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Hmmm... What should I write here...

Name: Hjiscool... o.o

Username: Eien Kaosu(You should know that...)

Currents Fics (Main): Omoide No Kakera (Shards of Memories). Prequel of Trojan Pony's Born to Burn, about Heiji-chan. Chapter One - Shards of Fire is up. Chapter Two, Shards of Ice is now up as well. NEWS: Chapter Three, Shards of Memories, is finally out! Bye bye OnK, you will be missed. T.T

How Omoide No Kakera was inspired.

One day, my dad dragged me to the tennis courts to pratice playing tennis. (I'm horrible at it.) A while later, my side started to hurt, almost as if something was stabbing me from the inside. When I told my dad, he thought I was lying about it and forced me to continue practicing. I asked a few more times, but each time all he did was get madder at me. I gave up after awhile and decided to try to ignore it, but I couldn't. I started to lean forward like someone who has a stomach ache, (Which I did, only much worse.) but my dad thought I was faking it, so he yelled at me to stop leaning forward. This happened a few times, until he accused me of just being shy and not wanting anyone to see me playing tennis. (Cause I'm bad at it.) There was nobody else at the courts though. XD My thoughts went over to Heiji and I thought, ' If she was placed in my situation she'll definately ignore the pain and fight till her last breath. If she can handle it, I can too! We're the same person after all!' I got a little encouraged and tried to focus on the ball. It didn't work. After alittle longer of this torture, instead of blacking out, I started to cry alittle. My dad FINALLY realized the pain was real and we packed up and went home. While packing up, it started to rain. -.- When we got to the car my dad noticed that it gpt scratched. So then while on the car I thought of the story, Omoide No Kakera.

The End.

Behind the Scenes of Omoide No Kakera

Hj: (Walks onto the cloud unafraid he would fall off.)

Later at a near by Hospital

Doctor: What did you say he fell off again?

Electra: I'm telling you! I saw him fall of a cloud with my own eyes!

Doctor: Excuse me, can you please take her to the mental ward?

I finally updated!!!! Wootness!!!! Chapter 3's gonna be a pain though...

Heiji Kaosu.

Character Profiles

Heiji Kaosu

Age: 16

Class: Bowman (Hunter)

Appearance: Long, crimson-red hair. Normal Asian colored skin (Alittle on the pale side), she has crystal-clear sapphire-blue eyes. The Green Legolier set. Uses a Ryden.


Originally Hjiscool and Sakuri Kaosu, Heiji was created when the latter was pulled into the MS world 16/17 years before the start of BtB, her DNA fusing with the MS counterpart's. The Hunter is determined to find her way back. Losing her memory in a crash landing into the pixel world, she took on the name Amythest Kaosu for a few weeks, and later took on the name of Heiji Kaosu, as well the memories of both Hj and Sakuri. Seems a bit clueless and happily oblivious most of the time, but it's a character to be under-estimated. Bearing former best archer Hjiscool's skills, she could be a formidable foe, or a loyal friend.


None so far.

Other Fics (Spam, minus OR, which is only in this section 'cause I'll never get off my lazy ass and type it.)

MapleStory: Misadventures In Omega Sector.


Status: Chapter 1 is up, chapter 2 is still in the planning stages.

MapleStory: Frustration.


Status: Finished.

MapleStory: Orchid Rain. (OR)


Status: Too lazy to type up chappie 1.

Update: April 23rd, 2007.

-All Orchid Rain Profiles have been moved to my homepage. Access it by clicking the lil' blue button called homepage.

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