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Author has written 8 stories for Kim Possible, Disney, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Santa Clause, and Toy Story.

Okkay, I'll keep this short:

About me:

Not much to say.
I'm a twenty-something girl nerd who loves Disney, cartoons, comic books, cosplay, hockey, fanfiction, writing, sleep & many other things I'm forgetting right now
I'm a college grad and a slave to the Mouse
I'm also terribly lazy
I tend to get obsessed with things rather quickly
The above condition is good and bad
Good because I have lots of fandoms to pull from (seriously, they're all over the map)
Bad because it's hard for me to hold on to an obsession long enough to see an entire story through to it's completion

I really really try and I tend to go back to things after a time, but it makes for long long periods between updates (sorry to any of my watchers in advance)

If you feel a need to stalk me (but in a good way...?):

I have a deviant art account () (with what little art/photography I deem is reasonably okkay for the world to see)

and a Livejournal () (that is friend locked so you have to have an LJ)

and tumblr ()

Oh and I'm addicted to twitter (

Status of Stories:

Beneath the Pale Moonlight- (On Hiatus) Another Toy Story fic born of One Shot: One of the few that bugged me enough to get fleshed outHuman!AU Set on an old west planet with cowboys and space rangers and nefarious plots. Mostly Jessie/Buzz but lots of Woody too and side characters from Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Updates will probably be very very slow on this one cause I want to get it just right.

Operation: One Shot- (On Hiatus) Named cause I thought I was clever (The toys in TS3 call their plan to interact w/ Andy again Operation:Playtime so there ya go). A collection of one shots, drabbles, song fics, and anything else that comes into my head about the Toy Story world. I keep having random ideas that don't lend themselves to full fledged stories (and I don't want to just spam the TS section with short nothing fics) so I decided to collect them all and post them this way. Various ships, some AU, post during and pre movies, just whatever. We'll see what happens. (Also open for suggestions if anyone has them _)

Never Get Over Losing You: (Completed) I honestly never thought at this point in my life I'd go through a Toy Story phase, but here we are. I watched the 3rd movie (actually before it was in theaters) and this idea just hit me over the head. It's weird cause since I've been shipping JessiexBuzz so hard lately I thought that fluff would be the first stuff I wrote but instead I decided to play around w/ the WoodyxBo Peep loose ends. It's finished, I'm kind of in love with it despite it being terribly fluffy and it's currently my best received fic ever (I swear it's all due to timing)

Vernal Equinox: (Completed) My Santa Clause story fic: So here's a story that popped up when I didn't really want it to. Once again, told myself I wasn't going to write it and here it is. SOmehow after 3 years I managed to actually finish it and I couldn't be happier. I really hope everyone enjoyed :D
Also, if anyone actually reads my profile and has wondered what Fi looks likes I have two ref images so far (sadly not made by me. someday I'll post my sad attempt... I'm a writer not an artist :P):

The Hearts of Worlds:(Hiatus for Re-write) Kind of a Kingdom Hearts-ish story but mainly Disney-ish: In the process of re-writing cause I think I'm a better writer now than I was 3 yrs ago (I would hope so). New chapters eventually!

Pandora's Box: (Complete) My first attempt at KP fanfiction. This was suppose to be the first story of a pretty long set, but I will not be continuing it anytime soon. Sorry that's just how it goes :-(

Megara: (completed) Short poem about Meg from Hercules...that's really all there is to it

The Dreamers of Dreams:(Chapter 1 uploaded) Started this after saying I wouldn't. It will not be continued. Again... sorry

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