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Name: Ariel (... no I was not named after the mermaid...)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Place of Orgin: The Sunny Funny fLoRiDa in the US of A
Relationships: Uhh.. had two.. I'm taking a break..


Things: COMPUTER (duh), tennis, reading, BOYZ, sleeping, writing fan fics, getting good reviews (they better be good..._-), making friends, eating, doing NOTHING, my cat

Tv sHoWs: TEEN TITANS, South Park, Simpsons, Dead Like Me, Damage Control, Pimp My Ride, Boiling Points

Bands: Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink 182, Nirvana, AFI, The Beatles, A New Found Glory, John Mayer, Bowling for Soup, Box Car Racer, Dashboard Confesional, Godsmack, Smash Mouth, H.I.M., Jimmy Eat World, ACDC, Hoobastank, Switchfoot, Suger Ray, Sum41, and many more...

~Teen Titans~ Robin/Starfire BeastBoy/Raven Terra/Slade!

Actors/Singers (based on hottness): GREG CIPES, ELIJAH WOOD, Sebastien Lefebvre, Liam Aiken, Billy Boyd (will add more)

Authors: click the button at the bottom of the screen to find out!

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Things I hate: Terra/BB relationship in Teen Titans, Dr. Suess, The Cat in the Hat, Preps, people who think they are always right (ahem.. Tom), hights, crowds, spongebob squarepants, spiders, dirt, a messy bedroom, emotional pain, the wrong answer to my questions

I am the proud founder of the "TERRA haters CLUB"! (Teen Titans) The members are as follows...

1. WhiteTigerClaws (President) 2. Possesed Angel (Vice President)
3. MyNaMeIsMuD19524 (Treasurer)
4. Suzaku's Rose (Cheif Secretary)
5. Dork-o (Crazy Mascot)
6. Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore" (Cheif Spy)
7. Carrot The LuvMachine (Beast Boy's official body gaurd)
8. WInged_Raccoon_The_Dragon (Raven's official body guard)
9. The White Shadow (Cheif Terra Terrorizer gets to use many pointy weapons)
10. Krazy4Robin (Lead Military Stragitizer)
11. Cloud Strife Omega (Weapon Stocker)
12. NavynBabyBlueSuedeShoes (Perpetrator of Torture and Frisker)
13. Change-Of-Heart2 (Head Editor writes negative things about Terra to the public)
14. Stars of Fire (Undercover Secret Agent)
15. lina111 (Warrior Messenger)
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24. Evil-Pixie-Dust (Cheif Justice of the Terra Court)
25. ScarletAngel68 (Official Bearer of the BBR Faith Lighter used to burn things... _~)
26. Nethrion (Chief Schemer of Figuring Out a Way to Make Terra's Stone Imprisoinment PERMANENT)
27. Steve-Racer (Official bearer of the big sword to punish the unbelievers)
28. dancingirl3 (The official Rae/bb shipper)
29. Lightspeed Suzuka (Master of Poisons)
30. Lucius theFallen (The official burner of all episodes which involve Terra)
31. Raven flies with me (ONE WHO INVENTED RANDOMNESS!)
32. Houndour Rules (Official Burning of Terra's hair person)

~~~~If you want to join, just send me an e-mail! No appilcation required! I also would appreciate it if you would give me a suggestion to the position that you would like to hold in the club! I'm running out of ideas!~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you want to see ME, the REAL ME, visit my websiteish thing!

You can instant messege me if you want to. I like LIVE on aim. E-mail works too, though, since I check it about every 5 minutes ! My screen name is AriEllie Says! ~Keep reading my stories! Don't forget to review, too! You all rock!~ Keep the Faith

~Always~ REL

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