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My Bio
Name: As if I'd tell the whole world my real name... just call me Marina, or you can call me Indy, or Mars, or if you hate me... you can join one of my reviewers and call me Leiko...
Age: 13!!! (8TH OF MARCH is my birthday)
Guy or girl?: Girl duh!
Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes, read my story, The Prince and the Ganster's Daughter to get an idea on it...
Fave shows: I love Escaflowne... love it... I watched it last 6 years ago... yeah...AND I HAVE THE DVDS VOLUME 1+2+4+5 (don't ask about 3 >_ Another one of my stories got taken off, and I understand how they do it now... hehehe... ^_^ My advice? Don't put insert you, or CYOA in the title or summary... heheheheh... ^_^

Everyone who reads abuse, it is now rated R because of the sickening Bakura chapter... hell, it even made me feel queasy... >. I've decided that I'm probably not going to update anything anymore...
Oh, I'll tell you why,
Because someone has just told the people on FFnet...
I don't own my own stories...
I do own scar across her cheeks, and I did all the disclaimers...
What did I do wrong?
Who is it out there who hates me?
whoever you are, well done, you've done what you set out to do,
Crush all my hopes and dreams,
And all the hard work I've done
And also, thank you, because now I've been pushed over the edge
I had depression, and now I've started cutting myself
Thank you so much,
Because of you, I'm suicidal
Hope your happy now...

Hello, my name is Rein, I was Marina's best friend...
Why am I using past tense?
Because she's dead.
She threw herself onto train tracks and died, her last request of me was to continue her stories.
I apologise if my writing skill is not as good as Marina's, but I'm trying as hard as I can.
I'm very sorry I had to inform you all of this.

A big thank you to Neko-Miko-Kagome, the poem you wrote was wonderful, thankyou so much...
I'll try and write you a story too, and try and update this as much as I can, but I'm not a very good writer, but I will try my best.

Thank you very very very much, you have no idea how wonderful a thing you did.
Thank you all for your support here on FFnet, you are are being so wonderful, I didn;t really think I'd get so many kind reviews, thank you all. Each and every one of you, it means so much to me.

If anyone wishes to speak to me, ask me any questions, or just talk, the e-mail address is now open for your viewing, as you can see, so just e-mail me.
SilenceAmongTheDead, thank you very much, I'll tell her you say hi, it's just, so hard to believe she really did it...

I've been thinking for a while now, with Shadows that Bind being finished and all...
I've decided to form a group devoted to finding authors who have deppression and stopping them from going suicidal, it is a horrible thing when it happens, since Iknow all about it now, I want to devote this group to writing stories to find those people, reviewing their stories, and not flaming.
Flaming is just as bad as getting someone's stories taken off.
I want to stop anyone else from having to live with knowing their friend died because of, because if we don't stop this happening now, who will?
If you wish to join this group, send me an e-mail with your author name, and I'll add yo uto our group.
Please, if we don;t get members to stop this terrible thing, there will be more deaths, and I really think we should all help our fellow authors.
If this group had been formed before, maybe Marina would still be alive.
But we're making it now, and maybe we can stop others from dieing.
Mia, Princess of Eternity
Nite Nite
Yu Yu Fan
Yami Yasha 4ever
Love is for fools
Amber Sky

Everyone! If you want to support CYOA's click on my homepage, it's a petition started up by a fellow writer to try and save CYOAs, the goal is 500 signatures, we have to help them reach their goal! MAke it your profile home page! this is very important in the fight to stop suicides caused by!
The petition reached 500 sigs!!!!!!
Well done everyone ^_^

why is this happening to me?
Why!? WHY!?
More people are dieing, so many people are dieing...
Lillian's dead...
My sister, my dearest friend...
I feel so alone...
It's all crashing down upon me...
It hurts so much...
I'm finding it so hard to keep alive...
It all seems so useless...
Is there a point?
All my friends and people I trust are gone...
there's nothing left for me...
I feel empty and alone...
I think I'm also getting depression...
The world is becoming such a cruel harsh place...

I'm still here,
Yes that's right,
I'm still here...
IT wasn't ANYONE's fault MArina died, and I'm starting to find this upsetting, I mean, what people are wishing people who contributed to her eventual, death, but no one, NO ONE deserves deppresion, it is the worst feeling possible to the human soul, and no one deserves it.
I am currently working on a sequal to 'The shadows that Bind', so be on the look out for it, it is on its way,
But, I'm warning you, it may not be what you expect...

the petition goal is now 1000 signatures!!!!
Keep on signing!!!
Oh, and I've updated Abuse! the rest of it is coming too!

well... w00t..
I can't update because, shock... horror... a fic has been taken off...
Well, only one week to wait until I can update some more of the stuff...
so until than I'll be writing somemore... I promise I'll post more!!

Marina's last quotes
'I don't like you...' my crush, T_T
'Marina likes Kaj, Marina likes Kaj,'my bro'SHUT UP!'me
'STAY AWAY!' Dilandau *sighs*

Poems got in e-mail
The Sunshine you Never Knew

Sunshine warms the skin and tickles the face

It lifts the soul and makes things grow

Sunshine makes everything seem brighter, lighter, and brings a smile to your lips

But did you remember the feel of sunshine?

After living so long in the darkness?

Did you know the feel of warmth after being in a place so cold?

Could you have felt the lift of light?

You searched, but not find

You fought, but did not win

And then you met the edge and could not come back

You fell over, and now you are lost to us

Lost to sunshine, lost to hope

We will no longer see your beautiful smile

Or see the light in your sapphire eyes

Your tears, your frown

Even these will be missed

For now you sleep, in a peaceful world

No dreams, no nightmares

And none of the pain you had in life

None of the taint that seemed so heavy

But one day you will wake from that sleep

And come back, able to wear a smile

And the world will no longer be heavy with pain, doubt, and lies

And you can have your sunshine

thank you to Malia Seronio for writing this for Marina, it is very good, it must have taken you a very long time to have written it. Thank you again.
Anyone who wants to write a memorial fiction in honor of Marina, I give them my permission. Not that you need it, because all the poeple who write them, are surely the nicest people on FFnet, and have no need to even ask,

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