I should also work on a valentine fic or maybe that could go in my next chapter for fluffly fluff gush! I noticed i have A lot of hits on my stories. That makes me very happy, but reviewing it makes me even happier, so please people, at least leave one comment!

My next incoming (one shot) stories (because i'm still getting use to multi chapter fics) is an a temp at comedy.If its not funny then uh, i don't know. Please, check out my SasukeXSakura two shot story. I have the first chapter done and i'm already working on the second, so please, be nice and review it. You know you want to.I got 80 hits! Come on, come on. Review!

Another thing, i'm going to be planning ideas in my head about my SECOND multi chapter fic, but this time its going to be so long, unlike my first one (fluffly fluff gush that i have yet to update.) Hmm, i'm thinking high school fic, fantasy fic crossover of Naruto and Kekkaishi (love this anime btw), Hinata and Naruto as warriors or cold hinata when she's a truly hyuga. Stoic, cold, hard, and emotionless. (That'll be fun, but i'm still compensating! I will not continue if my readers doesn't like my ideas.)

What are my top favorite animes? (Not in order and why?)

Inuyasha- Gosh i love this anime so much. I've watched it three times in a row and plus all the movies. I couldn't help myself. Inuyasha reminded me so much of my love life, so i could defintely relate to what Kikyo and Kagome was going though. Now, i can really relate to what happened between Inuyasha and Kikyo that split them apart. (Sigh) I still hold a bit of a grude towards Kikyo, but i've known, over the time, that Kikyo is just like me. She desired to be with Inuyasha again just as i did with my ex, she was angry at him, and he was her first love. I can also relate to Kagome. The man she love...seeing someone else, loving someone else hurt her, and to see that hurt me too because i know the feeling of seeing the one you love turn their back on you for another girl. Personally, i'm a split between the two, but i have grown over the months, so i have to say i act more like Kagome now. I'm kindheart but i'm not going to take crap from anyone anymore. Anyways, Inuyasha will forever and always will be one of my favorite animes.

Hell girl- I love hell girl. Its so fun to watch, so intriguing, so interesting! At first i thought it didn't have a plot, but when i saw the cute little girl, I squealed! She was traveling with hey father Hakime (I think thats his name.) They have a third series, but i only watched a few episodes. It was kinda boring so i didn't watch it, but the first series is great! And i love it. Check out the anime, they even have a website for hell girl, type in the name of the person you hate most and send them to hell. It's really fun and spooky. Remember it has to be at the stroke of midnight, oh and your soul will enter hell when you die! (Its a fake website but it seems so real.) I actually went to it. It creep me out but i typed in. "I love you Aui." (That's hell girl name.) And i sent it. I wouldn't dare take a chance because Japan is weird in general. (As in a lot of spooky stuff goes on in Japan.) Japan has a forest of death. (A suicide forest? o.o)

Death Note- I LOVE this anime. PERIOD. Have no idea why they took it off air.

Shujo Chara- I have to admit i was like what the crack pot is this show? lol I was like why are there a bunch of magical eggs around the place? But overall, i love the first starting when she heard the boy play his flute. It was really beautiful and i watched more of it and more. I love the couples as well, and i was pleased to see my two favorite characters end up together.

Faster than a kiss- I don't know about anyone else, but i am IN LOVE with this manga. Teacher and student. HECK YEAH! Lol. The reason i got into this anime because i used to like my teacher, and i had no problem telling him neither. I would flirt with him and all that good stuff. He was soooo cute to me. And guess what? I think he liked me too! He just couldn't say because i was his *blush* student. I've calmed myself and have no interest in doing that again. (Even though he let me touch his muscles: TWICE.) He was one of those fun teachers that lets you do almost anything in his class, say anything, and go wild. Haha. I miss him. (This happened almost 7 months ago maybe because i moved from my hometown to somewhere else.) (Not gonna telll you! :P)

Full Metal Alchemist- I cried watching this. Their home was burned down and their family gone. The two boys searched for armor and the man that could make their body whole again. Its so sad yet so interesting. L.O.V.E

Naruto- Love. Nuff Said.

Bleach- Can you say Hitsugaya please?

Well those are my favorites and no i didn't forget One Piece because i hate One Peice. Yup i said it. You heard right you One Peice tards. I hate it. (Sticks tongue out playfully.)

My favorite Pairings from Naruto?

1. Naruto and Hinata. I love them so much!

2. Sasuke and Sakura. I love them together, no matter how far away he gets, Sakura will find him.

Characters i dislike in Naruto:

1.Karin. (She acts like Pre time skip Sakura. Just..plain..annoying! No she even more annoying than Sakura was. Now that's saying something!)

2. Sakura (Pre timeskip. I love her now. Seriously, Sakura is one of my favorite girl characters in Naruto.)

3. Ino. I made a NarutoXIno fic but does that mean i like Ino? NO. I just wrote it because it was something different and something new to try. It was fun to write, but still, i don't like Ino for some odd reason. She's just...i don't know..i just don't like her!

4. Kureani. The only reason i dislike Kureani is because she is so weak. Oh my gosh, i hate when people try to put her on teams with Naruto and Hinata, its so frustrating! There was this one story, however, that had Kureani as the jonin teacher, and she was amazing. Other than that, in the manga, she's a complete waste of space, who only got a little screen time because of her boyfriend Asuma, and got knocked up by him.

5. Anko. I can't stand characters that talks all big and bad and gets beaten to a pulp afterwards. Just no.

6. Shino,. I USED to not have anything against Shino but he's a boring, uninteresting, plain character. I am so SICK of seeing him in many Naruhina team stories. I'm like why him? I would rather have an OC character take his place. He makes me fall asleep just thinking about him.

7. Tsunade. I don't like her because she's sorry to be a Hokage! She may be a good ninja but as a Hokage, running over everyone, she couldn't even handle pein! She barely handled Orochimaru and Naruto had to defeat Kabuto. Wow..lady..lady..lady..its funny too because the second Hokage, her father, if i'm correct, couldn't believe that Tsunade is Hokage. He even made a joke about her being a horrible Hokage! Oh boy he didn't know how right he is!

8. Kakashi. Now i kinda like/dislike Kakashi. Its more of a love/hate relationship. His is a lazy bum that would rather read porn novels than train his own students! He waited until (in the middle of a mission) to even teach them tree walking exercises. He is ridiculous. He spend more time training Sasuke while neglecting his other two students, Naruto and Sakura.

When i say "dislike" it doesn't mean that i absolutely hate the character! It means that i just don't like them. Simple. There are some things i like about all these characters (except Karin. Can't stand her.) other than Karin, i am fine with everyone, but i do not like theim..too much.

Reasons why i STRONGLY dislike Karin?

1. She's just gross to look at! Look at those clothes she's wearing! My god put on some clothes already, some appropriate clothes! I don't like her design. The jacket, shirt (if she even have one on), and the shorts looks too slutty for my taste and she just don't make it look good on her body because she needs to eat. *Throws chicken leg at her* Here eat this! Now if you look at someone like Ino she looks nothing like a you know what. And the fact that she acts nothing like Karin is even better! Ino makes it look good, Karin does NOT.

2. She tried to rape Sasuke. I can not believe the nerve of this girl. She was not even worried the slightest about Sasuke health, all she wanted from him was a peice of his meat.

3. She's useless in battle. Yeah yeah she can sense charka and has the Uzumaki charka inside of her but that's it. That's really all to her character.

4. Her love for Sasuke is shallow. I can not express this enough to SasuKarin fans. Its like they have no brain but than again their close friends to NaruSaku fans so..(Facepalm) NS is as dead as chicken when its roasted. If Sakura didn't realize her love for Naruto when he was at death doors, she will NEVER realize it. Hinata held Narutos hand and kishi is shoving it down your throats people! How many times does kishi have to point out hints that NH is end game?! Anyways, her tears of his death is FAKE. I refuse to believe she was crying because of Sasuke in general. Probably because she don't want to lose her play thing. Some people believe she acts like Sakura in part 1 which is kinda correct BUT Sakura's entire character changes in part one! She no longer acts like a fan girl, she got over that in part 1. Yeah i said Karin acts like Sakura in pretime skip. But 10x worse than Sakura ever was and she was only like..12. Karin is a fan girl. Point blank.

I swear if SasuKarin happens in the manga (Yeah right) than this manga will be dirt. It already has constant plot holes just add the shallowness that is SasuKarin and make it cannon. Naruto has always been a manga about bonds, friendships, and love. It ALWAYS has a valuable lesson to teach us so what would SasuKarin teach us? That the boy gets with the girl who rapes him and want to do him without regrades to a girl who always loved him and been there for him? UGH...NO! If NS got together is pretty much the same thing! The boy got the girl he always loved (yeah right) and the girl gave up on the boy because he's an evil bastard? Ugh...(facepalm)

That would mean Naruto took no thought of Hinata confessions (the one he claims has always been by his side.) and even if he did (Sakura still loves Sasuke) The girl who was there through thick and thin (Sakura) left you for being an evil bastard even though you need her the most. (Honestly Sasuke needs a girl who will be there with him through thick and thin and that's Sakura.)

What i hate the most about NS is the fact that they keep Sasuke is a woman beater. I LAUGH so hard at this. Sakura and Naruto are SHINOBI. Sakura was the one who went after Sasuke in hopes of killing him. You think Sasuke was just going to sit back and let himself be killed? (Roll eyes) He tried to kill Naruto and Sakura! Once again Sakura tried to kill him first and Naruto keeps pursuing him. Sasuke didn't have his head screw on straight because of everything that happened to his clan and him wanting revenge. Seriously...its like NS fan acts like SasuSaku is a couple and Sasuke is ACTUALLY beating her. I think NS fans seems to forget that Sakura is a ninja too but i forgot NS is big on Anti-Sakura and they don't even know it.


If you hate Karin from NARUTO, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list: Pink Crescent Moon, Miyako-hime, XSakuraHarunoX, I'm in love with a Uchiha23, Angel Of Cherry Blossoms, Cherrilatina, CherryBlossoms016, Rayray, Sakura the lover, Sasusakufan2357, Lina Mistress of Elements, xnarutoxrocksx, uchihasakurah26, Nokas-Kokas, NorthernLights25, KunoichruleALL, Kawaiiblossom94, dera-chan, Mai-'-Kawaii-'-Ai,Ebil Chameleon you.broke.a.promise, Hinatakura, Sakuranata, Chibi Shino, Chibi Kabutos,,xkawaiichix, SasukeUchiha911, Piisa, SSH Yin Neko-Hime, SarahiNia, RandomHyuuga, MosukeHinata, Hinatalicious, Uzumaki-Hinata-Uchiha, Seeker-Of-Love

Hello everyone! I haven't been on this site for a very long time and my writing skills have gotten rather rusty! I have to start back writing again to get the feel of writing long passages without making too many mistakes. My mind went blank this morning when i couldn't figure out what to write. I've always had a way to write what was in my mind but my mind was just so blank today! I'm actually starting a new story called. "Lavendar Kiss." or "Vixen." As you can see, i haven't decided what i want the title of the story to be. My fault, i didn't plan to write this story! I really hope my writing skills comes back to or this story will turn out to be a major disaster. lol Omg fail. It took me over five tries to spell the word disaster correctly.

I've decided the new story would be called "Lavendar Kiss Vixen." Here's a sample of how Hinata will be in the story and yes the story will be "NaruHina"

"How about-" Hinata paused, slowly walking over to the boy. "you do all of my homework for me this weekend..and i
give you back something in return."

"And that is?" Konohamaru asked.

She haulted in her steps. Having reached her destination, she leaned on him, and seductively whispered in his ear. "Every piece of me."

A naruhinasasu oneshot! Enjoy!

Hinata blinked the light out her eyes, stretching both of her arms in the air, she yawned. Looking over to her side, she saw a boy with sun kissed blonde spiky hair and tan skin, laying in the bed asleep beside her.

She looked to her right and saw another boy with pale skin, midnight blue hair shaped like a ducks butt, his head was carefully resting on her abdomen.

She whipped the crust from her eyes. Last night was insane!

The boys stayed up all night helping her work on her science project for school. It took hours to get everything done and in preparation, but it finally got done for school tomorrow.

To be continued...


Hello guys! I am so sorry i haven't updated any of my stories in a long time! I will complete them ok? I haven't done it because i simply felt lazy to write them and no one likes a lazy author! Please forgive me. One by one i shall complete my stories! Starting with fluffy fluff gush because this is the last chapter of the story drabbles! And yes i will update Stranger in the rain AND What it means to be a true Hyuga because i know a lot of people freaking loves the story. Anyways, thanks for being so patient with me, and not sending hate mail. Sorry again!

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 4 - Words: 18,074 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 84 - Follows: 95 - Updated: 11/20/2013 - Published: 7/2/2013 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Team Seven, Team Eight
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Jesus is there in your darkest of times and He loves you.
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The Sacred Priestess
On her sixteenth birthday, thing's get a little bit interesting when she gets pulled into another world than her own. Inuyasha crossover-Naruhina. Might make another one.
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Ever heard of the urban legend 'Habanoero Kushina? 'They say if you cut off the lights and say her name five times in the mirror than she will appear behind you and take your life! Well. There's also a similar story related to it..a demon who possessed an orphan boy and now resides in his body as its host, another urban legend. Full summary inside. (Character death)
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One day a girl name Ariel (name meaning in Spirit) was walking all alone in the rain, and in the rain, she saw a boy. He was standing 5'7 nigh high, peering off into a distance, looking to be almost broken. Who is this boy and why does he look so sad? Can Ariel save this boy with the help of God? A love story between an Atheist and a Christian.
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