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Future Novelist

I love animations more than real life stuff

Fav movies:

Frozen- it was the most beautiful movie I've seen. The music is gorgeous, the voices are so unbelievably perfect, and I cried the entire time

Meet The Robinsons- Believe it or not, I know what it's like trying to get adopted and feeling unwanted. I always cry at the end when he gets adopted finally

Brave- I think Merida is a great princess, she follows her heart and is who she is and refuses to change just because she's not seen as perfect by her parents or kingdom (and yes I cry during that movie too!)

Cat in the Hat- Can never stop laughing :) Also, Mike Myers is hilarious as Cat and Austin Powers

Austin Powers- It's groovy, baby!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit- Funny stuff right there!!!!

Fav Songs:

"Imaginary" by Evanescence

"Let It Go" by Idina Menzel

"Innocence" by Avril Lavigne

Pretty much anything by Eminem

A lot of songs by Britney Spears and Taylor Swift (like "Innocent")

I love reading

The "Septimus Heap" series

I also write music lyrics

Favorite Animated Couples:

Edd & Marie (Ed Edd n Eddy)

Dawn and Scott (TDROTI)

Gwen and Cameron (TD All Star)

Jo and Brick (TDROTI)

Danny Phantom and Sam

Franny and Louis "Cornelius" (Meet The Robinsons)

Rapunzel and Eugene (Tangled)

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

Kim Possible and Shego (yes, I did just say that)

Animated Characters I Love:

Elsa & Ana, Olaf (Frozen)

All the animated characters mentioned above

Todd and Copper (Fox and the Hound)

Merida (Brave)

Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

I'm also going to do the TDROTI questions, too

Anne Maria:

( ) You are from New Jersey

(x) You speak with an accent

( ) You add so much product to your hair

( ) You have/had a fake tan

( ) You look down upon those who are not as pretty as you are

( ) You like only one side of a person, not the person him/herself

( ) You wear a lot of make-up

( ) You can't sing

Count: 1


( ) You don't talk much

( ) You're a bit on the chubby side

( ) Despite the aforementioned, you are very athletic

( ) You're skilled in mechanics

( ) You are embarrassed of your first name

(x) You like using initials

( ) You have multiple items in your coat

( ) Every time you try to speak, you get cut off

Count: 1


(x) You/your family has a military background

( ) You follow a moral code

(X) You are dedicated to protect friends and family

(X) You are rather athletic

( ) You STINK at Fashion design

(x) You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the safety of others

(x) You're scared of the dark, as well as it's noises

(x) You have the "need to be dominated" (only with my boyfriend sometimes, and not like THAT)

Count: 6


( ) You're under 100 pounds

( ) You have lived in a bubble

(x) You have overprotective parents (YES! Hate it so much)

( ) You're not the most athletic person out there

(x) You're a bit nerdy

( ) You can be counted as an "expendable player"

( ) You wore diapers until a late age

( ) (IF A GUY) You're mistaken for a girl

Count: 2


( ) You're addicted to fame

( ) You LOVE pink!

( ) You are a major fashion phonon

( ) You usually wear sunglasses

( ) Your parent(s) are majorly rich

(x) You're attracted to nerds (and dorks)

(X) You and your phone are inseparable

( ) You hate feeling sorry for others

Count: 2


(x) You are a wicca/witch (Hogwarts, baby!)

( ) You can read auras

(x) You love nature and communicating with animals

(x) You are very short

( ) You can levitate

( ) You know how to levitate

(x) You don't really care about money (not particularly)

(X) You are able to detect positive/negative energy (somewhat)

Count: 5


(X) You're a tomboy

( ) You are EXTREMELY athletic

( ) You don't think anyone is better than you

(X) You aren't the most attractive person (I'm okay)

(X) You HATE the beauty queen

( ) You would rather sacrifice others to save your own skin

( ) Your favorite accessory is a whistle

( ) (IF A GIRL) You're mistaken for a guy (LOL no, but I have been mistaken for a lesbian... how'd THAT happen??)

Count: 3 (I love Jo)


(X) You talk in the third person (yep and it's fun)

(x) You can't tell the difference between genders sometimes

( ) You tend to add something before words

(x) You're apparently attractive to the opposite gender

(X) You are an overachiever

( ) You have protein powder

(x) You believe in teams of one (sometimes, yes)

( ) You often call people "losers"

Count: 5


( ) You have a mental disorder

( ) You have said you are an actor

( ) You like two people at the same time

(x) You talk in your sleep

(x) You have a therapist/psychiatrist

(x) You are agile and graceful, but also tough and scrappy

( ) You have trouble telling the one you love how you feel

(x) You're willing to risk your life for the one you love

Count: 4


( ) You love video games

( ) You have embarrassed yourself on your only date

(x) You have cat-like reflexes (YES!!)

( ) You are in love with someone TOTALLY out of your league

( ) You are a couch potato

( ) You have a "circus thumb"

( ) You sometimes speak in video-game talk

( ) You sometimes see stuff in video-game mode

Count: 1


(x) You LOVE manipulating people (sometimes, but they usually know that's what I'm doing, and besides that, it's not in a mean way)

( ) You're a poser

( ) You like to whittle

( ) Animals don't like you

( ) You don't like animals

( ) You have a lucky item

( ) You're a ginger

(x) You have freckles covering you

Count: 2


( ) You have a long ancestry

( ) You are a compulsive liar

( ) You talk incessantly

( ) You are rather overweight

( ) You are annoying to most people

( ) You have trouble swimming

( ) You have been bald at one point

(X) You don't have many friends

Count: 1


(X) You wear stuff in your hair

( ) You're an only child

( ) You don't have many friends, but wish to make friends

( ) You like retro fashions/music

(X) You enjoy the theatre

(X) You have seen your crush go out with someone else (Sort of? My boyfriend has told me about his exes)

(X) You are generally nice, but have a tough side

(x) Someone else has called you the "prettiest person in the group"

Count: 5

Apparently, I'm most like Brick. Interesting.

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