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Hi, it's David. I'm 21. I'm a college student majoring in elementary education. I live in Tennessee but grew up in Minnesota. I go to school in Virginia and am majoring in creative writing while looking to become a middle school teacher.

I'm 22. I'm a 3rd grade teacher and aspiring author in the process of publishing my first piece of original fiction, a novella called Tired Dreamers that'll be in print sometime mid-late 2022. I like to work, drink, sleep, read, and write, in that order.

Touch the Sky Tribute List:

D1: May Redding, 15 (ANTonio-banderas)
D1: Pierre Bijou, 18

D2: Ethan Faber, 17 (CelticGames4)
Everly Amata, 18 (sock-feet-and-stirring-sand)

D3: Ariya Arden, 18 (Firedawn'd)
Eliya Atkins, 18

D4: Ainsley Maris Sims, 18 (optimisms)
D4: Arno Dupont, 18 (AmericanPi)

D5: Kyler Valde, 18 (CozenCraze)
Cambria Orwell, 16

D6: Azai Zoltankild, 16
D6: Kiera Polski, 15

D7: Epzo Starr, 18
D7: Morah Beau, 13

D8: Alyssane Winter, 12
D8: Basila Romero, 13

D9: Cyrus Till, 14
D9: Elias Briton, 14

D10: Jedediah Stine, 15
Thomas "Thom" Easton, 18 (SongofFete)

D11: Ceeja Giles, 15
Lakin Alcala, 15

D12: Tamika "Mika" Nakahara, 12 (foxfox12)
D12: Vesta Brigarde, 18 (ladyqueerfoot)


Realized that I have a pretty large amount of fics in my library (double digits, idk when that happened) and so I've decided I should probably explain the state of the different verses of my stories since they aren't all a part of the same one.

Ignore it (Careless Whisper, Too Young to Fight)

CW is a parody in case it wasn't obvious and TYTF was written when I was in middle school and completely unrelated to the rest of the stories bc the verse was boring and the story sucks.

The Choice(?) Verse (Role Model, No Apologies, Last of Us, The New Generation)

Question mark in the title because IDK what the verse title is. Starting with the 100th Hunger Games and going forward, this is the main verse.

The Temple of Empires (Elevate)

On hold, possibly temporarily possibly permanently. Tells the story of the 500th Hunger Games and beyond, focusing on the crown family of Panem. Possibly a continuation of the Choice Verse, possibly not.

Panem et Sanguine (Panem et Sanguine: No Apologies)

A side verse that will go throughout the years of the Games from their start to finish to tell the history of the Hunger Games. An AU that's somewhat linked with the Choice Verse.

Touch the Sky

An AU one-off set during the 105th that re-imagines the ending of No Apologies

My Tributes(3:31 Victor:Death ratio)

(also wtf I've had over 30 tributes get placed and only filled half of the 24 possible finishing positions. 4th, 12th, and 18th alone are 2/3rds of my placements. That's some weird voodoo shit. Or people are peeping my placements and trolling me)

The Capitol

'Do Something Crazy'

18-Davis Eques- District 10 male- Camouflage: The 172nd Hunger Games- later.glader

~Tonight I'm going stupid
Doing things I've never done
We all got one thing in common
We just wanna have fun, hey~

'High Hopes'

12-Ariela Sky- District 5 female- Camouflage: The 172nd Hunger Games- later.glader

~Mama said
Fulfill the prophecy
Be something greater
Go make a legacy~

'Cough Syrup'

18- Alyssa Barden- District 6 female- The 141st Hunger Games: Playing with Capitalism- Platrium

~Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm coming up now, coming up now out of the blue oh
These zombies in the park they're looking for my heart oh oh oh oh
A dark world aches for a splash of the sun oh oh~

'Hey Now Now'

18- Amiah Amaryllis- District 5 female- Sons of Light: The 128th Hunger Games- CelticGames4

~Don't let mistakes be so monumental
And don't let your love be so confidential
And don't let your mind be so darn judgmental
And please let your heart be more influential~

'How Far I'll Go'

17- Lydia Leah- District 1 enby- Only Time Will Tell: The First Centennial- goldie031

~I've been staring at the edge of the water
'Long as I can remember, never really knowing why~

'Never Enough'

18- Jaesa Briton- District 1 female- Only Time Will Tell: The First Centennial- goldie031

~Towers of gold are still too little
These hands could hold the world but it'll
Never be enough~


'House of Gold'

18- Lola Claiborne- District 4 female- Proshivat' Vovremya- TheMayflyProject

~Let's say we up and left this town
And turned our future upside down
We'll make pretend that you and me
Lived ever after happily~

'The Giving Tree'

18- Sadiq Almana- District 12 male- Clandestine Operations- optimisms

~If all you wanted was love
Why would you use me up
Cut me down, build a boat, and sail away~

'Gene Kelly'

18- Leah Godwin- District 7 female- Withered Hope: The 24th Annual Hunger Games- tracelynn

~And though ambition is a virtue, and desire can breed a king
There's no reaction without action. There's no life if you don't sing~

'I'm Born to Run'

18- Remington "Remmie" van Lieu- District 3 operative- The Art of War- District11-Olive

~Stranger things have come and gone
To see the world and take the throne
Don't hold back
Oh, I won't hold back~

'I Want It All'

18- Isamu Nomura- District 1 male- A Prisoner's Dilemma: The 110th Annual Hunger Games- Mags2000

~Listen all you people, come gather round
I gotta get me a game plan, gotta shake you to the ground
But just give me, huh, what I know is mine~

'Five Foot Three'

13- Maleek Alami- District 8 male- A Prisoner's Dilemma: The 110th Annual Hunger Games- Mags2000

~Say if I had the world in the palm of my hand
And if I had the sphinx in his ocean of sand
Say if I had the Land on a map on my desk
I would take all the hurt and then give you the rest~


14- Tracee Shay- District 9 female- Rashomon: The 124th Hunger Games- CozenCraze

~I'm gonna move I'm gonna celebrate
I might be gettin older but the kid in me stays
Yeah staying young's got nothin to do with your age
Yeah stayin young's got nothin to do with your age~


17- Finnegan "Finn" Styx- District 6 male- Acta Sanctorum: 4th Quell Revisited- Little Knight Mik

~I live life without pretending
I'm a sucker for happy endings~

'It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy'

18- Cicero Bastille- District 2 male- Acta Sanctorum: 4th Quell Revisited- Little Knight Mik

~It's not right, it's not right
How am I the only one who sees us fight?
What are we?
Who are they?
Who says those bastards don't deserve to pay?~

'Goldfish Crackers'

18- Akali Cain- District 2 female- Sand and Snow: The 68th Hunger Games- Avery-writes-stuff

~I just wanna waste a day
I just want another may
I just make it go away
I been thinking what to say
Now I'm kinda lookin forward to the right life
I already know who's comin with me back home~


16- Ellie Callas- District 5 female- Sand and Snow: The 68th Hunger Games- Avery-writes-stuff

~Now I'm screaming at you
Because you're screaming at me
And now we're so hypocritical critical~


14- Florian Sawyer- District 9 male- Sand and Snow: The 68th Hunger Games- Avery-writes-stuff

~Tryin' to disconnect, thinking maybe you could show me
If there's so many people here, then why am I so lonely?~


18- Virginia "Jyn" Barden- District 6 female- Tragedy Born Anew: The Second 1st Hunger Games- BeeBoo15

~You get in my way, I'ma feed you to the monster
I'm normal during the day, but at night, turn to a monster
When the moon shines like Ice Road Truckers
I look like a villain outta those blockbusters~


15- Taliyah Naph- District 5 female- Tragedy Born Anew: The Second 1st Hunger Games- BeeBoo15

~I do not belong here
You all clearly do
But I'm a good pretender
So I'm just like you~

18- Fritz Castilla- District 6 male- Marked: The 125th Annual Hunger Games- Son of Arryn

18- Sara Drakos- District 7 female- Marked: The 125th Annual Hunger Games- Son of Arryn

17- Callie Sideras- District 2 female- The Gamemaker's Murder: The 189th Hunger Games- DachshundLover04

18- Journey Sideras- District 2 male- The Gamemaker's Murder: The 189th Hunger Games- DachshundLover04

18- Sloane Laurier- ???- Mors Vincit Omnia- twistedservice

18- London Miller- Contestent 013- In the Core- District11-Olive

18- Julian Lindham- "District 9"- Phantasm- JabberjayHeart

18- Akira Sanada- District 2 male- ???

Graveyard(Aka the field of fallen Cinnamon Rolls. . . and a couple psychopaths)

17- Marshall Clyde- Midwest Male- Home Of The Brave 2- IVolunteerAsAuthor

2nd Place. Kills-3. He was the first tribute since Lux(2 or 3 years back) that I've actually thought had a chance to win. He wasn't a good guy by any stretch of the imagination, but in an arena full of monsters he was really just a hot-headed kid who made a few mistakes. Also, holy crap a tribute of mine that actually got kills, is this real life? While 2nd place stung a bit, the upwards trajectory in Caleb SYOTs is biding well for CLB3 Reign. RIP

12- Carolina Marie- District 12 Female- Crash Landing: Book Three- IVolunteerAsAuthor

4th Place. Kills-1. Is it bad that this is the worst I've ever felt about a character dying? She was the obvious victor up until she suddenly wasn't. She was a complete psychopath, a manipulative, intelligent villain that was willing to do anything to further herself. She smacked her own head on a railing and pinned it on her district partner, then killed him at the bloodbath. She manipulated numerous people into an alliance with her and used them as meat shields. She managed to figure out how to abuse the AI in the arena to keep herself alive. But in the end, as smart, manipulative, and driven as she may have been, she was still just twelve, and couldn't stop a Career from snapping her neck. Thank to Caleb for bringing to life my favorite character I've ever made, and RIP to my psychopathic little scumbag, I'll miss you.

17- Finnegan "Finn" Styx- District 6 male- Ad Mortem- Little Knight Mik

4th Place. Kills-0. Honestly, he was just undeserving of the Games. Finn was a fantastic older brother, a kid who was too heroic and kind for his own good, and paid the price for it over and over again. His moments with Morg were brilliant and heartbreaking, and his so avoidable death was soul shattering, after he managed to make it so, so close to victory despite everything else. RIP

15- Jarvis Stark(AWWW YEAAA)- District 3 male- The 72nd Hunger Games SYOT- someoneorother

4th Place. Kills-0. Not much to him. His name is sick. No idea how he got 4th. RIP

18- Holiday Sirena- District 9 Female- Reign- IVolunteerAsAuthor

4th Place. Kills-0. 4th place is popular for me, isn't it? Holiday was probably the most realistic character I'll ever make. She was a good person, but was terrified at the idea of death, and this drove her to be willing to do things she otherwise wouldn't have. Honestly, I have nobody to blame for her not being my first victor other than myself. I sorta disappeared on this story, and it cost her. Sorry Holly, I usually like ending these with a positive, but really, nothing to say for her lol. She was terrified of death and then died, not much nice to say. You were a great character though, and I loved exploring a tribute that was morally grey for a change. RIP

16- Cassandra Arellius- District 2 female- Third Quarter Quell: The Seventy-Fifth Annual Hunger Games- YJ Harper Row

4th Place. Kills-1. I literally cannot quantify how much I hate the number four at this point lmao. But jokes aside, 4th place is pretty great for Cass. She's a real old tribute, my original submission for Overlooked before Lauren and I realized Marek and Jarvis were way better, and then my Senseless tribute until we realized Sky was better. She's a good character, but just not a very flash one. Getting fourth place, and having both my characters in this story place top 4, is already far surpassing my expectations. You did good, Cass, at least now you get to meet your brother again. Say hi to Eitan up there for me. RIP

18- Lenita Young- District 2 female- Predestination Paradox: The 310th Hunger Games- Nautics

4th Place. Kills-3. My three placements this story were 4th, 12th, and 18th. I love Lenita and should be sad but honestly my curse is just so impressive at this point I can't even be mad. She was dope though. RIP

15- Lux Sephina- District 5 female- A Shot in The Dark- The 71st Hunger Games- nevergone4ever

5th Place. Kills-0. My first character, she's a normal person with a good heart, which obviously isn't going to win you the games. She did her best though, and it was a blast reading a story actually get finished, this story spoiled the hell out of me for a long time. RIP

18- Luxana Leblanc- District 1 female- And We Run- contemporarydancer2

6th Place. Kills-2. Luxana was such a sweetheart. She was way too kind to be a Career, but she was forced in due to the pressure she put on herself. In the end she was a good person that held together the Career pack, and was one of my favorite characters, and one that I'm really sad to see go, even though she had a good run and died being true to who she was. RIP

16- Atticus Faux- District 9 male- Royal Blood: The 110th Hunger Games- MRKenn

7th Place. Kills-1. Like Arc, a normal guy who's forced into a tough situation when his parents leave the picture and make him take over in raising his siblings. He had to grow up too fast, and in the games he went through more hell than he deserved. Good job on taking down a Career bud, and hopefully your siblings do alright without you. RIP

13- Jinx Holiday- District 10 female- Wayward: The 113th Hunger Games- TheEngineeringGames

7th Place. Kills-4. Why do I always get hurt the most by my little sociopaths? Jinx just wanted to be a good person, the fact that she had a very warped concept of good and bad isn't really her fault. At least she got her Nerf Bazooka, and caused some chaos. You'll always be remembered for those ridiculous RP CAH sessions. RIP

15- Tristan Sol- District 12 male- And We Run- contemporarydancer2

10th Place. Kills-0. Another doomed donut off to the slaughter. Tristan was such a good guy, and his optimism even in the face of tragedy and hardship made him such a compelling character that I grew really attached to. I knew he was always gonna die, and I'm just glad I got to see him go as far as he did. RIP

14- Arc Malvina- District 4 Male- History Repeats Itself- Author of Ice and Fire

12th Place. Kills-0. An average guy who underestimated himself and died in a very unfortunate way due to a temporarily laps in courage. Shoutout to the author, the story is still in progress and is IMO the best story I've read on this site, so make sure to check it out! RIP

15- Elysia Hall- District 6 female- Make Me a Match: The 125th Hunger Games- goldie031

12th Place. Kills-0. Another of my helpless, too pure for this world kids tributes that I went through a spree of making for a while. Really, she was just a nice kid who got driven to a morphine addiction due to bullying, and didn't deserve to be put in the situation she did. Also, screw Garnet for picking someone who wanted to go into the games over her. Dick move bro. RIP

13- Sky Odum- D9 Female- Senseless- TheEngineeringGames

12th Place. Kills-0. Gah, poor Sky. She really just had a shitty life. She never got a happy moment, and was doomed to be an angsty mess from the moment I made her. I don't even have much to say for her, even though she's one of my favorite characters ever. Poor Sky, I'm sorry, you deserved better, you were really the peak of my "I have to design my characters as if I were a masochist" phase. RIP

14- Maverick Nash- District 8 male- Champion of Destruction: The 96th Hunger Games- CelticGames4

12th Place. Kills-1. Back to back 12th places, apparently I make a lot of very average tributes cause 12-13 is popular for me lol. I would say Maverick could be described as anything but average though. I loved the guy when I first made him, which was like. . . 7 years ago? Then like 6 failed stories later he at least got a summary ending, which is good enough for me to put this guy to rest. He's a kid who tries to act tough because he's been forced to do some awful things that's put him in a terrible position, when really he's just a scared little kid. Sorry buddy. RIP

18- Jasper Pearce- District 9 male- Danzón: The 125th Hunger Games- CelticGames4

12th Place. Kills-0. Speaking of too pure for this world. . . yeah. So, it's actually kind of funny he turned into everyone thinking he's a cinnamon roll, since he's literally me IRL with a cheating girlfriend added in. Like, I base characters on myself all the time, but this one is ACTUALLY me. I don't really know what to say, I should be really sad about this death, considering how much I poured myself into him, but I'm kind of okay with it. I'm not sure if it's because I love June so much and have hopes for her winning, or whether I've just completely given up on having a victor with how many tributes of mine have and soon will be falling. Either way, Jasper will always hold a special place in my heart as. . . well, me. RIP

18- Jarvis Stark(fk ya)- District 3 male- Overlooked: The 149th Hunger Games- TheEngineeringGames

12th Place. Kills-0. The character so good I had to use his name twice. I've had a lot of characters that have been big cinnamon rolls, and lovable, and angsty messes, but he just takes the cake. Even from his intro my heart was broken for this kid, and while I've loved all of my characters, this guy holds a special place in my heart as the best character I'll probably ever create. He's just a complete mess, a great person who's done bad things that they regret, and is lost in this world. While seeing him face the raven broke my heart, I'm glad that at least he died at peace with what he had done, and more importantly, who he was. Thank you Lauren for bringing to life this monumental character, and turning him into something truly special. RIP

17- Epsilon "Church" Church- District 9 Capital Partner- Ad Mortem- Little Knight Mik

12th Place. Kills-2. You got shit on a bit bud, and your death was absolutely brutal, but in the end, you were fighting for a just cause. You just wanted your sister to be okay, and in the end your efforts might have saved her life. While it's awful you never got to see Sarah again, at least you didn't completely die in vain. RIP.

18- Achilles Castille- District 2 male- Predestination Paradox: The 310th Hunger Games- Nautics

12th Place. Kills-3. You were an asshole toxic Career, but you were a fun one. You were always built to propel Lenita and drive her character arc, but you were still fun while you were around. You placing 12th is both depressing and fucking hilarious, which is pretty much you summed up, so it's fitting. RIP.

18- Slater Hematite- District 5 male- Into Thin Air: The Forty-Second Hunger Games- LadyCordeliaStuart

15th Place. Kills-1. On the outside he seemed like a complete douche. A psychopath career that was overall typical. But on the inside he wasn't an awful person, and was really just fighting hard to provide a better life for his daughter. Hopefully at least she gets a happily ever after, I'm sure that would make it all worth it for him. RIP

17- Jayce Newman- District 5 male- Blow Me over: The 22nd Annual Hunger Games SYOT- Tracelynn

18th Place. Kills-0. Probably my favorite tribute so far that's kicked the bucket, yet one of the ones I feel most at peace with. Because of his terminal illness I never had any intentions of him winning(him being the only character I've made with no hopes of victory), so even if going in the bloodbath was a bit earlier than I had hoped, the way that he died made it worth it. It wasn't some climactic epic battle, some huge explosion, or grandiose self-sacrifice. It was a quiet, simple mistake that caused him to accidentally save his ally Miriam's life, taking his own in the process. He didn't get an epic final speech, or a cool one-liner for his final words. He died quietly, peacefully, and with the knowledge that even in his death he did some good. Jayce, while I may not weep over your death, I'm sure as hell gonna miss you. RIP

17- Kyle Timmons- District 10 male- Free Falling: The 31st Hunger Games- IVolunteerAsAuthor

18th Place. Kills-1(WITH A FUCKING SHOE!). You were a simple character, both in terms of intelligence and complexity, but that's part of why I loved you so much. You were just a normal guy with a big heart that got drug into something far beyond him. Also you killed Ortheus with a fucking shoe, so while I still don't have a tribute with multiple kills in the games, at least I have one with a totally badass one. RIP

15- Ace Wilder- District 12 male- Lockdown- Burning Stars

18th Place. Kills-1. He was a cool dude. Not much to be seen of him due to his early departure from the games, but he was a funny guy with a bit of a temper that cost him. RIP

38- Elizabeth(Liz) Calico- District 7 female- The Last Lullabies: The 4th Quarter Quell- HogwartsDreamer113

18th Place. Kills-0. No matter how many tributes I ever create, Liz will always stand alone as a unique creation. A sweet lady with a normal life herself, but a very un-ordinary son. While there's a lot of tropes based around family member victors, the mother of a victor is a one I'd never seen before, and thought would be a fun twist. While Liz never had any hopes of victory, being just a polite, quiet mother, her interactions with her son were some of my favorite moments from this great story, and Liz will always stand out in my memory as the tribute of mine who deserved the Games the least. RIP

18- Gareth Emory- District 8 Male- Blackened: The 12th Hunger Games- paperairline

18th Place. Kills-0. Yeah, you were never gonna be a victor my dude. Terrified of everything, but death most of all, but in the end you always have to face the raven. It's too bad you never were able to overcome that fear and accept it, but then again, you never were made to. Sorry dude. RIP

14- Brooklyn Bay- District 12 female- Champion of Destruction: The 96th Hunger Games- CelticGames4(written by Dreamer)

18th Place. Kills-0. 18th place is a real popular one lmao. It's always my innocent babies too. There wasn't too much to Brooklyn, I created her a long while ago, back when all my characters were just friendly little pacifists with no defining character traits, but still, I have a soft spot for those ones. RIP

14- Marek Hall- District 9 male- Overlooked: The 149th Hunger Games- TheEngineeringGames

18th Place. Kills-0. A harmless cinnamon roll that refused to use a weapon and befriended a blind girl. Really, I have nobody to blame but myself for the pain from this one. But as much as it hurt seeing my most innocent character ever get an ax to the side of his head, at least he died valiantly. Without him his district partner would be dead right now, and honestly I couldn't ask for much more from my boy than a meaningful death. You did good, kid. RIP

18- Clara Labeau- District 9 female- Predestination Paradox: The 310th Hunger Games- Nautics

18th Place. Kills-0. Another good one bites the dust. She died cause she had the kindness to heal someone who was hurt, and they responded the favor with killing her. She was too good for the Games, but I'm glad she didn't have to compromise her beliefs in the arena. RIP

15- Gabrielle Sky- District 12 Female- Whims of Fate- CelticGames4

22nd Place. Kills-0. My tributes in Celtic stories really just boom or bust real hard lol. Although this is one that I always knew was going to happen. Gabrielle had to watch the Games turn her sister into a monster, and she resolved that she wouldn't let herself be the same. She refused to play the Capitol's Games, and while it may seem like a pointless sacrifice, it's one that if everybody was willing to make, would end the Games for good. RIP.

14- Ezreal Valois- District 5 Male- Traveler- CelticGames4

24th Place. Kills-0. As much as seeing you go down so early hurts, it's for the best you didn't have to survive the arena. You were the ultimate cinnamon roll. A heart both literally and figuratively too big, you never stood a chance. I connected a lot with Ezreal, and could relate to the struggles he was going through, all the while putting on a smile and never letting anybody know that anything is wrong. Rest easy buddy.

Victor's Village

18- June Fisher- District 9 female- Danzón: The 125th Hunger Games- CelticGames4

Co-victors with Riggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kills-2. I'm still speechless about this. I had almost given up hope on getting a victor at this point, so this was just. . . wow. June turned from a side-character that was a last minute submission to make Jasper more interesting, into my favorite character I've ever created. She started off in such a dark place, broken and insecure and hating herself, a drunk cheater who broke the love her life's heart. But the Games changed her. She's a better person now, and seeing her not only get to win, but allowing Riggs to win with her was such a perfect way for her story in the Games to come to an end. Seeing her reunite with Prentice and Vale, and allow Gian to reunite with Riggs, and helping Gian and Prentice become friends again. . . I couldn't ask for a better end to the Games. If June is the only victor I ever get I'll be happy with that, and no matter how many I end up getting June will always hold a special place in my heart, and not only as the first. Bless Celtic for this spunky, fun, determined, angsty mess, and I can't wait to see what you do with her in the future!

20- Marin Zale- District 4 male- The Last Lullabies: The 4th Quarter Quell- HogwartsDreamer113

VICTOR!!!!! Kills-3. Another oooonnnneeee!!!! Seriously, honestly, I can remember a time when I thought I would never have a victor. I figured it was just the type of characters I submitted, and that I would have to be content seeing my cinnamon rolls all die. I was at about twenty deaths when June finally broke that streak, but through all that time Marin was a character I always held out hope for. I always held onto that hope that he would be the one, and now nearly four years later here we are. Marin is the very first character I ever created, way back in like 2012 or something. He bounced around from story to story as they all got cancelled, until he finally landed here, and I'm so happy that he took his time to find the right place. He was a reluctant Career, volunteering because it was the only way out of a situation where he just wanted to provide for his newborn son. There wasn't any expectation of victory from him, just a hope that his son would get a good life. And now he can make sure of that himself, by going home and getting to raise his son himself. I'm just so giddy that my valid boy actually managed to win. Bless Dreamer for this valid, lovable, selfless, tragic mess, and thank you for raising my Victor's Village population so that June has more than just Mr. Turtle to keep her company.

13- Maisie Rosale- District 9 female- Third Quarter Quell: The Seventy-Fifth Annual Hunger Games- YJ Harper Row

Victor!!!!! Kills-1. WHAT?? Seriously though, let me ask again, WHAT???? This was beyond unexpected. I love Maisie, she's one of those cinnamon roll characters I love making that are sweet, amazing human beings that break my heart when they die. And then she didn't. She won. I'm honestly in shock, but you will not see me complaining. It feels so great to finally see one of my cinnamon rolls make it home, and Maisie might be the most deserving of them all. She's got a long road ahead of her with the rebellion in Panem coming, so her victor life might not be as relaxed as Marin and June's, but with her determination and optimism I'm sure she'll make her way through it. Victor's Village, population: 3??? I still remember thinking I was destined to always have zero. Thank you to YJ for doing Maisie justice, and helping me bring home another winner!

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