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Name: Danielle

Age: Younger than Harry Potter, according to the official timeline, yet old enough to start thinking about lying about it…

Location: I'd love to say London, but alas... I am back in Australia!

Works: Desktop Publishing at a small, private, all-girls catholic school (only thing remotely similar to Hogwarts is that the building I work in has Cloisters :D)

Education: University undergraduate degree in Communication and Management. Don’t ask me where that will get me, I’m not there yet! Former Law Student. Current enrollee in a Post Grad Dip in International Studies. Mostly because it just had the word 'International' in the title and it has courses like 'Intelligence Analysis'... which is about as close to 'How to be a Spy like Snape 101' as I could find (edit: Jan 2010: incidentally I sailed through said subject with a High Distinction average... that's like an Outstanding on the N.E.W.T scale LOL)

Where I'm at...

Well from being an impoverised student when I started writing FF, to being an absent traveller trying to stretch every dollar, I am now an impoverished home owner who has signed their soul to the bank and spends my spare time a) not eating, b) looking for extra work (present role is only p/t) and c) justifying it all by enrolling in post grad so I can relate to fellow impoverished students

Single most defining moment in my life?

Asides from my parent’s separating when I was 14? Losing my last remaining grandmother, godfather and mother within 12 months of each other, all to debilitating and demoralising illnesses. Just over five years on and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it…

Where do I see myself twelve months from now?

Living abroad again. Preferably London... but short of finding someone with a British passport that will agree to marry me, highly unlikely. But Canada and Ireland are well and truly on the cards if I don't get picked out of the 2011 Diversity Lottery for a US Green Card...

04/01/2010 10:05 GMT

A new year. A new decade. The time for resolutions is upon us and yet still I find myself procrastinating to the point of absolute ruin. To date, I have been on holidays for three weeks and have achieved absolutely nothing I have set out to do. I gave myself the first week off, then got swept up in Christmas and a wedding... the plan to set a schedule and be productive by this point a moot point. At this rate, I am going to head back in to work frazzled and resentful of the fact I left things to the last minute, but sadly this is the real world and Time Turners are but a flight of fancy.

Anyway, my posting schedule is hopelessly erratic. It's not that I don't have time to write (though once semester re-commences in March that will be the case), I just have too much on my mind. Whether it be migration or household woes, financial duress, or simply the onset of too many plot bunnies vying for my attention (honestly, of all the WIPs I should find myself working on, must it really be the dusty little prelude I started years ago and have never shown a single soul?). I'm not about to make promises I can't keep, but I will say that I shameless adore my stories too much to leave them by the wayside. They will be updated. They will be finished. I just beg of you to grant some patience.

In the meantime, I have started a blog on Blogspot. It's my new homepage since Twitter kept making me dizzy (to the point of insanely jealous) trying to 'follow' the 'mundane' day-to-day of celebrities. I think it's important to establish a habit of writing something each day - if only in an attempt to whip those malevolent bunnies into some semblance of order - and I thought a Blog might be a nice way to hold myself accountable to my creative muses. I'm going to try to not get too personal with it but some lamenting about my geographical location (particularly as I suffer through this horrid summer weather) and general love/hate wars with my house is inevitable. Why... oh why... when faced with the choice between what was right and what was easy, I had to be responsible and put my money into real estate instead of leasing a cottage in Scotland for a year to write... or pay exorbitant international student fees at a university in England to study my Masters just to get three more years in my favourite country?! (ad nauseum, et cetera, et cetera)

Not so sure what to make of Blogger yet. Joined it because I have google mail for Uni and it was an easy option. Wordpress is apparently better for design and categorisation nuances, but then at the same time most people seem to be on Livejournal... hmmmm. So if you people out there are insane enough to want to follow my Quibbling Quill (

I'm going to stop dangling the attention-seeking carrot now (Merlin I'm needy when I'm blue...)

- D

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Shades of Grey reviews
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