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Hey, so you found my profile! You might have found it from one of my (way to many) SYOT's I'm in, one of my SYOT's I've written, or my Character Guide. Either way, stick around, take a look(but not at my first SYOT for your own sake), and keep your eyes peeled for my next SYOT that will be starting up hopefully around June.

Since everyone does one of these things, even though nobody will ever read through this, what the hell why not:

Favorite Book: Runner, Watchmen, and East of Eden(they're all so different I can't just choose one)

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

TV: Doctor who, torchwood, Malcolm in the middle, or Its always sunny in phili(depending on the mood)

Characters: #10, Cap. Jack, Charlie(walk into a bar...)

Ships? Obviously Charlie and Frank(Not checking if this actually exists)

What the hell else do people put here? Anyways, hope y'all had fun. It was real.

Stories In Progress:

24 Series: Early Development- ETA: N/A

Basic idea is that It's going to be set in the Doctor Who universe, since I've never written that and really want to give it a try, with the main character being the final regen of the doctor(24th, hence the name, haha aren't I clever). Gonna play out like it's a season of doctor who with each story in the series being ~40k words and about 7 chapters long. First book will cross over pretty heavily with the book 'Runner' though not many people seem to have read it(doesn't even have a category on the site). After that though it will play out on its own, with a full "season" arc playing out. Probably going to end up being around 10 to 12 stories long, though who knows maybe I'll go all out and do 24 of 'em for the lols. Not gonna release it until I get the whole first story finished so I can make sure to actually give out stable updates for once. Looking for a beta with this so if anyone is interested PM me!

Role Model: Chapter 16: Training Day 2 Part 1- ETA: 2/26

"And for the fourth quarter quell, to remind the districts that when they die, their children die with them, each district will have one tribute reaped of normal age, then paired with a 5-11 year old. If the tribute dies, so does the child, and if the child dies, the tribute will as well."

Set during the 100th Games, basic SYOT package, got some cool ideas for the arena and storylines though, so make sure to stick around and read it if character development and friendship/hurt and comfort are your kind of thing.

My Tributes

In The Games


20- Marin Zale- District 4 male- The Last Lullabies: The 4th Quarter Quell- HogwartsDreamer113

~I'd die for you
That's easy to say
We have a list of people that we would take
A bullet for them
A bullet for you
A bullet for everybody in this room
But I don't seem to see many bullets coming through~

'House of Gold'
38- Elizabeth(Liz) Calico- District 7 female- The Last Lullabies: The 4th Quarter Quell- HogwartsDreamer113

~She asked me, "Son, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when your father turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?"~

'Don't say Goodnight'
17- Jayce Newman- District 5 male- Blow Me over: The 22nd Annual Hunger Games SYOT- Tracelynn

~Take a deep breath and don't be shy
Don't you worry about tomorrow 'cause tomorrow ain't tonight just
Kick back let the universe align~

'Stressed Out'

16- Atticus Faux- District 9 male- Royal Blood: The 110th Hunger Games- MRKenn

~Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out~


14- Maverick Nash- District 8 male- Champion of Destruction: The 96th Hunger Games- CelticGames4

~Welcome to the room of people
Who have rooms of people that they loved one day
Docked away
Just because we check the guns at the door
Doesn't mean our brains will change from hand grenades~

'Ready to Go'
14- Brooklyn Bay- District 12 female- Champion of Destruction: The 96th Hunger Games- CelticGames4(written by Dreamer)

~You've got these little things
That you've been running from
You either love it or guess you don't
You're such a pretty thing
To be running from anyone
A vision with nowhere to go~

'8 Mile'
15- Daniel "Danny" Galvin- District 2 male- A Monument to All Your Sins: The 105th Hunger Games(SYOT)- ZJB3

~Tell my mother I love her, kiss baby sister goodbye
Say whenever you need me baby, I'm never too far
But yo I gotta get out there, the only way I know
And I'ma be back for you, the second that I blow
On everything I own, I'll make it on my own
Off to work I go, back to this 8 Mile Road~

12- Brooklyn "Brook" Cherry- District 12 female- Make Me a Match: The 125th Hunger Games- goldie031

~What would my head be like
If not for my shoulders

Or without your smile
May it follow you forever
May it never leave you
To sleep in the stone,
May we stay lost on our way home~

'This is Gospel'
16- Delilah Ainsley- District 1 female- Make Me a Match: The 125th Hunger Games- goldie031

~If you love me let me go
If you love me let me go

‘Cause these words are knives that often leave scars
The fear of falling apart
And truth be told, I never was yours
The fear, the fear of falling apart~

'Nine in the Afternoon'

15- Elysia Hall- District 6 female- Make Me a Match: The 125th Hunger Games- goldie031

~Your eyes are the size of the moon
You could 'cause you can so you do
We're feeling so good
Just the way that we do
When it's nine in the afternoon~

'Nearly Witches'

18- Jasper Pearce- District 9 male- Danzón: The 125th Hunger Games- CelticGames4

~Ever since we met,
I only shoot up with your perfume.

It's the only thing that makes me feel as good as you do.
Ever since we met,
I've got just one regret to live through.
And that one regret is you~


18- June Fisher- District 9 female- Danzón: The 125th Hunger Games- CelticGames4

~You and me
In our proverbial tree
It's such a mystery
Why you're here (but I can't live without you)
You became
As clear as cellophane
My voice of reasoning
I don't think I can take the way you make me out to be~

'The Judge'

18- Jarvis Stark(fk ya)- District 3 male- Overlooked: The 149th Hunger Games- TheEngineeringGames

~But I'm not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth,
I'm a pro at imperfections and I'm best friends with my doubt,
And now that my mind's out, and now I hear it clear and loud,
I'm thinking, "Wow, I probably shoulda stayed inside my house"~

'Keep Your Head Up'

14- Marek Hall- District 9 male- Overlooked: The 149th Hunger Games- TheEngineeringGames

~The glow that the sun gets
Right around sunset

Helps me realize
This is just a journey
Drop your worries
You are gonna turn out fine~


17- Kyle Timmons- District 10 male- Free Falling: The 31st Hunger Games- IVolunteerAsAuthor

~Here come bad news, talking this and that
Well, give me all you got, don't hold it back
Well, I should probably warn ya, I'll be just fine
No offense to you, don’t waste your time~

'That Green Gentlemen'

16- Finnegan "Finn" Styx- District 5 male- Ad Mortem- Little Knight Mik

~I want to go where everyone goes,
I want to know what everyone knows

I want to go where everyone feels the same
I never said I'd leave the city,
I never said I'd leave this town.
A falling out we won't tiptoe about~

'Sarah Smiles'

17- Epsilon "Church" Church- District 9 Capital Partner- Ad Mortem- Little Knight Mik

~Sarah smiles like Sarah doesn't care,
She lives in her world, so unaware.

Does she know that my destiny lies with her?~

Graveyard(why are there not more tributes here :( . . . . no I don't mean it like that)

15- Jarvis Stark(AWWW YEAAA)- District 3 male- The 72nd Hunger Games SYOT- someoneorother

4th Place. Kills-0. Not much to him. His name is sick. RIP.

15- Lux Sephina- District 5 female- A Shot in The Dark- The 71st Hunger Games- nevergone4ever

5th Place. Kills-0. My first character, she's a normal person with a good heart, which obviously isn't going to win you the games. She did her best though, and it was a blast reading a story actually get finished, this story spoiled the hell out of me for a long time. RIP

14- Arc Malvina- District 4 Male- History Repeats Itself- Author of Ice and Fire

12th Place. Kills-0. An average guy who underestimated himself and died in a very unfortunate way due to a temporarily laps in courage. Shoutout to the author, the story is still in progress and is IMO the best story I've read on this site, so make sure to check it out! RIP

18- Slater Hematite- District 5 male- Into Thin Air: The Forty-Second Hunger Games- LadyCordeliaStuart

15th Place. Kills-1. This is the only death from a tribute of mine so far that actually hurt. On the outside he seemed like a complete douche. A psychopath career that was overall typical. But on the inside he wasn't an awful person, and was really just fighting hard to provide a better life for his daughter. Hopefully at least she gets a happily ever after, I'm sure that would make it all worth it for him. RIP

15- Ace Wilder- District 12 male- Lockdown- Burning Stars

18th Place. Kills-1. He was a cool dude. Not much to be seen of him due to his early departure from the games, but he was a funny guy with a bit of a temper that cost him. RIP

Victory Alley

RIP :(

My(crappy) map of Panem: imgur . com / 9hl4OWn

D1 Female- Glory Fairfax, 9

D2 Female- Fiona Graham, 7

D3 Male- Lei Park, 11

D4 Female- Celaena Reynar, 6

D5 Male- Armand(Armie) Machina, 5

D6 Female- Amara Ekkal, 7

D7 Male- Boaz(Spark) Ash, 8

D8 Female- Felicity(Fey) Cardigan, 6

D9 Male- Izaak Ackerman, 6

D10 Female- Mabel Beech, 11

D11 Female- Amandine(Dina) Corral, 6

D12- Nova Whipp, 5

D1 Male- Aurum Lark, 18

D2 Male- Alerio Weissman, 17

D3 Female- Alt(Ace) Lovelace, 14

D4 Female- Marina Rivers, 17

D5 Male- Fox King, 15

D6 Male- Zarach Eleazor, 18

D7 Male- Kieran Colton, 18

D8 Female-Noa Jacquard, 15

D9 Male- Otto Baxter, 16

D10 Male- Oake Sinclair, 13

D11 Male- Shade Reinfield, 15

D12 Female- Dakota Marshall, 14

Notes on Tributes(From Alt's POV, any assumptions she makes are exactly that, so treat them as such)

Glory Fairfax- crier, self-conscious, wealthy, threat-level=low, training=unlikely
Aurum Lark- 18 year old male, medium height, well built, volunteer, highly trained career, threat-level=extremely high, no discernible weaknesses

Fiona Graham- 7 year old female, chubby, training=likely, wants to be in games, threat level=moderate(not to be underestimated)
Alerio Weissman- 17 year old male, average height, athletic build, scars on fists, reaped, training=very likely, threat-level=very high

Lei Park- 11 year old male, average looking except for braces, highly prone to meltdowns, threat-level=minimal
Alt Lovelace- 14 year old female, average height, prosthetic right hand and feet and glasses, not affected by reaping, threat-level=unknown

Marina Rivera- 17 year old female, short but well built, athletic, reaped, training=very likely, threat-level=high
Celaena Reynar- 6 year old female, crier, average other then ghostly pale skin(in D4?), threat-level=non-existent

Armand Machina- 5 year old male, average looks, no idea what's going on, threat-level=non-existent
Fox King- 15 year old male, well built, went in shock when reaped, training=possible, threat-level=medium

Amara Ekall- 7 year old female, blue eyes(rare in D6?), bangs constantly obstructing view and serving as annoyance, confused about reaping threat-level=very low
Zarach Eleazar- 18 year old male, missing a front tooth, upper body disproportionately muscular, training=unlikely(legs not at all worked out), threat-level=High

Boaz Ash- 8 year old male, demands to be called 'Spark,' very likely ADD(or something similar), short and covered in scars(happy to escape home?), threat-level=low
Kieran Colton-18 year old male, tall and well built, tattoos on arms, tired movements(resigned to fate?) training=possible(tattoos?), threat-level=potentially high

Izaak Ackerman- 6 year old male, scrawny(underfed?), green eyes, bitten nails, threat-level=extremely low
Otto Baxter- 16 year old male, skinny, somewhat built, crier(?), threat-level=low

Mabel Beech- 11 year old female, standard looks, crier, threat-level=low
Oake Sinclair- 13 year old male, looks older, somewhat muscular, refused to let brothers volunteer for him(with thought), threat-level=medium

Amandine Corra- 6 year old female, dark skin, very small thin(malnourished), crier, threat-level=non-existent
Shade Reinfield- 15 year old male, dark skin, somewhat tall, thin(malnourished), completely zoned out and in total shock(common occurrence?), threat-level=low

Nova Whipp- 5 year old male, chubby(in D12?), left eye looks droopy(vision impairment?), no clue what's going on, threat-level=non-existent
Dakota Marshall- 14 year old female, fairly short, didn't react to her own reaping, went to comfort kid(likes playing hero?), threat-level=moderate

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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Adventure - Chapters: 42 - Words: 142,685 - Reviews: 586 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 28 - Updated: 2/18 - Published: 10/9/2016 - Other tributes, Mags, Woof, OC
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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 11,301 - Reviews: 80 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 2/29/2016 - Published: 1/20/2014 - Other tributes, Rory H., Purnia, OC - Complete
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