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About Me!

Hello I'm Nightshade Silvermoon, Night for short.

I'm a female fan fiction writer of an age for me to know and you not to find out. I specialize in anime and video game fiction where I can give the main character my own interpretation of their personality (Like with Rune Factory or Undertale) or just make up a whole new main character all together (Like most Pokemon games). I favor writing and reading stories with deep plot, good characters, and something that will take me off guard for once. I love to be taken off guard in a story be it a good or bad turn of events or even sometimes neutral and because it's becoming harder and harder to do I enjoy it more and more.

Most of the time my stories are already planned out (vaguely) from the moment I start to write at least the main plot of it. However I'm always open to ideas and comments on how to do a thing better. Failure is how we grow as writers, I learned that the hard way with the first story I wrote on this account. I deleted it a long time ago for being horrible to every degree that looking back at it would make me cry, but I learned some valuable things. Like why rough drafts are important and why you should always know what you're going to write before you start to write. This is why from time to time I'll redo my stories, so that I can grow as a writer and one day publish something all my own. But until then I'll spend my time entertaining you guys so I can learn(not like I'm good enough to be entertaining yet though).

Like I said earlier most of my fanfiction revolves around anime or video games. The reason is because books just feel like they shouldn't be tampered with. The cover I always felt is just closed, unless it's something like a long and or open series of books that could have something else thrown in. Still I feel like writing fan fics about books just isn't my taste. I like to write from the perspective of, 'if this character of mine was here all this would of happened instead of all this'. Or from the look of 'I really wish all of this happened instead'. That's why I like to go really deep with my plot and characters. And I will admit, I love to terrorize my characters. It's all good in the end, but on the way there it's best you bring a tissue because it will be an emotional ride.

Hope you guys stick around, I've got a lot in store~

Warning! I tend to stray far away from the original story plot and if I keep the cannon plot it will be riddled with my own little details. Another thing is I tend to change the personality of the characters I use to one that fits my needs so I can expand on a character that canonically got no character development. An example is most main game characters. They are left blank slate so the player can project themselves onto them, blank slates don't work for fan fiction so I give them life. (Most characters might end up OOC, but I really don't care that much because they are perfect and right in the cannon of my fan fiction). Please comment on my stories in any way(besides flame) if you feel I can improve or if I did something well. Writers can't grow without feedback.

The Kinds of Shippers

Begging shippers: Only ever on bandwagon ships.

Apprentice shippers: Abandons the ship the moment things get rough.

Average shippers: Only abandons ship when it's fully sunk.

Expert shippers: Goes down with their ship.

Master shippers: Goes down with the ship fighting. Then mess up every other ship in the area before they go down!

Legendary shipper: Their ships never sink, always sail, and are the beginnings of a bandwagon ship. They are the shippers everyone else follows(God knows how they pull it off...)

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