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AA - Dinosaur King: New Battles Info

BB - My Versions of the States & D.C.

CC - Story Ideas to Share


I have a challenge for all of you! A while back, I found a picture on DeviantArt by 1sthi1357 made of Dino TK, from my story, Of Dinos and Digimon. It gave me an idea. I am not a drawing person. I trace, but don't draw. Which is why I want to ask you guys if you could draw for me! Well, not for me, but from my stories.

This is what I mean: you draw things from my stories and post them on DeviantArt, I'll mention them in the story they're from. There is no cost or prize, except maybe a Llama and my eternal happiness!

Here are the rules:

1. You MUST include my name in the description so I can find it and the name of the story it's from.

2. It doesn't have to be a good picture, it can be whatever. I want to see what you all can come up with!

3. You can make multiple works of art, not just one piece.

4. They can either be character designs, scenes (or comics) from the story, or title pictures.

Now that that's done with, I hope you guys take on the challenge! See you!

AA - Dinosaur King: New Battles Info

EDIT: Thanks to my reviewer, LeafeonLover, I have decided to do a description of Aubrie from my story, Dinosaur King: New Battles, so people will know what she looks like and such. I'll update the chapters later on, so the description will be put in there, but until then, this is my description of her:

Aubrie has long, red hair, reaching the middle of her back, and bright blue eyes. She has light, untanned skin and usually wears a white T-shirt with a dark blueish-gray silhouette of a Carnotaurus on the front, blue jeans with a white fiberglass card holder attached to one of the belt loops, white and blue shoes, a white backpack, sky-blue wristbands, and a silver necklace with a key and a black cardholder hanging from it.

She's kind and mischievous, and likes to tease Rex, who hates the nickname she gave him, Blondie (though she's the only one who calls him that). They usually don't fight, but she is quite stubborn, so that could contribute to more fights later on. Another reason they fight is because of one of Aubrie's dinosaurs, an Irritator named Island. Rex and Island clash all the time, so she has to stop the fight or one of the D-Team has to.

She has many dinosaurs, but the ones she uses the most are A.J. (short for Aubrie Jr.), Island, Graydon, and Cindy. A.J. and Cindy are Carnotauruses, Island is an Irritator, and Graydon is an Iguanodon. A.J. and Rex's dinosaur partner, Ace, seem to like each other; Island, however, loves to tease Rex, which results in fights between the two. Graydon is neutral between the two, resorting to just watching everything unless it gets out of hand.

Cindy is different, however, as he is an Awakened Carnotaurus, and the most powerful dinosaur Aubrie has. He also has a special connection with her, but it's a secret until later in the story.

These are descriptions of her dinosaurs (these are also in the order that I revived them, and as for the names, DON'T MAKE FUN OF THEM. I was young when I named most of these dinos, and the levels are as Aubrie described in the story: the strong ones are the Lv. 5-10 ones, and they are strong if they keep fighting without getting hit; the ones in between are the Lv. 14-39, being as they can take care of themselves and are strong; the insanely powerful ones are A.J., Island, and Cindy, being as they have the highest levels of all the dinosaurs. These are also their descriptions of their baby forms [except Cindy]):

A.J. (Aubrie Jr.): Carnotaurus, Wind, Lv. 63; She looks exactly like Ace, except smaller by an inch, since she is a girl; she acts quite a bit like Rex, being protective of her partner, wanting to look out for her, but she does enjoy eating when she has the chance and she is also very convincing, so she usually gets what she wants, and is best friends with all the dinos, especially Island, Graydon, and Cindy.

Island: Irritator, Water, Lv. 63; He looks like Spiny, except he doesn't have a frill on his back, he is completely sea-blue, and there is a small red crest on his head; he is mischievous, like his master, but only annoys Rex, because he is afraid that the boy will take away his master, but he would never admit it aloud, and is best friends with A.J., Graydon, and Cindy.

Graydon: Iguanodon, Grass, Lv. 39; She looks like Paris, except she has no horn and is colored dark gray and white; she was once a part of the main team, until Cindy came along, but she doesn't mind, since she is the fourth strongest in the group and is still able to protect the weaker dinosaurs. She acts as a fulcrum between A.J. and Island if they fight too much or if their fight gets out of hand, but except for that, she just likes to observe, and is best friends with A.J. and Island.

Neo: Neovenator, Wind, Lv. 22; He is about half Ace's size, being as he is a raptor, and is colored spring green with dark green stripes and a small, orange crest on his head; Quite energetic, he likes to play many games, especially the ones where he gets to run around a lot, like Fetch and Frisbee. He hates to stay in one play for long periods of time and is best friends with Barry.

Barry: Baryonyx, Water, Lv. 21; He looks like Spiny, except he has no frills at all and colored pale yellow with dark red stripes; He is Neo's best friend and can keep up, but he likes to look for stuff instead, so he really likes to play hide-and-seek.

Ala: Allosaurus, Wind, Lv. 23; He looks like Ace, except he's light blue, almost white, with a purple crest on his head; He is Raja's and Diamond Back's best friend and exact opposite of Diamond Back: he loves to jump around, run, and is much more energetic than the other dinos, even Neo. Can't stand still if his life depended on it, even.

Raja: Rajasaurus, Fire, Lv. 22; He's about an inch bigger than Terry and completely brown (varying shades), with a larger mouth and crystal blue eyes; He, like Graydon, is the fulcrum between Ala and Diamond Back, and is their best friend. He can be energetic when he wants to, but he is a deep sleeper, and splits his time between his two best friends so neither of them will be lonely for too long, which makes him caring.

Diamond Back: Saltasaurus, Water, Lv. 22; He looks like Brontikens, except he's colored green with a brown stripe down his back and has small bump-like spikes on his back; His best friends are Ala and Raja, but he's the slowest out of them and the opposite of Ala. They get along, of course, but they get irritated when the other can't keep up or is too slow, which leads to Raja having to separate them and share his time between the two until they aren't irritated any more.

Dragon: Dacentrurus, Earth, Lv. 20; He looks like a slimmer version of Tank with his small plates going down the middle of his back, spikes on his tail, spikes on his shoulders, and is colored green and yellow with wavy light green stripes down his sides; He's best friends with Tarbo and he is more energetic than a regular Sauropod, enabling him to keep up with the raptors.

Tarbo: Tarbosaurus, Fire, Lv. 20; He looks like Terry, except he's pale yellow and darkish-red; He's Dragon's best friend and follows the Dacentrurus around everywhere loyally, except for when he's taking a nap.

Talaru: Talarurus, Earth, Lv. 14; She's also like a thinner version of Tank and completely blue with darker blue spots, and covered in small bump-like spikes; When she curls up, she looks like a wheel, so her best friends Yellowhorn and Giant roll her around like one when they play games sometimes, like how Terry and Spiny do to Tank. She doesn't get dizzy at all because of all the rolling, but she gets annoyed if someone rolls her when she doesn't want to get rolled.

Yellowhorn: Alioramus, Fire, Lv. 15; He looks like Terry, except he's black and white with a yellow horn on his snout and has bright blue eyes; He is best friends with Talaru and Giant and loves to roll Talaru around, even if she doesn't want to be rolled, which leads to fights between the two, which either one of the other dinosaurs, Giant, or Aubrie break up. But, though they fight, they are still great friends.

Giant: Giganotosaurus, Fire, Lv. 14; He is slightly bigger than Terry by an inch or two and is completely purple (varying shades); His best friends are Talaru and Yellowhorn, and he is a bit of a gentle giant. He's kind and is very careful to others, making sure he doesn't hurt anyone, and he tries to prevent fights (especially between his two best friends) if he can do it without violence.

Whosaurus: Wuerhosaurus, Earth, Lv. 9;

Dino: Dilophosaurus, Wind, Lv. 9;

Rare Ruby: Daspletosaurus, Fire, Lv. 9;

Mono: Monolophosaurus, Wind, Lv. 9; Like Neo, is half Ace's size, and she is completely pinkish-red; She loves Aubrie very much, like Water Camara, and has a tendency to cling to her, which sometimes made the other dinos jealous. Her best friends are Whosaurus, Dino, and Rare Ruby, but Dino is more of a rival.

Mutta: Muttaburrasaurus, Grass, Lv. 9;

East dinosaur: Eustreptospondylus, Wind, Lv. 9;

Lily Green: Liliensternus, Wind, Lv. 6;

Forward spike: Edmontonia, Earth, Lv. 6;

Pogo: Patagosaurus, Water, Lv. 6;

Water Camara: Camarasaurus, Water, Lv. 8; Similar to Diamond Back, she is gray with an orange stripe down her back; Also, like Mono, she tends to cling onto Aubrie (and this also makes the other dinos sometimes jealous), and her best friends are Lily Green, Forward spike, Gogo, and Pogo. She is still playful, however, but mainly likes to observe.

Gogo: Gorgosaurus, Fire, Lv. 8

Sailback: Acrocanthosaurus, Fire, Lv. 15;

Tutu Tan: Torvosaurus, Fire, Lv. 15;

Orcastra: Opisthocoelicaudia, Water, Lv. 15;

Surprize: Shantungosaurus, Grass, Lv. 15;

First: Pachyrhinosaurus, Electric, Lv. 5;

Downhorn: Einiosaurus, Electric, Lv. 5;

Surprize Horn: Lambeosaurus, Grass, Lv. 5;

One-horn: Brachyceratops, Electric, Lv. 5;

Super Rare!: Tyrannosaurus, Fire, Lv. 6;

Frill Eyes: Torosaurus, Electric, Lv. 6;

Penny: Centrosaurus, Electric, Lv. 6;

Cindy: Awakened Carnotaurus, Wind, Lv. 73; He looks like a regular Carnotaurus, but he has large white stripes down his entire body; He is very special, as he doesn't have a baby form, and he has a special connection to Aubrie and is only used in emergencies, if no other dinosaur can handle the threat and such. He is the only dinosaur to take on Brontikens solo and win, so he is extremely powerful.

Cutie: Paris Copy, Grass, Lv. 7; Looks and acts exactly like Paris, and her best friends are Runner, Chomper, Snapper, and Spike.

Runner: Ace Copy, Wind, Lv. 8; Looks and acts exactly like Ace, and his best friends are Cutie, Chomper, Snapper, and Spike.

Chomper: Terry Copy, Fire, Lv. 6; Looks and acts exactly like Terry, and his best friends are Cutie, Runner, Snapper, and Spike.

Snapper: Spiny Copy, Water, Lv. 6; Looks and acts exactly like Spiny, and his best friends are Cutie, Runner, Chomper, and Spike.

Spike: Tank Copy, Earth, Lv. 6; Looks and acts exactly like Tank, and her best friends are Cutie, Runner, Chomper, and Snapper.

King: Mini-King, Electric, Lv. 6;

Roaring Thunder: Triceratops, Electric, Lv. 5;

Strange: Jobaria, Water, Lv. 5;

Finder: Siamotyrannus, Fire, Lv. 5;

White Spot: Monoclonius, Electric, Lv. 14;

Blue Spot: Altirhinus, Grass, Lv. 14;

Clubber: Euoplocephalus, Earth, Lv. 7;

Tough Guy: Saurophaganax, Fire, Lv. 7;

Red Point: Tsintaosaurus, Grass, Lv. 10;

Earthback: Isisaurus, Water, Lv. 9;

Pink Sail: Ouranosaurus, Grass, Lv. 9

Purple Sail: Spinosaurus, Water, Lv. 9;

Green belly: Anchiceratops, Electric, Lv. 9;

Gold Club: Ankylosaurus, Earth, Lv. 10;

Coco: Corythosaurus, Grass, Lv. 9;

Blank Spot: Arrhinosaurus, Electric, Lv. 9

Spike Shoulder: Sauropelta, Earth, Lv. 9;

Orange Horn: Saurolophus, Grass, Lv. 9;

Earth King: Saichania, Earth, Lv. 9;

Alpha Dino: Alpha Dilophosaurus, Wind, Lv. 9;

Alpha Whosaurus: Alpha Wuerhosaurus, Earth, Lv. 9;

Alpha Downhorn: Alpha Einiosaurus, Electric, Lv. 9;

Alpha Gogo: Alpha Gorgosaurus, Fire, Lv. 9;

Alpha Pink Sail: Alpha Ouranosaurus, Grass, Lv. 9;

Alpha Island: Alpha Irritator, Water, Lv. 9;

Rare Watersaurus: Ampelosaurus, Water, Lv. 9;

Club Tail: Shunosaurus, Water, Lv. 9;

Momsaurus: Maiasaura, Grass, Lv. 9;

Electrick Ball: Styracosaurus, Electric, Lv. 9;

Myth: Gojirasaurus, Wind, Lv. 9;

Surprize Frill!: Chasmosaurus, Electric, Lv. 9;

Curved Horn: Eucentrosaurus, Electric, Lv. 9;

Mele Kalikimaka: Mapusaurus, Fire, Lv. 9;

Kentro: Kentrosaurus, Earth, Lv. 9;

Carcharodontosaurus/Big Name: Carcharodontosaurus, Fire, Lv. 9;

Long Mouth: Suchomimus, Water, Lv. 7;

Hard to find: Amargasaurus, Water, Lv. 9;

Parasa: Parasaurolophus, Grass, Lv. 16;

S. A. Sailback: Super Alpha Acrocanthosaurus, Fire, Lv. 9.

S. A. Surprize Frill!: Super Alpha CHasmosaurus, Electric, Lv. 9;

S. A. Kentro: Super Alpha Kentrosaurus, Earth, Lv. 9;

S. A. Ala: Super Alpha Allosaurus, Wind, Lv. 9;

S. A. Long Mouth: Super Alpha Suchomimus, Water, Lv. 9;

S. A. Graydon: Super Alpha Iguanodon, Grass, Lv. 9;

Long Frill: Pentaceratops, Electric, Lv. 9;

Purple Plate: Stegosaurus, Earth, Lv. 9;

Delta: Deltadromeus, Wind, Lv. 9;

Cera: Ceratosaurus, Wind, Lv. 16;

U-Turn: Utahraptor, Wind, Lv. 9;

And, as for the levels of the Dinosaurs already on the show, I estimate the wild dinosaurs are about 10-20 in level, the ones the D-Team and Alpha Gang use are about Lv. 30, the Saurophaganax (after Seth has tampered with it) Lv. 35, and the Black T-Rex Lv. 40, maybe higher. As for the Space Pirates and the D-Team's and Alpha Gang's dinosaurs in the Second Season, I estimate them to be about 35 Leveling Up to 50, Space Pirates dinos (except Brontikens) 40 (maybe less) Leveling Up to 50, and Brontikens at least at Lv. 60 or more.

BB - My Versions of the States & D.C.:

Brief Warning: Some of their names are a bit weird, but don't blame me completely. I just found them and thought they would be good for the State. After all, I tried to match the first three letters of the State with their human name. The second names are nicknames, though some States (Virginia) have more than one. And yes, I really did find these names online (except for the nicknames); I did not make them up. As for their ages, Alfred is 22, and the States (depending on when they joined) are from 20 to 15, with D.C. at 10. And if I don't mention the length of their hair, it's about the same length as Alfred's; also, if I mention tie tops, they're all the same kind as Arkansas', just with different colors and patterns.

Alabama - Ally/Ala Jones; Girl with yellow eyes, tanned skin, long black hair in a ponytail, and clothes made of cotton: blue jean shorts with a black leather belt, light brown tank top, and white sneakers; Personality: Loves rockets (though not as bad as Florida), short temper (like Alfred), very rebellious (though not as much as South Carolina); Age: 18.

Alaska - Alder/Al Jones; Boy with ice blue eyes, fair skin, white hair, and heavy/thick winter clothing: a furry brown leather jacket, thick blue sweater, dark green pants, and black lace-up boots; Personality: Quiet, beats up Texas if the State mentions he is bigger while around Alaska (modest about being the biggest State, both in height and geographically, but doesn't hesitate to but Texas in his place), great winter survival instincts, loves the cold and both Alfred and Ivan; Age: 15.

Arizona - Ariel/Ari Jones; Girl with bright orange eyes, heavily tanned skin, black hair held back by a yellow hairband, and skimp clothing (compensates for her desert): white tank top that ends above the belly, light green short shorts, and yellow sandals; Personality: great desert survival instincts, loves the outdoors and can stay outside longer than the other States (but doesn't mind having air-conditioning every once in a while), amazing eye for detail (since she needs to see everything in the desert to survive); Age: 15.

Arkansas - Areka/Ark Jones; Girl with emerald green eyes (same shade as Arthur's), fair skinned, reddish-brown hair (same shade as Allan's) in two pigtails, and rugged clothes: black zip-up boots, knee-length camo pants with a dark brown leather belt, and a red and black checkered tie top (the kind that ties in front and doesn't cover much); Personality: Loves to explore (like Florida, Kentucky, and Idaho), easily annoyed, pesters the other States to go out and enjoy nature; Age: 18.

California - Calico/Cali Jones; Girl with bright blue eyes (like Alfred's), tanned skin, Alfred's hair without the cowlick, and beach-type clothing: loose-fitting sandy-colored knee-length dress (always wears a yellow bikini underneath), pink flip flops, and blue sunglasses; Personality: Loves the beach and bears, likes to see everything as a movie, films a lot, argues with Nevada and Florida all the time; Age: 17.

Colorado - Colter/Col Jones; Boy with dark brown eyes, slightly-tanned skin, blond, almost white hair with Alfred's cowlick, and varied clothing: black ski jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, gray shorts, and black-and-white strap-on shoes; Personality: Doesn't like the Olympics for some reason, loves skiing (so much that he practically stays on the mountains) and other sports, loud and energetic, marijuana buddies with Washington; Age: 16.

Connecticut - Conner/Con Jones; Boy with dark blue eyes, dirty blond hair, slightly tanned skin, and sailor clothing: a modern white captain's hat, navy blue t-shirt, long white pants, white deck shoes, and a white and navy blue backwards neckerchief; Personality: Loves to sail, dislikes the Englands, knows everything about boats and the water, very smart, and can be a bit girlish at times with his knowledge of clothing; Age: 20.

Delaware - Delmas/Del Jones; Boy with with light brown eyes, medium-length sandy hair that had twelve braids in it, fair skin, and Revolutionary-like clothing: a tied-on Tricorn hat, blue waistcoat, red shirt, brown pants, and black dress shoes; Personality: Dislikes the Englands, even though he and Virginia fight a lot, they can get along to lead the States, talks politely and has great manners; Age: 20.

Florida - Florina/Flo Jones;

Georgia - Geovanni/Geo Jones; Boy with light green eyes, light brown hair, fair skin, and farm clothing: white and blue checkered shirt, brown leather belt holding up faded green pants, and white and red worn sneakers; Personality: Laidback and great farmer (like Illinois), amazing speaker, advocate for civil rights, dislikes the Englands; Age: 20.

Hawaii - Haliaka/Haw(pronounced 'how') Jones; Girl with with bright yellow eyes, medium-length black hair laced with flowers, heavily tanned skin, and summer clothing: she had a long, multicolored skirt, peach sandals, and a short pink tank top that ended just above her belly; Personality: Great island survival skills, quiet, scared of the Japans, short temper (volcanoes); Age: 15.

Idaho - Idan/Ida Jones;

Illinois - Ilithyia/Illi(play on Lili) Jones; Girl with hazel eyes, medium-length rust-colored hair held back on the left by a cardinal-shaped hair clip, tanned skin, and farm clothing: a pale green flannel shirt, faded knee-length red shorts, a straw hat, and white and yellow sneakers; Personality: Laidback and great farmer (like Georgia), boastful, can be loud when excited; Age: 18.

Indiana - Indya/Indi Jones; Girl with short red hair kept back by a headband, hot pink eyes, slightly tanned skin, and varied clothing (mostly basketball): dark brown, almost black cargo pants with cuffs, an Indiana basketball jersey, and blue and gray trainers; Personality: wild, energetic, mechanic (like Ohio and Wisconsin), loves cars and racing; Age: 19.

Iowa - Ionas/Io Jones;

Kansas - Kanye/Kan(pronounced 'khan') Jones; Boy with blood-colored hair and eyes, fair skin, and aviator clothing: a brown bomber jacket (similar to Alfred's, but without the 50 on the back), purple shirt, yellow pants, and white shoes; Personality: Loves to fly (sort of like Florida and Alabama), quiet, freezes up when he sees blood, always has a haunted look (Bloody Kansas), has an insane side that appears when he's protecting his friends/family; Age: 17.

Kentucky - Kenton/Kent Jones; Boy with wheat-colored hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, and varied clothing: black jockey jersey with a bright purple V on the front, neck, and cuffs, a white t-shirt, faded blue jeans with a black leather belt, and dark brown cowboy boots; Personality: Loves horse racing, acts like a boy-scout sometimes, loves hunting and music (like Tennessee), best bluegrass player of the States and nearly as good at country and gospel as Tennessee; Age: 19.

Louisiana - Loulabelle/Lou Jones;

Maine - Mairtin/Mai(pronounced 'may') Jones;

Maryland - Marcelle/Mar Jones; Girl with yellow-green eyes, blonde hair with darker tips, fair skin, and skimpy clothes: white tank top with a blue star on front ending just above her belly, pinkish-red shorts, and yellow and black trainers; Personality: Dislikes the Englands, great at cooking crabs (especially blue ones) and science, loves the sea and everything in it; Age: 20.

Massachusetts - Massimo/Mass Jones; Boy with emerald green eyes, messy brown hair, fair skin, and colonial-like clothing: dark brown overcoat, white gloves, dark blue dress shirt, dark red dress pants, and slip-on black sneakers with fake buckles; Personality: Dislikes the Englands the most out of the original 13, likes fire (Salem Witch Trials), hates tea, very patriotic; Age: 20.

Michigan - Michalis/Mich(said like 'Mitch') Jones;

Minnesota - Minette/Min Jones;

Mississippi - Misha/Missi Jones; Boy with golden-brown eyes, dark gray short hair, tanned skin, and river-rafting-type clothing: white river shorts with light brown leather belt, navy endurance jacket, red t-shirt with white stars on the rim, and red and black water shoes. Personality: Best at Blues, loves water (like many of the States) and river-rafting (like Colorado), doesn't like his past (like the rest of the South) but knows it can't be helped; Age: 19.

Missouri - Miso/Mi(said like 'me') Jones;

Montana - Monisa/Mont Jones;

Nebraska - Nedeljiko/Neb Jones; Boy with red eyes, medium-length blond hair with Alfred's cowlick in a small ponytail, tanned skin, and western clothes: black riding boots, thick gray pants, and a yellow t-shirt; Personality: Loves rails and trains (also knows everything about them), good at ranching and cowboy stuff (like Texas), quite proud and boastful (like Illinois); Age: 16.

Nevada - Neve/Nev Jones; Girl with gray eyes, long messy black hair, tanned skin, and fancy clothes: knee-length black dress with white sequins and light blue platform shoes with red jewels in the wedges; Personality: Loves all kinds of games (especially gambling and addicted to it) and luxury, argues with Florida and California about entertainment, great friends with Tony and always suspicious of conspiracies (like New Mexico); Age: 16.

New Hampshire - Hampton/Hamp Jones; Boy with with messy blond hair, red eyes, fair skin, and relaxed business clothing: unbuttoned gray business coat with no tie and wrinkles, white dress shirt, brown loafers, and gray pants; Personality:

New Jersey - Jermel/Jer Jones; Boy with black hair, red eyes, olive skin, and relaxed clothing: light yellow flannel shirt with rolled-up sleeves, baggy blue jean shorts, and light brown hiking boots; Personality:

New Mexico - Merrick/Mer(pronounced 'mare') Jones;

New York - Yorick/Yo Jones (NY's called that despite hating the nickname); Boy with white hair, black eyes, fair skin, and business clothing: white and black-striped tie, dark gray business suit with white dress shirt, and black dress shoes; Personality:

North Carolina - Caressa/Ca(said like 'kah') Jones; Girl with medium-length messy blond hair and Alfred's cowlick, yellow eyes, fair skin, and varied clothing: knee-length red skirt with brown leather belt, red and white sneakers, and a baby blue t-shirt; Personality:

North Dakota - Dakari/Dak Jones; Boy with with red eyes, white hair, tanned skin, and viking/Native American clothing: tied-on viking helmet (sort of like Delaware's tricorn hat), small (stopping just below the chest) brown leather jacket over a white tank top, dark brown pants, and light brown moccasins; Personality:

Ohio - Ohana/O Jones; Boy with light blond messy hair dyed sky blue, purple eyes, tanned skin, and mechanic clothing: the classic blue jean suspenders, a black and red checkered shirt, and orange tennis shoes; Personality:

Oklahoma - Oki/Ok(pronounced 'oak') Jones; Girl with with medium-length black hair dyed blonde, pulled back into a short ponytail, and laced with feathers, yellow eyes with red specks, reddish-tanned skin, and country clothing: light gray vest covering a yellow t-shirt, faded green knee-length shorts, brown cowboy boots, and a forward facing green neckerchief; Personality:

Oregon - Orestis/Ore Jones;

Pennsylvania - Penrose/Pen Jones; Girl with red-purple eyes, long blonde hair with Alfred's cowlick and tips dyed red and blue, fair skin, and varied clothing: white tie top with blue stars, red knee-length skirt with white stars on rim, and red and blue Wellingtons; Personality:

Rhode Island - Rhona/Rho(pronounced 'row') Jones; Girl with mint-green eyes, black hair in a bob cut, slightly tanned skin, and a sailor/schoolgirl outfit: white skirt with red torches on rim, white and light blue backwards neckerchief, buttoned yellow shirt, and dark orange flats; Personality:

South Carolina - Caris/Car Jones; Girl with red eyes, hair like her twin's except without the cowlick, fair skin, and rebellious-type clothes: ripped blue jeans with a tan leather belt, red shirt with ragged rims (the rims look like they used to have white stars), and knee-high black sandals; Personality:

South Dakota - Darian/Da Jones;

Tennessee - Tennyson/Tenn Jones; Boy with wild red hair, dark green, almost black eyes, fair skin dotted with freckles, and country/hunting clothing: camo tank top with circle-and-stars part of state flag on front, tan cowboy boots, and baggy, somewhat dirty jeans with a black leather belt, and on his shoulders are a rifle (right) and a guitar (left). Secretly has a handgun in one of his boots for emergencies; Personality:

Texas - Terry/Tex Jones; Boy with with reddish-brown medium-length shaggy hair (sort of like Allan's, but longer and wilder), hazel eyes, heavily tanned skin, and country clothing: a tan cowboy hat with a black band, dark blue, almost black jeans, dark brown cowboy boots, and a light brown vest covering a dark orange shirt with the Texas flag on the front; Personality:

Utah - Utopia/U Jones; Girl with with long, dusty blonde hair with her Dad's cowlick, yellow-orange eyes, heavily tanned skin, and skimpy/fancy clothing: a short white jacket over a light blue tank top that was about the same length, long golden skirt, and knee-high sandals; Personality:

Vermont - Verdie/Ver Jones;

Virginia - Violet/Vir(pronounced 'veer')/Ginny Jones; Girl with yellow eyes, medium-length blonde hair that slowly went orange as it reaches the tips, tanned skin, and Revolutionary-like clothing: dark red overcoat, blue dress shirt, white knee-length skirt with red and blue stars on rim, and navy shoes with white stripes; Personality:

Washington - Watson/Wa(said like 'way') Jones;

West Virginia - Viktorie/Vi(said like 'vee') Jones;

Wisconsin - Wisteria/Wis Jones; Boy with blond hair that had dashes of brown and black in it, dark brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, and varied clothes: sea-blue swimming trunks, a light brown flannel shirt, and black working boots; Personality:

Wyoming - Wyatt/Wy Jones;

D.C. (District of Columbia) - Dinis/Di(said like 'dee') Jones; Boy with with Alfred's hair, ice blue eyes, fair skin, and varied clothing: miniature version of Alfred's jacket, white shirt with Alfred's national flag on it, dark red cargo pants, gloves like Alfred's, and red, white, and blue sneakers with stars; Personality:

CC - Story Ideas to Share:

These are little summaries I have of stories I'm going to do or have partially worked on but not posted yet. Sorry I have so many, but it's just the way I am. And, if you want to use an idea, tell me and I may allow it. I've also noticed that there's a pattern to my ideas, which kind of catalogs what fandom I'm in at the time.

  1. Lost An Old Friend, Gain A New One? - Matt disappears after the team goes against Hacker once again, but a new cyber-creature comes into the picture, and Hacker wants it. Badly. Plus, the creature doesn't even remember who it is! Can the team find Matt, keep Hacker from getting the creature, and help him get his identity back, all at the same time?
  2. Digital Frozen – What if the 2nd Season Digimon characters replace the Frozen characters in this parody? One thing is for sure, it'll have lots of ice in it.
  3. PokeToons? - When the Pokemon characters get dragged onto a show where they have to act out the parts in place of the Looney Toons, chaos ensues. Including several trips to hospital for Drew, who plays Wile E. Coyote. 'An angry Roserade holds up a sign with the words: 'Drew Quits!' while marching around Drew's hospital room before going to the studio and giving the director Drew's resign papers.'
  4. The Old Adventures – Ash and the others recount their first encounters with each other, along with digging up old haunts. Intervenes my Digimon Explorers: The Quest Continues story, but only to tell how everything fits together.
  5. The Lost Stories of the DragonDestined – Gobber tells Hiccup stories he had heard over the years about an ancient group of outcast vikings, how they befriended dragons, and how they defeated dangerous dragons who threatened the new friends they made and the things they cared for.
  6. The Legend of the Dragon Riders – The pokemon characters are vikings on Berk about to get their first dragons. Ash befriends a young dragon, but no-one knows what species or class it is. Ash and friends then set out on an adventure to find out what dragon it is. Some of them even befriend dragons that no-one else could.
  7. The Werewolf of Odaiba – When a weird creature starts to appear in the city, the Digidestined think it's a digimon; except, it isn't. Will they be able to find out how it came to be and who it is before time runs out? Or will they become its next victims? Same beginning, split into two different stories.
  8. Generatormon – When MetalGarurumon accidentally goes to the Generator Rex World, he becomes a wanted EVO, even though he isn't one. Will he be able to get back to the Digital World, or will he be caught?
  9. Digimon World Squad – When a girl shows up at a battle between the Data Squad and a digimon, things become hectic. After the battle, they try to track her down and find out why she has digimon with her, since she wasn't with D.A.T.S. but was still undetected.
  10. The Huntress of DigiQuartz – Venus is back, but in another world! And BlackWarGreymon is still on the loose! Will she be able to find and get help before BlackWarGreymon destroys her and Lunamoon, not to mention her new friends? Sequel to Digimon World Squad.
  11. DigiPonies?! - When the digidestined become ponies and get transported to Equestria, they meet up with Twilight and friends, who offer to help them get back home. Over time, other digidestined also come there by accident. How will they get home, though? And, why are they there?
  12. Weddings – A series of oneshots with the weddings of pokemon character couples. Includes FS, PS, CS, and IS. I might add Luckshipping and others as well, but I'm not sure.
  13. Storage Wars – My version of what I think will happen if different characters from various worlds were the main characters of Storage Wars. Each chapter will have different characters and worlds. P.S., PM me which episodes of Storage Wars I could to use for my chapters.
  14. Just Dance Revolution – The characters play a few rounds of Just Dance, along with all of its sequels. Because Drago's played the games so much in the past, he's become the Dancing King. Will Helios learn his lesson not to challenge him to a dance-off? Oneshot set during Code: Everyone.
  15. Total Drama PokeDigi Island – The characters from Pokemon and Digimon have to go to the island that started it all and compete to win their freedom and one million dollars. Pikachu and WarGreymon are the hosts while the other digimon and pokemon help set up the challenges. Challenges come from all seasons of TD.
  16. Red Moon – Set after the Winx's battle against Valtor. After the Winx rescue the Specialists, something weird starts happening to Sky. Will the other Specialists and the Winx find out what's happening to their friend before it's too late?
  17. Red Moon: Nature's Night – Sequel to Red Moon. Set after the Winx defeat the Black Circle. Roxy practices casting a spell, but it goes wrong. Terribly wrong. Sky starts becoming a werewolf again, and it seems like Helia is too! How will the others help their friends this time?
  18. Red Moon: Solaria's Sun and Eraklyon's Moon - Sequel to Red Moon: Nature's Night. Sky's managed to master his werewolf side and Helia is still getting used to his, but now something else starts to happen. After a visit back to Eraklyon with Sky, Brandon starts to act weirdly. And with two of the Specialists as werewolves, it makes the others question if they will become ones too.
  19. Island of the Giant Lizards - May is worried; her friend and rival, Drew, wanted to investigate a mysterious island off the coast of Hoenn, but hasn't returned. And it's been a week since she last saw him! She wants to go find him, but is afraid to do it alone; she asks Ash and his friends to come along and help find Drew. Once they get there, the island isn't what they expected it to be...
  20. Pokemon Winter Vacations! - Pikachu had his winter vacations with his friends, but what about the pokemon from everyone else? These are the stories of pokemon from Ash's friends, who have their own vacations. The stories will be based on the Pikachu's Winter Vacation episodes.
  21. Train Troubles – Ash and the others go on a Locomon train ride. Not a happy ending, is it? Well, at least for everyone except Takuya, Zoe, Tommy, JP, and Koji. Fun one-shot set during Digimon Explorers: The Quest Continues.
  22. Cousins? - What if Thomas, Matt, and T.K. weren't the only ones in the Digimon Universe to have cousins? What if Ryouma had a cousin? And, who IS Ryouma's cousin? Sequel to Blond Cousins.
  23. Digimon Xros Wars – The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time 02 – Ava is now old enough to join her brother on the Digimon Hunt. She and her digimon, Gaomon, also meet new friends who join their team. They both also vow to be even better than Ava's brother's friend, Tagiru Akashi. But, will they be pulled into an even bigger plot than what Ava's brother faced?
  24. The Chronicles of Digimon and Harry Potter – The Digimon characters get a chance to go to Hogwarts and learn about magic! But, they're also there to stop a mysterious person from attacking the school. Will they succeed, or will they fail?
  25. Watching Ava – Ryouma remembers when he was younger and had to take care of his little sister, Ava. Set during DXW – TYHWLTT 02.
  26. The Hunter's Return – A few months after the adventures of Digimon Explorers: The Quest Continues , a special creature appears to Artemis in his study and says that not everything is normal and that Opal isn't dead, but back for revenge. And guess who she's targeting: Artemis' family. Will Artemis and the creature be able to protect them, or will Artemis finally taste defeat?
  27. PokeFrozen – What if the roles were switched, where the younger sibling had the power while the older was the one who wanted to help? This is what happens in this Pokemon version of Frozen. Will the older brother get through to the younger in time, or will the ice of the younger's heart close him off forever?
  28. Artemis Fowl: The Dinosaur King – When a dinosaur appears in Ireland, Artemis goes to investigate. He soon finds out about the D-Team and gets his own dinosaur. And now the Alpha Gang is after him. Will he join the D-Team and help them save the dinosaurs, go off on his own, or will he be caught? Set 1 year after TLG.
  29. Dino-Fowl – Artemis somehow gains the ability to transform into a dinosaur, but is on the run from evil forces after his powers (NOT Veloci). The fairies' communications are down, and his family has no idea where he is. How is he going to get out of this one? Set 1/2 year after TLG.
  30. The Digital Daredevil – What if Matt Ishida was Daredevil instead of Matt Murdock? How would he handle his new life as the 'Teen Without Fear'? And, how is he supposed to keep it a secret from his friends?
  31. The Destroyers Return – The Destroyers, a group of spirits that are opposites of the Guardians, disappeared over 400 years ago when the Guardians first appeared. But, now that Pitch has been defeated, they have appeared once again. With Jack on their side, the Guardians might just be able to stop them. But, will it be enough?
  32. Jurassic Park: Digimon – The Digidestined are mysteriously invited to a secret island only known as Jurassic Park. What surprises await them?
  33. Song Of The Sirenmon – A mysterious girl appears at the Generals' & Hunters' school one day and she has a special attraction to one of the Generals. The digimon suspect something, but they can't find any proof. Will they manage to find out more about the girl before something bad happens?
  34. Family Matters – Dan and the others meet up with Razian, an old friend of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. However, his older sister, Fangora, appears and has plans for both the Vexos' and Resistance's bakugan. How will they get out of this adventure?
  35. Rise of the Dinosaurs – Jamie and his friends discover some dinosaur cards one day and they gain their own partners. And, Pitch is making a comeback. Will the Guardians be able to stop him this time, or will they need some help from some giant lizards?
  36. Dimensions of Infinity – The Infinity Gems are scattered throughout many dimensions, and Wheeler happens to come across the Space Gem; he's read the Avengers comics, so he knows more about it than his friends, and he knows he has to find the other gems before the bad guys do. Will he be able to do it, or will he fail and the dimensions go into chaos?
  37. Through the Ages – Some of the Bakugan are somehow turned into humans. It turns out, however, that they have human ancestors and that they need their help. Using a time machine built by Alice's grandpa and Marucho, the group travels through time to help their ancestors. How will it go, and will they ever be bakugan again?
  38. Inside Out: Digimon – One day, the digimon somehow disappear and go inside their partner's heads, and they then help the emotions. But, what will they do if something happens that needs their help, and how will they get out?
  39. Home Is Where The Heart Is – Ava is still missing from the Digimon Universe, but appeared in the Pokemon Universe, not far from Silver, in fact! With his help, will she be able to get home? And how have her feelings for him changed in the last four years? Sequel to DXW - TYHWLTT 02.
  40. Pixels: Game Over – The game aliens may have left the first world, but what about others? Were they also threatened? And how are those worlds supposed to be saved by a teenage spy, a fire-wielding planeteer, and the only boy to discover and keep his knowledge of fairies? We are SO doomed.
  41. Operation : R.O.S.K.T. D.A.A.T. F.A.D.T. - Alex meets the KND, where he becomes good friends with some of them. But, when Scorpia is revived and starts to target Alex, he has to protect them the best he can; and, somehow, Father, the KND's adult enemies, Chad, Cree, and the DCFDTL get involved. Will Alex be able to keep them all safe and defeat Scorpia at the same time?
  42. Fossil Fighters: Detective Dangers – At a request from their father, the Hardy Boys join the Wardens to solve a mystery involving an old family friend. However, when it seems someone is trying to kill them and the other Fossil Fighters, it's up to the Hardys to wrap up the case before someone is killed.
  43. Hardy Trainers – Upon arriving in the Pokemon World, the Hardys become trainers, not only to fit in, but to figure out why they're there and if it has something to do with one of their old enemies. When the stakes become higher, however, they'll need to request help from some special trainers with PokeDexes just to survive.
  44. Hardy Trainers: Versatile Vacation – The Hardys go on a vacation, except are sucked into another Pokemon World, different from the first, and their pokemon are there! They have to save that world from a great evil before they can go home, but how are they supposed to save it when they don't even know what they're up against?
  45. Hardy Trainers: Home Sweet Home – Upon arriving home from their second Pokemon adventure, the Hardys find themselves in the past, and someone is planning to kill their past selves. They now have to protect them while hiding, but what happens when they're found out? Will they still be able to help, or will they be hurt in a way they never expected?
  46. The Ruby Lion – Ruby finds a digimon one day and it gives him a chance to protect others without revealing who he is; behind the scenes, other digimon appear and it's up to Ruby and his new partner to deal with them. However, when they get into major trouble, will his friends find out in time to help?
  47. The Ruby Lion: DigiDex Holders – With Ruby now recovering and unable to keep away digimon, the creatures are wandering in the world. Some of the PokeDex Holders find some, and they become partners with the digimon. However, is this happening for another, more sinister reason?
  48. The Ruby Lion: Death of Innocence – Ruby and Leo wake up to find themselves having been sent back in time, but in the same world. Now, with a new evil on the rise, they must work together with the younger Dex Holders while trying to find the other DigiDex Holders, so they can defeat the evil. However, keeping the secret of the past isn't as easy as it looks.
  49. Inspiration – Sometimes, it only takes a little inspiration to get someone to admit to loving you, even if you're trapped in a love triangle. FFF-centric, Elric/Tria/Leon.
  50. Fairies, Hardys, and Murders – The Hardys meet the Winx and discover their fairy powers, but keep them secret. In gratitude, the Winx invite them to Alfea, where the boys become Specialists, and investigate various murders of Fairies, Witches, and Specialists. However, when they discover a secret about themselves, will it be a hindrance or a help to the case?
  51. Dinosaur Detectives – The Hardy Boys learn that they somehow gained the ability to turn into dinosaurs, which they use only in the most dire of situations. However, it also seems Nancy has gained the power and someone is after them. What will they do to not only protect themselves, but the ones they love as well?
  52. Storybook Boys – After purchasing a strange book from a bookstore, the Hardy Boys soon get themselves into trouble and somehow escape into the book, finding themselves in the Land of Stories. How will they escape, and what connection do they have to this place? Based on the Land of Stories series & part 1 of the SB series.
  53. Storybook Boys: Darkness Returns – One of the worst enemies of the Land of Stories has returned, and the Hardys become involved when their parents are kidnapped. With the help of real world and fairytale friends, Frank and Joe must discover secrets and stop the threat before their world becomes involved. Part 2 of the SB series.
  54. Storybook Boys: Time After Time – Joe and Frank must reunite once again when enemies come from both worlds, threatening everything they know; their aunt is dying, a dangerous person is set loose, and dragons aren't extinct. With Joe's skills and Frank's magic, will they win, or will both worlds be lost forever? Part 3 of the SB series.
  55. Storybook Boys: Across the Borders – The Masked Man is forming a literary army against the Land of Stories, but because Frank isn't the Fairy Godfather anymore, almost no one will believe him or Joe. Together with friends, they have to travel to other lands to stop the army before it's too late. Part 4 of SB series.
  56. Storybook Boys: Enchanted War – Joe knows the only way they can now defeat the Masked Man is to fight fire with fire: in this case, his stories vs. the Masked Man's. With so many more allies, can he, Frank, and their friends finally defeat the Masked Man once and for all? Part 5 of SB series.
  57. Storybook Boys: Ending For The Ages – Joe and his new army has to face off against so many things it nearly overwhelms them: The Literary Army, the creature turning everyone to stone, the witches, Morina, and even Frank. How can they win this time with all the odds against them? Part 6 of the SB series.
  58. Storybook Boys: Dimension Drift – 10 years later, a threat appears, forcing Joe back to the Land of Stories; except, he's going to need help that no one can reach. Without his old real world friends, he turns to his new ones and counterparts. Can they defeat the threat and find a way back to the older Hardys' world? Part 7 of the SB series.
  59. Detective Kings – The Hardys meet the D-Team while somehow managing to get their own dinosaur partners, leading them to go on the run, until they find themselves wrapped up in a murder mystery that involves a member of the D-Team. Can they solve the case before someone else, very likely them, is rubbed out?
  60. Lessons: Crosshairs – After another near-death experience, Frank believes Joe needs to learn the difference between courage and impulsiveness. However, the lesson gets corrupted when Frank becomes infulenced by unseen forces. Will Joe be able to save his brother before the lesson goes too far?
  61. Lessons: Whiplash – With Frank recovering in the hospital, Joe has time to himself and finds a secret journal in his brother's room. Also, another alternate personailty appears: Whiplash. Nancy is called in to help protect Frank from threats, but who is Whiplash an alternate of?
  62. Lessons: Past Reflections – Nancy is somehow called back into the past with Whiplash and Crosshairs, where they meet the younger Hardy Boys. Can the two alternates put aside their differences to help the boys learn not to hate/resent each other?
  63. KND meets HB – Because of one of their cases, the Hardy Boys meet the KND, and soon enough see them again during another case that concerns a KND member. However, the brothers find themselves lured into a trap of revenge that also manages to involve many of the KND's enemies. How will they get out of this one?
  64. Inherited Powers, Inherited Problems – In a plot of revenge, the boys' father is kidnapped. While searching, the Hardys come across the brawlers, where they get a tip from them. However, when the brawlers and Vexos become involved, it's up to the Hardys to help. But when they find out that they have new powers tied in with the threat, what will they do?
  65. Total Drama Hardys – When Chris is threatened because he won't sell the island, the Hardys are called in undercover to find out who's doing it and stop them. However, when the contestants' lives are threatened and Nancy arrives unexpectedly, the Hardys are faced with the possibility they might not solve this case and live to tell it.
  66. The Legend of the Spirit Animals: Separation – Each of the kids, both Digimon and Pokemon, are sent back in time and meet their younger selves. Can they reunite before an ancient evil rises?
  67. The Legend of the Spirit Animals: Worlds Collide – Upon being reunited, the worlds are somehow fused, along with the world of the Four Fallen, and everyone thinks that's the way their world has been. However, it doesn't affect the Protectors or the Four Fallen, leading them to work together to find out what happened and fix it before it's too late.
  68. Fossil Fighter Squad – Tria disappears one day and when she is found, she's very scared. Everyone wants to get back at whatever scared Tria, except Aggro. He knows there's more to what happened than meets the eye, but he also has a dangerous secret. Can he help the others overcome the threat before things get worse?
  69. Digimon Conquest – The Digital World is now divided into many different kingdoms, each with their own Warlord. A prophecy of evil is coming and no one can stop it. However, when a new DigiDestined appears, will she and her partner be able to reunite the world again and stop the evil? Based on Pokemon Conquest.
  70. Digimon Conquest: Bonds of Time – The DigiDestined of the present are somehow transported into the future, where they team up with their future counterparts to save the Digital World from disaster, but will they be enough?
  71. Digimon Conquest: Rise of Ransei – When the Warlords of the Server Archipelago discover stories of Ransei, Yūjō sets out to find the region and greet the Warlords there. However, when another powerful evil appears, it may take the combined efforts of the Warlords of Ransei and the Server Archipelago to stop it.
  72. Ranger of Ransei – Summer is transported back to the time of Ransei by Celebi to stop a great evil. Even while Ransei is united, will they allow Summer to help them or even help her when what she says sounds crazy?
  73. Linkbreaker – 15 years after Ransei is saved, the Kingdom of Aurora is abandoned, and everyone hates the Warlords, because there are no more links. Everything is different, and it all started at the home of the Savior of Ransei...
  74. Linkbreaker: Restoration – The Warlords need a miracle to set Ransei right again after the epidemic and the loss of Misuto. That miracle comes in the form of a girl that looks just like Misuto and linked to a Sylveon. Can she set Ransei right, help the people believe in the Warlords, and start new links once again?
  75. Linkbreaker: Spark of Hope – The story of Aisuyo and Sylveon. Prequel to Linkbreaker.
  76. Band of Brothers – The Hardy Boys are given a special kidnapping case to solve: no clues and everyone is a suspect. That is, until Providence gets involved. Working together with Rex, Caesar, and Rex's team/friends, can Frank and Joe rescue the kidnapped person, solve the case, and survive?
  77. Long Lost – The Hardy Boys are given the job of protecting a boy by the name of Alex Rider when his life is threatened by Scorpia, while Fenton investigates Alex's past in Britain. However, when major discoveries are made and family ties shaken, will the Hardys be able to keep their minds on the case or will they lose Alex?
  78. Generator Ash – Because of a freak accident, an EVO somehow comes to the Pokemon World and infects everything there with Nanites. A year later, Ash, Pikachu, Gary, Brock, May, and Paul form a new team to defeat the EVOs and try to bring their world back to normal, especially for those with siblings.
  79. You Never Listen, Do You? - 'Plunder, when I came back, I had hoped you would have learned to listen to others. However, this just proves that some people never change.' Wheeler goes out to find a job and disappears for a few years. When Plunder manages to send a team to Isla Sorna and brings back a T-Rex and its baby, Wheeler is the only one that can make everything right again.
  80. Some Things Should Never Be Known – Johnny, Dukey, Mary, and Susan aren't as lively as they were before, and their friends have noticed. All they know is that it started after two boys by the names of Frank and Joe Hardy came and left. Going on a search, the Tests' friends want to find out why a simple visit changed their friends. However, some things should never be known.
  81. Operation: Werewolf (Rewritten) – Marc's been kidnapped and missing for weeks, and most have given up hope; it's only made worse when the Chaos Twins escape. However, they've found out a secret about themselves that relates them to the Clarks, but the only way to prove it is through Marc. They have to find him before time runs out, or else their only link will be lost forever.
  82. Two Paths, Two Choices – Sequel to Operation Werewolf (Rewritten). Years have passed since the spies and Chaos Twins found out their secret, but now Marc has to travel to the past to save their younger selves from a time-traveling villain. Can he save them in time or will the Clarks and Chaos Twins be erased from time?
  83. The Amazing Hardy Spiez! - The Hardy Boys, having been involved in all kinds of stuff, are temporarily recruited by WOOHP to help the Clark siblings on a mission. However, it becomes much more personal when a long-dead love of Joe's becomes involved. Will the spies and the Hardys complete their mission, or will they be killed?
  84. Wild Hardys – A long time ago, Chris, Martin, and Zach were saved from a house fire by Frank and Joe. Years later, the three meet their heroes again; except, they haven't aged a day. Determined to find out why, the Wild Kratts team and the villains team-up and become involved. However, are they in over their heads?
  85. Moonfire: The Return of Darrius – Darrius is out for revenge and goes after the other DigiDestined, wanting to turn them into digimon. Thomas, Takuya, Christopher, Henry, and Ryouma go missing, and Matt has to come out of hiding to help find them. Will they be too late? Is there more to Darrius' revenge?
  86. Moonfire: Cures and Consequences – The boys, with nowhere else to go, stick together as they stay in hiding, only helping when needed. When they hear of a cure, however, they are instantly after it. But, what are the consequences? And does the cure even exist, or are they on a wild goose chase?
  87. Adventures in Time: Book 1 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Chris, with help from neighborhood geek Zach, invents a timetravel device. However, a mishap in time leaves his brother, Martin, and Zach to get help from the Hystorians. They must also fix the Great Breaks and stop the SQ with help from their guide, Aviva. Easy, right?
  88. Adventures in Time: Book 2 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. The French Revolution is in full swing, but the crown jewels are under imminent threat. Martin, Zach, and Aviva must save them from being stolen, otherwise they will help stop the Revolution. Posters around the city show that Chris' life may also be on the line.
  89. Adventures in Time: Book 3 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Vikings are invading Paris, but the clue given to the group is hard to decipher. When Martin gets captured, can Aviva and Zach solve the riddle before time runs out? And, can Martin find a friend among enemies and stop the invasion? How does Chris fit into all this?
  90. Adventures in Time: Book 4 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. The British are coming to sack and burn Washington, D.C., with help from the SQ, but Martin, Zach, and Aviva plan to save the Washington portrait and Dolley Madison. However, will they make it in time, before the city is burned?
  91. Adventures in Time: Book 5 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Even the Underground Railroad isn't safe in the years before the U.S. Civil War, having been infiltrated by the SQ. While Aviva risks everything for a young boy, Martin and Zach must figure out how to stop the SQ while wondering who to trust.
  92. Adventures in Time: Book 6 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Being appointed bodyguards, the kids must find Tokugawa Ieyasu and protect him from the SQ so he can reunite Japan, but how can they do that when they can't even see the enemy? And how does Martin become an honorary samurai?
  93. Adventures in Time: Book 7 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Seeing the future was terrifying, but Zach can't do anything about it when he, Martin, and Aviva are stuck in the past, and Martin falls for a young Mayan girl. But, can the Mayans help them fix the Ring and get to the next Break?
  94. Adventures in Time: Book 8 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Defending an entire country from a giant wall is a big responsibility, especially with an SQ army on the way to tear it down. Can Martin, Aviva, and Zach help defend the Great Wall of China from an SQ-lead Manchu army?
  95. Adventures in Time: Book 9 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Baghdad is a light in the dark of the Dark Ages, but may soon go out as invaders plan to destroy the city's library. Can the kids save the books and scrolls, or are they already too late?
  96. Adventures in Time: Book 10 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Tracking down two missing explorers in the wilderness of the West is going to be a tough job, but Martin, Zach, and Aviva have to save Lewis and Clark from the SQ before it's too late. With the help of Sacagawea, can they do it?
  97. Adventures in Time: Book 11 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. WWII is raging around them, but they have to accomplish one of the most important spy missions in history if they are to change the war. Also, what does Martin's Remnant have to do with the future?
  98. Adventures in Time: Book 12 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Paintings all over Paris have been stolen by Queen Marie Antoinette, years before the Revolution, and Martin, Aviva, and Zach must find them before they are lost forever.
  99. Adventures in Time: Book 13 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Going back to the very first Break, the kids find themselves not the only timetravelers there, and more than one life is going to need saving: not only Alexander the Great's but Chris' too! Will Martin finally be reunited with his brother and the Break be fixed?
  100. Adventures in Time: Book 14 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Veronica, the Lady in Black, doesn't go down so easily, and she's gone to the previous Breaks to cause them again. Can Martin, Zach, and Aviva stop her once and for all, or will history be broken all over again?
  101. Adventures in Time: Book 15 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. Things spiral out of control when Martin and Zach go back in time and accidentally create new Breaks, and Aviva finds she can time travel without a Ring. Upon finding that a new evil group has arisen, the kids have to fix the past once again. But, how can they do that when there are no more Hystorians?
  102. Adventures in Time: Book 16 – Young Kratts, Aviva, and Zach. To become Master Hystorians and make sure nothing like the SQ or AB Pacifits happens again, Martin, Chris, Aviva, and Zach take the Hystorian Challenge to prove themselves. Can they do it and protect the past, present, and future forever, and to keep the Hystorian movement alive?
  103. Adventures in Time: Book 17 – Years have passed since their Hystorian days, and they've almost forgotten the SQ and AB Pacifists. However, when the organizations return, the Kratts, Aviva, and Zach must come together again, along with the rest of the villains/Wild Kratts team, and fix the past again while making sure they stay gone for good.
  104. Werewolf Johnny – An experiment gone wrong leaves Johnny a werewolf with a different personality, and the Test Sisters and Dukey have to race against time to cure him, before their parents (and Johnny's enemies) find out. Can they do so when Johnny greatly dislikes them to the point he would attack?
  105. The Dragon Warrior: Tagiru's Tale – Tagiru has always dreamed of joining the Furious Five and becoming a Kung Fu Warrior. However, when an evil arises, he is chosen to train with the five to become the Digital Warrior and stop the evil. How can he do that when no one thinks much of him?
  106. The Dragon Warrior: Procuring the Past – Nene the Destroyer has arisen from the darkness and is now out to destroy the Digital Warrior after failing to do so many years before. Tagiru and the rest of the Furious Five have to work together, or all of China may fall to Nene's iron hand.
  107. The Dragon Warrior: Battle of Chis Past – Christopher, an old frenemy of Mikey's, has come back to the Mortal World to destroy everything Mikey has created, especially the Digital Warrior. Tagiru is also on a journey of discovery, to learn how to use Chi, and to also find his family. Can he do that while defending the world from Christopher?
  108. The Dragon Warrior: Time And Time Again – Alternate versions of the Furious Five, the Digital Warrior, and other villagers come to their world, and the warriors must help them get back to their own world while learning more about each other. But, when another evil appears, both sides must work together or else both worlds will be destroyed.
  109. The Black Dragon – Based on Choice of the Dragon. Artemis disappears on another trip through time, and Holly and Butler go back to find him. However, when they find themselves in the kingdom of an infamous black dragon with the same name as their friend, will it really be Artemis, or is it only a coincidence?
  110. Help From A PokeDex – New threats have appeared in the Digital World, and also threaten the Human World. All the DigiDestined are called in to help, but it seems they aren't enough. However, with the appearance of a strange group of kids and creatures known as Pokemon, will they be able to turn the tide and win?
  111. Poketopia – A Buneary named Judy Hopps is a new cop in Poketopia, a city of pokemon living in harmony, and wants to prove herself, starting with a sly Riolu named Nick Wilde. However, both are dragged into a huge case with pokemon going wild, and it's up to them to stop Poketopia from tearing itself apart.
  112. Bakutopia – An Elfin named Judy Hopps is a new cop in Bakutopia, a city of bakugan living in harmony, and wants to prove herself, starting with a sly Lumagrowl named Nick Wilde. However, both are dragged into a huge case with bakugan going wild, and it's up to them to stop Bakutopia from tearing itself apart.
  113. Digitopia – A Lopmon named Judy Hopps is a new cop in Digitopia, a city of digimon living in harmony, and wants to prove herself, starting with a sly Renamon named Nick Wilde. However, both are dragged into a huge case with digimon going wild, and it's up to them to stop Digitopia from tearing itself apart.
  114. Revenge – Two years have passed since the Night Howlers Case, the new Interspecies Marriage Law has been in effect for a while, and Judy and Nick have been working together fine. However, things aren't always as they seem, especially when another case centers around the appearance of an old friend of Nick's, now an enemy looking for vengeance.
  115. Revenge: Hope – With everything that's happened, you'd think Gazelle wouldn't be surprised at the news. However, surprises keep coming, and she's thankful she has friends to help her.
  116. Revenge: Future – Kate and Charlie Jr. have lived out of the public eye for a long time, but now they want to fulfill their dreams of being police officers, like their aunt and uncle. But the controversy that surrounds them and their past will make it just as hard, if not harder, as it had been for their aunt.
  117. Revenge: Past – Charlie's past, detailing from his youngest memories, his first meeting with Nick, his love for Gazelle, to now. Locked away in prison, he reviews over his life and gets his first look at his children. (Prequel to Revenge)
  118. Pack: Turning the Tables – ''Let them come,' Russia's smile was sly, 'We will show them why WE have control over the night.'' The 2P!s have kidnapped the 1P!s for a night hunt to get revenge, but the tables are soon turned when their counterparts reveal their biggest secret. However, with their secret, the 1P!s may just be what the 2P!s have needed for a certain problem...
  119. Pack: Dark Side of the Moon – Allan's been keeping a secret since the incident with the 1P!s, but can't keep it forever. His family finds out and try to help him, especially Oliver. However, with their involvement, they become targets for an enemy who wants revenge, revenge on the very man who trapped him...
  120. Hardy Hetalia – Frank and Joe never expected their weekend to go the way it did, having to babysit the States and D.C. while America gets some work done *coughvacationcough*. But with the other nations coming to look for America, they have to find some way to cover up the job. Luckily, the kids are more than willing to help...
  121. Hardy Hetalia 2: Paint It, Noir! – The Noir Sisters go after the HB while they're visiting the countries, the States, and D.C. Joe and Frank have taught the kids well in many ranges of self-defense, and even the Home Alone films have helped. Now, time for the States and D.C. to defend their house while the other countries and the HB watch...
  122. Bakutalia: Core Guardians – Sent to another universe thanks to the Six Legendary Soldiers, the Bakutalia teams must work together with the Resistance, the Vexos, and the remaining brawlers to defeat Con and DD. However, how difficult is this going to be, since Con's finally revealing his secret back-up? And how does 2P!America fit into all this?
  123. Bakutalia: Confederacy's Downfall – Once again Con's team returns to get Leo's Perfect Core. However, the Bakutalia teams are sent back in time by accident. No one except Helios is around, so he must ask the past version of his partner and the countries to help him look for his friends. In the meantime, 2P!America's deal is still valid...
  124. Bloodied Flags – He dipped the cloth in water before dabbing the wounds. As much as he hated doing this to his flag, he didn't want this desperate savagery to happen again. After all, what would the other countries, let alone Arthur, say if they knew about him in the first place? Alfred didn't even know of it himself...
  125. Blood Madness – ''You're not Allan.' Oliver gasped, trying to stay awake. As his world slipped into darkness, he could see the sharp teeth of the man he once thought of as his little brother, 'Yes and no, Oliver. Allan isn't here anymore. However, I'm not going to let you get away. You're mine.'' (sequel to Bloodied Flags)
  126. Little Wonderland of Horrors – During a World Meeting, the lights go out and the countries are left with a note: 'Spend the night and live, you win. We get inside and kill you, you lose.' Now the countries must survive the night in the World Meeting building while trying to find out who is out to get them. Feat. the 2P!s.
  127. Monsters of America – In the worlds of 1P and 2P America, the other countries don't seem to believe the two when they talk about their legends, but change their minds when they encounter some of them. The Monsters of America certainly should be feared...
  128. Crazy Countries – ''Scrabble?' Alfred grinned, 'You're on, Oliver.'' Alfred and Allan convince the 1P! & 2P! Nations to play various games with them. Chaos ensues.
  129. Generator, Generator, and dear Second Players... - '...I take off my hat to thee. Generator is the master of the world, and the Second Players are his fiddlers three!' 'Oliver, why do you sound like you're quoting Alice in Wonderland?' 'Ah, Rex! Would you like to join me?' 'Uh, no...' Rex meets the 2P!s. Story = Chaos.
  130. The World of an Empire – ''This is my world!' Empire laughed, 'I control EVERYTHING! And you're all about to fall!'' The 1P! & 2P! Nations & Confederacy find themselves stuck in the world of the fourth America, Emmanuel/Empire. They must work together with the Micronation Resistance to overthrow Empire and free the conquered nations, but is it too late?
  131. America's Square – A square has four sides; America has four different personalities: Alfred, Allan, Conrad, and Emmanuel. Each has their own personification, even if it is in another world, but sometimes, they can't help but share thoughts. (Prequel to The World of an Empire)
  132. Freedom's War – With Conrad's sacrifice, Allan's death, and Emmanuel's defeat, Alfred believes himself to be whole for once in his life. However, madness always has a way of weaving itself anywhere. Even into a Nation's mind. (Sequel to The World of an Empire)
  133. Madness – Albert feeds off of it. He LIVES it. And now, he gets to wreak it again on other countries: countries from the past. How can they survive Albert, and can they take him down for good? Or will they be dragged into the infectious madness of his little world? (Sequel to Freedom's War)
  134. The Nations of Pokemon – Like the World of Hetalia, what if the cities and regions of the Pokemon World had their own personifications? These are their crazy stories.
  135. Alternates – History for each of their sides is different. During the once-in-a-blue-moon World Meeting between the 2P!s and 1P!s, the 2P!s explain how different their history is compared to the 1P!s'.
  136. 2P!s of More Than One Color – Characters from other universes have chance meetings with their 2P!s. Includes Hardy Boys, Wild Kratts, and more!
  137. Hero: Hetalia – It was all a mistake, really. No one was supposed to find out that every Kingdom, even the joints, had their own human representatives who couldn't be killed. But with the revelation comes a strange darkness that will do anything to crush the representatives: Second Player, the ruler of a different color.
  138. Hetalian Protectors – Only Cap and Gaia knew the kids were being protected. Ever since they had been asked to go into the role of Planeteers, they had been shadowed and protected by five people. Those five were their nations. They had even met a few times and not known. Now, it was time they learned the truth.
  139. Nation Keepers – As the Overtakers' plans get bigger and more threatening, Wayne asks an old friend and his kids for help. A friend with 51 kids. Kingdom Keepers, meet America, the States, and D.C.
  140. Bakugan Keepers: Book 1 – After a successful audition, the Brawlers become the DHIs of Disneyland Tokyo, reaping in even more fame. However, because of a few side effects, they become the DHIs at night. Their job? Defeat the Overtakers before they spread beyond the park. They can do that without the bakugan, right?
  141. The Good, the Bad, and the Inbetween – The 1P!s and 2P!s chance to meet their counterparts (my creation, 3P!s), who know only of goodness; no death, war, or evil. Well, a few lessons about the worlds of the 1P!s and 2P!s wouldn't hurt, would it? Unless, of course, you want the 3P! Magic Trio to go back in time to change things.
  142. States' Revenge – ''You hurt them, we hurt you.' Tenn's smile was hate-filled, despite looking nice, so they knew they were done for.' Someone ambushes Alfred and Allan, making the States and D.C. go on a rampage to find who did this. The Nations are primary suspects. (Sequel to Little Lights of Hope)
  143. Family of America – Collection of stories involving the States and D.C. with Alfred and Allan. (Companion to Little Lights of Hope and States' Revenge)
  144. Future Demons – Gakuen AU. Something is haunting the school and trying to kill the students, despite the fact they're nations who can't be killed. However, it seems to know all of them well and wants revenge on those who did it wrong, stopping at nothing to do so. How are the students going to get out of this one?
  145. Life with the States – Many of them may hate or dislike Zachary, but he still has friends to help him understand what it means to be America's kid and live among the States. The Micronations even help him learn about the world. But it's still hard for America to watch him grow up. (sequel to America's Crisis)
  146. Zachary – It's his 15th birthday, but even now his siblings hate him. He's lived with them for 10 years and it goes on; so, if they want him out of their hair, fine. He leaves, but when he's captured by hunters...The States have to show him that they really do care for him, even if it doesn't seem like it. (sequel to Life with the States)
  147. Dancing King – 'Alfred blushed immensely when he saw them staring at him, gulping in embarrassment. 'Ah, hey?'' Alfred loves his music. Is it a wonder that the Nations want to catch his dancing on tape when he doesn't know it?
  148. Missing Mayhem – Johnny's been missing for a month when his friends decide to go camping to relax. However, who is this mysterious boy in the woods, watching over them? And the men who say the area is off limits with no explanation? And the hazard signs burned into the trees? Just how does it all fit together?
  149. World's Fairest Wheel – Oneshots of the World's Fairs/Expos though history. POV will be of the nation hosting and the chapters will be in order of date.
  150. We Built This World – “This is what became of our world because of our choices, our tempers. Don't be like us, because we built this world on nuclear war.” The best way to teach a lesson is through mistakes and consequences. That's what happens to the G8 when they're sent to the future of nuclear fallout and apocalypses.
  151. Advice – 'Hello George, Alfred.' 'Who are you?' 'Alfred F. Jones. An older you, you could say, and I wanted to ask some advice on what's happening in my time.' 'Are you sure you want to ask this? It could change time forever.' 'I know, but you wouldn't believe what will happen, and how the country is now. I REALLY need it, trust me.'
  152. Invasion of Independence – The world is being invaded by aliens, and it's up to the nations to work together to stop it. “No one's going to exterminate us without a fight! We've lived here much longer than those aliens, and we love this world! They are NEVER going to take it from us! ARE YOU WITH ME?!”
  153. Payback – The aliens have returned, stronger and badder than ever. However, so are the nations and the rest of the world. We've had 20 years to prepare for a rematch, after all. “LET'S GIVE THOSE B*DS SOME H*L AND SHOW THEM THAT NO ONE BEATS US, NOT EVEN AT A REMATCH!”
  154. Starbrights and Wheelers - “I know I'm not Jack, and I miss her just as much as you do. After all, I'm her half-brother, but I still loved her just as well.” Wheeler confessed, “I'm all you've got right now, kid, so give me a chance, please.”
  155. Welcome to the Secret Life of Hetalia – Americat has it all: a loving master, a wonderful home, and a nice life. However, things begin to change when his master has to take care of a dog named Stars from his cousin, and it goes downhill from there when they are captured, nearly sent to the Pound a few times, and are on the run from a group of crazy animals.
  156. Welcome Home - “...Well, this is unexpected.” said the America look-alike, giving a sly grin as he leaned on his fist, “Now, may I ask, why do you look and sound like me?” “Dude, I should be asking you the same question.”
  157. Growing Up - “Do you really want to grow up?” “Yeah!” “You might not want to when you learn of the things we've done and you'll do.” “What if we don't do them?” “Then you change history, which might be for the better. Just consider what we tell you first before you make your decision on growing up.”
  158. The Return of Goosebumps – (Based on the movie) After Stine's death, America is made the keeper of the Book. However, when some nosy countries find and open it, it's up to him and the nations to keep the Book out of reach and suck them all back in. A lot harder when the magic changes to where they can only catch one monster at a time.
  159. Helia in Hetalia – Exactly what it says on the tin. Why is Helia in Hetalia the first place? Two words: Plot Bunny.
  160. Dangerous – He may not be at her side at all times, but he will always protect her. However, what happens when the roles are switched and it's a race against time to save her brother? Will she be able to fill her brother's role as the protector and save him from the darkness? And why do their friends not know where they are?
  161. Stepstone Academy – Sequel to TERA Rising. Thanks to recovered argon technology and the engineers of the Federation, an academy for recruits has been built on Stepstone Isle. During the Rising Festival, however, the isle is attacked, where 7 recruits show their skills and find they have a prophecy to fulfill.
  162. Watching Over Them – Sequel to Archer of the Stars. She may be gone, but that doesn't mean she isn't there. She watches over her friends, her husband, and their children, watching them have the happy lives she can't have. At least she has a few other lonely ghosts for company.
  163. Who Watches Who? - Sequel to Watching Over Them. Kaigul, Dougal II, Tarus, Salena, Elya, and Karson are sent into the past for a strange reason no one knows, how they got there, or how to go home. They must rely on the past forms of their parents for help and keep secrets. That's hard when you're dealing with who you care about.
  164. The Chance – What if Sagittarus had survived in Archer of the Stars? What would her life be like if she had been able to live it? And how does a certain person fit in with such a big role? “Mama, how'd you and Daddy meet?” “Well, Karson, it goes like this...”
  165. Triangle Troubles – Where America, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico hate England and Spain, the Micronations infiltrate a World Meeting, the other countries just watch, and explosions. “Why didn't you gits tell us this would happen?!” “You wouldn't let us explain, limey/prat/estúpido! NOW RUN FOR IT!”
  166. Time And Dimensions – Sagittarus finds a unconscious human boy while adventuring, but it turns out he comes from a different time, possibly another dimension as well. She takes it upon herself to care for him, until her friends start getting suspicious. And just who is the mysterious boy with astonishing skills?
  167. Another Time, Another Dimension – Alex is back in his world, and yet he can't get Sagittarus and her friends out of his mind. So, when they appear one day when he finally thought they were gone, it throws him for a loop. It's also up to him to help them get home, the few people he knows that understand him. Can he really let them go?
  168. Daydream – Kaigul has been through time, fought BAMs, lived with the Kubels, and hasn't been shocked until now. So how does a group of kids do something nearly impossible? At least, it is to the Kubels. “This must be a daydream or a nightmare.” “Maybe both.” “Boys, be nice to your cousin!” “Sorry, Ma.”
  169. AU Hetalia – Alternate Universe hopping, anyone? (Includes Cardverse, Nekotalia, Nyotalia, HetaOni, and so on. If I don't have one, tell me and I'll try to get it in)
  170. PokeOni – Based on HetaOni, but with the pokemon characters. When you enter the mansion, you can't get out, pokemon can't come in, you're destined to die, your friends are keeping secrets, one can time travel, and no one can hear you scream...
  171. HardyOni – Based on HetaOni, but with the HB characters. Mysteries don't abound in this mansion, only death and danger. Who's going to be the next to die, or even the first? And can Frank hold himself together once everything is done?
  172. DigiOni – Based on HetaOni, but with the digimon characters. Is it really haunted, or is there something more sinister in the mansion? Who was the previous owner? Why can't the digimon come in? And what's with the book T.K.'s holding?
  173. TeraOni – Based on HetaOni, but with the Tera characters. Sagittarus isn't as pure as she looks, no elin is. But with her friends and allies in danger, she may have to reveal her secret and sacrifice her life for them.
  174. WinxOni – Based on HetaOni, but with the Winx characters. Journals are a boy's best friend, like how diamonds are to a girl. But, are they really? Helia's journal keeps more than just drawings in it, you know...
  175. Sunday, Bloody Sunday – We've been hurt, batter, bruised, and tortured beyond belief. We escaped the mansion with death, blindness, and more. We've basically been through H*l and back, but we can never forget what happened there.
  176. Switched Remembrance – What if it had been Killian who had been killed in the Divine War and not Icaruna? What if he had died, not being able to merge with her? How would that change things? Maybe a certain human boy can give her the answers...
  177. Harmony or War? - “I wish I could convince them, but they don't want the help of a mortal, do they?” “You could try.” “He's right, you know.” “Thanks, both of you. You're certainly nicer in this time that you are in mine.” “What do you mean?” “You don't want to know.”
  178. Mischief Is On The Rise – Prank-playing antics of Killian and Sagittarus. Even Icaruna can't stand them. “Got the sunglasses?” “Check.” “Five bottles of desert-level hot sauce?” “Check.” “Alright, let's go get the high elves to fight. Jelena's gonna stop them and have a moment with Elleon.” “Check.”
  179. Call Me Maybe – Normal AU. A new girl has come to Arborea High, and the youngest bad boy/amazing lead singer for Zulas' Children, Killian, has fallen for her. However, just how is he going to get her to like him when he's done so many bad things? “...Why? Why me?” “Everyone deserves a second chance. You're no exception.”
  180. Missing You – Sequel to Call Me Maybe. “Where are you?” “Where are YOU?” “Home.” “Do you miss me?” “...No.” “Hmm...” “Have you gotten my letters?” “Yeah. Even if you don't miss me, I miss you.” “...I love you, Sagittarus.” “I love you too, Killian.”
  181. When The Cat's Away, The Wolves Will Play – Everyone has secrets, even secrets that need to be kept from your closest friends. So Plagg wants to know what Adrien's secret is, but does it have the potential to endanger Paris? And also, a new power is unlocked and new friends are made, but will it be enough to stop Hawkmoth's new villain?
  182. Superstars, Superheroes, & Superdetectives – Transferred to Paris as exchange students, the brothers quickly come across a case that deals with one of their new friends. Adrien has been getting threats lately, but none of them have been acted upon yet. The HB volunteer themselves to find out who's doing it, but can they do so before things get worse?
  183. Forget Me Not - “You used to save the world every year, you changed from being a villain to a hero! Why can't you remember?” “Because I don't know you, fairy. If you don't leave now, I'll have my jesters play with you!” “Artemis-” “I don't know who this Artemis is, but I'm not him. I'm Killian.”
  184. Year of the Fae – Sagittarus, on a quest to investigate a new echo artifact, learns of a secret. Every century there is a year that is a nightmare to the gods, having caused strange things to happen to them in the past. It was caused by a curse on them long ago that they haven't been able to break. However, knowing this, she wants to help.
  185. The Mystic Protector of Paris – Marinet has a very bad sense of direction. So bad she found herself in another world, in Paris! However, the amani mystic came just in time to help Cat Noir and Ladybug with Hawkmoth's new plan, but there's one problem. She has no idea how to get home, and with her sense of direction...
  186. Of Thieves and Spies – On their latest heist, March and his friends find themselves being chased by people with as much skill as themselves: Q, Angela, and the SOS. Now March has to evade the step-siblings before they catch him and his friends, or his chance at getting back at Blue will be for naught.
  187. New Dogs Learn Old Tricks – After becoming friends, March and Q meet a strange teen, slightly older than themselves, who is more mysterious than he appears. He also teaches them a few old tricks that amazingly save their lives more than once. Just who are they dealing with?
  188. Mentor – After discovering Alex's identity, he becomes Q's and March's mentor in the ways of spies and thieves, but they must take a test: track Alex across the Lower 48 as best they can or never find him again. However, it soon turns into a desperate race when an enemy of Alex's returns. Can they save him in time?
  189. Quest & Test – A chance meeting between two similar boys occurs, and it makes them think about themselves, how much they could be different if they wanted. And much alike they could be, in more ways than one.
  190. Argonic Magic – Argon technology and blood magic usually doesn't mix, but for this beast, he is the embodiment of it. Asleep for centuries, he is finally awakened again to wreak havoc upon Tera. There must be someone who can stop him, right? Well, someone who knows how to stop a Godzilla-size monster that is centuries old...
  191. Catch or Kill? – Catching pokemon is one thing, and killing monsters is another. However, that line becomes blurred when the argons find a way to invade the Pokemon World. The Mon Team now must work with their trainer counterparts to stop the argons, or there may be no more pokemon.
  192. The Moon Thief – They can live normal lives and try to get back at Blue now. The moonstones can't harm them anymore. However, what they didn't know is that the jewels hold another curse, much worse than their prophecies, and it's affecting one of the Throwaway gang very deeply... (From the book LOOT)
  193. Trapped – I've never seen a place like this before. Perpetual white walls, a substance known as glass... But who is keeping me here? I'm a god, I shouldn't be imprisoned! But without my staff, how am I supposed to get out? Now I know how my victims feel...
  194. Terrifying Justice – After meeting a few heroes, I met a few more. The Justice League, they call themselves. The Avengers said that they're friends, but I don't blame them for being suspicious of me. Especially that guy in the bat suit. Even for someone like me, he creeps me out... (Sequel to Trapped)
  195. Crestal Powers – The Crests don't have just the power for digimon to digivolve or the other things they do. They can also give partners the chance to merge and become a more powerful digimon, more powerful than what they could ever achieve before. However, it comes with a price: their memories.
  196. Sailing to the New World - “You want to know what you've gotten yourselves into? You're in the middle of a war in an alternate dimension, where the Dee-Jal-Tal is the centerpiece. And if you want to survive here, you've got to fight for yourself, not let someone fight your battles.” (Crossover with Destroyermen Series)
  197. Mons, Tera, and Adventure – A new group has come on Tera scene, known only as the Mon Team, which is also a guild. However, very little is known about them, so their leader has decided to create a book on their adventures, how the Mon Team came to be, and what they've done. This should clear up everything, right?
  198. We Will Be Heroes – Almost no one remembers the heroes of Tera, everyone that worked so hard in the past to keep others safe. However, when a boy shows up with an ancient book, those stories are finally remembered and told once again, starting with the first, named Sagittarus... (contains crossovers and MANY OCs)
  199. Meeting Kenzkai – This quest was getting on her nerves, as she couldn't complete it. Just as she was wondering why didn't become a mystic instead of an archer, an amani man, a berserker, came up to her. His name was Kenzkai. (For my very first friend on TERA. Thank you for your help on the quest and your friendship!)
  200. The Demon Protector – Past and Present being to mix when a strange boy appears, saving Hunter's and Cossak's lives. He also knows more about them than any regular person, man or boy, should know. But no organization that they know of recruits children! So, just who is this devil's advocate, this demon protector?
  201. Protectors of the Peculiar – Arthur doesn't know what to think when William, his oldest brother, asks him to take care of a group of children and tell no one about them before leaving. Soon enough, however, he learns the reason why William is so protective and secretive of them, and it involves the other countries as well.
  202. Heroes We Can Be - “Many call me Stone Arrow, but my name is Aurora. What's your's?” “Al. Not very Elvish, is it? I've also got another name others call me. It's Death Warden.” “...You know, I don't understand why our races are enemies when it should be Kyrios. He's the one who killed our gods, after all.” (ArcheAge)
  203. Sisters - “You have a sister?!” “Yep, and she LOVES Rhodos!” “I DO NOT! Besides, if you say his name aloud, then I can say the same of the boy you like!” “You wouldn't DARE.” “You love Killian, you love Killian~!” “SHUT UP!” Sagittarus and her adopted sister, Marinet.
  204. Dancing – Sequel to Sisters. Sagi, with the help of her friends, sets up a dance to get her sister and Rhodos together. But will it backfire? And what's with the matchmaking going on behind her back?
  205. Dakyuron's Return – The leader of the archdevas isn't defeated so easily. He wants revenge. And when a special secret comes to light, he takes full advantage of it. However, it also helps to unlock the power of a young elin boy named Karson, who isn't going to give up on his parents.
  206. Pirates and Destroyermen - “You may be nations, but you have no knowledge of this world, which means you need us.” Captain Kirkland stated before the door was flung open by Toris, “Sir, Griks are coming!” “Man the cannons and make sure everyone is armed!” “Yes sir!” Toris nodded and quickly left.
  207. Digital Protectors – They were fighters, all of the races from different classes. But they knew they were brought together to save their world. They had to, because no one else would. It was all up to them. They could handle it, right? Right?.. The world's going to be destroyed, isn't it...?
  208. Veilstone's Secret - “Please,” his brother pleaded painfully, tears in his eyes, “run and don't look back, no matter what.” ... “I need your help.” “What?!” “I don't have time to explain, but I need your help, Ash. Reggie and all of Veilstone do, too.” ... “I've saved the world before, but nothing like this.” “Well, thanks for everything.”
  209. The Fortunate Son – Torterra didn't know exactly why he began following the boy, but he knew that he had no other choice. His trainer wasn't coming back and the boy was alone. He wasn't about to let the child die. No matter what, he would protect the young boy with violet hair.
  210. Tera's Fairytales – Their young children who look no more than 4 or 5 (but are actually over 6 hundred years old) don't want to go to sleep, not without a story. So, the Original Twelve come up with fairytales with the semi-gods as the main characters. (Chapters will be based on movies of the fairytales, if there is one)
  211. Darwinists & Clankers – They don't know how they got there, but they knew something was off from the moment they arrived. “Where's Leviathan?” “And why do those people look like us?” “Wait, isn't that Zach?” “Still with his machines. Seems he hasn't changed...”
  212. Marionette Love - “I miss you, Alex. I really, really do. Why did you do that, risking your life to save mine?” “Because I loved you. I still do, more than anything in the world.” “Alex...” (Based on the HetaGame Marionette)
  213. Those Who Are... - ...the loneliest are the kindest, the saddest smile the brightest, the most damaged are the wisest, all because they do not wish to see others suffer the way they do. (Based on a Hetalia Pinterest post, major crossover with Hetalia, Pokemon, Digimon, Bakugan, and so on. Get an idea, PM me!)
  214. Dark Side of Pokemon – After the stories of the Pokemon Nations, they get a rude awakening when a few unknowns appear. Not their opposites, but the opposites of the G8. Now they must get the help of Hetalia and stop the 2P!s before the truth is found out or, even worse, someone is killed.
  215. Sheep in Wolf's Clothing - “Oliver, I've got a problem.” “Oh?” “ do you get someone to love you when you've been so horrible to them that they hate you?” “...Allan, I can't help you there. I don't think anyone can. You just have to try your best. Good luck, little brother.” “Thanks, Ollie.”
  216. Magical Peculiarity – His first job as auror is to guard a dilapidated house in Cairnholm. What Harry didn't expect is to find strange children in the shadows and a boy trying to figure out secrets of the house. Together, it makes up a journey none of them will ever forget, especially for Harry, who had thought he had seen everything.
  217. Arthur Harding - “Dude, I just thought of something!” “Oh really?” “Yeah! Why do you have the same eyebrows as my president?” “Obama?” “No, Warren Harding!” “Who?” “MATTIE!” “Sorry, Al, too good to resist!”
  218. Watching HetaGames – The 1P!s and 2P!s watch various HetaGames together, usually hosted by an amazing Youtuber and Let's Player, Kyokoon64! (LOVE YOUR STUFF!)
  219. Helping Hand – Even though he's a 2P, he's appalled and shocked at what his opposite has become in a little over 8 years... (Based on the HetaGame, God Bless America)
  220. Jealousy - “I don't like the way that thing is looking at me.” “'That thing' is Kudamon, and I don't see what's wrong.” “Don't you see that glare?!” “No. Honestly, Holly, are you jealous of Kudamon?” “NO! I think it might be jealous of everyone else, though. And crazy obsessive.” “Holly...” “I'm serious!”
  221. Tale of Hope, Held Close to a Heart – Years have passed since WWII, and for Christmas, they are given a gift from a friend all the nations know. The gift is a book that tells a story. The story of a book thief in their land. It reminds them of how some of their people weren't so evil, once upon a time; that some still held their humanity.
  222. Differences – Why am I the different one? Everyone else can change their hair color or use contact lenses to disguise. I can't change my skin. Even my 1P has fairer skin! Why me? Is it because he and I represent the Land of the Free, where he represents the settlers and I represent the natives? Maybe...
  223. Terror of the Sports - “...You've never seen your opposites when it comes to their favorite sports, have you?” “No, why?” “You need to go see them, then. Oh, and take these safety suits. Wear them and you shouldn't die.” “Huh?” Allan and Matt see their 1P!s during their special sports seasons: Football and Hockey.
  224. Infantcy – No one picks on my brother except ME. I'll make you remember that, or else. Pick on him again and I'll have to hammer this lesson harder into your head. UNDERSTAND?! (Prequel to Illusions)
  225. Oliver's Army – 2P!World during WWII. Based on the song by Elvis Costello. “Why did I ever join this army in the first place? I should be leading my own back in the States!” “Allan, you know exactly why you came here! Now, help me with shooting these people!” “Yeah yeah...”
  226. Abbot & Elvis Costello – Am I the only one who ever caught this coincidence? Well, America did, at least! “Iggy, guess what!” “*sigh* What is it, Alfred?” “You know Abbot & Costello, right?” “Yes...?” “Well, what if Costello was replaced with Elvis Costello?!” “...Oh bloody h*ll no...”
  227. The PokeDestined (Rewritten) – The younger DigiDestined have gone missing, leaving behind only their digivices. Six strange creatures appear in the Digital World at the same time, with the digimon the only ones able to understand them. They each wear something that is reminiscent of the missing. What are they and why are they here?
  228. Poketalia – When he wakes up, he finds himself in a strange world with no memory of himself. The creatures call themselves Pokemon and he's a Sandile. What happened, and why can he not remember who he was? All he knows is that his name is Allan, but nothing else. (Based on Super Mystery Dungeon)
  229. Irish Genius or British Spy? - “...Alroy, I will never make fun of you or your country ever again if you take this demon back.” “No way, Arthur! He's bad enough! You take him!” “Bloody h*ll no, I have Alex to take care of!” “Why don't you leave 'em with each other?” “...” “...Alistor actually has a point for once...” (X-over with Hetalia, AF, & AR)
  230. Stories of Heroes: Dr. Killian Strange - 1st in my Stories of Heroes series, which will cross Marvel movies with characters from various other universes. Takes Killian from the TERA online game and puts him as Dr. Strange in the movie. C'mon, you must have seen this coming if you knew me at all!
  231. Epidemics – What if a nation was affected by something that ailed the citizens but not themselves? Such as the Polio Epidemic in America during the first half of the 20th Century: what if Alfred had been temporarily paralyzed because of it? These are the stories of those times, starting with the example.
  232. Giving Up – Based on a picture I saw once, I think on Pinterest, of America in space with words from his Hero's Log. “Everyone hates me. My enemies hate me more than ever. My allies are getting annoyed with me. Even my states hate me...I just want to give up and be like Prussia, Rome and all the other empires.”
  233. Diaries – (Based on posts from Pinterest) Every Nation has words they don't say aloud, things that convey their feelings. Here is a collection of things they say in their diaries and journals, but never aloud. If they did, it might change some things...
  234. It's So Easy - “You think you're insane? At least you still have regard for life! I don't care about it. Especially since it's so easy to snuff out.” Allan backed up into the wall as much as he could as Alfred came closer, continuing, “That's why assassins are so much crueler than madmen. Bye bye!” (Hitman Jones AU)
  235. Meetings With Ghosts (Rewritten) – (Credit to RosieShiba & her story, Harmony of White Roses. Only has the first 6 ghosts) Getting lost has its advantages. When they arrive at a mansion haunted by ghosts of themselves, they wonder what happened and how they got here, of all places.
  236. Voodoo – One of America's secrets comes out when his States get into his Voodoo Collection during a World Meeting that gets wrecked by the appearance of the 2P!s. “You know magic?!” “Well, yeah. If I had said I did, there's no telling what you would have done to me, so I kept it a secret.”
  237. Guardians of Hetalia – The Infinity Maple Leaf is an interesting artifact, capable of distorting space and controlling it. Peter Quill/Matthew Williams, a.k.a. The Legendary Canada/Star Lord, steals the artifiact and it's now up to him and a group of misfits from letting it fall into the hands of the Russian alien named Ronan/Ivan.
  238. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! (Kesesese!) - Prussia gets the bright idea of teaming up with Denmark to create a dimensional portal where everything is made from legos after seeing the Lego Movie, but it goes wrong and now it's up to them to make this right again. Though Denmark loves how everything became legos...
  239. 'Bald'ic States – Italy takes their group nickname the wrong way and makes it his mission to make the Baltic States bald. This is one of the very few times they go running to Russia for help.
  240. Caffine – NEVER EVER LET FELICIANO/N. ITALY HAVE CAFFINE. Especially no espresso! “MWAHAHAHA! I will kill all of you with my curl and RULE THE WORLD! But first, DIE PRINTER! DIE DIE DIE!” “What the h*ll?!” “This is what he gets like when he has caffine, Luci. Just hide and hope he doesn't find you.”
  241. Curses - “You. Of all the people that could have done this, it was you. I should have known.” “A-Alfred-” “Don't say it was an accident, Arthur, because I know it wasn't!” An evil grin spread across his face, “Let me show you the true meaning of fear, Arthur. I want you to see what you've made me become.” (Demon!America)
  242. Hello - “Hello, Arthur. Have you come to see me again?” “Oh Alfred... Why?” “Why what?” “Why did you become a criminal? Why did you do everything you did?” The prisoner smiled. “Sorry, Iggy, but that's my secret.” (Prisoner!Insane!Alfred AU)
  243. Personifications – Not only are there personifications of nations, there are also ones of the different worlds in the Magic Dimensions. And when the Winx need hep dealing with a new threat, the nations and the worlds rise to the challenge. But will it be enough?
  244. Coffee Chaos – (Sequel to Caffine) The 2P!s get into their own shenanigans with coffee. It's worse since Allan controls it all, doesn't drink a drop, and won't let anyone else have it unless they pay him majorly. Smugglers, like his brother, and major drinkers, like Thurston and Loki, have the worst time.
  245. Ultra Secrets – When you battle Gladion, haven't you noticed how he holds his hand back, like something was wrong with it? Well, this is my take on what might be wrong...
  246. Dense and Oblivous - “Was it really that obvious?” “Big time, Sun. Big time.” “Anyway, I give you permission to date my sister only AFTER I test you.” “With what?” “I want to see how well you can treat Lillie. That and I'm going to show you what she'll need, and I don't mean beauty products.” “...Someone shoot me.” (Sun & Moon)
  247. Sun – The Champion of Alola isn't all he's cracked up to be, at least in other worlds. These are the stories of those worlds, ranging from stupidly silly to downright dark.
  248. Sickness – Just a few days after becoming the Champion of Alola and catching the Ultra Beasts, Sun comes down with a cold. A COLD. He's pretty incensed about this, along with his pokemon, which makes going to see him a death trap or an obstacle course. And his friends want to do exactly that. Let the fun begin.
  249. Christmas in Alola - “I wish there was more snow here. It isn't like Kanto, it's just not the same...” Sun's first Christmas in Alola and he's depressed by it. Well, it's a good thing his friends and pokemon are there to help cheer him up! They convert Po Town into a Christmas Wonderland, much to the chagrin of Team Skull.
  250. Digital Kratts – The one time they stay in the Tortuga alone, the Kratts and the ship get transported to the Digital World. Now the brothers must find a way home with the help of two Dracomon, Blueberry and Green Guy, while helping other digimon along the way. And possibly get CPSes of digimon too.
  251. KDF: Kids' Digital Friends – Betamon and Hagurumon have been enemies for a long time, the grudge running deeper when they accidentally arrive in the human world, becoming the partners of Numbuh 5 of the KND and Ashley of the DCFDTL, who are enemies as well. But that's all put aside when the world is in danger.
  252. Back to Your Roots – (based on some Pinterest pictures) Alfred, tired of being a Nation, decides to go back in time using Toni's new time machine and meet his father again, Native N. America, and relearn how to live off the land. Without him, though, things begin to collapse and the others make it their job to bring him back.
  253. Oh Brother... - “Honestly, we're bad enough, why do you have to take so much after us?” “Mrow...” The SFFATL go home, unable to defeat the HND, only to be cared for by their masters, the DCFDTL.
  254. HMKND: Hetalia Meets Kids Next Door – With the focus of gaining the trust of their people's youth, the Nations encounter the different sectors of the KND and are captured. All of this nearly leads to an international incident as the Micronations join the organization.
  255. Russicat & Amerimouse – Russicat, when finding out an American mouse is living in his master's home, goes out to capture or kill it in any way possible. Tom and Jerry-esque chaos ensues.
  256. Magearna – After getting Magearna as a gift, Sun isn't sure what to do with the strange pokemon. However, when pokemon thieves come around, he learns Magearna's true power along with more about the pokemon than any other person could hope for.
  257. Operation: T.E.S.T. - What if Johnny and his friends (Sissy, Bling-Bling, Bumper, & Janet) were members of their own sector, Sector J? These would just be some of their adventures.
  258. Say Uncle – To test their responsibility, Myles and Beckett are left at home alone. No Artemis, no fairies, no Butlers, no parents. Just themselves. And boy, do they get into some antics when 'Say Uncle' is brought up!
  259. In The Life of Alfred Jones, Centaur Hero – (based on the manga A Centaur's Life) Alfred, with his brother Matthew and friend Arthur, is just trying to get through life. However, it isn't as easy as it seems. (The manga is a bit mature, so the fanfiction, reflecting it, will be as well)
  260. Christmas Cat – (based on a SatW comic) When all of the other Nordics don't get clothes except Emil/Iceland, he tries to warn them about the Christmas/Yule Cat. Which doesn't go over so well... (Iceland may also be OOC with some of his personality from SatW)
  261. Sickness Again – Sun is still sick and isn't getting better, which worries everyone. And Nihilego feels like it might be the problem. If only the Ultra Beast could talk human...
  262. PokePast Meets PokePresent – Time in Alola goes out of whack when a Mew and Celebi come and cause mischief, sending a few important people into the past. Now it's up to those people to fix the timeline, or else they might disappear forever. (Sun & Moon)
  263. Sector M – They were the kids the KND went to when mysteries need to be solved. Numbuhs 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15: four kids and a dog. But after being decomissioned, Sector M has been abandoned. And now, with new haunts and ghosts going around the KND, Sector M might just be needed again.
  264. Changes (Rewritten) – After a camping trip gone wrong, Joe falls sick and there's nothing anyone can do. Not even his desperate brother, who would do anything to see Joe well again. Even if it meant taking risky chances that could change their lives forever...
  265. When Friends Fall – (Based on Pinterest picture) No one has seen Alfred since the death of Walt Disney. But when he is forced to go to a meeting, they see how much damage Disney's death has done to him. It even disturbs Ivan somewhat.
  266. Life Goes On – Drabbles and oneshots about the brothers, can be sad, happy, and/or in alternate universes. (May also do requests)
  267. Digital Siblings – Some acts don't deserve forgiveness, they know all too well. But there are some who are accused of something they didn't do and are punished. Those that have lost learn this the hard way before saving the wrongly accused, possibly at the risk of their own lives.
  268. Goodbye – Goodbyes for the last time can be heartbreaking, to someone at the end of a journey or someone dying. Having already done so to their mother, it's no wonder Paul and Reggie go looking for a cure for their father. But will there be one more goodbye before the journey is over?
  269. Silver Survival – What if something happened that ensured Naia's survival, even if it wasn't something anyone wanted? What if other magical things helped him survive, but at a terrible cost? And what does it all have to do with the campout on the journey and the moon?
  270. Three Brothers of the House of Fowl – When their father falls sick, Artemis, Myles, and Beckett take it upon themselves to save his life, since they couldn't save their mother's. However, will all of them make it out alive?
  271. Tale of Two Brothers – Joe and Frank have been through everything together, with their nicknames of Naiee and Naia and losing their mother. And with their father's life in danger, they risk their lives to save him. However, will the fear of water and the journey strain their bond so much that it breaks in a way they can't repair?
  272. Two Families, Four Siblings (Part 1) – When Thomas' father falls sick, he and Relena, along with their adopted family of Marcus and Kristy, go looking for the Water of Life to save the man. But will all of them, brothers AND sisters, make it back alive?
  273. TeraCore – When they wake up on Far Eden and discover the pause in the terraforming plans, Sagittarus and Killian must find out what happened and fix things before they get worse. And might there be other survivors out there?
  274. HetaCore – Feliciano hates being alone, even with his K-9 unit Ludwig for company. But when they wake up alone with no one else around and things in ruins, they take it upon themselves to figure out what happened and try to fix things, especially if they can find Feli's brother, Lovino.
  275. Death in the Family – When the Griffin informs Joe/Naiee of a faraway land that had someone that looks very much like, if not his brother Frank/Naia himself, Naiee instantly wants to go look. But with the threat of an old enemy and possible death, will he risk everything to save the other man? (Sequel to Tale of Two Brothers)
  276. The Brothers Vargas – Their grandfather is their only living family member left, and they don't want to lose him. So, even with their many fears, Feliciano and Lovino go searching for the Tree of Life and its water to save him. But can they both survive the journey?
  277. Brothers – Given the chance to see and protect his brother again, even if it actually isn't Lovino, Feliciano takes the chance. Even if he must die to do it, he risks it. He would do anything for his brother, and he proves that now. (Sequel to The Brothers Vargas)
  278. Shock & Murder – No one expected it, yet it happened. All the evidence is there, but it could have been planted, right? What motive could they have had to do such a horrible act? Only their twisted minds could explain, because why would the Hardy Boys kill their family?
  279. Hope For The Future – When they get transported from the 2010s and back to the 1990s, Wheeler feels the luckiest of them all, and yet the saddest as well. When they meet their past version and things are explained, everything makes sense. Wheeler wants hope for the future, and changing the past can do that.
  280. Tacoma Narrows, a.k.a. Galloping Gertie – Alfred knew from the start the bridge wasn't safe, and yet it interested his friends so much they couldn't get enough. He allowed them to view it, but never go out on it. He had every reason to worry when it collapsed that fateful day...
  281. So... You're Their Father? - Lately, people have begun to notice certain traits and similarities in their friends, so they decide to investigate. What happens when the investigations reveal things from the past? Not old enemies, but new ones...
  282. Lay Your Love On Me – When the past meets the present, the Hardys knows they have to protect their younger selves from any threat, but how will they be able to do that when the threat is none other than their future selves? Or are they from an alternate dimension? It's hard to tell...
  283. Deception – What if Artemis hadn't captured Holly but another fairy instead? What if he had captured Bloom while she and her friends were trying to bring magic back? Prepare for the biggest battle the Winx has had yet...
  284. The Purrateers! - What if everyone in the Captain Planet Universe were cats? This is the series in that idea. Each episode will be different, as there are cat characters instead of human, but it'll mostly be the same!
  285. Family – When two strangely colored cats are found one day, the Planeteers take them in and raise them, where they get a shocking surprise: They are cat versions of Gaia and Cap! And of course, 5 kittens of the Planeteers come along and soon they go on their own misadventures. What headaches will they cause next?
  286. Rockstar Secret – What if not only was Orion Artemis' alternate, but also a rockstar? What if he snuck out while Artemis and everyone else was asleep and preformed for Ireland? What if he was never caught? Let the fun begin...
  287. Alternate Insanity – What if the Atlantis Complex wasn't the one cause for Artemis to become paranoid? What if it was Orion, who had been there the whole time? What if he had caused it, jealous of Artemis? Well, this is the story what would happen if it ever did...
  288. Nature Heroes – Chris and Martin idolized the Planeteers and are astonished to meet their heroes one day. However, it turns out the Kratts' villains have teamed up with the Eco-Villains, where the two teams now need to work together to defeat them.
  289. Hunting Lovers – What if Orion was another person altogether, someone that Artemis met periodically throughout his life? And what if Artemis created the alternate personality in his head from those encounters? What if the personality showed how much the man truly cared? (Oriarty)
  290. The Adventures of Super Snape & the Draco Lizard – Comicbooks with Snape and Draco as heroes, the villains the Gryffindors. Just who made these comics and why are they so popular? Snape knows but won't tell a soul, which means we have to read them for ourselves...
  291. Free State of Jones – During the Civil War, there was another State, cousin to the others, who was only known as Jones. After the revelation of the new movie over the state, the others want to ask about it. America and the States explain as best they can.
  292. The Pop Star – When pop and other musical genres take over America in the 90s, he changes his look and personality. However, this also more able to confess his love, so just what is going to happen? Who does Alfred/America love the most?
  293. Beginnings & Endings – (Sequel to Pokemon Rider) Once things settle down, Alex tries to adjust to his new family. However, having to live with Paul, Reggie, Yassen, Cynthia, Brandon, Darrien, and their pokemon all at once, he wonders if he's going crazy. But he wouldn't change the circumstances for anything.
  294. Fairly Odd Fowl – What if Artemis Fowl had fairy godparents of his own that no one, not even Butler, knew about? World, be worried, because the foulest of the Fowl is on the loose with magic!
  295. Fairies & Riders – When he was a child, Alex had fairy godparents of his own and got into all sorts of trouble. These are the stories of their adventures together.
  296. Elemental Heroes – Linka was chosen to be one of the few staying on Far Eden to fix the machines. But now, several decades later when she wakes up, nothing is as it should be. With her K-9 Corebot Wheeler, they must explore Far Eden and discover what happened, possibly setting things right if they can.
  297. Back in Time – Seeing that the micronations don't seem to respect the nations they came from, FMB decides to send them back in time to teach them a lesson, starting with the American Civil War.
  298. Eternal – What if there was a way for Naiee to go back in time and make sure his brother didn't die? It would mean he didn't exist, as it would become a different timeline, but he didn't care. Just as long as he had his brother back...
  299. Land of the Dead – Just what happens to all the characters that get killed off in the books? Do they interact, Heaven and Hell? And what sort of trouble do they manage to get into? These are the stories. (Inludes Alex Rider, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, etc.)
  300. Sanctuary in Insanity – Sometimes it feels better to go mad than face reality. Just how many have been taken into that twisted sancuary? (series of oneshots from different fandoms: Books, Anime, Games, etc.)
  301. Organelles At Work – (Based on the manga Cells At Work) If cells cam be represented as humans working in a body then why can't it be the same for their organelles? Welcome to Organelles At Work!
  302. Teacher to Teacher, Student to Student – One thought he would never be normal again, but he somehow survives his death and is reborn in the body he lost in the Nanite Event. With a second chance, can he reinvent his life, or has being an EVO so long made that practically impossible? Well, he wasn't once the deadliest man in the world for nothing.
  303. Paint The Town Green – After his resurrection, Artemis has become a bit more...mischievous. One of his biggest pranks is for St. Patrick's Day, and he knows EXACTLY how to do it. But no one else is going to like it.
  304. Reunion – Franckis knew he was supposed to be born an Elyos, but instead, he was an Asmodian born to an Elyos family. Now he wants to learn about his family, what they were like and such, but how can he do that when all Elyos are against Asmodians? Maybe one named Josephar could help...
  305. Friends – Yggiz knew his memory was spotty before, but how the h*ll did he reach Asmodae?! He has to go through the Abyss to return home, but it's nearly impossible until he meets Alexand, an Asmodian who doesn't see Elyos like the others. He wants to help Yggiz get home, even if it means going against his superiors.
  306. Alextar – Upon losing his father, Alex is asked to go to Pandora and finish his father's job: work in the Avatar program and befriend the natives. But will he prefer that life instead of his old one?
  307. Music Backgrounds – What if some of the pokemon characters had musical careers based on ones that share their names (ex. KDrew and Paul McCartney)? This might just give a few answers.
  308. Love Doesn't Stop – Linkasha, an Elyos Spiritmaster. Whelsint, an Asmodian Chanter. They should hate each other (they certainly act like it), but they don't. However, it takes a trip to a completely different world to show them that, thanks to their counterparts Linka and Wheeler.
  309. Ruling Through Time – (based on a DeviantArt picture) “England once ruled the world. Now I do.” Teenaged versions of the nations appear at the worst of times, forcing their elder versions to take care of them. But is there more to this than meets the eye?
  310. Smarter Than I Look – Wheeler has a secret, one that none of the Planeteers or the Eco-Villains know about (but his old friends do): he's actually a very good engineer and inventor. Who else do you think fixes their vehicles? But now, when it gets revealed, it may bring everything to ruin.
  311. The Mistake – Everyone makes mistakes, even the Spirit of the Earth. But how could she have made such a fatal one? Didn't she know everything about her Planeteers? Or were there things they could manage to hide?
  312. Comical Countries – The nations are roped into working on a show that showcases some of the funniest groups in history and their skits: The Marx Bros., the Three Stooges, Monty Python, and so on. But will they survive this comical craziness?
  313. Black Fowl – Artemis, with his horrible luck, is thrust into the role of Black Adder through four different periods of time. His friends are also forced into roles parallel to his own, except they only think they are the character. If he does not act accordingly, he and his friends will never be returned to their rightful time and place. Let the fun begin...
  314. DANGER! GLITTER/CLOTHING WAR AHEAD! - Ruby Jareth Glitter Clothing = Chaos. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
  315. Welcome to the Black Parade – Alfred grew up believing he would always be the hero. But when his world was shattered, he found that you don't have to care. You don't have to care about what the world thinks because you'll carry on with memories from those long gone... (Companion to Family Ties, can read separately, based on MCR song of same name)
  316. He Will Be Mine – No matter what got in his way, Frank would never stop until Joe was his. Not killing, not stalking, NOTHING until he had his brother, whether it be in his arms or just his heart. (Set in my Psycho-Lover!Frank AU, each chapter based on a different song. WARNINGS: M/M, sex, character death)
  317. Gone Mad – “No.” the other Frank smiled, “I'm a bit different than you think. I also can't do this alone, so let's strike a deal, shall we?” When Joe goes missing and he finds himself in an alternate world, Frank is instantly set to do anything to get his brother back. (Psycho-lover!Frank in Normal!Hardys Universe)
  318. Of Phantoms and Pokemon – The Sinnoh Opera House in Hearthome has attracted many fans and critics over the years, as weary and old as it is. And yet, long ago, a story of love happened between young singer Dawn, phantom Conway, and princely brothers Reggie and Paul. Just what happened here, so long ago? (Based on PotO Book)
  319. Linked – Everyone is linked, someway, somehow. By appearance, blood, friendship, the possibilities are endless. But there is one man who is linked to two others in more ways than one. This is their story, the story of the boys who survived and the man who took care of them, though he was not their father.
  320. Planetalia – Representation of the planets! Venus and Earth are twin sisters, Jupiter is the tallest, Mars plots war, Mercury is always hot and wears skimpy clothing, Saturn is vain, Neptune loves water and hates Mars, Uranus is the outcast with different pronounciations, and Sun takes care of Pluto. Let there be craziness!
  321. Wildtalia – After their national animals have been threatened a lot lately, the nations take action to protect them. And, of course, the Wild Kratt team somehow gets caught in the middle with accusations against them. How will they get out of this one, and will they accidentally discover the greatest secret in history?
  322. The Crystal Rose – The world has a legend for every region, usually tied to Legendary Pokemon. However, there is one unlike the rest, dealing with a man known as the Sableye King. He takes children who are wished away and turns them into Sableyes, but is there more to this legend than is believed?
  323. Calendar of Love – Drew wants to show May just how much he loves her, every month of the year. (Series of oneshots, related to my old oneshot, Calendar Girl)
  324. Wish Well For You – (Roommates & GND AU) “I wish the goblins would save you.” It was a phrase uttered more often than not for people who felt like they didn't deserve life. These words save Javert, Erik, and James, bringing them to the Labyrinth and Jareth. He gives them a chance to be redeemed, but at what cost?
  325. The Yellow Ribbon Rose – Memories are brought up at an auction in the old Odaiba Opera House, where a certain man remembers the love triangle he was caught in and the lengths his rival would go to for their love's hand in marriage. (Based on PotO 2004 Movie)
  326. The Chat of the Opera – For so long, a phantom has haunted the Opera, all of his callling signs leading to cats. And when a girl named Marionette joins, she starts to get lessons from this man. But just who is he, and why is he so similar to her childhood love, Adrien?
  327. Masquerade – (X-over with Roommates & GND) Alex barely knew anything of Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Labyrinth, or even Pirates of the Carribean when he rented a new apartment, but things change when his luck makes the Building a target for his enemies. Can he keep up the mask or will someone figure it out?
  328. Orange Roses – Holly takes a chance and goes with Artemis to Paris to see the Opera, but is kidnapped by a strikingly familiar man: Orion. Artemis quickly finds himself in a race against time and an ancient story as he looks for Holly. Not only is her life and his in danger, so are the ones of everyone in the opera house!
  329. Mask of the Ruby Death - “You wish to see who I truly am?” he whispered in Sapphire's ear, “Then I shall show you. However, I expect your fright. Who wouldn't be afraid of a face that not even a mother or father could love?”
  330. Les Misérables Numérique – Stories are not always as they seem. For Masaru Valjean, it looks as though he will be stuck to a life of poverty, being relentlessly hunted by Tohma Javert. But is there a way he can turn his life, and maybe those of many others, around?
  331. Mardi Gras – As Mardi Gras approaches, the nations prepare for their own party. However, no one knows what Alfred's costume is and a new man has appeared in sexy Mardi Gras clothes. Who is he, and what does he want? Does it connect to Alfred in some way?
  332. Digital Roommates – Jareth, in a pranking mood, decides to bring creatures from another world for some fun. However, when the wall between the worlds becomes weakened by this, the men find a prophecy that leads them to working with the creatures to protect both worlds. But can they end it all in time and without death?
  333. Desolation Row – After hearing a song, Jareth decides to apply it to his buddies through the Building's intercom system. Let the fun begin...
  334. Captain MacGyver - “MacGvyer is also another word for crazy creativity, being able to create things out of the simplest and smallest amounts of things. If you ask me, Planet's a MacGyver.” Wheeler explains to his friends about the word MacGyver. Curiosity ensues.
  335. G.K. & O.G. - After watching some Phineas & Ferb, Jareth gets the bright idea of doing their stuff all over again, with Erik as his partner. Will they be busted by James, or caught by Javert and Valjean? And does anyone else have a say in this? OF COURSE NOT!
  336. Luck – Alex isn't the only one with impossible luck. There was another man who had some of the best luck in the world, and the boy chanced to meet him one day...
  337. Atomic Digimon – What if Betty found a digimon that wanted to help her in her Galactic Guardian duties? How would she be able to keep it a secret from her friends, family, and co-workers? And how does the digimon tie-in with saving both the Human Galaxy and the Digital one?
  338. Spectral Phantom – In a world where the bakugan have smaller versions of their big forms, they work together with their human partners in harmony. But now, there are tales of a dragon bakugan and phantom haunting an opera house. How much of it is true and who are they?
  339. Phantom of the Opry – What if Erik had a cousin who was hidden in the Opry House, down in Nashville, TN? '“Oh forte no...” Erik wanted to throw the letter away, but somehow knew that Jareth would find it.' (Roommates & GND Universe)
  340. Music of the Opry – After hiding from the world, Christine and Raoul finally decide to move to the US and get back into music at the Nashville Opry House. But what if they aren't the only ones making new beginnings there?
  341. Living in the Aquarium – (Sequel to Prince of Rocky Isle) After letting Joe go, Frank is finally found by researchers and is taken to an aquarium. The science world and most others are happy at the discovery, except for one. With his heart in chains, a certain blond wants to do something about it.
  342. Dream Reaper - “Opal is harmless compared to what I've been seeing.” Artemis rubbed his eyes tiredly, “I believe it's a Fauchereve, French for 'dream reaper.' It's trying to make friends, but I'm not falling for its tricks. And yet, it's still drawing me in...”
  343. Fauchereve - “How kind of you to drop in!” grinned the fake, showing his sharp teeth, “But I can't let you take little Joey away from me. Here, he's happy, and I'm going to make sure that's all he'll EVER be.”
  344. Darkness of Dreams – Dream Reapers can be anywhere, and they don't just strike at those with the purest of hearts. When Reggie finds his brother won't wake up, he and a group of friends try to find a way to save him. But does Paul really want to be saved from the Fauchereve...?
  345. The Blood Spider and the Song Bird – Not everything ugly is what it is, especially on the inside. A young girl who sings like a bird is caught by a half-human/half-spider who makes webs the color of blood, but she can see his lonelyness and makes it her job to help him. However, with fires in the distance, is it too late to save him? (Beauty & Beast AU)
  346. Fiery Alternates – 'Whinter facepalmed. “And I have to deal with these idiots. Where's a spider army when you need it?” Whelsint shrugged. “Don't know, but I don't think anybody'd like it.” “Shut up, Asmodian. I wasn't talking to you. Just muttering hopelessly to myself...”' (Many AU versions of Wheeler from my stories meeting one another)
  347. Hotel California – (Based on the song of the same name) Just what is the Hotel California? And how did Wheeler get stuck there, but escape? A tale of a strange dream made reality is told, but is it also an illusion? Or just an item of the mind?
  348. Goblin Kingdom – What if there was a secret kingdom out there, ruled by a human instead of an animal? What if it had no humans in it besides the king? When rumors of this legendary kingdom are spread once again, it's a race against time for Big Green to get there before HighRoller. But neither side is welcomed...
  349. Different - '“Not all humans look the same, and I know that. But if you knew what lies under this mask, you would be afraid and angry too.” said the man.' What if there was a special place that those shunned from the kingdoms could go to so they could live without prejudice? And what if the leader was a man in a death's head mask?
  350. La Belle et la Bête – The French have romantic, heartfelt, and political stories. And what if one was twisted, just a little? Cosette, frightened by the Beast that imprisons her father, tries to help him in any way she can. However, Valjean slowly finds himself bonding with the Beast, once named Javert. Is there hope to save this cursed man and his kingdom?
  351. Not Quite A Beast, But Is There Still Beauty? - A man is cursed because of a deformity he has, one he was born with. He can only become human again if someone can see past not just his looks now, but also his deformity. But who could love such a person who has never known it, not even as a human?
  352. Courage to Live, Cowardice to Die – If you wish to die, you are a coward because you do not have the courage to face life. This is what Javert begins to learn after Valjean saves him from suicide, making him contemplate if he truly is a coward or a courageous man with misguided ideals.
  353. The Irish and the French – What if Artemis went back in time, alone? What if he began observing some miserable people, at their best and worst? What if he saved a man from suicide, only to have that man follow him everywhere? Even to the future?
  354. Wild – Their mother, the only person they had left, was dying. They knew they had no choice but to save her, except the journey was long and dangerous. Would they save her in time, or would one of them be destined to die?
  355. Before Divorce – Matt had everything he had ever wanted, no need to share it at all. But then one day, his 'little brother' comes home and now he wants to prove to his parents that T.K. isn't all who he looks like. But then the two get wrapped up in a race to defeat the puppies before they put the babies out of business. Will they be able to do it?
  356. Kingdom of Nightmares – Scars leave more than just one impression. A boy doesn't want to leave his dreams for the horrible life he's had. People want to save him from the inevitable nightmare that might even take his life. How do they all connect?
  357. Second Chances – Everyone is given a second chance, but not all take it. Some don't think they deserve one, while others don't think they can reach it. One boy dies but is brought back to life, only to find himself trapped in a loop of reliving his death. The only way out is to discover who killed him. But can he do it when he feels he doesn't deserve the chance?
  358. The Gambler – Molossia is different from the other Micronations because he isn't just a shoot-off from America like the others: He's the son of Nevada, one of the States, making him Alfred's grandson instead of little brother. These are the tales of Michael/Molossia, growing up and beyond.
  359. Lost Memories – 'Javert stared for a few moments before his mind clicked on where he had seen Erik before. “Merde, you're that kid!” “What?” “I saw you in Enjolras' apartment when you were an enfant! Don't you remember? No, of course you don't, you were a baby...” Javert began to pace while Erik looked on in confusion.' (x-over w/ The Lost Souls of Paris)
  360. Child of the Stars – Alex isn't exactly a fan of Star Wars, but knows enough of it to know when he gets sent into said universe, purpose unknown and during the time before Anakin becomes Darth Vader. Why is he there, and is there someone he can relate to more than he thinks?
  361. National Cryptids – The nations not only protect their national animals, they also have to protect their cryptids. And they might just be what the Secret Scientists need to stop Argost. But can they do it before chaos occurs?
  362. Secret Pokemon – Ash Ketchum has the ability to control pokemon (to an extent). He and his family are trying to save endangered and rare species from Hunter J, Team Rocket, and many other villains. But is there something in store for them all?
  363. Loup Garou – There are some ghosts that never leave, no matter what you do to make them. After encountering one as children, Drew and Doyle face off against another, but don't get away completely. With Loup Garou next on Piecemeal's menu and a child in danger, what will they do?
  364. Cryptid Power Suits – After an incident involving the Kratts, Fiskerton, and Komodo, the brothers decide to join the Saturdays in helping cryptids. As they learn about the creatures, Aviva makes new discs of the cryptids and their powers. But how deep will the Kratts get into this secret world?
  365. Burning Man – What if the Blackwells hadn't died? What if they were still alive and had another son? And what if this boy, now all grown up, met the Saturdays and no one knew it? What if he was involved with Argost's latest plot? And what if this man was Wheeler?
  366. Tale of Two Tails – (Based on the fanfic TSS alternative endings 1 : The kur relic) He couldn't change back, he was stuck as a monster. The relic hadn't worked, not one bit. He knew that there was only way to save himself, to go back into the past and prevent trying to fix the thing. But it would cost him his life and he knew it.
  367. Leonidas & Leonidas – Pyrus Leo, meet Van Rook. Van Rook, meet Pyrus Leo. The meeting of mercenary and bakugan who greatly dislike each other but stay together. 'When Van Rook turned around, he saw that the reason Doyle had been so silent was because he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. Punishment time.'
  368. Cryptid Kingdom – If they thought the animals were hard to befriend, then they had no idea about the Cryptid Kingdom, a kingdom of animals that shouldn't be real and hid because everyone was afraid of them. Time to show that not all people were bad or afraid.
  369. Stranger Than Cryptids – Doyle Blackwell is one of the main stars of the TV hit, Adventura Children. He has it all, fame, fortune, and more. But then, much to the surprise of fans Zak, Ko, Fisk, and Zon, he accepts their invitation to go on a road trip. What shenanigans will happen? (Based on Stranger Than Fanfiction)
  370. Captain Vs Captain – Captain Planet & The Planeteers versus Captain Green & The Eco-Teens. The Eco-Villains take a seat to watch the ensuing hilarity. '“Who know rip-offs and parodies could be so much fun?” Blight grinned as she ate popcorn. “You said it!” agreed Greedly, stealing some.'
  371. Digital Cryptids – There's more to some cryptids than meets the eye. Upon encountering one that's actually a digimon and bonding with it, Doyle has to face the fact that he's now a DigiDestined. Neither he or his digimon partner are happy. But they may also be the key to stopping a war between cryptids and digimon.
  372. Burned – Fire is a double-edged sword, like the rest of the elements, but moreso than any other. It scars, both physically and mentally. With them come hurt and forgetfulness. Zak chances upon seeing Doyle's scars one day and is determined to find out where they came from, but there's one even his uncle can't remember...
  373. Rich – Doyle could have just backed out of this deal, but it was worth a lot of money. He didn't want to impose upon his family anymore and this was the only job he could get, considering his past. He just hoped he wouldn't regret it...
  374. Parasite – Curiosity killed the cat, as the saying goes. And what if a certain person's curiosity got the best of him? How much would that change what was to come?
  375. Hotel for Creatures – Chris and Martin hop from foster parent to foster parent, warned that if they cause trouble one more time, they would be separated. But how can they not take action when they begin a hotel for many of the homeless animals in the city?
  376. Kur – Kur was supposed to be an evil dragon that could control all other cryptids, right? But the Nagas used dark mysticisim, so what if he was corrupted? And what was Kur's life like before he was destroyed? What if he hadn't actually been a dragon? This is the story of a boy who just wanted to be normal.
  377. Switched – What if roles were switched? What if, as children, Loki and Thor were switched with mortals, who took their places as gods? How much would that change things? Maybe this story can tell it all...
  378. Not So Bad – He may have been a horrible guy, but he had a good heart. That was proven when he took in a baby boy who had no one else to lean on because death herself surrounded him. Can Loki break the curse around Alex and raise him right, or will he die just like everyone else?
  379. Machines & Ancients – Cryptids & EVOs. Cryptids have magical connections, EVOs have technological ones. And though they live in the same world, how can they work together? Maybe their respective saviors have an idea. That is, if the two don't get into trouble first...
  380. Losing Everything – Doyle lost everything. His mother, his sister, even his father, and he could do nothing to save them. Nothing, yet he wished there was. But how do you bring back people who may blame you for their deaths?
  381. King – How are you supposed to live with yourself when your plane goes down and you're the only survivor? Especially when you take shelter in a creepy lighthouse and go under the sea to a place called Rapture? Do you save yourself or bring your fate down upon those who have abandoned you?
  382. Mistaken – Thanks to the workings of various (if seedy) corporations, Rapture has been brought to the surface and is being restored, lead by Artemis. However, a certain creature mistakes him for a Little Sister and now it's up to Holly and the gang to save him. But does he REALLY need saving? And why didn't it take Holly instead?
  383. Rider of Rapture – Alex thought he had seen everything. Yassen thought he had seen everything. They were both wrong when they come across Rapture, the city of the sea. The deadly, insane city of the sea. Can they both make it out alive or will they die there? Might they save each other or become insane themselves? Only time will tell...
  384. Kingdom – (Sequel to King) Even after bringing the four children to the surface, Doyle finds that he can't get Rapture out of his mind. And when he meets a young woman and her Alpha Series protector 10 years later, he learns what happened after he and the children left.
  385. King of Kings – (Sequel to Kingdom) They all could start lives anew now, right? But interdimensional travel, orchestrated by fate, has other plans. It sends them to another world, so similar yet so different from their own. Can they make it back or will they be stuck there forever? And where's Beta?
  386. Cohen – Everyone has a black sheep in the family. After hearing a few stories of a lost uncle of his named Sander, Phil asks his friends (especially the Hardys) to help him find out more about his uncle. But is he asking more than he bargained for?
  387. Pirates of the Cryptid Seas: Cursed Gold – Captain Doyle Blackwell has been sent off his ship by mutineers and is now little more than a worthless pirate. But when he comes into the company of Drew Blackwell (not related) and Solomon “Doc” Saturday, he finds that maybe he has a chance to turn his luck around.
  388. Pirates of the Cryptid Seas: Death Waits for No One – The Black Marlin is once again in Doyle's possession, but debts must be repaid. Drew & Doc also find themselves in danger of death and must repay their debt to save their own lives. But is there a coward among these lucky few? And can they all get through this adventure alive?
  389. Pirates of the Cryptid Seas: Edge of the World – After Doyle's death, Drew, Doc, and Hassad find that they must work together to bring him back and stop Munya and Beeman from destroying piracy. But even with Miranda and the Brethren, will they be able to do it? And is there more to Hassad's motives?
  390. Pirates of the Cryptid Seas: Nothing Stranger – His ship taken away once again and hearing rumors about him, Doyle sets out to dispell them. But then he is taken by his father Redbraid and furious ex Abbey Gray in a quest to find the Fountain of Youth, forcing him against Mermaids and the Spanish. He can never catch a break, can he?
  391. Pirates of the Cryptid Seas: No More Tales – Accusations abound with Wadi being a witch, Zak a traitor, and Doyle a bank-robbing pirate. But, of course, they're all after the same thing: Poseidon's Trident. And they have to get to it before Argost does, especially Doyle. The dead man wants his head and will stop at nothing to get it, after all.
  392. Pirates of the Cryptid Seas: Home Port – After all of his adventures, Captain Doyle Blackwell and his crew find themselves caught in a maelstrom that brings them to a new world. And why do so many people look so much like them? Well, maybe his charm can help him answer that. Or his strangeness. Whichever comes first.
  393. BioTalia – Columbia and Rapture were brother and sister, caring for each other when no one else did. They were loners but survived their own cities. After so long, when their cities are dead and they become mortal (like Prussia), they decide to finally make themselves known. It's not going to be pretty.
  394. Fathers & Son – What if things went wrong? What if, instead of being a normal kid sent to the surface, Jack was turned into the first Little Brother? Tenenbaum knows a way to save him but he's under the guard of one of the fiercest Daddies: Alpha Series Psi. Who would be crazy enough to save him? Why, his dads of course!
  395. Boyo – Atlas was real, he wasn't Fontaine. He had also lived in Rapture all his life and was friends with Jack. But after so long, he finds that he can barely recognize his friend. Using the trigger words didn't help either, though they were out of manners. Can he help Jack remember his childhood, the real one?
  396. DigiCity by the Sea – Kristy and Relena go missing, making Thomas and Marcus nearly ballistic in searching for their sisters, even asking the other DigiDestined to help out. And when they finally get a lead, they bring help to get their sisters. But are they prepared for what they're about to face?
  397. Shall We Date? - Many of the characters from the games get a chance to meet. But just what are the girls up to? And how does it involve someone hanging from the ceiling, hair burning, out-of-control leopards, a stage, a wolf & dog dance, a dragon, and Ryan's dream? Let the craziness begin...
  398. Cat's In The Cradle – Artemis Sr., watching his eldest, recounts his sadness of not spending enough time with his son. And even then, had he really been there at all? '“He's become just like me...” the patriarch realized with dread, “He's just like me.”'
  399. Castle – What if you had been so hurt you don't have the strength to fight back? Alex certainly feels this way after all his missions, and when he become stuck in an old castle, there's someone there who wants to give him his fighting spirit back. But they also don't want to let him go...
  400. Money - '”You've grown up better than I have, honestly.” “Have I, now?” Artemis nodded, a serious look on his face.' Artemis is forced on a vacation to relax after regaining his memories. However, not all is as it seems at Lilac Court, especially when the young heir meets his lawyer counterpart, Nolan. (x-over w/ Love Tangle)
  401. Mermaid – Kaleido has its own legends, like the rest of the world. Besides the leopards, there are also tales of beautiful mermaids. But of course, that isn't it? But then who is the striking girl who comes to visit Lilac Court? And what does she want? Like everyone else, does she have a secret? (Love Tangle)
  402. Kaleido – Kayla has her own sercets, like everyone else, but she's hiding something that might even top Henrik's! Just what is her secret, and what does it have to do with the new housemates in Lilac Court? Do they know something about her that no one else does? And why are they so scared of Oliver? (x-over w/ Love Tangle)
  403. Dancing in the Moonlight – (Ninja Shadow) He loved her, but he knew he couldn't be with her. He could kill her, after all, and if that happened, he wouldn't be able to live with himself. And if she knew, she wouldn't love him anymore. So, he had to push her away, but she kept coming back. Why? Did she WANT to die?
  404. High School Never Ends – (x-over w/ Love Tangle) Nolan is just trying to get through life with his friend Miguel, especially after the scandal his family got away from. But with spider-like powers and criminals around, life is never easy. Can the boy manage to keep his secret, get through high school, and save the city all at once?
  405. Time to Pretend – (sequel to High School Never Ends) Living in Lilac Court is wonderful, but Nolan feels guilty for leaving his old life behind. However, perhaps he didn't leave it behind as he thought he did. There's crime in Kaleido and an old hero once again arises, but what will happen when his secret is discovered?
  406. Rainbow – (x-over w/ Love Tangle) At the other end of the rainbow is a pot of gold, as tales say. But is it always gold? Kayla finds out the hard way when she tries to get close to the newest resident, a man named Alex. He's kind but distant, and when she tries to help, things don't go as planned.
  407. Shades of Grey – (sequel to Rainbow, major x-over) After protecting Kayla and the rest of Lilac Court, she invites Alex to meet many others in similar worlds to their own. He agrees, but his luck once again endangers everyone. With so many to protect, can Alex keep up?
  408. Ukyo, Haruka, & Makoto – (x-over w/ Ninja Shadow) In an alternate world, Ukyo is a cat who is trying to eat Haruka, a lovely little canary, but gets hurt in the process by her doggy guardian, Makoto. Can he eat the canary? What sorts of adventures do they get into? And why are the adventures so crazy?
  409. Rapture – (x-over w/ Love Tangle) Though Kaleido is nice, the residents of Lilac Court decide to go on vacation somewhere else. And when their plane is shot down, they find themselves in the weird, mad haven of Rapture. Secrets are revealed as they try to survive, but can they all make it out?
  410. Code: Date – What if the characters from different Shall We Date? apps went to the same school? And what if some of them were busy saving the world? Nolan, Ukyo (Ninja Shadow), Haruka (NS Heroine), Kyle, & Kayla (LT Heroine) are forced to work together to stop X.A.N.A. before he destroys or controls the Real World.
  411. Code: Miraculous – When Marinette and Adrien are sent to Kadic as exchange students, they seem to take the places of Yumi and Ulrich, who they had switched with. As the two Lyoko Warriors fight akumas, the Miraculous Users must help stop XANA. But what happens when XANA starts attacking more than just the Warriors?
  412. Code: Rapture – Rapture had a supercomputer. How else would it have been so great? But when four Little Sisters discover it, they unleash an evil that threatens the outside world. They band together to defend the world, even if it hates them, but just how are they going to do it if the Big Daddies won't leave them alone?
  413. Ravissement – Cosette was a Little Sister, Valjean her Big Daddy. And even as she grew up, he continued to protect her. But then one day, a man named Marius enters the underwater city. He falls in love with her, but is tasked with killing Valjean by the only other survivor, Javert. Can he find a way to save Cosette and let Valjean live?
  414. Memory – Not many can remember everything about themselves. Bucky was still trying to piece together his past, but when he comes across an amnesiac boy, he's reminded of his own journey and takes the kid in. But then they were separated and Bucky never thought he would see the boy again. Good thing he was wrong, huh?
  415. Dragon – (Guard Me, Sherlock!) Sherlock finds a present for Jane while she's on vacation, but there's a curse attached. It starts changing into him a dragon and John and Mikah don't know what to do. The only chance they have is to team up with Mycroft's and Moriarty's groups, but will they be able to save their friend in time?
  416. Who's The Boss? - (x-over w/ Love Tangle) 'Agumon was confused. Boss was to his left, but also his right. There were two Bosses! But which was the right one? At least he knew the fake one took pictures of everything. And the fake one's friend made good food too, almost as good as Boss' mom. Maybe they should come here more often...'
  417. Code: Cyperchase – X.A.N.A. wasn't dead, but found a new world to play with, nearly taking it over in the first few days. However, the Cybersquad isn't about to let the AI get away scott-free. They team up with their enemies and track down the Lyoko Warriors for help. But will it be enough to save Cyberspace?
  418. Code: Test – While messing around, Johnny gets a friend. They stay in touch until he finds out that his friend is in trouble. When he goes to help, he learns of Lyoko. Wanting to help, he fights XANA and tries to make the others see sense. But when Porkbelly is attacked, can his friend return the favor?
  419. Code: Hetalia – Francis can always tell when something happens in his nation. And when he experiences time travel, he finds out about the Warriors and Lyoko. Unlike most, he understands and keeps an eye on them, giving help when needed. But what happens when they find out about him?
  420. Code: Cryptid – What if Zak and his friends were normal? What if they all lived in France? And what if they came across the Supercomputer and X.A.N.A.? With a strange man trapped in the computer, the group makes it their mission to save him. But what other secrets does he unknowingly hide?
  421. Noodle Incidents - “It all began with my brother coming home after work, silly string, Carlo's noodles, one of my scripts, and a bottle of wine he was going to share with Nolan...” Cody tells Kayla about a few Noodle Incidents that have happened in Lilac Court over the years. None end well for Ryan, mysteriously...
  422. Guardian – (unofficial continuation of Guardian by HarvestMoonClassics, AU) William was made to be her guardian against anything, even X.A.N.A. But how can he continue to guard her when new people come who also want to protect her? And what will he do when he can't go with her to the Real World?
  423. Mythology – Artemis loves his brothers to death, but can't fathom why Thor and Loki seem so familiar to him. They also see him as familiar and have the same problem. Beckett and Myles, however, seem to know more than either group, but why and how? Is there some sort of connection?
  424. Are We The Monsters... - “...or are you?” What if the monsters had their own lives separate from X.A.N.A.'s? It's hard to believe, but when the Warriors are faced with the prospect, it makes it all that much harder to destroy the creatures, forced under the A.I's control. Is there any hope for the monsters?
  425. Code: Avengers – (AU) When Tony discovers the supercomputer, he's not quite sure what the make of it. But when he accidentally unleashes X.A.N.A. and discovers a girl named Natasha trapped in it, he is forced to ask his friends for help to stop X.A.N.A. and save the girl. Will he, Bruce, Steve, Clint, and Thor be able to do it?
  426. Set It Off – Max and Zoe try to figure out what music Rex is listening to. Johnny happens to be listening to the same thing. They meet and talk about their favorite band, causing profanity and hilarity to ensue.
  427. Protective – (AU) Jeremy and Aelita find that the best way to have their dates is in the park, away from a certain computer virus...
  428. My Little Sister – (AU, prequel to Protective) Xana had promised to protect her, no matter what. And he did so, until those stupid humans came into the picture. Couldn't they see he was trying to protect her and just stay out of it? Was it his fault if he had anger issues and tried to get rid of them every second he could get?
  429. Can I Love? - Can I truly love someone who I hate? How did I fall for her, anyway? Why can't I destroy her? Perhaps kidnapping one of those 'friends' of her's can tell me... (AU)
  430. Half-Brothers – (x-over between Ninja Shadow & Ninja Love) They have the same mother, similar tattoos on the same shoulder, red hair...and yet couldn't be more different. When Ukyo's older half-brother Goemon comes to visit, he does everything in his power to make sure his friends don't find out they're related. But then it backfires...
  431. Bullseye Heart - “Well, this isn't good.” Jeremy muttered as an image came up on the screen. It was a symbol very similar to XANA's, except had a heart in the middle instead of a bullseye, “I think I may have accidently made XANA fall in love!” “Does that mean we all need to run, Einstein, or just you?” “All of us, I think.”
  432. Rider's King - “At least you had a happy ending.” Alex gave a sad smile, “You have everything, Rex. Your parents, a family, friends, a home... You even found something you thought you would never have. I'm the opposite. I have none of the things you have and I know how I lost them. Don't lose them at all, especially how I did.”
  433. Girl Meets Bunk'd – On their parents' wishes, Riley and the gang go to Camp Kikiwaka for the summer. They meet other campers and get sorted into their own cabins before having the time of their lives. Though it does get weirder than usual...
  434. Brothers – T.K. is the famous super soldier Captain Japan, caring for others with hope in his heart. Matt is the cold assassin Summer Solider, forced to kill others with no mind of his own. They were once friends and brothers, but were lost to one another. But is it possible for T.K. to get his brother back?
  435. Fire Lizard – (x-over w/ Ninja Shadow) A giant lizard guards Nagasaki against all who dare to threaten it, but no one knows why. It guards against other giant lizards and invaders with powers of fire and an appearance that instills fear, but has a heart of gold. And there's only one person who knows: Ukyo.
  436. Johnnymon – Johnny's got a new friend and Dukey knows it, but doesn't know who it is. He starts to become jealous and tries to find out, but when he does, he finds he's bitten off more than he can chew. Of course that means nothing to Gigimon, who cat eat most anything with his expandable mouth.
  437. Avengermon – No one knows about the digimon, but that changes when two that look a little too much like Steve and Bucky appear. They're not normal digimon and they don't remember much before they were found. But what's their role in the coming storm and how do the Avengers come into play?
  438. States of Avengance – Steve and Bucky never thought they would get to see Alfred F. Jones again. He should have been dead, like them, but he wasn't. The way they find out is through 52 people, each with their own story about the man they call 'Dad.'
  439. Tales of the Past – (Sequel to Hero: Hetalia) Ever since they came back, the representatives have loved telling stories of the past, about how things were much different than they are now. Some of them are horrible, some are kind. Many are told and these are the stories.
  440. New York's Most Wanted – He should have never left Texas. At least, that's what Doyle thought at first until he got to meet the Saturday family, with Zak, Fisk, Zon, and Ko. He takes a job as a nanny to help get by, working alongside the lazy butler Van Rook to raise the kids. Can they do it or will they lose their minds?
  441. Tales of the Unfortunate – (3-way X-over) Drew, Doyle, and Wheeler find themselves orphaned when their parents die in a horrible fire. They are left in the care of an uncle they never knew and must use their wits and skills to survive. But why does he want them dead? And how far does their unlucky streak go?
  442. You Haven't Seen Anything Yet – (Post-TLG & All-Stars) Artemis is hired as a consultant for the newest Total Drama season, but things take a nasty turn when the People get involved, along with other magical creatures. He and his friends must then protect the cast as more magical beings converge on the island, but what's behind it all?
  443. Wild Lights – Spectrobes are beings of light and, together with humans, protect the cosmos from the Krawl. However, even they need help when the Krawl get too strong, and their saviors come in the form of two brothers in the NPP: Chris & Martin Kratt. Can they help stop the Krawl or is all lost?
  444. WereSpectrobes – Krux isn't through yet, not by a long shot. He wants his revenge and decides to strike at the NPP from the inside, through their most powerful member: Rallen. And Jeena may be the only one who can stop Krux, having to fight with the Spectrobes if she's to save her partner. But is there more to it than they think?
  445. Mr. Mogami & Dr. Akashi – Tagiru thinks he must be mad trying to help Ryouma solve crimes that would make most people cower in fear or be sick to their stomach. And yet, he doesn't shy away from it or any threats made at him. But just what has he gotten himself into?
  446. The Werewolf Murders – (Guard Me, Sherlock!) Jack Stillman doesn't like it when someone else starts killing others on his turf. But how is he supposed to compete with a werewolf, of all things? And it goes from bad to worse when Jack finds out just WHO the werewolf is...
  447. Spy's Treasure – Ian had left Alex in the care of someone else, but when he comes back, finds that his nephew was kidnapped. He would do anything to get Alex back, but he'll need help and knows exactly where to get it: his old SAS friend, John, and John's flatmate, Sherlock.
  448. Inversion – What if the roles were switched? What if Sherlock was the kind doctor/military veteran and John the consulting detective/hightly-functioning sociopath? How would that change things? (Johnlock, AU)
  449. Mr. Prove & Dr. Volan – Lync Volan has been patient over much of his life, and these days, it's even more so when you have to deal with Shadow Prove, the only Consulting Detective on Vestal and just being a few steps away from insanity. Will he manage to drive Lync insane as well or will they die first?
  450. Purple Isn't My Color - “But your hair's purple.” “Not the point.” Dawn doesn't know what she's thinking when she becomes Paul's assistant and helps him solve crimes, but is there more going on behind her back than murder? Who is the mysterious Conway she meets at every turn? And why does Paul hate him more than anyone else?
  451. Thunder-Bunk'd – The Thundermans decide that their kids need more companionship and send them to Camp Kikiwaka. And, much to Max's surprise, he runs into his old flame Emma. With her now dating Xander, weird campers, and Colosso along for the ride, how weird will this summer get?
  452. Lost – (Post-Baskerville) Sherlock isn't sure what would have happened to him if he hadn't met John when he did, or if he ever lost his only friend. He's forced to face that possibility, however, when he comes home one night to see a giant wolf in his flat and John nowhere to be seen. And it all ties in to their last major case.
  453. Herds & Packs – Maine changed everything for both sides and joined them together. They all knew that neither side would be safe with Veloci around. Not even the Alpha Gang was a threat compared to him, and soon enough they had to join the others to protect their dinosaurs. The time machine also couldn't fall into Veloci's hands.
  454. Jurassic King – Max has a good idea, for once in his life: Send everyone except him, Rex, and Zoe into the future to see what's different. But when they go, not all is as it seems. The D-Team now works at Jurassic World and without their dino pals, things have changed greatly. But can they save everyone when I. rex gets loose?
  455. The Many Lives of the D-Team – (Sequel to Jurassic King) After the 'Jurassic World' incident, viewing different versions of Rex, Zoe, and Max again was supposed to be out of the question. Until their curiosity got the best of them. Now they see various versions, but not all of them are nice. Especially Rex's.
  456. Wild Rider – The one mission where he had to help save an animal twists strangely for Alex when he encounters the Kratts. They allow him to stay with them, but the boy knows he can't. Things change when the Kratts are threatened by Scorpia and Alex is the only one who can help. Even if it costs him his life.
  457. Sunlight, Moonlight – (Supernatural/Psycho-lover!Frank AU) Joe had been the only werewolf in his family and was supposed to stay that way. Until he detects a scent on his brother that he instinctually hates: Vampire. Warring between trying to kill or help Frank, Joe finds he isn't the only one with conflicting instincts and emotions.
  458. ReSpectrobe – Rallen and Jeena didn't know what they would find when they came across a desert planet called Far Eden. It was supposed to be a colonized planet, but it was barren with robots everywhere that were powered by colorful cores. When they meet Joule, they learn the true story behind it all and aren't happy.
  459. Wild Core – Martin doesn't like it here. He's meant to be swimming, not trying to help colonize a desert planet. He misses Chris terribly. But priorities change when he wakes up to find everything abandoned and Corebots running around. Hopefully he and his K-9 Lion can figure out what's going on before it's too late.
  460. Alfred F. Jones – Just who is he? Two different groups see two different sides to him, making him not what he appears. And with one group more curious than the other, secrets might just be revealed.
  461. Green Moon – Tasmanian Devils weren't the only animals that attacked Chris' suit, if by accident. A night in the Rockies nearly turns deadly for the team and causes the green suit to act so crazy, Aviva can't fix it. But that isn't the only strange thing that begins to happen around the Tortuga...
  462. AvengeLock – Tony Stark and Steve Roders find themselves having to take the places of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson until they are found, having strangely disappeared. And with their other identities being heroes, they have trouble keeping up the charade. Doesn't stop Clint and Natasha from gathering blackmail, though.
  463. Flames of Copper & Gold – (Sequel to Sapphire & Jasper) After reuniting with Alex and the wedding not too far away, Doyle reveals something that leaves everyone's heads spinning. Drew also dives deeper into the Blackwell family history as she tries to uncover what their connection is to Kur. Not everything is as it seems, after all...
  464. King of the Dinosaurs – Godzilla was supposed to be a movie monster, but he had more right to be King than Tyrannosaurus. And when a Gojirasaurus card is activated that isn't actually Gojirasaurus, it's a race against time for both the D-Team and the Alpha Gang to stop the monster from destroying Japan once again.
  465. Scarf – Sherlock and John are on a case that leads them to Russia. Sherlock doesn't want John to be cold, even though he doesn't show it. John wonders if that's Sherlock's only motive, due to the length of the scarf...
  466. Little John – (Based on some fanart I found) Sherlock tries one of his experiments on John again, but this one has unforseen consequenses. His best friend is now turned into a child but still has his mind and is ready to rip Sherlock to shreds, until he starts becoming a child in his mind as well. Can Sherlock find a cure in time?
  467. Sherlock the Young – (Sequel to Little John) After the 'Child Fiasco,' John decides to make Sherlock get a taste of his own medicine. Except the serum effects Sherlock differently. He is a child in both mind and body, where John has to make the cure again. But Moriarty takes advantage and Mycroft comes to the rescue, big brother instincts kicking in.
  468. Les Anglais – John knows he can't run forever, but he certainly tries. Sherlock makes it all the much harder.
  469. Apartments - (X-over with Roommates & GND) John thinks it's time to have a change of scenery. Sherlock is against it. Then they find out about the wacky tenants of the building, where Sherlock wants to investigate and John wants to go home.
  470. Frying Pan – Artemis discovers a new weapon. Foaly, as paranoid as he is, only hears Artemis talk about it and assumes the worst. The Mud Boy puts his 'weapon' to good use against the Retrieval team. Butler would be proud while Holly laughs at the footage.
  471. Total Drama Classroom – Gwen observes, Dawn poisons, Cody pitches, and Duncan fights. They are only 4 among their class, a class that has been assigned to assassinate their teacher, who will destroy the world if they don't. But they aren't sure they can do it as they realize he's helping them become better people.
  472. Himalayas – Time travel throws kinks into all sorts of things. It sees no reason not to inflect its wrath upon the Saturdays, where Doyle and Drew have to pay the price. If something isn't done, then the two will cease to exist, as well as Zak. Can the rest of the family save them in time?
  473. Digimon Classroom – Quartzmon is going to destroy the world unless he is assassinated by his class. It's up to Ryouma, Tai, Marcus, Jeri, and their class to get rid of him. But can they do it when they find out he's taught them how to be better people?
  474. Lights of Bakugan – Dan and Shun knew they were going to be partners, they had been best friends since childhood. And now that they're working in the NPP, their dreams have come true. But things began to change when they find out about Prizmods and Spectrobes, forcing them to save the galaxy and defeat the Krawl.
  475. Family Origins – Maja notices a picture Krux keeps constantly, one that is a bit old, yet holds a secret. And as she fights Rallen & Jeena, she figures it out. She's also on hand to witness what happens when a Dark Spectrobe (a Zyrgazelle, to be exact) attacks a defenseless Rallen while Krux is around.
  476. Digitalia: Hetalian Plight – (unofficial x-over w/ pikaace's Digitalia) Alfamon, Gilbamon, Mattamon, Natamon, Kikumon, Felimon, Lizamon. America, Prussia, Canada, Belarus, Japan, Italy, Hungary. Same people, different bodies and worlds. What happens when the Digitalia are sent into the Hetalian world, where their counterparts still exist?
  477. Cryptid Master – Rallen & Jeena find themselves flung onto a world they have no knowledge of and their Spectrobes in danger from unseen forces. They would do anything for their friends of light, so they team up with someone they think they can trust: Zak Saturday. But will it be enough to help keep the Spectrobes safe?
  478. You're Not Leaving Me – (Insanity!AU, Sapphire & Jasper Universe) '“You're not leaving, not again.” Doyle gave a dark grin, one that Alex hadn't seen before. Had something happened to his boyfriend while he was away?' Alex finds out why he shouldn't leave Doyle for too long, which forces him to stay forever or have the redhead go out of control.
  479. Past, Present, & Future - (Based on To reflect by Katfreak) Rallen and Jado are best friends that go to Spectrobe Academy, but as the school year continues, they notice something going on that not only threatens the town, but also their lives and friendship. But what is trying to cause this?
  480. Ways to Get Kicked Out of HQ – Those that inhabit the Spectrobes Universe, human, Spectrobe, and Krawl alike, give a list of what NOT to do. Let's hope someone has enough sense to follow these things...
  481. Orange – Krux made a mistake. Rallen had been a powerful human, but now half-Krawl, he's taken Krux's empire with the exceptions of Krux himself and the High Krawl. The 5 of them must now team up with the NPP to save not only Rallen but also the universe. But how can you do that without a Spectrobe Master?
  482. Dragon-Krawl – After his last defeat, Krux decided to take a new approach to defeating Rallen & Jeena. The High Krawl are either very amused or not at all. Yet it works better than their other plans, surprisingly.
  483. Ancient – After the battle in the Krawlosphere, Kaio disappears, not returning to his Geo. Rallen & Jeena assume he's gone back to sleep somewhere, but that isn't the case. Because most of his energy was used up, he was reborn as a child in the time of the dinosaurs and with no memory of his past.
  484. Switching Sides – What if they worked for the different sides? Krux is the commander of the NPP with Jado, Gelberus, Gronos, and Maja his best officers. Rallen, Jeena, Grant, and the rest control the Krawl and are trying to take over the universe. Then the Spectrobes get involved...
  485. September – Rallen lost his father years ago to a vicious attack on Kollin. It's what helps him keep fighting, since he knows it was the Krawl. He won't give up until they're gone for good, but only Jeena and Grant know what happened to Rallen's father. They don't blame the Krawl and Rallen doesn't understand why.
  486. Nagisa's Acts of Assassination – Nagisa has recently gotten interested in a show that explains unbelievable acts in scientific terms. Some of the acts help him think up new ways on how to assassinate Koro-Sensei. The alien finds himself in the crosshairs of his students every day, but not like this.
  487. SpectrobeOni – They should have never come here. Rallen tried to warn them, but they didn't listen. Now they have to face the consequences, but can they get out alive? Especially if their powers don't work and the Spectrobes can't come in? Well, not the Evolved and Adult forms at least.
  488. Butler's Vacation – Every year, Butler gets a week off and is replaced randomly by another butler. In exchange, Butler works for the family of the butler he's replaced. The Ross kids and Jessie have no idea what they're getting into when Bertram is chosen to replace Butler. Neither does he with the Fowl family.
  489. Hate & Love – Oh, if only his parents could see him now, falling in love with a Muggle. His father would have his head, at least. His mother, he honestly didn't know. But if there was one thing Draco knew, he had to make sure they didn't learn of Artemis.
  490. Brothers – With no one left or willing to take him and his life in danger, Alex is 'adopted' (read 'given') to a family known as the Malfoys. They seem to hate him for an unknown reason, especially Mr. Malfoy, but the boy soon comes to learn that not everything is what it seems. Wizards tend to be like that.
  491. My Son - “I'm not the same man I once was, Potter. I truly care about Alex, so unless you want to face my wrath, I suggest you BACK OFF.” Draco adopts Alex when he has no one left and learns that the boy is a target for death. He has to find a way to protect Alex because he's not doing to let Rider end up like him.
  492. Magic – Wheeler and the Planeteers are invited by his cousin, Ms. Frizzle, to go on one of her fieldtrips and help teach the kids. They accept and the Planeteers (with the exception of Wheeler) get dragged into a wild ride on the Magic School Bus. '“Buckle up.” Wheeler winked, “There's a reason I love this bus.”'
  493. Cat Cases – (Based on a manga I've read) John is the only cat who lives at Mycroft's home and likes it there. However, when a kitten is found one day, John finds himself at the center of the kitten's attention and not all of it is good. Can he survive the kitten, now named Sherlock?
  494. President For A Day - “Ever heard of David Rice Atchison? No? Didn't expect you to. He's the only guy I've had president for a day, shorter than Harrison, even!” Alfred tells the Micronations of his one-day President, though the story isn't as exciting as the young personifications thought.
  495. Lookalikes – Ron and Martin look so much alike that it's hard to tell them apart unless you see their eyes. Villains kidnap Martin upon mistaking him for Ron, but have no idea what they're getting into. Kim, Ron, and Chris, along with their friends, work together to get the older Kratt back, but are they really needed?
  496. Spying Thief – Alex is an orphan who is taken in by the Keepers. He doesn't stay for long and, once he's an adult, goes through many adventures that will test his will and several other things, including falling in love and losing those he's close to, the only ones he ever considered family and friends.
  497. Tribbles – After an incident in the timestream, the D-Team and Alpha Gang find out they're carrying weird animals from a different time, called Tribbles. The carnivore dinos can eat them, but with how fast they're multiplying, it almost seems impossible. So just how are they going to rid the Backlander of these beasts?
  498. Master Thief of Rapture – In a mix between the two worlds, Rapture is still running under the sea but crime is rampant. Ryan does everything he can to keep the city crime-free and gives a big reward to anyone who can catch Garrett, the Master Thief, dead or alive. But Fontanie has his own plans involving the thief...
  499. Erin the Little Sister – (sequel to Master Thief of Rapture) Garrett takes in the young girl he found and bonds with her in a similar way to the Big Daddies. He teaches her how to survive and deal with the Splicers while she gives him something he never had before: Love.
  500. WildType – Why was I in a morgue? What happened to me? Why am I like this? I know none of the answers to these questions or anything about my past, but I know I have to find out and get revenge. At least I know my name, that I'm some sort of somebody. I am Martin Kratt, and this is my story.
  501. Alternate Universe - “Do you see yourself as a hero? Because I don't. You're a hero in your world, I'm a villain in mine. Nothing can change that.” Martin continued his life after the nuke, but upon finding himself in another world, he's not happy. He's even less happy when enemies follow him and he meets his counterpart.
  502. Moon Sickness – (2014 game) The Clock Tower wasn't safe, not anymore. After being attacked by a supernatural beast in his home, Garrett knew this. He also knew that it interfered with his nighttime excursions, but wasn't sure how. He wants a cure, but getting rid of the sickness that plagues him has a huge cost.
  503. Alexander – Mercer, as a word, is very similar to mercy. Alex is a kind man, despite what the real Alex was, and finds a boy with the same name as him. The virus takes pity on his, especially after learning he's from England, across the Atlantic, and alone. Can Alex help the kid get back home before bad things happen?
  504. Cuddlebuns the Terrible – (2014 game) Garrett isn't as cold-hearted as others seem to think. After making a bet with Basso, Erin proves this by leaving the Master Thief a kitten for two months to see what would happen.
  505. Zeus the Pokemon Trainer – Mercer never gets a break, does he? And upon being sent to another world, he has to do his best to control Blacklight so he can find a way home. But how long can he do it? And how long will it be before he can go home?
  506. It's All About Morals – Garrett and Adam, his Greninja, work together to steal the City of its riches and follow their code of morals to a T. But when something strange starts happening in the City, it's up to them to keep the peace, which will also test their code and greed.
  507. Captain – Wheeler takes a much-needed break after a mission and goes to NYC. However, he gets stuck there during the Blacklight Outbreak and it takes months before the other Planeteers can get to him (luckily, the Eco-Villains don't attack). And when they see him again, he's not the same. Can they figure out why?
  508. Generator Alex – Because of the Blacklight Outbreak and its similarities to EVOs, Rex is sent to investigate. But after getting there with Noah and Bobo in tow, waiting on Providence, they find that they might be in over their heads. Especially when they meet Alex Mercer, the one who started it all.
  509. Thief of Flames – (x-over w/ 2014 game) Johnny may be the runt of the trio, but he was just as good as his sisters were at stealing, if not moreso. And when one of their jobs goes wrong, it's up to him to find out what happened to Susan and Mary and set things right.
  510. Robbing Japan Blind – Garrett is a thief that has dealt with the supernatural time and time again. Yet getting sent into the future throws him for a loop until he learns of all the loot he can steal. And when he comes across a giant egg...well, it must be worth something, right? Until a thing called a digimon pops out and Garrett is forced into a new adventure.
  511. Thieves – Wadi makes a new friend (at least she thinks she does) in a man named Garrett, who is a thief as well. She wants to be as good a thief as he is, but he won't let her. Time for some pestering with the help of her friends...
  512. Green Eyes – It's Ryouma's job to protect his little sister. Despite waking up in a morgue, it's still his job. Despite eating and killing people, it's still his job. Despite almost everything, it's still his job. And though she's his only connection to the past, he might not want to learn what was once behind his green eyes.
  513. Red Eyes – (sequel to Green Eyes) 'Green eyes going red, the hooded, silver-haired man grinned as his arms transformed into huge, pink and red claws. “We're not related, but I'll protect them by any means necessary. Got it?” he growled, flexing the long, sharp claws.'
  514. Love Lost – Garrett thought he escaped. The Cradle knew better. (Part of my “What If?” series. Story 1)
  515. Codes of Morals – (Modern AU) Garrett needs work and decides to do some stealing for a kid named Artemis Fowl. He also thought he was done with prophecies and the supernatural. Artemis proves him wrong and drags the thief with him into another incident with the People.
  516. Greed of a Dragon – (AU) Garrett steals from anyone anytime, but things take a strange turn when he steals a necklace named the Burrick's Tear. His greed becomes unstoppable, going against his moral code, and he needs help. Zeus, a middle-class worker, may be the only one who can help, though no one knows it.
  517. Bad Guy - “You made me the bad guy. I think I deserve to have a chance to rip your face off.” No one's seen Alfred since the Outbreak, not even Matthew, Michael, or Camila. But that all changes what it's discovered what happened to him, and he's not happy about being 'abandoned.'
  518. Child of the Night – He was a child of the night before they found him. He defies all logic about the supernatural. The Keepers knew of the prohecies about him, but they didn't know he was a monster until it was almost too late. Then why keep him if they knew the truth? Why did they not cast him out or kill him?
  519. Broken Boys - “I was a broken boy. You fixed me.” These were words Artemis once said to Holly, but now it seems a lifetime ago. Shortly after he is given a body to live in, his parents are kidnapped, so he and his brothers must now go into the custody of their only living relative: a distant cousin who is almost as broken as he was, named Wheeler.
  520. Blood in the Water – (Set in Season 2) Time is a fickle thing. So are humans. Drago, among others, learns this the hard way when he's separated from Dan, being sent into New Vestroia. He makes it back to the Human World, but quickly finds that his best friend may be lost to a virus called Brownlight.
  521. Death Waits For No One – There wasn't just one monster that had been unleashed; there were two and they worked together to save others. Yet they were seen as horrible, but they didn't try to change it. They just went on with their lives, since they could never die naturally. They knew this all too well.
  522. Death of the Detective – New York isn't safe, even as a state, and Joe knows that. Bayport isn't safe either, but he can't leave, not until he finds Frank. Everyone else has left but him and he doesn't care. When he finally finds Frank, he realizes that maybe he shouldn't have stayed because the man he once knew wasn't human anymore.
  523. Acting is an Art – Joey honestly thought he would have no one to truly love, unlike his friends. But then, while going through Central Park, he meets a nice girl named Jessie. Both are aspiring actors and Joey finds he's different around her, different than any other girl he's ever met. Could she be the one? Or will their careers get in the way?
  524. Coming Home – Even the most powerful people, like missionairies, can't get out of being drafted. Wheeler is no exception. After 4 tours, he finally comes home to see how much the Planeteers have changed. But they and the Eco-Villains aren't the only ones who've changed, despite what he thinks.
  525. Prototypes – Alex is the undisputed leader. They all knew that. And yet each of them wanted to be dominant and prove themselves, show that they weren't weak. (X-over between several of my Prototype x-overs, feat. Captain Planet, Digimon, Bakugan, Hardy Boys, Pokemon, Wild Kratts, and more)
  526. Under Control – Garrett didn't escape the pub that night. Truart had caught him and gave him to Karras. Things were about to take a turn for the worse. (Part of my “What If?” series. Story 2)
  527. Flowers of Life – She was the only one he had ever loved. It may have been a quick romance, but it was romance nonetheless. And he would do anything to get her back. (Part of my “What If?” series. Story 3)
  528. Of Hammers, Gears, Woods, & Keys – Different takes on how Garrett would have lived instead of being a thief. (Part of my “What If?” series. Story 4)
  529. Fall, Fall, Fall - “Today, America is limping again. Another shooting has happened and we try to comfort him, but he pushes us away. He thinks showing weakness will make us attack, but it is the exact opposite. Even I understand that, yet he cannot. And how long must this go on before he falls for good?” - Russia
  530. Of Mudmen & Manfools – Artemis is a thief in the City and, though she's his enemy, he falls in love with the wood nymph Holly. She loves him back, despite her prejudiced views, but neither can confess their feelings. At least, they don't do it until it's too late.
  531. Another Chance – In another life, they could have been together. This is their second chance, after they die. Garrett is born to a wealthy thief and steals for himself with help from his servant, Artemus. Viktoria is a magical fairy he finds and, upon capturing her, starts a chain-reaction of major, magic-shaking events.
  532. Adventure of a Lifetime – Alex finds himself caught up in a weird adventure after he meets the Quests and Johnny is taken prisoner. He (sort-of) substitutes for the other boy and, being so identical, makes the villains question if they have the right person. But, as usual, things quickly backfire...
  533. If Crazy = Genius... - “...then I must be mad. How else would I have the guts to do everything that I've done?” Artemis gave a dark smile, “You should have killed me when you had the chance, Captain. Or, better yet, let Cudgeon kill me during the Goblin Rebellion. Too bad leaving me alive has become your downfall.” (Dark AU)
  534. Whispers on the Wind – (AU) Linka has moved to New York to continue her education and tries to get by. She meets new friends, but one tends to stand out. The one that never talks, never speaks, never makes a sound: Wheeler. She suspects he's mute, but thinks it would be impolite to ask. So she tries other ways.
  535. Brothers of the Band – (Bandom x-over, MCR) Frank and Joe are hired as detectives to seek out who's been making threats to five people, all of them connected in the way that they were once a part of a band. However, it's not as easy as it looks when Death gets involved and two of the five are kidnapped.
  536. Chatting It Up – (High School AU) Alex starts up a chat room for City High School and he and his friends get into weird antics. Garret (though being his best friend) and the teachers are not amused.
  537. Moonlight – Blacklight and magic don't mix. And when Alex consumes a magical creature, the creature's powers affect him. It's not a good magical creature, either: it's a werewolf, and Alex has to face the consequences.
  538. Mental – (Psycho-Lover!AU) Joe was emotionally vulnerable after Iola died. He needed someone to hold, so he held Frank. But Frank wasn't planning to help him. No, he wanted to break Joe to make sure Joe would stay his and his alone. It may have been horrible, but he didn't care; all he wanted was Joe, no matter the cost.
  539. Digitally Demented – (Bandom x-over) “So, you're in a band that curses and has 'antics' onstange, you don't talk to any of our friends anymore, and you have a brother?!” “*sigh* Oh, Shoutmon...” Where Mikey Way and Mikey Kudo are the same person, a reunion is made, and the worlds are being threatened again.
  540. Feelings are at an All Time Low – (Bandom x-over) “Remember 'Missing You'? I like that song because I feel like it's about me. And now I've gotta leave because I don't want anyone getting hurt.” Alex thought he could get away by changing everything about himself and becoming part of a band. He was wrong and now has to face the consequences.
  541. Mind Over Mind – Fuzen wasn't done with the Saturdays, not by a long shot. No, he wanted revenge and knew just how to go about it: using Prof. Mizuki's research to create another mind-swapping device and using it on one of the family. And his unfortunate target turns out to be Doyle.
  542. Not The Right One – (Bandom x-over, FiR) What if Doyle hadn't been Van Rook's apprentice? What if he had been given a different course of life and had started a band while someone else filled the role of apprentice? And the one that fills his role isn't the best man you want to meet in the dark...
  543. I'm Okay (Not Really) – (Bandom x-over, MCR, Supernatural!AU) Gerard knows he's not normal in the way of who he loves, but it doesn't really matter to him. He just can't let others know. And then he meets a man named Frank Hardy and his devilishly good looks, where he learns that there are other strange things in the world.
  544. Band Boys – (Bandom x-over, MCR, FOB) “Huh. Looks like we managed to get into our own bands.” “Yeah, though neither of us are the frontmen.” Where Frank Iero and Joe Trohman are Frank and Joe Hardy and now have to solve an almost-murder mystery involving both of their bands.
  545. The Ghost of You – (Bandom, MCR) A dream was all that was needed to create the music video, but it still terrifies him. It makes Gerard realize that he won't be able to protect his brother forever, no matter how hard he tries.
  546. Blood of the Planet – (Danger Days AU) Blight & Looten Industries, a.k.a. BL/Ind, has taken over much of the world, shaping it like how the company wants. Except for a group of misfits who live in the desert, known as the Planet Punks. They are the only resistance to BL/Ind, but are they fighting a losing battle?
  547. Danger Days – (Bandom) “I know this might seem crazy, but we created you, and we know how you're going to die.” “Oh really?” Party Poison scoffed, “Then please, tell us how we're going to die.” MCR find themselves in the world of the Killjoys, living out the album and fearfully watching the world crumble around them.
  548. Daddy's Girl – (Bandom, MCR) Set to the tune of “Leader of the Band,” “Little Miss Magic,” and “Delaney Talks to Statues,” these are just some stories of Bandit and Gerard. He has to see his daughter grow up and he loves her with all his heart, but he doesn't want to let her go. What father does?
  549. The Bandit & Bronx Parade – (Bandom, MCR, FOB) 'Uh oh.' Bandit and Bronx shared a look, 'We're in the past with our dads. They haven't met our moms yet and we could cease to exist if we changed anything. This just got a LOT more difficult.'
  550. Time Is All We Need – (Bandom, MCR, FOB) “Daddy!” The children shouted, latching onto Gerard and Pete. The two were confused about why the girl and boy were calling them 'Daddy,' but let it be for now. They had to find the children's parents before the concert ended, otherwise they might not find them at all.
  551. Love is a Drug – (Bandom, MCR) Gerard knows this man is poisonous, he knows that he shouldn't know him, but he can't help it. He's addicted to the man's identical face and cherry-colored hair. Though he doesn't act like it, the man is the life of the party for Gerard and he can't get enough. No matter how much it hurts.
  552. Howl – (Bandom, MCR, FOB) To be normal, just for once, they had gone camping. But then things had to end badly, because no one could ever get nice things for free, could they? Injuries, fevers, wolves, and the moon invade Gerard's dreams while Mikey finds his brother sleep-walking, but that's just the start of their worries.
  553. The True Lives of Us – (Bandom, MCR) From Warped Tour 2005 to the wastelands of 2019, someone messed with time travel by bringing the original MCR into the time of the Killjoys. Things get worse from there, if only to get better later on. But can things ever get better with BL/Ind around?
  554. Far From Home With Nowhere To Go – (Bandom x-over) The Killjoys are guards on Far Eden, protecting others with their CoreBot companions. However, after awakening from a deep sleep, they find the planet in worse shape than when they'd left. Now they have to figure out what's going on and fix things before it gets worse.
  555. Background Boys – (Bandom x-over) “So you fade into the background too?” “Yeah, though probably a lot more often than you.” “Wanna see who gets missed the least?” Matthew began to grin at Mikey's bet, having not had this much fun or human coonversation in a while, “You're on.”
  556. Paramour – (Bandom) 'Gerard's throat constricted at the words. They couldn't go in there, that was insane! But he knew there was no way he could let them go in alone.' When FOB decides to do some recording sessions at Paramour, others go along. P!AtD want to see the place, but MCR goes to make sure they'll be okay.
  557. Na Na Na – (Danger Days AU) “Killjoys, make some noise!” It was a phrase that held a lot of potential, but none could make it work moreso than Cyanide Berry, the leader of the first Killjoys a.k.a. The Animal Anarchists. They fought BL/Ind right from the beginning, so they were the overall leaders of the revolution.
  558. The Faces of Gerard – (Bandom, MCR) Revenge, Parade, Danger Days. They were never supposed to meet, yet they did. And at the worst possible time as well, but it was also a time where only they could save the world.
  559. Death – (Bandom) Halloween's coming up, which is also Frank's birthday, so the rest of MCR decide to host a surprise party. But, as it goes on, they begin to realize that there is one unwanted guest there who has other plans for Frank. Can his band/friends save him before it's too late?
  560. Bloody Eyes – During some video shoots, especially “I'm Not Okay (I Promise),” Gerard would wear red makeup around his eyes. But what if it wasn't makeup? What if his eyes always looked so unnaturally tired and dead? And even Mikey doesn't know what's going on, not until it's almost too late.
  561. Attack of the Lightning Spider – (Bandom, based on an FOB video and MCR interview I saw) When the spider from Danger Days is recreated, it wreaks havoc upon a hotel where MCR and FOB are staying. Frank is no help, arachnophobia abounds, and Gerard's glad there are no snakes.
  562. Murder & Mayhem – (Bandom) There's a serial killer on the loose. He goes by the name 'Party Poison,' like the character Gerard created, but that's not all. He looks like a twin of the singer and is following MCR as they tour with FOB & P!AtD. But just what are his plans? And how do they involve the bands?

For a zoom (MY OC, mind you), it looks like a giant wolf (except for the fur color, which usually matches whoever's hair color it is. Such as, Trent's zoom fur color would be the same as his normal hair color, get it?) with silver spikes going down its spine, along with its arms. Its teeth are made out of the same material as the spikes as well. The material that makes up the spikes is special, since it cannot be dulled, cracked, broken, or anything along those lines. The spikes on their spine are different from the others, though. A zoom also has giant, brownish-green wings on its back, right between the shoulders. They can't use them to fly, but they can climb up cliffs and shield themselves (and others) with them. They also have sharpened senses (such as sight, hearing, and smell). They can also go faster than a Peregrine Falcon's fastest dive while running (which is like going from 0 to 320 or more in a matter of seconds). Their tails are their most important part, though. Their tails can lengthen to however long they need it, split into as many extra tails as the user needs, and can also act as a hand. They have lots of vanity about their tails, though, and they don't let ANYONE except their closest friends touch it. If someone does, they go completely ballistic, tearing down ANYTHING (and I MEAN anything!) in their path. But, one thing about zooms is that they are incredibly brave, loyal, lying (if they have to), and smart. Sometimes, they can risk their lives for their friends, even if they had to die to do it. Their emotions (if they're strong enough) can also cause a zoom to go into what I call Wild Mode. It only happens if special conditions (your friends are in danger or you're near death are two reasons) are right. So far, it's only happened once (but I won't tell who went into it just yet, so you'll have to wait).

Plus, I made up an invention I call the Zoom Collar (MINE!!). If you want its description, read the second chapter in my Generator Rex story, The Traitorous Friend.

Anyway, I might not be able to finish my stories before I come out with another one, so keep an eye out! But I will try to finish my stories, DON'T WORRY!! And one more thing: I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA DO NEXT!!

Oh, and I do random updates, so you might not know which one I'll do next or if I start another story. When it comes to stories, I become unpredictable.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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