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Formerly Shiny Silver Eevee. Other accounts will still have that name, and you may still call me Silver on this site. Sorry about the inconvenience. Just wanted to stop being associated with Mary Sue's Adventures in Atreia, which I have come to regret writing, the current version of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: the Shadowed Earth, and my subpar commentaries, which I plan to move to another site.

Name: preferably anonymous. Sorry 'bout that.

Gender: Female

Favorite games: Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, Blade & Soul, and TERA. I'm a bit of a PC fan. I also dab into Rune Factory 4 and mobile anime-style games.

Favorite anime/manga: Sailor Moon, Noragami, CLAMP, and a little bit of shonen ai

Anyone is available to PM me. Whether it's about my stories, reviews, or if you just wanna chat, I'm up to it. Seriously, even loners can get lonely.

I now have a FictionPress: Shiny Silver Eevee

My AO3: Elin_Master_Race

As there are bugs on this site, I am only able to link my FictionPress account, which is barely active. My Tumblr is elin-master-race and my AO3 is Elin_Master_Race. Go search them up.

If you cannot contact me on my , AO3, or Tumblr, use my eail as a last resort. My email is [email protected]


Original notice

I'll be honest here. I've lost all my passion in updating this abomination. I consider the Shadowed Earth something that I made when I was an unexperienced thirteen year old girl. I tried to make something that was supposed to be taken seriously, and I failed at even that. The writing is laughable, Kylen's a Gary Stu, Karma's a Mary Sue, Zygarde is a clichéd villain not even I take seriously, and, to be honest, back when I first started it, I thought it was decent. By my second update, I hated it for the wrong reasons. When I became fourteen, I realized it wasn't mediocre because it was short, it was terrible because of the horrible writing, the bland prose, the poorly handled characters, and the clichéd storyline. I'd go as far to say My Inner Life was better than this. Don't get me wrong, My Inner Life sucked, but at least it's prose wasn't bland. At least it had (slightly) more interesting characters and a storyline that could've been decent. The Shadowed Earth has none of that. I honestly felt I've grown as a writer by now. MSAiA will get it's seventh chapter soon, I'm coming up with creative ideas for stories, so I hope you'll stick with me. I want to show you how much I've improved as a writer, and I'd like to forget about the Shadowed Earth. I want to forget about my low point. I'm sorry for writing such an uninspired story. I hope you all will forgive me. Please. Count on me. I'm improving for sure.

May 2016 update

Welp, I was finally persuaded to rewrite the whole thing. The original version will still be up as a sort of museum of sorts. I haven't started it yet, but I plan on having it at least longer than the original and making Zygarde not so clichéd. When it does get uploaded, I hope you will enjoy it more than the laughably bad original.


When I actually have time, I will get started on the Shadowed Earth rewrite. I'm just a little nervous if it will be just as bad as the original version. I don't really have time to do anything nowadays, as I'm failing all of my classes and getting flooded with homework, but I will try at the very least work on it sometime in the future.

Also, please don't be alarmed by my username. It's actually a joke from the TERA community about how everyone only plays elin characters and not some of the other races.

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