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Hey everybody! Wow, it's been awhile since I've changed this, hasn't it? Well, you all can just call me Tamaran Girl or T.G., for short. Here's just some stuff you may be interested in knowing:

Updating News

3/4/06 - My, it has been a long time. I am sorry to announce this is not an update notice but an extreme matter that has come to hand. Recently, I have discovered an author based yet another story off Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me - without my consent. Now, the first time I let it go but this time, I can't. So, if you have been seeing these stories - Maid Princess and another one based on Clover- I have asked the author to remove them and no longer post stories based off of mine.

I hope I cleared up any confusion as to if it was me writing those stories.

I am right now trying my best to write an almost complete chapter of One Day Never Seems To Come but I have final exams so bear with me; Spring Break is around the corner and ton of writing time will be put to good use.

Thanks to those who have stuck by me through everything.

1/31/06- Well, I just posted the last story of this Birthday Month. I hope you all enjoy the stories and please, please review. That will be the best treat an author can get for her 15th birthday - a review to help improve her work so she'll be ready for the real world if she ever does continue writing. So please review and make my day; I've had a pretty rough week yesterday and today wasn't the best of days either so I need a smile or something lift my spirits.

Thanks to those who review! You just put a smile on my face!

1/15/06 - OMG, I forgot to mention! My birthday is some time in Janaury and because of it, I give my reviewers/readers a treat: A story is posted near the beginning of the year (Promises of Forever) and another one at the end of the month (or an update but probably just a one-shot). Anyways, happy birthday to me some time in this month! And no, I'm not going to tell anyone when it is. LOL. Enjoy this story month!

1/8/06 - Thank you for whoever read/reviewed my one-shot, Promises of Forever. This actually is my favorite one-shot to date and I'm happy to have gotten feedback from readers. So again, thanks. Thanks to: ElvislivesAgain, EvenSong, Sirael, Prizzi, and hplovesme; the ones who have reviewed; you guys rock!

1/3/06 - 2006! Whoohoo! Happy LATE New Years Eve! And as a late Christmas/New Years present, I updated! ...wow, everyone died of a heart attack. LOL, yeah, a shocker: Tamaran Girl FINALLY updates! Check out the latest installment in One Day Never Seems To Come, chapter 8 and find out a very sad, sudden twist to the tale of Alex and Derek!

11/18/05 - Wow, it's been a LONG time. I'm really, really, really sorry. High school is so much harder than middle school, a place where I was could write chapters and do my homework with ease. Now, it's a struggle to even think of a sentence to write. School, in short terms, is sucking me of all my ideas, thus making me unable to write good chapters and (in the case of Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me) unable to write humor-filled chapters. I seem to have lost my humor in writing; come to think about it, I think I lost my writing style completely.

I'm trying really hard to think of things to write and now that I'm on Thanksgiving break, I'll try my best to come with a satisfactory chapter. On a good note, One Day Never Seems To Come will be updated soon because I wrote all the way to chapter eight (I think; possibly more). So I'll update all the chapters I can in that story.

Another good note: I'm trying to write the last chapters for How to tell you I love you.I know, ages ago since I updated, but I'm going to try my best because I really want to finish it because my guilt is growing with every day.

Anyways, I'll be trying to update all those three stories, as they're the most popular. I might be able to sneak a chapter here and there for another story but probably not.

OH! Important! I decided, for Dane's POV, I'm going to just write four chapters in his POV. The first two is...well, you know the first but the second is when he actually meets Adena and what he thinks and whatnot. The second two...err...that'll just be a surprise, because I don't want to reveal anything except the last one will definitely be the ending of the story.

I also want to add: look at my very first story, or even the first chapter of Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me and then look at the last. I improved in my writing. This really surprised me and I was delighted to discover it; it also makes me wonder, how could anyone have liked the "immature" way I wrote in? And does anyone miss it? Like in Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me; did any of you feel disappointed whenmy writing style changed? I think it's improved a great deal but I just want to hear some opinions on my writing. It helps me become better.

Thank you reviewers/readers for sticking with me through this all and I want to thank every single reviewer who threatened me (haha, I have to admit, those scared me a bit as amused me and gave me a smile) and those who encouraged me, told me they loved my stories/my style of writing. Thank you so much; you support through this year (has it really been a year? More actually...) and I urge you to stick by me as I struggle through high school, homework, going out with friends, and whatnot.

Thank you everybody! I couldn't have wrote stories without reviewers encouraging me and getting me to update!

9/23/05 - Wow, I'm really, really sorry I haven't kept you all updated; it's just everything's been so hectic! I just completed two weeks of high school and must I say, it's definitely not as bad as I thought it first to be. Sure, the classes are harder but I think I can handle it. And I've made ton of friends! Oh, and a made the varisty team for soccer. Amazing, isn't it? LOL. Anyways, because of my making the team and a lot of homework/tests, updates will be very few and probably not often at all. I'm really sorry about it; I will try and type as much as I can but school pretty much has taken over my life. I barely hang out with my old friends because of it!

Also, another important note: I want to thank the people who told me and reassured me high school would be just fine, I'll be fine. Really, I want to thank you for giving me your support and help me relax a little bit. I'm going to look around and try and find all those people who did reassure me and, as aspecial treat to them, they will be getting a preview to any of my stories. So, yeah, I'm going to go and find them and thanks again for taking time to actually console me! It really meant a lot to me; you have no idea.

Anyways, hopefully, I can update. I have been attacked by plot bunnies for some Harry/Ginny one-shots but nothing's for sure. I'll try and focus on Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me but with my time schedule, it seems very slim a new chapter will be coming out this month.

Thank you for your time and for reading my stories! Thank you!

8/9/05 - Well, you all most be wondering what's going on with me. Well, I guess it just hit me that I'm going to HIGH SCHOOL. I'm going to know absolutely nobody, as all my friends are going to a different school(s) (Most of them are still going to be together) and I'll just be...all...alone. And I'm incredibly shy. I mean, really, really shy. And I haven't had to make friends ever since I first transferred schools when I was eight and that was hard enough. So, anyways, I just had a panic attack and all that and really just want to climb into bed, clutch a pillow, and cry 'cause I'm really going to miss my old friends. sigh Well, I'm done sharing my misery. Oh and another panicky note: I'm scared I'm going to fail horribly, just fail everything and look stupid and...UGH. Wish me luck!

7/24/05 - Ah, MAJOR problem! I just found a TON of mistakes in the fifteen chapter of Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me. AND I forgot to add a part in which Flora says something very, very crucial, as to another reason why Adena must stay a servant. Ugh, I'm hitting myself repeatedly right now but I'm going to check it out as soon as I can. Thank you to the reviewer who pointed this out to me; I owe you!

Three Favorite Shows

Boy Meets World

The O.C.

Family Matters

Recommended Books

Mates, Dates, series by Cathy Hopkins.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (6th one is my favorite).

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.

Favorite Pairing

Harry/Ginny- ALL THE WAY! WHOOHOO! This couple is so sweet and reminds me of Lily and James.

(P.S. I love it when Harry's so incredibly sweet and adorable and shy-ish and...PERFECT. LOL, I want a Harry!)

NOTE: Wow, I really have a craving to read Harry/Ginny stories but can't to find ones that really spark my interest. Anyone know any really good ones that aren't listed on my favorite stories' list? If you do, drop a note (AKA leave it in a review) or just email me 'cause I'm DYING to read a good Harry/Ginny story, as I can't find any, and I really need to satisfy this craving or I'll go nuts.

Featured Favorite Stories (MUST reads!)

Come Ready and See Me by starrymoonmaiden. (This story is featured on the fanfiction site Sink Into Your Eyes. Check this story out; you'll be missing out on a very good story if not!) (Harry/Ginny)

Write That Down by Sede2113. (IN-PROGRESS)

Favorite Stories (no specific order, all are amazing)

Seeking the Truth by Been Reading. (Harry/Ginny) (Completed).
Seeking Ginny by Casca. (Harry/Ginny)
Reality by Trinka. (Harry/Ginny) (Completed).
That muted sort of longing by Serendipity. (Harry/Ginny)
I Wished For You Once by JennaMae. (Harry/Ginny)
Heartbreak Home by Sede2113. (Harry/Ginny) (Completed).
Was It Something I Said? by Nesserz. (Harry/Ginny) (Completed)
There Might Still Be Hope and After All by Alcarcalime. (Harry/Ginny) (Both Completed).

(Do you see a trend here? Harry/Ginny...Harry/Ginny...LOL)

Favorite Stories Written By Me

One Day Never Seems to Come - Why? Well, it had a more serious tone and the love won't be rushed; instead, they'll slowly fall in love. I like this also because Alex is a "tough cookie", if you please, andis...well...tough...LOL. And the prince doesn't fall instantly in love with her but instead, finds her "interesting" because of the way she acts, unladylike. Also, Alex won't find out about Derek being a prince until...aah, later, due to a brainstorm I have in my mind. Another reason I like this story is because of a heart wrenching moment near the end... coughs aah, better not reveal that. And this is my own story, meaning I update it because it's one of my stories that I really, really enjoy and don't care if everyone hates it. But reviews are nice ;) LOL, and thanks to those who enjoy this story.

UPDATING STATUS: Writing...somewhat...I first had this whole idea on what was to be done but then inspirition struck and I added, switched, and changed many things, like the main focus - which may have been a bad call on my part, but we'll see - and Matthew's age. Um, yeah, I said he was young; I lied. LOL. It fits better if he's older - like sixty-ish old - so yeah. More on that later.

Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me - Ah, my "humourous" story. I wrote this when I was in a happy, sarcastic, joking mood. The thing I love about this story is the way I can joke around and it'll be part of the story and give Adena...a witty sense of humor that the Cinderella in the movie didn't have. Also, what I love is when reviewers relate themselves to Adena, making her seem more alive and real because she relates to real live people. I just love that. This is a tie so far with the story above, because this one is for joking and sarcasm is #1 but for seriousness, it's the one above. Although, this one is always a laugh to write;I love writing Adena's thoughts, one of my favorite parts in the story to write and read over, to see how odd she can be at times.

UPDATING STATUS: ...um, yes, I deserve to be attacked with flames and hating, stinging words for being such a horrible, irresponsible, lazy author. :(

Favorite One-Shot Written By Me

Forever Yours (pairing: HG) - I just love Harry/Ginny stories and got attacked by a plot bunny to write this one-shot. I might have some more HG one-shots coming out; probably no story, however. Oh, and in the beginning of this, it takes a bit until Ginny enters the picture but I love the ending; had to rewrite it a million times, not to add fix parts in between! LOL. Please read and review this story. I will love you from the bottom of my heart. (Didn't really like the ending, though. Forever...and ever. How...blah. LOL).

IMPORTANT NOTE! It seems people think there will be another chapter to this and now that I have thought about it...who would like chapter 2, in Ginny's POV? Email me or let me know 'cause I need to know if you would like another chapter or not. Not a continuation, a different POV.

My Lack of Updating Recently

Ah, well...summer has been busy. And I do have a life and other things to occupy my time, you know. Oh and I'm going into high school. Need I say more? Yes? Well, I'll admit it: I'm beyond scared, I'm petrified. What if I don't make new friends? I never was good at that, making friends. Damn shyness! Any tips? LOL.

Anyways, that's all I have to say so I hope you check out my stories and review! I want to thank everyone who reviewed for Fairy Tales Just Aren't For Me, giving me 355 reviews! It means so much for me and when I passed my old record, I was quite happy and I think did a little jig. So, I'm trying to put that story as a priority and not write anything else but the next chapter but, alas, the plot bunnies seem to love gnawing at me.

Quotes I love

"I say lock them up and throw away the key!" - Eric Matthews, Boy Meets World.
"SNEAK ATTACK!" - Eric Matthews, Boy Meets World.
"We...went...on...the...radio..." - Shawn Hunter, Boy Meets World.
"Maybe if we don't move, he won't see us." -Shawn Hunter, Boy Meets World.
"She needs to sort out her priorities." - Ron, Sorcerer's Stone.
"Be who you choose to be, not what people chose to see." - A banner in my class.
"Study the Past. Live in the Present. Plan for the Future." - Another banner.
"Live each day as though it were your last." (Forget where from).
"Dance as though no one is watching." - (Forget where from).
"I most certainly am not the burrito!" - Blue, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
"Soon we must all face a choice. Between what is right...and what is easy." - Professor Dumbledore, Goblet of Fire movie.
"Treasure what you have for who knows if it will be there tomorrow?" - (Don't know, just thought of it).
"You learn more by listening than talking." - (Thought of this one too, as it does work. I've learned a little too much by just shutting up and listening.)
"Don't touch me, you greedy little grinch!" - Steve Urkiel, Family Matters.
"Writers are sorcerers but without a wand; to yield their magic, they only need a pen, paper, and an imagination." - By yours truly :)

(I have many more but for some reason, can't recall them all. Darn! I will, however, and post them soon).

Adios and thanks for reading!

(bio last updated: 1/3/06)

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