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Author has written 19 stories for Dark Shadows, Gilligan's Island, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Mr. Lucky, Eleventh Hour, James Bond, and Lost.

ADDED JULY 16, 2022
I should be updating my two ongoing stories, "Dark Shadows: Elizabeth's Secret" and "Dark Shadows 2." But the words don't come as easily as they used to. So I am revising my stories, correcting mistakes and adding details. So far, I have revised:
1. "Roger and Carolyn"
2. chapters 1 through 6 of "Dark Shadows: Elizabeth's Secret"
3. chapters 1 through 5 of "Dark Shadows 2"

As I revise other stories, I will add them to this list.

I am reversing the list of my revisions, putting the most recent at the top and the first at the bottom. This is the same format that ffn uses for the list of my stories, and the list of Dark Shadows stories, etc. Except I will leave JULY 16, 2022
where it is.

Today I revised the NOTE at the end of chapter 1 of "Julia and Roxanne," after finding the Peanuts strip that I paraphrased in the chapter.

Mr. Lucky, the complete series, is on amazon Prime Video. I have added a NOTE about this to my story "Lucky at Cards, Unlucky at Treachery."

Today, I revised Chapter 1 of Skyfall: Parallel Time to conform to the physics in the movie, even though the movie-physics are bullshit. See NOTE B. after that Chapter for more details.

More revisions to "Memories by Moonlight:"
Chapter 2: I have added an explanation for something Carolyn does during her second meeting with Roger that night.

Chapter 5: I changed Carolyn's water container after remembering something about her mother that I wrote in chapter 2 of "Dark Shadows: Elizabeth's Secret."

11-24-22: Happy Thanksgiving.

Sometimes I cannot find the words even though the words are very simple. When I was writing chapters 2 and 4 of "Memories by Moonlight" I knew I should mention Roger's keys but I could not think of the words. I thought of them later and today I added them to those chapters.

I have further revised chapter 4 of "Dark Shadows: Elizabeth's Secret." I have added the first names of the Grimes twins. I have also added a NOTE explaining the source of those names and casting suggestions for a movie version of the story.

I have further revised chapter 2 of "Roger and Carolyn."

9-16-22: I have revised chapter 5 of "Dark Shadows 2." I moved the casting suggestion to the NOTE.

9-12-22: I have revised "Dark Shadows: The Englishman."

9-10-22: I have added a NOTE to "The Roxanne Drew Story" to explain why she plays the clarinet.

9-5-22: I have revised chapters 7 through 12 of "Dark Shadows: Elizabeth's Secret."
That includes moving the casting suggestions from the texts to the NOTES.
See 8-27-22 below. The changes to chapters 10, 11 and 12 are minor.

Later on 9-5-22: I have just revised chapter 2 of "Dark Shadows: Elizabeth's Secret."
I thought I had already done so, but I just reread it and discovered I had not.
I must check chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6.
LATER: Now chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6 are for sure revised.

8-28-22: I have made a few more revisions to "Dr. Hoffman, Vampire."

And I have revised all 3 chapters of "The Roxanne Drew Story:" added details, fixed mistakes, and moved the casting suggestions to the NOTES.

8-27-22: I am removing the casting suggestions from the texts of my stories
[see paragraph 5 in ORIGINAL PROFILE below] and adding them to the NOTES.
So far, I have done this in:
Dr. Hoffman, Vampire
Dark Shadows: The Englishman
Dr. Hoffman's 1st Trip to Collinwood
Elizabeth's Secret, chapters 5 and 6
Millicent's Lullaby

7-30-22: I have revised chapter 1 of "Memories by Moonlight" and added chapter 2.

7-19-22: I have revised all 3 chapters of "Dr. Hoffman's 1st Trip to Collinwood."

I am American, male, Caucasian, and old enough to have watched the original Dark Shadows.

The pen name "WhyTK" is based on a private joke. It is merely silly, not embarrassing, but I would still prefer to not explain it. It has nothing to do with "Y2K" for the "Year 2000" computer bug.

Tim Burton's version of Dark Shadows is a comedy. People who know me will tell you I am a pretty funny guy. But the Dark Shadows stories I have written so far are mostly tear-jerkers.

So far, all my Dark Shadows stories have been based on Burton's Shadows. But I am using a lot of character names from the original Dark Shadows and the 1991 prime time remake. In some cases, I have combined the first name of one character with the last name of another. For example, the Harridge clan in my stories will be a lot bigger than it was in the original Dark Shadows. But in most cases, the good guys are still good guys and the bad guys are still bad guys.

The name that appears in parenthesis after the first mention of a character is the name of the actor who would play that character in a movie version of the story. I can dream can't I? For example, "Rachel Drummond [Kathryn Leigh Scott]" means that Kathryn Leigh Scott would play Rachel Drummond, which is the name of one of the characters Ms. Scott played in the original Dark Shadows.

See darkshadowswikia dot com for more information about the characters in previous versions of Dark Shadows, and the actors who played them - including Kathryn Leigh Scott.

I am also naming places in Collinsport after actors in the original Dark Shadows. Examples include:
1. Bennett Avenue in "Millicent's Lullaby" is named after Joan Bennett.
2. Moltke's Marina in "Dr. Hoffman, Vampire" is named after Alexandra Moltke.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Dec. 25, 2021
I have added another note about USS Oklahoma to my story Lest We Forget.

Updated on May 11, 2024
The timeline of my Dark Shadows ficverse is:
1. "Elizabeth's Secret," October 1962
2. "Grief," August 1963
3. "Dr. Hoffman's 1st Trip to Collinwood," October 1969
4. "Millicent's Lullaby, or 1st Nights at Collinwood"
Chapter 1: October 1969, Julia's first night at Collinwood
Chapter 2: October 1972, the night Barnabas is released from the iron box
Chapter 3: October 1972, Victoria's second night at Collinwood
5. "Memories by Moonlight," November 1969
6. "Roger and Carolyn," August 1972
7. "Dr. Hoffman, Vampire," October 1972, it begins where the movie ended.
8. "The Roxanne Drew Story," October 1972
9. "Julia and Roxanne," October 1972
10. "Dark Shadows 2," October 1972
11. "Launch Day," September 1973
12. "Lest We Forget," June 2000

"Dark Shadows: The Englishman," my first Dark Shadows story, is a one-shot unconnected to my other Dark Shadows stories - unless I figure out a way to connect them.

Added on April 28, 2017
A Word about the F-Word
"Burton's Shadows" [as I sometimes call the 2012 movie] does not use the "F-word," so I am reluctant to use it in my stories. But there are places where nothing else will do. So I compromise and render it as "F * * *."

Added on Feb. 14, 2015
In my Dark Shadows ficverse, Dr. Hoffman has phobias about the sea and everything that lives in it. Yesterday I learned via the "Helena Bonham Carter Nude with a Tuna" news, that Helena Bonham Carter really does have a fish phobia.

Added on March 28, 2015
A bit of clarification about Carolyn in my Dark Shadows ficverse.

Carolyn does not begin suffering the monthly transformation into a wolf until puberty hits. But ever since the werewolf bit Carolyn in her crib, her strength and speed and senses have been superior to those of the average girl. In this, she resembles Jack Nicholson's character in the movie Wolf - which was Michelle Pfeiffer's 1st werewolf movie.

Added on June 12, 2016
The following disclaimer is paraphrased from the wikipedia article
"All persons fictitious disclaimer" :
All of my stories, and all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in my stories, are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Except, of course, for historical persons, cars, ships, aircraft, firearms, etc. For example: J. Edgar Hoover, Karmann Ghia, USCGC Humboldt, Sikorsky S-58 (which will appear in a later chapter of "Elizabeth's Secret"), and Smith and Wesson Model 42.

Added Sept. 3, 2016
In her review of my story "Elizabeth's Secret," kaleen1212 commented on my use of the present tense.

I see my fanfics as movies in my head. I suppose many writers do that, but I find it extremely hard to translate them into the past tense. So hard that I don't even try.

Also, the opening "teasers" [narrations] of the original Dark Shadows and the 1991 prime time Dark Shadows were spoken in the present tense. Please read the articles about individual episodes at darkshadowswikia dot com to see what I mean.

Those teasers inspired me to write passages such as this one, at the start of Elizabeth's Secret, Chapter 3:
"Morning comes to the great house of Collinwood - the morning after the disappearance of Paul Stoddard and the death of the uninvited, and unlamented, Jason McGuire.

"Elizabeth Collins Stoddard lies wide awake on her bed. The only part of her that has slept this night is her left arm, around her daughter."

After writing those passages in the present tense, it seemed natural to write the rest of the story in the present tense.

Added Oct. 11, 2017
I have rearranged the sections of my PROFILE to put the longest section last, even though this puts the sections even more out of chronological order than they were already.

Added Dec. 5, 2015
I recorded the movie The Woman in White on TCM on Oct. 24, 2014, and I finally watched it on Nov. 26, 2015. [I have a stack of TCM movies waiting to be watched, some much older than this.]

The Woman in White was based on a novel by Wilkie COLLINS. It was released by Warner Brothers, the same as Tim Burton's version of Dark Shadows.

The scenes shot day-for-night are as bad as those in House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows. Well, maybe not quite as bad: The Woman in White is black&white, not color, so the grass is not green and the sky is not blue in the day-for-night scenes. But even the brightest full moon in real life does not light up the ground the way the full moon in The Woman in White does.

The movie begins with a VOICEOVER by a handsome, dark haired young man [Gig Young] as he arrives by train, after dark, in a small English town. There is no one from the manor waiting to meet him, but in this case it's because he is late after missing his connection at Newbury.

In the voiceover, he says the date is April 4, 1851. The original Dark Shadows ended on April 2, 1971.

The man is a painter who has been hired as a "drawing master" for a young woman. On TCM, The Woman in White was immediately followed by Night of Dark Shadows, in which David Selby played 2 painters: Quentin Collins [the 5th character of that name to be played by Mr. Selby] in 1971 and Charles Collins in 1810.

The household in The Woman in White includes 2 cousins, one with red hair and one with black hair: the same as Carolyn and David, respectively, in both the '91 prime time DS and the unfinished 2004 DS pilot.

But in this case, both of the cousins are beautiful young women:
1. Black haired Alexis Smith as Marian.

The original DS did time travel stories, but it also did stories set in Parallel Time. In the first Parallel Time story, Lara Parker played identical twins: ALEXIS and Angelique. That is why I have cast Lara Parker as Alexis Bradford in my ficverse.

2. LAURA, played by red haired Eleanor Parker.

Eleanor Parker ALSO PLAYED a 3rd cousin named Anne, who was The Woman in White of the title. In Chapter 1 of "The Roxanne Drew Story," I wrote that Anne and names ending in "-anne" were very popular in Roseanne's [Roxanne's mother] side of the family.

I published "Dr. Hoffman's 1st Trip to Collinwood" just 12 days before I recorded The Woman in White." In "... 1st Trip ...," I wrote that Julia had lusted for Eleanor Parker for over 20 years. And one of the NOTES was about Eleanor Parker and Lara Parker playing mother and daughter in an episode of Hawaii Five-O in 1978.

Much mystery and villainy follows the young man's arrival at the manor, but with no supernatural events or characters. The lead villain is played by Sydney Greenstreet, best known for playing Kasper Gutman [AKA "The Fat Man"] in The Maltese Falcon. In my ficverse:
1. Elizabeth uses Sam Spade's toast "Success to crime" when she and Willie have a drink after disposing of some rubbish in "Elizabeth's Secret."
2. In Chapter 2 of "The Roxanne Drew Story," I used Effie Perrine [the name of Sam Spade's secretary] as the name of Roxanne's assistant at the South Hudson Insurance Co.

As for Newbury:
The English Newbury is in Berkshire. In Massachusetts, there is both a Newbury and a Newburyport, both of them in Essex county. In "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" by H.P. Lovecraft, a rattletrap bus runs from Newburyport to the fictitious cities of Innsmouth and Arkham. A character will ride that bus in my Innsmouthian-DS-prequel, which I referred to in one of the NOTES to "Dr. Hoffman's 1st Trip to Collinwood."

I know coincidences happen, but this is ridiculous.

Part of Dan Curtis's inspiration for DS was a dream of a dark-haired young woman on a train, on her way to a job as a governess. Did he see The Woman in White in 1948, and in 1965 his dreaming mind performed a role reversal on it?

Speaking of "Role Reversals" ... there is a fanfic by that name on page 2 of the Dark Shadows: TV series list. 1967: Barnabas Collins, a distant cousin from England, arrives at Collinwood to be David's tutor. That same night, Willie Loomis follows what he thinks is a clue to the long lost Collins jewels. He finds a chained coffin in the secret room in the Collins family mausoleum. He breaks the chain and unleashes ... Josette DuPres, Vampire.

"Role Reversals" was written by PeekabooFang, who also wrote "In the Very Distant Future" - a crossover between Star Trek [TOS] and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. It is hilarious. But I have to warn you about the reviews of it: 2 of them are from an obscene flamer [I hope I'm using that word correctly] who apparently lives for nothing but Star Trek.

If you look for The Woman in White on TCM, then please also look for the movie I Walk the Line. I think TCM shows it at least once a year, during Gregory Peck Day of Summer Under the Stars. You might find The Woman in White either during October (for Halloween), or on Eleanor Parker Day of Summer Under the Stars.

I Walk the Line was directed by John Frankenheimer, and it was released in 1970, the same year as House of Dark Shadows and Count Yorga, Vampire.

Gregory Peck played the Sheriff. Tuesday Weld played the moonshiner's daughter who seduces him. Ralph Meeker played the moonshiner. 2 years later, Mr. Meeker played an FBI agent in The Night Stalker, a Dan Curtis Production.

In Tim Burton's version of Dark Shadows, the Sheriff's car is a white 1968 Plymouth Fury with the red version of the Twin Beacon Ray light bar.

In I Walk the Line, the Sheriff's car is a 1969 Ford Custom with the blue version of the Twin Beacon Ray light bar. The car is black&white, but not the LAPD-style-black&white of the Collinsport PD cars in Burton's Shadows.

I Walk the Line shows the Twin Beacon Ray in action twice, and does so better than Burton's Shadows. The 1st time is a short chase scene after the opening titles. The 2nd time is a long sequence near the end.

I tell you all this because a '69 Ford Custom with a Twin Beacon Ray light bar will appear in a later chapter of my story Dark Shadows 2. That chapter will answer the questions raised by my story "Dr. Hoffman's 1st Trip to Collinsport:"
1. Why did Julia wake up screaming and shivering every day between the EXPEDITON and the arrival of Elizabeth's letter?
2. Why does Julia always think of it as the EXPEDTION, as in her thought " ... damn Eliot, damn Frank, and double-damn their precious EXPEDTION!"
3. Why does Julia have phobias about sunlit blue water [and by extension, a fear of most things blue] and all forms of sea-life?

The car in the later chapter of DS2 will be a '69 Ford with a Twin Beacon Ray light bar because:
1. I like '69 Fords and Twin Beacon Ray light bars.
2. A '69 Ford was the first car to pass in the opposite direction when Angie drove her red '70 Plymouth Barracuda convertible to Angel Bay.
3. I can refer you to the movie I Walk the Line, where you can see a '69 Ford with a Twin Beacon Ray light bar in action.

ADDED MAY 7, 2022: I saw a red and white '59 Ford on the main street of my small town today. It was a Galaxy 2-door hardtop with a red body and a white top, not a Country Sedan station wagon like Roxanne Drew's. It was the first '59 Ford I have seen on the street in a long time.

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