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Heyo, fanfictioneers! It's TheLostBrainiac2000 here to tell you a little about myself! Let's see, I was born on the planet Pluto (and that planet has rights, too, NASA!) where my mother taught the little aliens how to count- NAH, just kiddin'! But Pluto does deserve to still be a planet, NASA.

Anyway, you may not see a lot of writing from me, but here's what I got in the works:

Currently working on:

Total Drama: Main Attraction- 18 new campers battle it out for 1 million smackers in a fully open theme park, with challenges themed the same way!

Ridonculous Race: Global Re-don-ction (Not yet published)- Don is back with a brand new and big season- perhaps a bit TOO big- with 32 teams?! (This one will take some time to write- introductions are almost done, but I'm having trouble with character's appearances.)

On hiatus/Being rewritten:

Total Drama Theater- 22 new players live through a whole new Total Drama inside of a high school theater- with piles of props as far as the eye can see! But, who will take home the grand prize of 1 million bucks- and a 10,000 dollar theater scholarship? (This was started years ago, and I think it needs a serious rewrite.)


Makenzie and Logan- Awkwardly Dating
Shay and Neil- Business Partners
Takeshi and Makoto- Immigrant Brothers
Melinda and Alice- Nurses
Verrek and Marucia- Foreign Pen Pals
Leo and Keith- Dubstep Mixmasters
Alexa and Sheila- Aunt and Niece
Simon and Vince- City Boys
Caleb and Marcie- YouTube Gamers
Pablo and Quentin- Intern and Movie Director
Kathleen and Amelia- Mom and Daughter
Alan and Carly- Newlyweds
Ronald and Diane- Elderly Couple
Xavier and Harry- Food Truck Cousins
Davis and Skylar- Boyfriends and Acapella Vocalists
Alana and Ritchie- College Professor and Student
Jess and Layla- Vegas Showgirls
Nikolai and Dmitri- New Stepfather and Stepson
Perry and Wendy- Gymnasts
Skeeter and Garrett- Karate Student and Sensei
Fiona and Nella- Broadway Wannabes
Charlie and Violet- Painting Partners
Jane and Daliana- French Maids
Mark and Aaron- Mountain Climbers
Julia and Charlotte- Lounge Singers
Ollie and Allie- Preschool Show Hosts
Mira and Roberto- Dating Defenders
Lionel and Charise- Librarians
Pamela and Carmen- News Anchors
Ethan and Felix- Firefighters
Tanya and Alastair- Mother and Son
Cory and Eli- Stuntman and Camera Operator

Application for The Mastermind:

The Basic Stuff

Name (First and Last):

Age (It can be anywhere above 16):


Birth date:



Personality (Be descriptive, I will be picky about this):

Bio (Be descriptive, I will be picky and try not to make it tragic):


Body Type (Add weight and height if you can):

Skin Color:


Eye Color/Shape:

Hair Color/Style:

Normal Outfit:

Swimming Outfit:

Sleeping Outfit:

Formal Outfit:

Inside their head

Likes(MINIMUM 4):

Dislikes(MINIMUM 4):


Allergies/Mental Illnesses/Diseases? (NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE ONE):

Would they be willing to make an alliance?:

If so, with what kind of people?:

If not, why not?:


Would they be interested in romance?:

If yes, who would they like to be with?...:

And who would YOU expect them to be with?:

If no, why not?:


Would your OC make a good Mastermind?:

Do they have any strategies?:

How good are they physically?:


At memory?:

At eating challenges?:

At controlling their fear?:

At quick thinking?:

Can they be trusted?:

Would they take immunity over adding money to the Group Pot?:

Last, but definitely not least

Audition Tape:

Anything I've missed?:

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