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OKay, I am a Johnny Depp fan. He's my FAVORITE actor. If you stepped in my room, you wouldn't know that because I've got Orlando Bloom posters all over my wall. In my town, there are barely any Johnny Depp posters. AAAAAAA- that bugs me sooooo much.

Let's see- my favorite movies:
Pirates of the Caribbean(DUH), The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Secret Window, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, all Harry Potter movies, Peter Pan, Back to the Future, Ella Enchanted, Princess Diaries, and more that I can't think of.

Favorite books:
Any Stephen King book(so far,Misery's me fave), Lurlene McDaniel books, Armaggedan Summer, any Patricia Windsor book (almost), Gone With the Wind, all Harry Potter books, Daughters of the Moon books

Favorite music artists: Maroon 5, Dido (love White Flag), Evanescance, Good Charlotte, Cher, Puddle of Mudd, Wild Cherries, Aqua, Pink, Hoobastank (LOVE The Reason)

Favorite song: The Darkness, I believe in a thing called love

Favorite actors: Johnny Depp(DUH), Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortanson, Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, Adam Sandler, Danielle Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton

Actresses: Drew Barrymore, Liv Taylor, Anne Hathaway, Emma Thompson

Favorite show: Friends

Least favorite musicians:
Britney Spears, John Mayer(OOH HE BUGS ME), Uncle Kracker

Did y'all hear that Joey is going off and doing a show by himself, extended from Friends? Well, he is.

Favorite Quotes:

Son, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy- Jack Sparrow

I know whose blood you need- Jack Sparrow (that may seem weird, but he looks so hott when he says that)

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate- Jack Sparrow

Sticks and Stones, love. I saved your life, you save mine, we're square- Jack Sparrow

You seem somewhat familiar, have I threatened you before- Jack Sparrow

There are only two rules that you need know- what a man can do and what a man can't do- Jack Sparrow

My apologies, I didn't know. If I see one, I shall inform you immediately- Jack Sparrow

Clearly you've never been to Singapore- Jack Sparrow

Ta- Jack Sparrow (I use that word all the time to say goodbye to ppl, my sister says I'm a freak, but she plays along)

Take what you can, give nothing back- Jack Sparrow and Gibbs

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't on the verge of doing Snoopy dances- Mort Rainey (Secret Window)

You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner, you're in one- Captain Barbossa

Cake or death- Eddie Izzard

God attack the queen- Eddie Izzard

Why are you wearing glasses?- Malfoy
Um- reading. -Harry as Crabbe(or maybe it was Goyle)
I didn't know you could read.- Malfoy

The spiders- Ron
What about them?- Harry
They want me to tapdance. I don't want to tapdance.- Ron
You tell those spiders.- Harry

I will write more later, simply because I can't remember them right now.

Okay, I just wrote all of this stuff and I realized, you all don't even know who I am- except for me screen name- so I'll tell ye.

My name's Beverly Edwards, I'm 15 and I live in the boring state of Minnesota. However, that whole Minnesota Nice crap is bull because Minnesota is not the nicest place. I have brown hair with fading blonde highlights and my sister put red streaks in me hair. I wear glasses- although I'm going to get contacts soon- and I am kinda short and a little bit chubby. I have hazel eyes and my birthday is on September 15- making me a virgo. I have a stupid paper route and I have to get up really early in the morning and I hate it. I live in a duplex and have two sisters and both parents. I'm the weirdest person you'd ever meet and I'm not afraid to admit it. I hate huge crowds and I don't have too many friends. I'm going for my GED right now and working on writing novels and my short stories that I USED to write on this website.

Okay, so, I'm a little angry with about the no You stories, but I suppose I forgive them. I'll start writing more regular stories later, but for now, all my you stories are on

Okay, for any of you who had read Bandleader, I'm EXTREMELY SORRY AND PISSED OFF to tell you that I had it saved to disk and lost all the information. Then, when I was going to copy it all off of, they deleted it. So, sorry if any of you liked that story. I have many more stories and I already have a sequel up on there that is a Draco/You, so I hope y'all will read them. Anywho, I hope you see this, or you wouldn't be able to read my lovely stories. Thanks.

Th-th-that's all folks. For now at least.

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