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1) The stuff I wrote like a decade ago on here that I've deleted

2) Annihilation-Verse: a trilogy of 3 syots, starting with the 325th Hunger Games: The Children's Crusade

Annihilation Form


  1. No resubs unless the og author gave you permission or quit the story (and you let me know the situation)

  2. You don’t have to read the prologue (would be cooler if you did, though) but please at least look at the twist and worldbuilding stuff before you submit

  3. This isn’t FCFS, but I’m not too picky and will be closing spots as I get subs. There’ll be somewhere between 14-20 pov tributes total.

Important Notes:

-There are no volunteers

-The gender slots determine who the reaped tribute is, but a girl can end up in the “male” slot and vice-versa (for example, if a boy is reaped and chooses to be replaced by his younger sister)

-Ages should range from 7-18

-Twins (or triplets) count as younger siblings both ways

-Read the worldbuilding note for the district you’re submitting to (and the two Panem ones too probably)

-Each district has only one mentor, and these mentors are going to play a big part in the story. It might be worthwhile to read the 500 or so word prologue drabble of the victor for your tribute's district. Who knows, it might even spark an idea for a character.




District (and any suitable backups)


Appearance (things not shown by faceclaim)

Personality Summary (1 sentence)

Strengths (4-6 mental)


Backstory (1-3 paragraphs)

Were they reaped or chosen



How they approach their district team:

Pre-games strategy

Alliance strategy

Games strategy

Preferred Weapon

Rate the following from 1-10. . .






-Fighting Skill with weapon

-Fighting skill without weapon

-Willingness to kill

Worldbuilding Notes

State of the Hunger Games: The Hunger Games themselves remain mostly unchanged, but the pre-games have seen a significant overhaul with the goal of adding more excitement and allowing Panem to get a better feel for the tributes’ personalities. The current pre-games schedule:

Day 1: Reaping, Trains
Day 2: Trains, Welcome Gala (a meet and greet/dinner where the elite of the Capitol get the opportunity to meet the tributes)
Day 3: Capitol Tours (tributes are split into small groups and then taken on guided tours throughout the Capitol to see the sights and meet potential fans)
Day 4: Training
Day 5: Private Interviews and Sessions, Score Reveal (in addition to the standard private session, tributes also have a private interview with the Head Gamemakers)
Day 6: Rest Day
Day 7: Block Party (a party open to the entire Capitol, complete with games, drinks, and live music)
Day 8: Launch

Panem: While parts of Panem are still little better than they were at the time of the Dark Days, some districts have begun to flourish. Technological and medical advancements have slowly begun to reach the districts, with some districts beginning to shift away from reliance on a single industry. The richest districts still can’t match the wealth of the Capitol, but their living conditions are comparable to modern day. The positive Hunger Games culture of the Capitol and core districts has begun to spread. While the most outer districts still despise the Games, sentiments have begun to shift in the middle districts, with many seeing the Hunger Games as an opportunity for upward mobility. The Capitol has opened up a state-run training academy in all twelve districts, though attendance numbers vary.

District One: The richest of the districts has seen little change in recent years. Along with District Two, they remain the premier Career district. Nearly all kids go to school at the prestigious training academies of the district starting as young as age 5. Poverty is rare in the district thanks to automated mining, with the primary industries revolving around luxury items, training centers, entertainment, and the arts. District One never fails to produce two volunteers.

District Two: Games culture is stronger in District Two than anywhere else in Panem. Unlike District One, poverty, unemployment, and crime are rampant in District Two. The academies of the district are seen as a ticket out of the otherwise rough life of District Two, with selected students funneled by age fourteen into either Peacekeeper or Training academies. District Two never fails to produce two volunteers.

District Three: District Three is one of the wealthier districts, with a high standard of living for the middle and upper classes, although it still has a sizable poor working class. Training academies have begun opening up in the poorer parts of the district, though Three still cannot reliably produce volunteers.

District Four: Once a proud Career district, Four has taken a hit in recent times. Only able to produce one volunteer on average per year, the training academies have begun to see record low attendance. The most isolated of all districts, Four is unique in its lack of centralization. District Four is the largest district by land area, yet its population is only middling as the people of District Four are spread out in small fishing villages along the coast. The main city of the district has grown in recent times, but is still small in comparison to other districts.

District Five: The second wealthiest district in Panem, District Five is also the second smallest in Panem, with a sizable gap between it and the third smallest. While a single training academy does exist, it has yet to produce any volunteers. The population of District Five is concentrated in a single medium-sized city, notable for its lack of skyscrapers or tall buildings. While there exists income inequality in District Five, it has the least poverty and near-zero unemployment.

District Six: District Six has commonly throughout history been the poorest and most crime-ridden of the districts. Recent years have seen progress, however, with a major sector of the district seeing a revitalization with a renewed focus on education and medicinal products. The center of the district is nearly entirely run by crime organizations and riddled with rampant drug use, however the outer edges of the district are reminiscent of District Five. A single Capitol-funded academy exists in the heart of District Six (one of the few places in the center of the district with constant Peacekeeper presence), and there is commonly one or even two volunteers, though many of the volunteers aren’t trained.

District Seven: The second largest district by land area, District Seven is similar to Four in many ways, with numerous small villages spread out across the district. However, unlike District Four, District Seven has a bustling major city at the center of the district. While not as wealthy as Five or as large as Six, the city has found a healthy balance between the two. The majority of the population, however, still lives in the small lumber villages. District Seven is on its way to becoming a third Career district. Training is common, with one volunteer coming roughly every other year, and most being trained.

District Eight: The largest district by population, District Eight is a single massive urban megacity. However, unlike District Six, which has spread outwards, District Eight has built upward. The district has narrow streets and massive, towering skyscrapers connected via sky bridges. Most of the district rarely if ever goes outside due to the intense air pollution. Poverty and illness is worse than anywhere else in Panem, with crime lagging behind only District Six. Generally speaking, the higher floors of the skyscrapers are reserved for the wealthier upper class, while the lowest floors house the poorest in the district. Similar to District Six, it’s common for District Eight to have one volunteer, though few are trained.

District Nine: For much of its history, District Nine was the only district without any single urbanized city center. That remains true in some senses, though the population no longer consists of solely isolated villages (though they remain a sizable part of the population). The majority of the district lives in the suburban towns that cover the area surrounding the small city center. Crime is the lowest in all of Panem, and although the district has little excess wealth, it has incredibly low poverty rates, particularly within its suburbia. Academy attendance is lowest here out of the entire nation, and volunteers are incredibly rare.

District Ten: The third smallest district by population, District Ten has seen a recent surge in wealth and population due to the increased production of lab-grown meat. The district is currently in the process dismantling the mega-farms that used to sustain the district. District Ten has also rapidly industrialized and centralized, with a new focus on education and science. Though academy attendance is still relatively high, it has plummeted in the past few years, and volunteers are exceedingly rare.

District Eleven: Only surpassed by District Eight and Six, District Eleven is exceedingly poor, though recent years have seen a shift. A blossoming middle class is emerging within the scattered towns of District Eleven, and automation is slowly eradicating the working class of the district. In response, the district has begun experimenting with other industries, including but not limited to: medicinal products, energy production, vertical farming, and entertainment. Volunteers are exceedingly rare.

District Twelve: While District Twelve is still the smallest of the districts, it no longer is plagued with the intense poverty of its early years. The industry long ago shifted entirely from coal mining to medicinal production. While poverty is no longer as striking of an issue, the district still remains poor, with little to no upper class to speak of. Academy attendance is high, though the academy is unique among all in Panem in its focus being almost entirely on fitness and education, rather than training for the Hunger Games. The last volunteer in District Twelve was 32 years ago.

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