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Author has written 4 stories for Company of Heroes, and Girls und Panzer/ガールズ&パンツァー.

I have a passionate interest in World War II, its events, the tech and the personalities, which ended up making me start this project I'm posting in this site.

Hope you enjoy the new Episode! Thank you for your support and comments!

I have some explaining to do...

...because you deserve it. Gosh, for how long haven't I posted here? Life takes its turns. After re-writing the last few chapters of Episode 4 I kept being aghast with how badly I was failing in keeping up with the quality I intended for this story. I grew demotivated, but that wasn't the reason why I stopped posting. Honestly, I got a new job IRL, a job that pays the bills but soaks up my time like you won't believe it. Furthermore I still had some lingering projects with some friends and some other stuff I wanted to do. Slowly, I kind of stopped having time for this.

It made me feel really bad, because I was really enjoying Heimatfront, and how it was turning out.

I stopped paying attention to FF.Net for a while, but then something caught my eye, childish as it might seem: I noticed people around the web were paying attention to this. This awareness came to me recently. Moved by a bit of nostalgia and curiosity, I checked on TV Tropes and saw what people were writing there about this small project of mine. I touched me, it really did. I cannot truly describe what I felt... I can only say, 'thank you' to whoever wrote those notes and reviews. You made me realize I have been neglecting not only those who have found Heimatfront interesting, but also those who have helped me make it so. Regardless of the reasons, it is something I feel the need to atone for.

So, I hereby declare I intend to come back to finish this saga, hard and dark as it might be. I cannot of yet promise when will new chapters be posted, but I hope it happens sooner than later.

To those who may feel I've forsaken them and their help I can only say 'I'm sorry. I'll do my best to not let you down ever again'.



1 - This is a fanwork made for fun and to spread the love for all things Girls Und Panzer and History around. Girls Und Panzer belongs to its legal owners, as well as its characters and story. Also the show is awesome and you should really buy the DVDs.

2 - All similarities between real people live or dead (including the pen name) is a coincidence and completely unintentional.

3 – In spite of this being a fanwork, several changes were made to the story and characters in order to fit the time period chosen to set the story in.

4 - Although this work was made according with real-life events, some liberties were taken to help the plot take shape. This includes some of the internal politics of the BDM, for example. If you see something that is blatantly anachronistic it’s most probably intentional. Otherwise it’s because of critical research failures. Oops!

5 - This work does not subscribes any ideological or political idea except the notion of the sanctity of human life and how useless is to consume it due to petty grievances. We should know better already.

6 – Keep 5 in mind! I will not tolerate racism or extremist ideologies in the comments!

7 – Finally, I’m very poor. Suing me would bring good to no-one. *sad face*

Possible OST

Intro - Sirenia, Twilight In Your Eyes

Insert - Van Canto, Neuer Wind

Outro - Xandria, Who We Are

About the characters' names

As I explain in the author's nomes, I've felt the need to be more history-accurate than anime-accurate, so after long deliberation I decided to change the character's names to something that sounded as similar to the original as possible but which could also be fitting to the German culture of the first half of the 20th Century. In a way this almost brings this work into original work territory, but I decided it would be cooler to share it with you all.

I will eventually present a compreensive list of characters, as this piece has all but entered the Loads and Loads of Characters territory.

Anime Characters

BDM personnel

Anni Schon

Emi Niedermayer

Baderberg girls

Anglerfish Team

Commander – Maria Nitzschmann

Gunner – Hanna Opel

Loader – Ysabelle Ackerman

Driver – Meike Reinhard

Radio-operator – Simone Tammeke

Turtle Team

Radio-operator – Anja Konigsberg

Gunner – Monica Kaiserling

Driver – Ursel Koehne

Hippo Team

Commander – Erwin Morgenstern

Gunner – Killian Sundermann

Loader – Caesar Porsche

Driver – Tamara Nothnagel

Rabbit Team

Commander – Augusta Sauer

Driver – Karina Schumacher

Radio-operator – Jule Uthman

Gunner 75mm – Saskia Münchberg

Loader – Aaron Janke

Gunner 37mm – N/A

Duck Team

Commander – Noemi Jonke

Gunner – Anke Saks

Driver – Constanze Kaulitz

Radio-operator – Tabea König

Mallard Team

Commander – Master Sergeant Alexander Louis Aschenbrenner

Loader – Private Midgard Sotto

Gunner – Private Paz Köppen

Driver – Private Moritz Götz

Leopon Team

Commander/ radio-operator – Sergeant Martin Navrátilová

Gunner – Corporal Nico Hössler

Loader – Private Michael Sulzberger

Driver – Private Wolfgang Tjessen

Anteater Team

Commander – Corporal Rolf Niekisch

Gunner – Private Peter Myrthenbaum

Loader – Private Christof Patten


77th Panzergrenadier Battalion

Colonel Royce Messner

Corporal Jean Kirstein

Corporal Eren Jäger

Grenadier Armin Arlert

Red Army

Pravda Company (1st Ukrainian Front)

Lieutenant Yekaterina Fiodorovna Zaitseva

Sergeant Nonna Artyomovna Agapova

Western Allies

American 117th Armored Regiment (Saunders)

Private Luke Alisa


German Civilians

Wolfgang Nitzschmann (Maria's father)

Sarah Nitzschmann (Maria's mother)

Allied Civilians

Darjeeling of Orange

Original Characters

BDM personnel

Agnes Pförter


British Second Army

Captain David Blake

American 117th Armored Regiment (Saunders)

Colonel Jeremy Kay

Lieutenant Isaac Tatum

Lieutenant Michael Mignogna

Private First-Class Crispin Freeman

Fanfic Recomendations

Girls Und Panzer

Necessary To Win

A Friend Amongst Enemies

Girls und Panzer: Beschatten Wächter Abtrennung


Eva Possibilities and Fusion Pandemonium

Hot Fuzz

Tiberium Wars

Zulu Squad No Tsukaima

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