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Author has written 3 stories for Hunger Games.

Doing a massive overhaul of my profile, cleaning it up a bit. More stuff should be up soon.

My future story ideas

- Note that everything here is tentative and may change before (possible) publication. PM me with any questions or suggestions!

1) 76th Hunger Games and onward prologue project. Some will be SYOT, some will not(76th will not)

2) 365 days of a soon to be tribute- A chapter for every single day of the year for 24 kids who's worlds will soon collide.

3) From the Ashes- When a mysterious Capitol girl starts falling for Caleb Ainsley(not related to my tribute), recent victor of the 73rd Hunger Games, he knows he's in trouble. Even more so when he starts falling for her. And when he finds out that girls last name just happens to be Snow? Wel, that's when things really get tricky. Slightly AU, not necessarily as romance based as it seems.

4) Guerra per la Pace reboot

5) Continue work on OC Guide- Possible chapters include: In depth look at creation of personality and History, tips for writing a SYOT, and touching up on past chapters.

6) The life of a not so normal district 12 citizen- Follows the life of a boy from district 12 from birth to death. One chapter for every year of his life.

7) The 75th Hunger Games- AU, in which only Katniss wins the games, and now for the 3rd quell, to show the Capitol's forgiveness, no tributes will die(this one is a bit complicated, so as to not have a gigantic block of text, PM me if you want info on it). May or may not be an SYOT.

8) Panam Elementary- You've seen countless of high school hunger games AU, but what about elementary school? Features principal snow, numerous Hunger Games characters(zero OC's!), and countless shenanigans.

9) 1,725: The Tributes Project- There have been countless stories of the 75 victors of the games, but what about the 1,725 kids who lost their lives? Each chapter will have tribute list/summary, arena, and overview of the games.

10) The 75th Hunger Games: 120- In which 2 of each age from 8-12 are reaped, for a total of 10 tributes per district. But, alongside this, there may now be 2 victors. Will be partial SYOT

My Tributes(In SYOT's)- PM me if you want me to submit a tribute to you! I prefer District 5 by a large margin, but also do 3, 12, 6, and 1.

15- Arc Impedence- District 5 male- The 294th Hunger Games- The Light of Dawn- Valeriya21

Ever since Arc took his first steps, and spoke his first words, he's been unable to stop. He is constantly out for the next adventure, having a curiosity that cannot be quenched. But when the anti-violence pacifist enters the games, will his quick-wits be enough to get him home?

15- Noah Galvin- District 5 male- The 57th Hunger Games- darling.so.dramatic

A charismatic daredevil willing to do anything, no matter how stupid, who is really just trying to mask his crippling depression(even to himself), enters the games. Will the compulsive liar who can't kill managed to get through the games? Or will his depression finally catch up to him and spell his end?

13- Vienna Starr- District 6 female(woah)- The 57th Hunger Games- darling.so.dramatic

The shy girl who grew up as one of the richest people in the district, trained into being the next owner of her parents company, enters the games. She has no weapons skills, isn't charismatic enough to get sponsors, and has no special skills that sets her apart from the crowd. Can she get a miracle and somehow manage to escape?

17- Array Thompson- District 5 male- The Hanging Tree- Ruze a Koure

The pure definition of chaotic good, and polar opposite of my other Array Thompson, this Array is a murderer who takes the law into his own hands. No, scratch that. He IS the law. Now locked up in prison for murder, and sent out into the Hunger Games for the 3rd quarter quell, can Array come out of the games? Does he want to?

15- Calic Galvin- District 5 male- Alone and Afraid- Faye177

When he was 11 his mother developed schizophrenia, and his father committed suicide. He has since practically raised his 3 younger siblings, and at the same time began to grow colder and more hostile. When he gets chosen as the district 5 male, he's prepared for it fully, and takes the challenge head on, desperate to return home.

13- Caleb Ainsley- District 5 male- Poisoned Youth- ILikeToThinkImCool

His parents killed in an electric accident, and now living with his aunt, Caleb is usually the confident, self-assured, funny kid. He's an adventurer at heart, and loves finding out new things, whether it be from seeing it himself, or learning about it. Can the boy who hates death overcome the games, or will his adventure come to an end?

13- Maverick Nash- District 6 male- Legacy- The 75th Hunger Games - A M4D TE4-P4RTY

Mav always is the tough guy. He's the rebel who never follows the rules, the daredevil willing to do anything. Locked up in prison after a shady self-defense murder, Maverick volunteers in hopes of getting out. But beneath his tough guy facade, Maverick is just a scared little kid. Scared of the dark, scared of being alone, and most of all, scared of himself.

17- Jasper Hematite- District 1 male- Alone and Afraid- Faye177

Jasper isn't your typical career, quite the opposite really. He can't stand blood, and hates death. Jasper has always cared about one thing more then anything else, his little brother Jet. So when his father makes him a deal, volunteer, and Jet will never have to, he has to agree.

13- Arc Weber- District 5 male- The Falling Leaves - 28th Annual Hunger Games- TomChameleonSoul

Description on his story

17- Atticus Thompson- District 12 male- The 97th Annual Hunger Games- Depth of Hades

His parents dead since childhood, Atticus' whole life has been dedicated to keeping his little sister alive, no matter what he has to do. Now thrown into the games, Atticus is even more determined, and deadly, then ever, desperate to return home.

15- Ace Wilder- District 12 male- Lockdown- Burning Stars

Always trying to put others ahead of himself, running around doing whatever seems fun, what most don't know is that deep inside Ace has a dark past coupled with shady personality. When he enters the games, will he stick with his morals and go down proud? Or will he break, and turn into everything he's tried to not be?

Not Yet Confirmed

Tribute Graveyard

15- Jarvis Stark(AWWW YEAAA)- District 3 male- The 72nd Hunger Games SYOT- someoneorother

A joker through and through, and computer genuis. His mother died giving birth to him, leaving his father Tony(Such awesomeness) to raise him. 4th Place. RIP

15- Lux Sephina- District 5 female- A Shot in The Dark- The 71st Hunger Games- nevergone4ever

This is a tribute I like alot. She always had an easy childhood, but when her parents died, very possibly saving the district, she's left alone to raise her little brother. With her best friends help, she was able to keep the three of them out of the family home. Now her comfortable life is turned around when she gets reaped. 5th Place. RIP

Victory Alley

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No One Is Safe: 175th Hunger Games SYOT by gamemaker175 reviews
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SYOT Closed-The 100th Hunger Games-Too Young to Fight reviews
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Guerra Per La Pace reviews
Guerra, where children are born to die. Each year 41 tributes will become mere faces in the sky, with one sole child crowned victor. It's been this way 237 years, and no one is yet to challenge it. But as the 238th Games and it's following events take place, Guerra Per La Pace is put to the ultimate test. Cancelled, may possibly be continued someday.
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Hello, after looking at many SYOT's and other stories with OC's, I realized, the heck is wrong with these tributes? So I decided to make your tribute unique, interesting, and realistic, all while staying true to canon! Impossible you may be saying?If you simply click on the above blue line, you will know otherwise! How to fill out a tribute form, staying canon,and make a good SYOT!
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