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Hello, all it's me Wheelz aka RavenxWill it's been a while since I've been back to Fanfiction. This is interesting. As you can see by the timer I came here in '04 I think I was 12 lol. Now I'm 15. Back when I was here my writing was funny but overall sloppy. I was (and still am) a hot head that got offended from stupid shit. I like to think I've matured. Well I have been writing since I last left here in the summer of '05. And It will be my pleasure to publish these works for everyone to see.

For the record, below are the bio's of my Original Characters. All my writing has these characters in it so...get to know them well. Welcome to the Iron Wolves.

Name: Wheelz Jay
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: 5'6, 140 Pounds, Long Dirty Blond Hair, Hazel Eyes, Race: Sayian
Signature Move: Energy Wheelz Summary: Wheelz is a young boy of the age of 15. Although Wheelz was originally normal. During his 13th birthday his Sayian Powers awoken. Wheelz is thought to be the most powerful Sayian in the Universe. Not only this Wheelz is even rumored to be king to another planet. Wheelz has strong ties to the Lion and the Wolf. Even though Wheelz is powerful he is often cocky, however when it is time to be a true hero he truly shines. Wheelz's brother is Blujay.

Name: Viper Vizjara Age: 15 Gender: Male Description: 5'6, 150 Pounds,Short Black Hair, Green Eyes Race???? Signature Move: Stab of 1000 Assassins Summary: Viper Vizjara is a child prodigy that quickly reached the top of his classes. Like Wheelz he was found here, but is truly not from this planet. Viper founded the Iron Wolves with Wheelz. When the originally met at the beginning of each others journey. Viper is very good with his hands and make practically anything he wants. Not only this but Viper is armed with his Ancient Daggers. These Daggers have a magically bond to Viper and conform his spirit into energy. Viper always wonders where he's from. He may never find out. But there is one thing he knows. He wants Infinite Power.

Name: Doubleganger Smith Age: 15 Gender: Female Description: 5'4, 110 Pounds, Long Brunette Hair, Black Eyes Race: Changeling Signature Move: Copycat Attack Summary: Doubleganger was born on an unknown planet and unlike both Wheelz and Viper she remembers her childhood quick fluently. However she does not like to share it. Her planet perished when she was five and she was sent to earth. On earth Doubleganger quickly learned that her power to change came in handy, and even more interesting was the creatures that inhabited earth called, animals. Doubleganger joined the Wolves because she had the legendary power, and also has a soft spot for Viper. Doubleganger also hopes one day she will find her brother.

Name: Blujay
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: 6'2, 160 Pounds, Short Black Hair, Blue Eyes
Race: Sayian
Signautre move: Whirly Birds Summary: Blujay is Wheelz's older brother. Now Blujay remembers all of there planet Garlack. He also knows how it died. Blujay is the opposite of Wheelz. He is wise, and smart. Even with this there power is very evenly matched. Blujay strives to surpasses his brother. Although he has to be the adult, there are times when he shows Wheelz's blood in his system. Blujay joined the Wolves as soon as he found Wheelz.

Name: Scruffy Age: 17 Gender: Male Description: 6'4, 200 Pounds, Long Black Hair, Grey Streaks, Red Eyes Race: 50 Sayian 50 Were-Wolf Signature Move: Wolf's Grin Summary: Scruffy 2nd to Blujay is the oldest of the Wolves. True to the name, Scruffy is an actual Were-Wolf, and part Sayian giving him many strengths as well as weaknesses. Scruffy joined the wolves to guard Wheelz as he was born for the duty of being his guardian. Scruffy knows much about his present, but is new to the customs of people, as in the past he had lived with wolves.

Those are the current Iron Wolves although they are strong there is always an anti to the pro. So I now present you with the Iron Wolves most arch-enemies. Rio and Driffts.

Name: Driffts Age: 15 Gender: Male Description: 5'8, 150 Pounds, Long Brown Hair, Black Eyes Race: Sayian Signature Move: Speed Demon Blast Summary: Driffts came to earth to conquer it much like most sayians. To his surprise he met Wheelz. There he prepared to tear his to shreds. However it didn't exactly work. Driffts was left wounded with Rio by his side. They both made it there objective to beat these wolves, and calm the title as the strongest in the universe. Driffts is very strong, and often rivals Wheelz with his mighty powers.

Name: Rio Age: 15 Gender: Female Description: 5'5, 115 Pounds, Long Brunette Hair, Blue Eyes Race: Sayian Signature Move: Sayian Spirt Smash Summary: Rio is a very smart girl, who's attractive to say the least. She is always by Driffts side. Rio is very strong for a girl. In fact, she is the only Sayian female to reach the ability of Super Sayian, and further. Although she is with Driffts on the evil side of things. She always considers switching sides, and sometimes helps Wheelz in particular. Because she has a spot in her heart occurred for him.

Well that's my list of Original Characters. I would just like to say I hope you enjoy my stories whether or not the include these characters. I work very hard on everything I write and think that any story has possibility to be good. Thanks.

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