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Name: Andrew Lund
Address: Why would I give out that?!
Phone Number: 123-456-7890
E-Mail: I believe it already says that, duh!

No, I am just kidding! He he. My name is ^&*% &*^%. Ha ha ha. My friend got me into all of this (Yu Mutou *Alex* be sure to read her fanfics!), and I am writing some! My favorite manga is Wish, and my favorite Movie is Spirited Away! I love Studio Ghibli films! Hehe. Well, I have written two YGO (Yu-Gi-Oh!) fanfics, three JCA (Jackie Chan Adventures) fanfics, one translated fic, Kate Thompson fic, and a Teen Titans fic.

Fics to Come!!

NOTICE: Rigth now or in the future, I will be writing Shonen-Ai, and Shonen-Shojo. Just beware of that! Jaded Sky: A Hsi Wu/Jade love fic. One-shot. Written for a friend Current status: TYPING

Rage of the Heavens: A Ceres fic. Ceres has Celestial Warriors aiding her to find her Hageromoro?!?! Are you in love with Yuhi Aya after seeing the Warriors with him?? Current Status: UH, NOT EVEN TYPED! ^-^

School Project!: Yugioh fic. Slash! Lemony fluff! Written for a friend. Yugi and the gang recieve what to do in Health class. Humor/Romance. Bakura/Ryou. Current Status: SAME WITH THE CERES ONE!!

Jackie Chan, Taijiya Extreme?: JCA/InuYasha fic. Jackie and com. fall into the Ho Ne O Ta Belu Ido! They meet up with InuYasha gang, and work to collect the Shikon no Tama!!! Whoo! Kagura turns good! Will she stay?? Current Status: STILL IN THE BACK OF MY EMPTY MIND!

Red Thread of Fate: Ranma 1/2 Fic. Takes place if the Red Thread of Fate stayed on Ranma and Shampoo for the full five hours! Jealous Akane, Kodachi, Ukyo? Where is pig-tailed girl Kuno? Hee! Romance with my fav. Character, Shampoo!!!! Current Status: HO HUM, NOT ON THE PUTER

Journey Foward!: InuYasha fic. InuYasha and gang travel on to find all of the Shikon no Tama. Will they succeed? New attachments of Naraku?! Oh no InuYasha! You have a lot of foes after you! Current Status: HEE! SAME WITH RED THREAD OF FATE

Ranma You Baka!: Fic with all the Ranma cast! Hee! Basically a season. The name says it all. Ranma messes up with all the women! Mousse and Shampoo?? Ryouga and Akane?? PIG TAILED GIRL AND KUNO?!?! WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!?!?! Current Status: HEE! ANOTHER IDEA, ANOTHER UNCOMPLETED STORY!

Mangas that I like:
Ranma 1/2
Ceres: Celestial Legend (or Ayashi no Ceres)
Fushigi Yuugi
Samurai Deeper: Kyo
Rurouni Kenshin
Peach Girl
Tokyo Mew Mew
Sailor Moon
Dragon Knights
Alice 19th
Maison Ikkoku
Peach Girl: Change of Heart

Cartoons I like:
Jackie Chan Adventures
SpongeBob SqarePants
Fairly Odd Parents (Hence the screen name!)

Mangas I don't like:
DBZ, any of them. I just don't like them.
FLCL, I don't know. The show is kind of cool, but the 1st manga I didn't like.

Cartoons I loathe:
Duel Masters, dumbest show ever. Copyed off of Kazuki Takahashi. Grrrr...

Code: Lyoko, Don't get me started on this one. The foreheads are a mile long. Terrible artwork.

Here are my favorite characters:

Mai (YGO)
Yugi (YGO)
Torhu (JCA)
Uncle (JCA)
Viper (JCA)
Jade (JCA)
Xu Lin (JCA)
Joey (YGO)
Ishizu (YGO)
Malik *evil Marik* (YGO)
Ryou (YGO)
Genkai (YYH I luv her, she is so cool!!!)
Kayko (YYH)
Kuwabara (YYH)
Hiei (YYH)
Kurama (YYH Whee! My favorite guy! I want a rose whip!)
Yoko Kurama (Whee!!! Love the Death Tree! I want one!)
Yukina (YYH)
Older Toguro (YYH Bad, but has sweet powers!!!)
Shishi (YYH Oooh! Luv the Cape of No Return)
Boton (YYH *Yu-Yu Hakasho* Eheh! My fav! )
Koenma (YYH *isn't he just so darn cute?*)
Yusuke (YYH *or Yurimeshi, your preference*)
Puu (YYH My blue furry friend!)
Koto (YYH Whee! She is soo much better than Juri!)
Eikichi (YYH Kuwabara's cat is sooo adorable!)
Blue Ogre (YYH Koenma's dumb henchman... heheh)
Chi (CHB *Chobits*)
Chihiro (SPAW *Spirited Away*)
Haku (SPAW)
Yubabba (SPAW)
No Face (SPAW)
Yubabba's Son as a rat (SPAW)
Yubabba's Sister (SPAW *I forgot her name, help me if you know!!*)
Raven (TT *Teen Titans*)
Starfire (TT)
Slade (TT *Yes, I know he is a badguy, but he rocks!*)
Inuyahsa (IY WOOF!!!)
Kagome (IY I love her arrows!)
Kaede (IY I love her spunk for being old!)
Shippo (IY My fav. demon!! ^-^ I love him!!)
Sango (IY I love her and her boomarang!!!!)
Miroku (IY the amorous monk! Heheheh.)
Sesshomaru (IY MY FAV. BADDIE!!!)
Hiten (IY I always thought he was kewl!)
Myoga (IY I love how he always runs away!)
Buyo (IY ((Kagome's cat)) I love how he's so fat!)
Sota (IY He's kewl!)
Grandpa (IY Heheheh.)
Kagome's Mom (IY)
Kagura (IY Ahh! I just love her to death!!!!!)
Naraku (IY Oh! He's soo kewl!)
Ginta and Hakkaku (IY Comic relief with Kouga)
Rin (IY She's cute!)
Ranma (R1/2 Yay! Both forms too!!!
Shampoo (R1/2 Oh! Ranma+Shampoo 4ever! My favourite char.!
Akane (R1/2 I love her too!)
Kasumi (R1/2 She is so nice.)
Tendo, Nabiki (R1/2 Yup, like them both! NOT TOGETHER!!)
Genma (R1/2 I love it when he is in the panda form!!!!)
Mousse (R1/2 Master of Hidden Weapons! QUACK!!!)
Happosai (R1/2 That panty stealing pervert!!!)
Ukyo (R1/2 Yay! Serve me some food!)
Great Grandmother of Shampoo (R1/2 I like her and the Cat Cafe!)
P-Chan (R1/2 Not Ryouga, just P-Chan, even though they are the same!)
Kuno (R1/2 Hee! Blue Thunder!!)
ALL IN WISH!!!!!!!
Aya (Ceres I love all of the Heavenly Maidens!!)
Aki (Ceres, He's kewl!)
Toya (Ceres, Yay! What will happen!!?? lol)
Yuhi (Ceres, Hee! He's great!)
Suzumi (Ceres, Oh yeah! Another maiden!!!)

People I despise!!!!!:
Tea AKA: Ms. Friendship (YGO)
Cyborg (TT, too robotic)
Hak Fu (JCA Don't like the "Angry Crow takes flight thing")
Terra (TT Terra is Terrible!!!!!)
Robin (TT, I usually don't like main characters)
Serenity (YGO Too sweet...)
Sae (PG EWWWWWWWWWWWW!! That bitch!)
Toji (Peach Girl I hate him for dumping MOMO!!!!!)
Everything in Duel Masters
Younger Toguro (YYH, I don't like him)
Ura Urishima (YYH Oooh, what he did to Kurama... it did bring Yoko out though!! ^-^
Yura (IY Stupid stupid stupid!)
Kohaku (IY Grrr! Get over him Sango!!!!!)
Water God (IY Killing children? That is just wrong)
Mistress Centipede (IY Thought she died to quickly)
Kodachi (R1/2 I hate her laugh in the TV Show!!!)

Mai + Joey (YGO)
Hsi Wu + Jade (JCA)
Viper + Jackie (JCA)
Kiley + Momo (PG)
Yami + Yugi (Yaoi hehehe YGO)
Xu Lin + Jade (JCA Yuri)
Serenity + Kaiba (YGO)
Serenity + Tristan (YGO)
Kaiba + Joey (YOAI YGO)
Tea + Serenity (YURI YGO)
Boton + Yuske (YYH)
May + Misty (YURI catfights over Ash...)
Haku + Chihiro (SPA)
Chi + Hideki (CHO YAY!!!!)
Yugi + Kaiba (YAOI YGO)
Yami + Ishizu (YGO)
Shadi + Ishizu (YGO)
Odion + Marik (YAOI YGO *I mean, look how much time they spend together...)
Malik + Isis (YGO)
Starfire + Robin (TT)
Kurama + Botan (YYH Tell me if I spelled it wrong)
ALL IN WISH!!!!!!!! ^_^
InuYasha + Kagome (IY)
InuYasha + Kikyo (IY)
Sango + Miroku (IY)
Kagome + Miroku (IY)
Ryou + Bakura (YAOI YGO)
Shampoo + Ranma!!!!! (R1/2)
Happosai and Midori (R1/2)
Ukyo + Ranma (R1/2)
Kodachi + Ranma (R1/2)
Akane + Ranma (R1/2)
Mousse + Shampoo (R1/2)
Kuno + Pig Tailed Girl
Ryouga + Akane (R1/2)
Kasumi + Dr. Tofu (R1/2)
Akane + Kuno (R1/2)

these are weird...
Pikachu + Ash (YAOI... I think)
Dark Magician Girl + Dark Magician + Magician of Black Chaos (3-way!!!!!)
Yugi/Yami + Dark Magician (He loves him tooo much)
Mai + Harpies (Same thing)
Joey + Flame Swordsman (Same thing)
Haku + Mai (SPA + YGO)
Boton + Yami (YYH + YGO)
Hak Fu + Tea (I don't like either... this would be interesting...)


Well, from now on in my fanfics, my three cats are going to help me write them! Crazy I know, but I am crazy!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Please, please, please, please, please be sure to read my fanfics and write reviews. They are very helpful. But don't write any flames, those are mean. ;_;, I would like to thank all of my reviewers for their reviews, they were very helpful! Now, a small shoutout for my friend Yu Mutou *cough, Alex, cough* YU MUTOU, YU MUTOU, YU MUTOU, ah hell, you all get the picture. Toodles!!!

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