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Author has written 10 stories for Frozen.

I try to write the stories I'd like to read. Maybe they don't turn out perfectly, but the journey is always fun!

Future Stories:

The Shards Trilogy (Shards of Life/Shards of Loss/Shards of Love) [Saga of Arendelle]

Three years after her coronation, Elsa is called away to the principality of Leisalla, where a young boy has been accused of murdering his own family and several others in his village - murdering them with magic. Elsa agrees to serve as an expert witness in the boy’s trial, at Anna’s urging, but is drawn there into the sphere of the Société des Tessons - a group dedicated to, by their own admission, understanding magic. According to others, their ultimate desire is to control it, and those who possess it. As time passes, Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the royal family of Arendelle are drawn deeper and deeper into the shadowy organization - but their goal may not be Elsa after all…

In Winter’s Reign [Saga of Arendelle]

Arendelle has enjoyed over two decades, now, of prosperity and growth under the careful hand of Queen Elsa. There is a young heir in Prince Dag, and Neta, daughter of Anna and Kristoff, has reached an age when she might be married. But the politics of the lands around Arendelle are fraught with potential danger - and the Southern Isles have, for the first time since Prince Hans attempted to take the lives of Elsa and Anna, proposed alliance with Arendelle. For Elsa and Anna, it is a time of new difficulties, as each attempts to come to terms with voluntarily giving up, for the sake of the kingdom, that which they love most. For the children of winter’s reign - Neta, Jenny, and Dag - it is a time to learn just what their lives mean… and what they will be to Arendelle.

Shieldmaiden [Saga of Arendelle]

Four years since Jenny was thrown aside by her father, as blood sprayed the carpets and hallways of her lifelong home. Four years since she saw her mother rocking Dag in her arms, the screams and the cold that only grew. Four years since winter returned to Arendelle. The parliament of Arendelle has decided: Elsa can no longer be allowed to live. Desperate, Jenny does the only thing she can think of: she goes to the trolls. There, she learns that the events that led to her family’s death were not supposed to happen - there is a darkness in the passage of time, obscuring what should have been. Now, Jenny has two weeks, and three chances, to find the darkness, and reverse its hold - with the help of a reclusive 18-year-old princess and her sister, a pompous young scholar, and a newly-regnant king certain of his own allure and his most uncertain bride-to-be.

In Equal Sacrifice [Saga of Arendelle]

Dag, at 20, knows it is time for him to marry - just as he knows that the girl he once loved will never return. But when he and Jenny stumble across evidence of a plot to overthrow their family after the marriage is made, he realizes they must stop it on their own, or risk war. Meanwhile, Elsa and Anna are aware of - and attempting to shield Elsa’s children from - the same… with the help of a very unlikely, very reluctant ally.

The Campaign

It is winter, 1985, and the first blizzard of the season finds four trapped together in the remote house where Elsa and Anna live with their parents: Elsa, Anna, Hans, and Kristoff. Elsa is a reclusive college drop-out who has spent most of the last six months locked in her room, refusing almost all human contact. Anna is a recent high school graduate, working in her parents’ prosperous department store and smitten of Hans, who has come as representative of his father’s wholesale business. Kristoff is a local jack-of-all-trades, in Elsa’s class at school but otherwise mostly unknown to them except as the one who helps with landscaping. When Elsa reveals that she has been developing her own roleplaying game, the others agree to give it a try, lacking anything else to do. And so, Robber Anna, Woodsman Kristoff, and Divine Hans venture forth to find the Snow Queen - but Anna has other plans that do not include defeating the bringer of eternal winter.

Regnique Sui Curam

In twelfth century England, two daughters are born to the king - Elsa, cursed with strange powers, and Anna. Fearing their family’s sovereignty without a male heir, Hans is brought from his family home in Blois, and betrothed to Elsa, while Anna is sent away to grow up in a priory. When Elsa rebels against her parents and insists she should rule in her own right, Anna is recalled, Elsa is sent away to be held at the priory and disappears, and the king and queen venture on pilgrimage to seek absolution for whatever has led to Elsa and her curse. When they do not return, Hans declares himself king, claiming to have consummated his marriage to Anna - and when Anna flees, he sends men to kill her. But she, though wounded, is nursed back to health by the outlaw Kristoff. When she is well, she begins to train in weapons and robbery, determined to take back her kingdom. Meanwhile, in the north, Elsa is building an army - and Hans is ready to meet it.


Elsa of Arendelle, born with ice magic, was sent away to England as a young teenager. Nonetheless, as World War I loomed, revolution broke out in Arendelle, ending with the deaths of the royal family. Years later, the war has ended, and Hans, a distant royal relative, effectively rules in Arendelle, though it is in name now a republic. But rumors have begun to creep out - rumors that while the king and queen were, in fact, killed, Princess Anna was secreted away to points unknown, and lives. Desperate to find out the truth and save her sister, Elsa risks everything to return to Arendelle and try to find her.


It was international news at the time it happened: two little girls disappeared, seemingly from their own home, only to turn up again four days later, one unconscious and frigidly cold, the other refusing to say a word of anything that happened. Their parents moved them away to the city of Oslo, and Elsa and Anna grew up far from the house that still haunts Elsa’s dreams… But when Anna, now in her mid-20s, and her fiance Hans take Elsa’s young daughter Jenny back to the family house, and history seems to repeat itself, Elsa will finally have to face what happened to her and her sister almost 20 years before.


Before Anna was born, little Princess Elsa was injured - a shard of ice found its way into her heart. Her parents took her to a trollcirklar, begging the trolls to save her. Instead, they decided to use her to take control of Arendelle - creating from the ice and a piece of Elsa’s heart a new little princess, this one dark and cold and quiet, and keeping the real Elsa to themselves, to raise as they see fit. Eventually, they bring her Kristoff, an orphan, and the two grow to be best friends - and their friendship keeps them human, not troll. Anna, meanwhile, grows up desperate to warm her strange sister. But the Changeling Elsa, afraid of Anna’s warmth, strikes her with ice, freezing her heart - even as the real Elsa is feeling the effects of her own segmented heart desperately trying to love Anna. Kristoff and Anna both must strike out to find a way to save their own halves of Elsa - and bring her back together.

The IS-Files

An X-Files AU in which Elsa and Alarik are reluctant partners in the unit Alarik has termed the IS-Files - cases that are unexplainable and otherwise left to grow cold.

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